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*Preview* Ransomware: Unlocking the Lucrative Criminal Business Model

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Recorded Jun 6 2016 2 mins
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Presentation preview: *Preview* Ransomware: Unlocking the Lucrative Criminal Business Model
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  • Adiós al pensamiento aislado en materia de seguridad Apr 24 2019 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Jesus Diaz Barrero, Manager, Systems Engineering Spain & Portugal
    Comienza una nueva era de la detección

    Ya está aquí: una estrategia de detección y respuesta que acaba con el pensamiento aislado e integra a la perfección los datos de los endpoints, las redes y la nube para frenar amenazas sofisticadas.

    Jesús Díaz Barrero, ingeniero de Sistemas de Palo Alto Networks España y Portugal, le cuenta sin rodeos cómo Cortex XDR™ ofrece una detección y respuesta nunca vistas.

    La sesión tratará sobre:
    •La importancia de utilizar cualquier fuente de datos
    •El papel del análisis del comportamiento en la detección de amenazas sofisticadas
    •La manera en la que la IA reducirá dramáticamente la complejidad de las investigaciones

    Participe en este seminario web para ser testigo en primera persona de una demostración de Cortex XDR™. Además, tendrá la oportunidad de plantear cualquier duda a nuestro experto durante el turno de preguntas.

    ¿No puede asistir? Inscríbase de todos modos y tendrá acceso a la grabación a la carta.
  • Debunking the Myth Around Implementing Zero Trust Apr 16 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    John Kindervag, Field CTO and Scott Stevens, SVP Global Systems Engineering, Palo Alto Networks
    One of the mythologies surrounding Zero Trust is that it is difficult and expensive to implement. Not true! In this webcast, John Kindervag, Founder of Zero Trust and Field CTO at Palo Alto Networks and Scott Stevens, SVP Global Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks debunk this myth.

    Join us for this webcast and learn:
    •How Zero Trust is easy to implement using an iterative approach designed to mitigate disruption or downtime
    •The five key steps to implementation
    •Why Zero Trust is easy to measure, including maturity metrics for Zero Trust

    You’ll also get your questions answered in our live Q&A.
  • Are You CloudFit? Twelve AWS Best Practices Apr 9 2019 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    John Martinez, Director of Technical Support at Palo Alto Networks
    As the cloud constantly evolves, how do you keep your cloud “in shape” as well as ensure long-term protection and success?

    By implementing best practices and identifying issues before they become costly problems, you’ll improve your cloud security and operations to handle any threat that comes through.

    In this webinar, our expert panel will highlight the critical cloud security and compliance “exercises” that will keep your organization’s data and systems secure in Amazon Web Services, so you can:

    * Improve your overall cloud security and health
    * Minimize the impact of human errors on your AWS® cloud
    * Encourage a more defensive mindset across your organization
  • Debunking the Myth Around Implementing Zero Trust Apr 4 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Kindervag, Field CTO and Scott Stevens, SVP Global Systems Engineering, Palo Alto Networks, with host Karin Shopen
    Zero Trust has become a global strategic initiative for preventing successful cyberattacks by eliminating the concept of “trust” from digital systems.

    Yet, when it comes to actually implementing a Zero Trust strategy within your organization, perceptions can be skewed, like thinking Zero Trust is challenging to set up and costly to implement – neither of which is true.

    In this webcast, John Kindervag, creator of Zero Trust and field CTO, and Scott Stevens, SVP of Global Systems Engineering, will debunk the myth and teach you:
    * What Zero Trust is and is not
    * A five-step methodology for implementing a Zero Trust network
    * How easy it is to achieve Zero Trust using a consistent approach

