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Using the Wood Industry Almanac As a Forecast Tool

The 2015 Wood Industry Almanac gives snapshot forecasts of 10 major wood manufacturing markets, plus trends in technology, materials, and design. Get first look at the 2015 edition.
Recorded Oct 8 2014 16 mins
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Presented by
Bill Esler and Laurel Didier
Presentation preview: Using the Wood Industry Almanac As a Forecast Tool

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  • Successful Business Strategies of the WOOD 100 Recorded: Nov 23 2015 58 mins
    Christian Smedberg - Osborne Wood Products, Donovan Malloy - transFORM, Daniel Steps - transFORM
    Help your wood products company grow business by utilizing proven strategies from the WOOD 100. Experts from Woodworking Networks' WOOD 100 share their tips and techniques for improving productivity, service, marketing, and product development —giving you the tools you need to improve your business.

    Learn how to:

    • Improve customer service and delivery: Logistics
    • Expand and identify sales & product growth opportunities
    • Determine the ROI for new technology & lean manufacturing
  • Kitchen Cabinetry Trends: Finishes & Colors for 2016 Recorded: Oct 29 2015 28 mins
    Doug Clark , Sales Manager, Timber Products Company & Angela Simone, Director of Global Color Marketing, Sherwin Williams
    Directions in colors and finishes for kitchen cabinets are already firming up for the coming year, and this free webcast will help you keep on-target for design trends that customers will be seeking. We'll look at where the market stands on everything from frameless cabinet designs, to species specifications, to the newly released color forecast for 2016.

    Presenters will also examine:

    - Minimalist (i.e., frameless) cabinet trends
    - The move to real wood interiors
    - How cabinet trends impact commercial design
    - Impact of color trends on cabinett finishing lines
  • 3 Ways to Sand Doors Using No Hand Work Recorded: Oct 22 2015 52 mins
    Tim Middleton , Product Manager, Stiles Machinery
    In this webinar, Tim Middleton, Product Manager for Stiles Machinery Inc. will discuss several important processes that could change the way you approach sanding cabinet and interior doors.

    Tim will explain calibration sanding, what it is, why do it and give tips on how to calibrate consistently. He will take us into the world of brush sanding explaining the differences in brush manufacturers and talk about edge break and color uniformity and he will address orbital sanding defining what it is, why it’s required and where it should be placed in the line for optimal results.
  • Panel Processing in the 21st Century Recorded: Oct 14 2015 42 mins
    Rene Fritz, IMA schelling & John Liedl, Eurosoft, Inc.
    Wood manufacturing has changed from mass production of large quantities in one style, to made-to-order manufacturing, with small batches, even Batch One production, delivered just in time. Learn about the tools you'll need to adapt to and serve this marketplace.
  • Green Building Today and Beyond Recorded: Sep 24 2015 30 mins
    Dan Hill , Senior Principal, Arbor South Architecture & Roger Rutan , Director of Marketing, Timber Products Company
    The market for sustainable building and remodeling is maturing, driven by improvements in panel, adhesives, and other materials. Consumer expectations are also changing, with formal green pedigrees less important than credible explanations about why materials are green.

    'Green Building Today & Beyond' takes a look a these and other trends in sustainability that will help your business capitalize on contemporary sales opportunities.
  • How To Improve CNC Router Tooling Performance Recorded: Jul 29 2015 45 mins
    Mike Serwa, Mark Alster and Scott Burton
    The heart of a CNC router is its tooling - where technology gets down to the business of cutting wood. In this free presentation, tooling experts share the fundamentals in best practices for tool mounting and machining, and explain several advances: in blade materials that extend tool life; in chucks for precision mounting; in point-of-contact dust extraction; and Intelligent Tooling that collects and shares data to optimize tool performance. You'll also learn about reference resources, including tooling apps you'll make regular use of.
  • Women in Woodworking: Breaking Down the Barriers Recorded: Jul 9 2015 44 mins
    Ann Jackson (Rockler Woodworking and Hardware), RH Lee (Offerman Woodshop)
    The woodworking industry has long been composed of a predominantly male demographic, but over the past 30 years an increasing number of women have become interested in the woodworking field and how they can become a part of it - whether that be by adopting it as a hobby, working in the professional production of wood and wood products or entering into management and ownership. The recent explosion of DIY and Maker Culture in American society has begun to motivate its people to go back and work with their hands again like those that came before us did, and we can clearly see that having an impact on the industry today.

