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Debunking the Myth Around Implementing Zero Trust

One of the mythologies surrounding Zero Trust is that it is difficult and expensive to implement. Not true! In this webcast, John Kindervag, Founder of Zero Trust and Field CTO at Palo Alto Networks and Scott Stevens, SVP Global Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks debunk this myth.

Join us for this webcast and learn:
•How Zero Trust is easy to implement using an iterative approach designed to mitigate disruption or downtime
•The five key steps to implementation
•Why Zero Trust is easy to measure, including maturity metrics for Zero Trust

You’ll also get your questions answered in our live Q&A.
Recorded Apr 16 2019 64 mins
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Presented by
John Kindervag, Field CTO and Scott Stevens, SVP Global Systems Engineering, Palo Alto Networks
Presentation preview: Debunking the Myth Around Implementing Zero Trust
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  • Secure Access Control for Mobile Users Jul 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sarvesh Rao and Ron Dodge, with Host Karin Shopen
    With mobile workers now using the cloud and the internet to access critical applications, it is crucial that businesses secure beyond their data center. However, with threats continuously advancing, traditional remote access VPN is just simply not enough.

    In this session, our team of experts will discuss how with Global Protect businesses can:
    · Extend consistent security policies to all workers regardless of their location
    · Implement a zero trust architecture
    · Protect against advanced threats

    Learn how GlobalProtect can eliminate remote access blind spots while strengthening security.

    Bring your questions for our experts. Hope you'll join us.
  • How to Select the Best EDR in the market Jul 18 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Or Cohen & John Bradshaw
    Making a decision on endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools is complex. The MITRE ATT&CK framework is used to evaluate the efficacy and efficiency of the top EDR offerings available today.

    Understand where your current EDR tools stand as you learn from MITRE’s Round 1 evaluation, which tests multiple vendors across an extensive list of capabilities and techniques adversaries use in real-world attacks.

    Join us to hear from senior product research analysts, Or Cohen & John Bradshaw in this live webinar as they:
    · Explain the techniques used in the MITRE ATT&CK framework
    · Review test results, their implications and how they relate to evaluation considerations
    · Examine how an XDR approach yielded results that stand apart from legacy EDR offerings
    Watch the live webinar!
  • Prisma Public Cloud for Higher Education Jul 17 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Christopher Fago, Technical Sales Manager, Prisma Public Cloud, Palo Alto Networks
    Prisma Public Cloud (formerly RedLock) helps public cloud adopters at Higher Education Institutions with advanced protection and consistent security across their Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform environments. Through our 100% API-based platform, we can quickly help you monitor for risky configurations, anomalous user activities, suspicious network traffic, and host vulnerabilities.

    During the webinar, we’ll cover how Prisma Public Cloud can help you achieve the following:
    ● Visibility
    ● Compliance Assurance
    ● Security Governance
    ● Anomaly Detection and Remediation
  • Data Center Hybrid Cloud Overview Jul 11 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sam Rastogi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Data Center Security
    Data is now everywhere. Application workloads are moving across multiple data centers as well as private, public and hybrid clouds. New trends in the data center and hybrid cloud IT help organizations deliver greater business opportunities, but introduce new risks.

    Watch this webinar and learn how to rethink your approach to security to better protect your data and workload in the data center and across multi-cloud environments.

    You will:
    •Hear about key trends, challenges, and Palo Alto Networks Data Center Security strategy
    •Get a security architecture overview and technology deep dive
    •Learn best practices and use cases to extend security everywhere across on-prem data centers, private clouds, and public clouds
    •Get your questions answered in our live Q&A
  • Protecting data in the cloud with Prisma SaaS Jul 10 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Morosco, Product Marketing Director – Cloud Security, Palo Alto Networks
    SaaS applications have greatly enhanced workplace productivity and collaboration, while also saving IT money and resources. Businesses rely on apps like Office 365 and Google G Suite to store and share data across their remote locations and employees. However, without proper control and visibility, users can unknowingly expose the organization to data loss, loss of compliance and threats being let in.

    Learn how to discover the hidden risks and threats of SaaS applications by utilizing a cloud access security broker (CASB) such as Prisma SaaS to protect your data through visibility and protections that are consistent across all your SaaS applications.
  • Protección de las cargas de trabajo en la nube pública Jul 4 2019 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Tomas Carbonell, Public Cloud Sales Manager, South Europe, Palo Alto Networks
    Palo Alto Networks ofrece una protección avanzada que permite obtener seguridad consistente en todas las principales clouds (Amazon® Web Services, Microsoft® Azure® y Google® Cloud Platform). Además, nuestras funcionalidades de automatización minimizan las fricciones entre seguridad y DevOps.