    Join our webcast with live Q&A and get insight into effectively implementing a Zero Trust strategy.
  • SD-WAN and Security at the Edge on Intel Architecture Apr 4 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ramnath D Shenai - VM Ware, Sam Rastogi - Palo Alto Networks, Goker Ozturk - Intel
    Enterprises are deploying SD-WAN, at an increasingly faster pace, as an important first step towards building optimized environments that are ready for multi-cloud world. As a platform, SD-WAN is a solid first step in deploying edge security applications and services with additional security functions like next-generation firewall (NGFW), intrusion prevention, SSL inspection, web filtering, DNS security, and malware analysis needed as well. In this webinar, we will discuss how VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud lays the foundation for SD-WAN and how Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and GlobalProtect security products complement and strengthen overall security to help organizations prevent successful cyberattacks. We will also discuss how Intel architecture, network and security specific hardware and software technologies help these workloads operate in a consistent, saleable and high performance way.
  • Take Back Control of Your DNS Traffic Apr 2 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Bryan Lee and Martin Walter, with host Zoltan Deak
    DNS is wide open for attackers. Security teams are under pressure to enforce consistent protections for millions of new malicious domains while keeping up with advanced tactics like DNS tunneling. How can you take back control of your DNS traffic and prevent these threats?

    Join Palo Alto Networks experts to see:
    • How real-world threats found by Unit 42 use DNS for command-and-control and data theft.
    • A detailed demo of how the new DNS Security service disrupts attacks that use DNS.
    • Best practices for protecting DNS traffic to keep your organization safe.

    You’ll also get your questions answered in our live Q&A when you join us for this interactive session. Learn what you should be doing to protect your DNS traffic today—and how to stay ahead of emerging tactics.
  • What's New In Traps 6.0 Mar 26 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Danny Milrad
    With the growing sophistication and speed of cyber-attacks, you need the confidence to know that your endpoint protection has you covered. Your job isn’t getting easier, so we keep making Traps better. The Traps team has announced new features which fundamentally change how Traps is deployed and managed. In this webinar we’ll cover:
    •An update on the latest threat landscape trends
    •Overview of the new features of Traps 6.0
    •How you can take action and upgrade now
  • Build Security In: Cloud Security at DevOps Speed Recorded: Mar 22 2019 55 mins
    Rick Collette, Cloud Architect at Palo Alto Networks; John Martinez, Director of Public Cloud R&D, Palo Alto Networks
    As DevSecOps adoption slowly goes mainstream among organizations, it is fundamentally changing the culture and collaboration semantics among security, development and operations teams.
    This webinar will explore whether SecOps and DevOps have been effective in fostering collaboration to align their different goals into a single effort or have they slipped into implementing primitive security models of the past. Is the union of DevOps and SecOps on rocky ground and in need of marriage counseling, or are they copacetic? In this webinar, we’ll explore the needs of DevOps, Security and IT and five principles that will help you move at the speed of cloud together without creating gaps in your security posture.
  • XDR - Neue Waffe im Kampf gegen Cyber-Angriffe Recorded: Mar 22 2019 63 mins
    Chistian Doolmann, Systems Engieneer Specialist, Palo Alto Networks
    Cyber-Attacken erfolgen heutzutage häufig direkt über gezielt ausgewählte Endgeräte. Daher setzen viele Unternehmen auf EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) als Lösung, um Cyberangriffe zu erkennen und darauf zu reagieren.

    Das Problem dabei: Die Sicht von EDR ist auf den jeweiligen Endpoint beschränkt, ergänzende Informationen fehlen und müssen mühsam und aufwändig ergänzt werden. Laut SANS Institute werden zudem nur 26% aller initialen Angriffsvektoren durch EDR-Lösungen erkannt.

    Eines wird dabei deutlich: Ein neuer Ansatz muss her! Und hier kommt XDR ins Spiel. Im Gegensatz zu EDR kombiniert es Daten aus verschiedenen Quellen wie zum Beispiel den Endpoints, dem Netz, der Cloud, Log-Daten mit allgemeinen Bedrohungsinformationen. Dadurch bringt es unterschiedliche Aspekte zusammen und liefert ein weitaus vollständigeres Bild eines Angriffs – der dank der integrierten Analysefunktionen schneller erkannt und besser abgeblockt werden kann.

    Wenn Sie erfahren wollen, wie Ihr Unternehmen dank XDR sicherer werden kann, dann sehen Sie sich dieses Webinar an.
  • Cloud Native Security: What’s Missing? Recorded: Mar 21 2019 43 mins
    Speaker: Tim Prendergast, Chief Cloud Officer at Palo Alto Networks
    As organizations adopt public cloud to accelerate development and reduce reliance on traditional datacenters, risk management remains a top concern. It’s well understood that legacy security tools designed for the datacenter cannot adapt to the distributed, dynamic nature of cloud environments, but what about the security tools offered by the cloud providers? Can they offer the visibility and control needed to effectively manage risk and mitigate vulnerabilities? We take a deep dive into native cloud security to see how these tools work and uncover if they can effectively support the differing security requirements across SecOps, DevOps, and compliance teams.
  • Don’t Get Jacked: 4 Steps to Protect Your Xaas in the Cloud Recorded: Mar 20 2019 50 mins
    Speaker: Matt Chiodi, CSO, Palo Alto Networks
    The good news is that AWS, GCP and Azure provide better core security than your data center could ever provide. The bad news is that your users can also provision a complete stack with only a few clicks... without any security oversight. This session will dissect the latest cloud-based high-profile breaches and highlight four critical steps organizations of all sizes can take to prevent them.
  • Stay Audit Ready with Continuous Cloud Compliance Recorded: Mar 19 2019 63 mins
    Speakers: John Martinez, Director of Public Cloud R&D at Palo Alto Networks; Matthew Todd, Compliance Expert
    Too often, organizations make the move to the cloud without considering the impact to compliance. Whether compliance serves regulatory or business obligations, it is best to move into the cloud with these requirements in mind. In this webinar, our experts will discuss common cloud compliance misconceptions, practical advice about how to get your cloud compliance program in the best shape possible.
  • Take Back Control of Your DNS Traffic Recorded: Mar 19 2019 43 mins
    Bryan Lee, Martin Walter, and Stan Lee, with host Zoltan Deak
    DNS is wide open for attackers. Security teams are under pressure to enforce consistent protections for millions of new malicious domains while keeping up with advanced tactics like DNS tunneling. How can you take back control of your DNS traffic and prevent these threats?

    Join Palo Alto Networks experts to see:
    • How real-world threats found by Unit 42 use DNS for command-and-control and data theft.
    • Challenges in addressing DNS-based attacks faced by the Palo Alto Networks SOC team.
    • Best practices for protecting DNS traffic to keep your organization safe.

    You’ll also get your questions answered in our live Q&A when you join us for this interactive session. Learn what you should be doing to protect your DNS traffic today—and how to stay ahead of emerging tactics.
  • Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Recorded: Mar 19 2019 36 mins
    Stefan Woronka, Director Customer Services Digital Factory Process at Siemens & Dharminder Debisarun
    With prominent incidents like WannaCry, Shamoon, and Trisis effecting plant operations, it’s no wonder IT security is on the rise in manufacturing.

    These incidents show the immense need to implement a holistic, automated security approach across the manufacturing – protecting plant floors, execution systems, corporate IT, IoT and the industrial cloud altogether.

    In the webinar, Siemens and Palo Alto Networks experts discuss overcoming manufacturing cybersecurity challenges by applying industrial automation and control systems to:

    • Seamlessly integrate IT and OT security
    • Increase visibility and enforcement points
    • Connect third-party apps with threat intelligence