    Puede proteger y segmentar aplicaciones, ofrecer seguridad y cumplimiento normativo de manera continua y prevenir ataques de día cero.

    Participe en este seminario web y descubra cómo Prisma Public Cloud (RedLock, ahora parte de Palo Alto Networks), puede ayudarle a obtener:
    -garantía de cumplimiento;
    -control de seguridad;
    -detección y corrección de anomalías.
  • Sécuriser les workloads dans le cloud public Jul 3 2019 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Thomas Beaumont, expert sécurité du cloud public, Palo Alto Networks
    Palo Alto Networks® assure une sécurité avancée et homogène sur tous les principaux services cloud publics : Amazon® Web Services, Microsoft® Azure® et Google® Cloud Platform. Quant à nos fonctionnalités d'automatisation, elles limitent les points de friction entre la sécurité et le développement applicatif. Résultat : vous êtes paré pour la prévention des menaces zero-day, la protection et la segmentation des applications, et le maintien d'une sécurité et d'une conformité continues.

    Assistez à notre webinar pour découvrir les avantages de Prisma Public Cloud (anciennement RedLock, la dernière recrue de Palo Alto Networks) :

    - Visibilité assurée
    - Conformité garantie
    - Gouvernance de la sécurité
    - Détection et correction des anomalies

    Inscrivez-vous pour en savoir plus!
  • Securing Public Cloud Workloads Jul 2 2019 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Danny Bailey, Business Development, Public Cloud Security, Palo Alto Networks
    Palo Alto Networks® provides advanced protection for consistent security across all major clouds – Google® Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon® Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft® Azure® – and our automation features minimize the friction of app development and security. You can protect and segment applications, deliver, continuous security and compliance, and achieve zero-day prevention.

    Join this webinar to learn how Prisma Public Cloud (formerly RedLock), and now part of Palo Alto Networks, can help you achieve the following:
    -Compliance Assurance
    -Security Governance
    -Anomaly Detection and Remediation
  • Key Requirements to Secure Your Move to the Cloud Jun 27 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Chiodi, Jon Oltsik
    When it comes to securing the public cloud, there’s no shortage of security options to choose from, but most are designed to only address a small subset of security concerns, creating confusion and security “silos” that don’t work with each other in the end. Having thousands of data points about your cloud environments without correlation or context is not the solution to effectively respond to cloud threats. Organizations must be able to visualize and respond holistically.

    According to recent research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 36% of organizations use between 24 to 49 different security products, however, many organizations are actively looking to replace point security tools with product suites that take a holistic approach to security, so that they can quickly and effectively scale with changing business needs.

    In this webinar, Palo Alto Networks CSO for Public Cloud, Matt Chiodi, will be joined by ESG analyst, Jon Oltsik, to discuss:
    - ESG survey findings and research results, including:
    - A clear desire for vendor and security technology consolidation
    - A growing need for security technology integration
    - Why legacy cloud security tools and approaches fail to meet changing needs
  • Protecting branch networks and mobile users with Prisma Access Jun 26 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jason Georgi, Field Chief Technology Officer for Prisma Access and SaaS at Palo Alto Networks
    As your organization adopts cloud applications, your approach to networking and security are undergoing change. Your branch locations are going direct-to-internet, and need the same level of protection as if they were at HQ. Your mobile users are spending less time connected to remote access VPN and connecting directly to the internet as well.

    In this session, learn about Prisma Access, and how it delivers consistent security from the cloud to handle protection for your direct-to-internet initiatives.

    About the speaker:
    Jason is an accomplished technology executive with 25 years of experience driving innovation and transformation initiatives across global organizations. Jason collaborates with CIOs, CTOs, and other technology leaders on strategies aimed at enabling business outcomes.

    Jason is currently the Field Chief Technology Officer for Prisma Access and SaaS at Palo Alto Networks, specializing in cloud security. Recent previous experience includes; four years at Zscaler running their business value consulting practice, and seven years at GE responsible for delivering global network services and solutions.
  • [ONUG webinar] Your Journey to the Cloud, Secured Recorded: Jun 21 2019 56 mins
    Stephen Collins, Principal Consultant, 1024tm, ONUG Working Group CTO & Jason Georgi, Field CTO, Palo Alto Networks
    Cloud adoption is a matter of “when”, not “if” for every organization. The companies that develop core competencies at cloud adoption will have a distinct advantage at driving value, managing costs and avoiding risk compared to those that don’t. How should organizations think about security and maximize their cloud potential?