  • Get CloudFit: 12 AWS Best Practices for Cloud Security Recorded: Mar 18 2019 61 mins
    Speakers: Matt Bromiley, Certified Trainer at the SANS Institute, and John Martinez, Director of Public Cloud R&D at Palo Alt
    According to Gartner, through 2020, 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. Much like the human body, the cloud is continuously evolving and changing. To ensure an optimal state of cloud operations and to defend your cloud environment from menacing threats requires conditioning and ongoing commitment. In this webinar, we’ll highlight twelve cloud security and compliance “exercises” that are critical for keeping your organization’s data and systems secure in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • How Colleges and Universities Gain Visibility into Cloud Apps Recorded: Mar 14 2019 56 mins
    Hunter Ely, SLED Security Strategist at Palo Alto Networks
    Colleges and Universities are making the trek to the cloud. Most often, that first step is toward Google Suite, Office 365, Box.com or similar cloud services. While these services provide great value and flexibility for the modern college environment, they present risk of inadvertent data exposure or data breach without providing the visibility into how and where that data is shared. These services are incredibly valuable but without that visibility, IT Administrators are blind to the potential issues inherent to the platforms.

    Join us for a live webinar where we will have a panel discussion with to learn how, in these different environments, they safely enable the use of SaaS applications and:

    • Quickly gain visibility and granular, context-based control of SaaS applications, whether sanctioned or unsanctioned.
    • Protect school or university data from malicious and inadvertent exposure after it has left the campus.
    • Satisfy compliance requirements while still maintaining the benefits of SaaS based application services.

    Find out how your peers take charge of their SaaS environments, those that they enabled or those that they inherited by end users.
  • Yapay zeka için hazır mısınız? Güvenliğin geleceği açiğa çikiyor Recorded: Mar 14 2019 68 mins
    Zekeriya Eskiocak, Manager Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks
    Makine Öğrenimi ve Otomasyon Ağ Güvenliğini Nasıl Değiştiriyor?

    Yapay zeka ve makine öğrenimi, işinizi henüz etkilemiyor olabilir ancak etkilemeye başlayacak, hem de yakın zamanda.Hatta, hem işiniz hem de kuruluşunuzun güvenliği hızla yayılan bu teknolojilere giderek daha fazla bağlı olacak. Güvenliğinizi artırmak ve işinizi daha kolay hale getirmek için, şu anda kullandığınız teknolojinin sektörü değiştirecek özelliklerini ve heyecan verici yeni ürünlerimizi ilk duyanlardan biri olun.Size en gelişmiş teknolojileri kullanan saldırganların bile nasıl önüne geçileceğini göstereceğiz.

    Şunlar hakkında bilgi sahibi olacaksınız:
    - Yeni makine öğrenimi işlevlerinin tehditleri önlemeye güç kazandırması
    - Artan otomasyon ve güçlü analizlerin, manuel çalışmayı azaltıp en iyi uygulamaların önünü açması
    - Güvenlik duvarı yönetiminin, en geniş dağıtımları çalıştırırken bile zaman kazandıracak şekilde ölçeklenebilmesi

    Biz güvenliği (yeniden) dönüştürürken bize katılın ve bugün yeni olanaklardan hangilerini uygulayabileceğinizi görün. Bunu kaçırmak istemeyeceksiniz! Palo Alto Networks kurucusu ve CTO'su Nir Zuk ve Baş Ürün Yöneticisi Lee Klarich eşliğinde canlı bir açık oturumla başlayarak büyük duyuruların iç yüzünü paylaşacağız. Ardından tanıtımlar ve vaka çalışmaları aracılığıyla bu yeni olanaklardan nasıl yararlanabileceğinizin anlatılacağı bu etkinlikte, yerel uzmanlar sorularınızı yanıtlıyor olacak.
  • Intelligence Artificielle: êtes-vous prêts ? Lumière sur le futur de la sécurité Recorded: Mar 13 2019 68 mins
    Eric Antibi, Sales Engineer Manager (Palo Alto Networks)
    IA, machine learning, automatisation : nouveau triptyque de la sécurité réseau

    Si l'IA et le machine learning n'ont pas encore débarqué dans votre vie professionnelle, cela ne saurait tarder. Bientôt, non seulement votre travail mais aussi la sécurité de toute votre entreprise dépendront de plus en plus de ces technologies révolutionnaires. Découvrez en exclusivité les nouveaux produits et fonctionnalités appelés à redéfinir les missions de vos technologies actuelles. Non seulement vous saurez comment devancer des attaques de plus en plus sophistiquées, mais aussi comment nos technologies vous simplifient la vie.