    In this session, you'll learn about the key requirements for cloud security:

    - Controlling access to the cloud from anywhere
    - Protect data stored within cloud applications
    - Secure applications built in the cloud
  • Network Security Management Best Practices: Getting the Most Out of Panorama Recorded: Jun 20 2019 41 mins
    Charul Sadwelkar and Ron Dodge with Host Karin Shopen
    Panorama™ network security management simplifies firewall management by delivering comprehensive controls and deep visibility into network-wide traffic and security threats. Whether you have a handful or hundreds of firewalls, Panorama can help you maintain effective security across all of them. Watch Palo Alto Networks experts discuss key network security management concepts and best practices for using a centralized firewall management.

    In this webcast, you will learn best practices for:
    •Maintaining centralized configurations, tracking changes, and streamlining workflows using Panorama
    •Automating manual and repetitive tasks using Panorama and third party integrations to free up time and save effort
    •Using various central security management concepts for reducing the time you spend on managing network and security configuration

    Join us to learn about how Panorama and its new 9.0 features can help you gain efficacy and efficiency. Bring your questions, our experts will also answer them live in a Q&A.
  • Peer Exchange: State of North Dakota's Zero Trust Strategy Recorded: Jun 19 2019 60 mins
    Ryan Kramer, Enterprise Network Architect, State of North Dakota & John Kindervag, Founder of Zero Trust
    Automating Cybersecurity While Preventing Untrusted Systems and Cyberthreats From Compromising State Assets

    Zero Trust and the principles of “never trust, always verify” are becoming more widely known across industries as a model for fighting cybercrime, by eliminating “trust” for both external and internal systems and networks. Is it feasible to implement a Zero Trust strategy in government settings, similar to the private sector?

    Watch as Palo Alto Networks® expert and founder of Zero Trust, John Kindervag, discusses the “whys and hows” of extending a Zero Trust architecture to the network and cloud, and Ryan Kramer, Enterprise Network Architect from State of North Dakota, about their successful Zero Trust and cloud-first implementation to enhance agility and efficiency. Ryan will highlight how the State of North Dakota adopted a Zero Trust posture to automatically detect and defuse cyberthreats on networks, endpoints, and clouds to prevent them from infiltrating state-wide operations.
  • Protect the Endpoint: Stay Ahead of Threats Recorded: Jun 11 2019 46 mins
    Danny Milrad, Director of Advanced Endpoint Protection
    Adversaries continue to target your endpoints with malware, ransomware and other dynamic threats. To stay ahead, you need to stop attacks with proven protection and critical detection and response capabilities in a single agent.

    Join our live webinar with Danny Milrad, director of advanced endpoint protection, who will discuss:

    - Why current approaches aren’t effective on the endpoint
    - How today’s threats take advantage of legitimate system processes
    - Strengthening and simplifying endpoint protection, detection and response
    - How to leverage recent Mitre Attack evaluations in selecting a solution

    You’ll learn how our prevention-first approach, coupled with critical detection and response capabilities, strengthens and simplifies your endpoint security. You'll also find out why Cortex and XDR recorded the best coverage, highest visibility into attack techniques, and the fewest missed attacks in a recent Mitre Attack evaluation.
  • Five Ways to Find an Active Attacker Recorded: May 28 2019 59 mins
    Kasey Cross, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Bryan Lee, Unit 42 Principal Researcher,
    You can locate and stop attackers from within your infrastructure if you know what to look for – and if you can get out of your own way.
    To predict common attack tactics like use of stolen credentials, learning your organization’s topology and managing compromised systems from the internet, you need a new way to detect, investigate and respond.

    Watch the webinar with Bryan Lee, Unit 42 principal researcher, and Kasey Cross, senior product marketing manager, to learn:

    * Five tactics attackers often use to find, access and steal data
    * Best practices to detect and stop sophisticated attacks
    * Real-world examples of highly evasive as well as low-and-slow attacks

    You’ll learn how to identify and stop attackers by removing security silos, automating and stitching together all network, endpoint and cloud data, and moving from labor-intensive, manual tasks to automated processes with Cortex XDR™ detection and response.