    Assistez à notre évènement pour découvrir comment :
    -Les nouvelles fonctionnalités de machine learning renforcent la prévention
    -L'automatisation et l'analytique réduisent les tâches manuelles et favorisent les bonnes pratiques
    -La gestion des pare-feu monte systématiquement en charge pour gagner du temps, même sur les plus grands déploiements

    Une fois encore, Palo Alto Networks réinvente le monde de la sécurité. Ne manquez surtout pas cet évènement pour explorer les nouveautés à adopter dès aujourd'hui ! Nous commencerons par une table ronde en compagnie de Nir Zuk (CTO et fondateur de Palo Alto Networks) et Lee Klarich (Directeur des produits), qui vous inviteront à vous plonger au cœur de ces nouvelles technologies. Cette discussion sera suivie de démos et études de cas qui vous présenteront les avantages concrets pour votre environnement. Enfin, nous conclurons par une séance de questions-réponses animée par des experts locaux.
  • Preparados, listos, ia | una ventana al futuro de la seguridad Recorded: Mar 12 2019 65 mins
    Jesus Diaz Barrero, Manager, Systems Engineering Spain & Portugal
    El aprendizaje automático y la automatización están revolucionando la seguridad en la red

    Puede que los efectos de la IA y el aprendizaje automático aún no se hayan dejado sentir en su trabajo, pero lo harán muy pronto. Es más, la seguridad de las tareas que realiza y de la organización en su conjunto dependerá cada vez más de estas tecnologías imparables. Nuestros revolucionarios productos y funciones han nacido para cambiar las reglas del juego. Entérese antes que nadie de cómo aplicarlos a la tecnología que ya utiliza para reforzar su seguridad y simplificar su trabajo. Le contaremos cómo mantenerse siempre un paso por delante de los atacantes, incluso de los más sofisticados.

    Descubra de qué manera:
    - las nuevas funciones de aprendizaje automático refuerzan la prevención;
    - el aumento de la automatización y la posibilidad de hacer análisis más profundos reducen el esfuerzo manual y permiten adoptar las prácticas recomendadas;
    - una gestión de cortafuegos flexible ayuda a ganar tiempo, incluso con las implementaciones más grandes.

    Inscríbase para ser testigo de cómo, una vez más, estamos transformando la seguridad, y descubra qué novedades puede implementar ya mismo. No querrá perderse este encuentro, que dará comienzo con una animada mesa redonda a cargo de Nir Zuk —fundador y director de tecnología de Palo Alto Networks— y Lee Klarich —responsable de producto—, durante la cual se despejarán algunas incógnitas sobre estas importantes novedades. Tras esta charla introductoria, le daremos la oportunidad de descubrir las ventajas de las nuevas funciones mediante demostraciones y casos reales. Además, contaremos con expertos locales durante el turno de preguntas.
  • Policy Optimizer—Strengthen your security rule set and save time Recorded: Mar 12 2019 63 mins
    Mandeep Singh Sandhu and Scott Johanson, with Host Karin Shopen
    App-ID increases the value of our next-generation firewalls by making it easier and faster to determine the exact identity of applications traversing the network, enabling teams to set and enforce the right policies.

    Join Palo Alto Networks experts and learn how you can use the New Policy Optimizer capability to migrate your legacy rule set to App-ID based rules.

    In this session, you will:
    •Learn best practices for rule management
    •Find out how Policy Optimizer can help you achieve a more secure and easier to manage security rule set
    •Learn how App-ID can reduce complexity and minimize human error, the leading cause of data breaches
    •Get your questions answered in our live Q&A
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