    Join us and learn how to identify and stop attackers by removing security silos, automating and stitching together all network, endpoint and cloud data, and moving from labor-intensive, manual tasks to automated processes with Cortex XDR™ detection and response.
  • Don't Open These - The Five Most Dangerous File Types Recorded: May 21 2019 70 mins
    Palo Alto Networks experts John Harrison, Alex Hinchliffe and Erik Yunghans
    So many breaches and infections start with someone in your organization innocently clicking on a legitimate-seeming attachment or document.

    You probably know that opening these files and attachments without the proper security in place can put you and your company at serious risk, but how do you know which files are malicious and what are the most effective means to counter them?

    Join our webinar and learn how WildFire, file blocking and SSL decryption are key to successfully protecting your organisation.

    Palo Alto Networks experts John Harrison, Alex Hinchliffe and Erik Yunghans will examine the latest automated and evasive attack techniques adversaries are using to bypass your defences. You’ll learn about the five major malicious file types you need to protect against and – more importantly – exactly how you can stop them, drawing on our experiences with attack frameworks and our own Unit 42 playbooks.

    With live demos, examples of what to watch out for and how to effectively block these threats, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.
  • Extending Zero Trust to the Cloud Recorded: May 17 2019 61 mins
    John Kindervag
    Zero Trust continues to gain traction as more and more enterprises adopt it to effectively segment their networks. As these enterprises have embraced the model, it’s evolved into a key strategic security initiative they’re using to prevent successful cyberattacks.

    That said, is Zero Trust merely a compelling theory, or is it a readily implementable and practical cybersecurity strategy?

    Watch this webinar as Palo Alto Networks expert and creator of Zero Trust, John Kindervag, discusses the few challenges and many benefits of extending a Zero Trust architecture to the public and private cloud.

    John is joined by Rob LaMagna-Reiter, CISO of First National Technology Solutions, to talk about successful Zero Trust cloud operations, business drivers and implementation strategy.

    You’ll learn:
    -Real-world business challenges and results
    -Key Zero Trust drivers and how to implement them
    -How to extend a Zero Trust architecture to the cloud
  • URL Filtering Best Practices: Making Your Web Security Policies Work For You Recorded: May 16 2019 61 mins
    Kelvin Kwan and Suzanne VanPatten with Host Zoltan Deak
    As attackers evolve and progress, organizations require increased flexibility that goes beyond the traditional binary categorization and policies for URLs. With the recent release of PanOS 9.0 we’ve added powerful new capabilities to our URL Filtering service to help keep your users safe without complicating your security policies.

    Join our experts as they provide best practice recommendations pertaining to risk, multi-category, and policy actions. We’ll show how you can prevent successful attacks when you:
    •turn on selective SSL decryption
    •enable credential theft protection
    •utilize automated actions

    Take your web security policy beyond categorizing web sites and turn it into a critical component of your security strategy. Join us for insights and answers to your web security questions.
  • Cloud Native Security: What’s Missing? Recorded: May 14 2019 42 mins
    Speaker: Tim Prendergast, Chief Cloud Officer at Palo Alto Networks
    As organizations adopt public cloud to accelerate development and reduce reliance on traditional datacenters, risk management remains a top concern. It’s well understood that legacy security tools designed for the datacenter cannot adapt to the distributed, dynamic nature of cloud environments, but what about the security tools offered by the cloud providers? Can they offer the visibility and control needed to effectively manage risk and mitigate vulnerabilities? We take a deep dive into native cloud security to see how these tools work and uncover if they can effectively support the differing security requirements across SecOps, DevOps, and compliance teams.
  • Five Ways to Find an Active Attacker Recorded: Apr 30 2019 59 mins
    Kasey Cross, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Bryan Lee, Unit 42 Principal Researcher,
    Today’s attackers are using elusive tactics like leveraging stolen credentials and managing compromised systems from the internet.

    That said, it’s possible to locate and stop attackers from within your infrastructure with the help of automated detection and response.

    Watch the webinar as Palo Alto Networks' Bryan Lee, Unit 42 Principal Researcher, and Kasey Cross, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, explain in detail:

    ●Best practices to detect and stop sophisticated attacks
    ●Five tactics attackers often use to find, access and steal data
    ●How to identify highly-evasive as well as low and slow attacks

    Join us on April 30 at 11:15 a.m. PT for the webcast and live Q&A session.
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  • Title: Debunking the Myth Around Implementing Zero Trust
  • Live at: Apr 16 2019 8:00 am
  • Presented by: John Kindervag, Field CTO and Scott Stevens, SVP Global Systems Engineering, Palo Alto Networks
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