    In addition to - or possibly because of - the aforementioned cultural movements that have been growing their reach for more than a decade in the United States, we've begun to see woodworking collectives and community woodshops popping up everywhere. These organizations allow for woodworkers to sharpen their talents and use larger and more expensive equipment when it might otherwise not be available to them. Some, like Offerman Wood Shop, employ independent contractors to create custom furniture pieces for private clients as well as items that are sold in other avenues and other, smaller shops may simply provide a place for DIY'ers to try their hand at woodworking projects.

    After several years of struggling, the woodworking industry is again starting to grow and with that growth comes new technologies, new ideas and new kinds of employees. The future of woodworking will likely depend on intelligence, creativity and motivation as primary character traits rather than the more purely physical ones that were required before machinery and automation became as advanced as they are today and will be tomorrow. How can we continue to fan the flames and attract more women to the industry? This conversation between several intelligent, creative and motivated women that work in the industry will touch upon that and many other points of discussion.
  • CNC Machining 101: Batch One, Purchasing Checklist & More Tips Recorded: Jun 18 2015 39 mins
    Jason Susnjara , Vice President of Marketing, Thermwood Corp & Clint Morton, Regional Sales Manager, Mid-West Region, CR
    What is the difference between a CNC router and a machining center and what role does batch one processing have in your production process?

    Whether you are an experienced woodworker or new to the field, these are important questions you need to have answered.

    Our panel of experts, Jason Susnjara and Clint Morton, will explain the technologies and the role these machines have in creating a flexible work environment. Plus, they'll also share some key purchasing considerations along with machining tips for processing not only solid wood and panel products, but also advanced materials.
  • Woodworking Inventors: Steps To Developing a Profitable Design Recorded: May 20 2015 38 mins
    John Lindsay (New Breed Furniture Network), Martin Goebel (Goebel & Co. Furniture)
    Designing a new wood product requires both inspiration, and practical adaptation, to create one that can be profitably produced. We'll talk to two woodworkers who will explain how they did it, from rough design, to production line.

    In this free webcast, Woodworking Inventors: Steps to Developing a Profitable Design, you'll hear from two woodworking business managers who have succeeded with new products in the market. They will share their experiences in developing a new product design, and explain how their business was impacted.

    Presenters John Lindsay and Martin Goebel will also field your questions.

    Sponsored by:
    Timber Products Company


    John Lindsay
    New Breed Furniture Network

    Lindsay co-founded New Breed Furniture, a rapidly growing business that recently opened a new factory in Kenosha, WI. Lindsay will explain his design approach, including creation of the Petalply joint, that reduces the labor factor in chair and table manufacturing.

    Martin Goebel
    Goebel & Co. Furniture

    Goebel, recipient of Woodworking Network's Young Wood Pro's award, is the chief designer of Goebel & Co. Furniture and also is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. He will discuss how his firm creates high-end customized, mass produced furniture pieces using 3D CAD design and automated technology.
  • 3 Keys to Outsourcing Wood Components Recorded: Apr 30 2015 40 mins
    Steve Harmon (Drawer Connection), Michele Weitzel (Northern Contours), Jeremy Funk (Elias Woodwork)
    Outsourcing cabinetry components offers speed, quality, and consistency. If your supplier provides quality and consistency, outsourcing can mean zero waste.

    In this free webcast, a trio of experts from Drawer Connection, Northern Contours, and Elias Woodwork cover opportunities for profitable capabilities only available through outsourcing wood components.

    They will also explain how outsourcing can make it easier to keep up with the latest trends in color, texture and materials. And for specialty components made infrequently, or requiring specialized equipment, outsourcing provides a high-value-added specialties like contoured doors and more.

    What you'll learn:
    • Elimination of waste in outsourcing
    • Major color, hardware and texture trends
    • Special orders like curved doors and moldings
    • Ordering from computer design programs

    Who should attend:
    • Cabinet Shop Owners
    • Furniture Manufacturers
    • Moulding & Millwork Shops
    • Door Manufacturers
  • Rough Milling Lumber for Small to Medium Woodshops Recorded: Mar 26 2015 50 mins
    Erland Russell from Tigerstop & Aaron Brink from Stiles Machinery
    Learn about best practices in rough milling lumber and solid wood machining for small to medium wood-shops. This free webcast goes live March 26 at 1:00 pm CST.
  • Combustible Sawdust - How to Protect Your Workers & Your Business Recorded: Mar 4 2015 38 mins
    Jamison Scott, Executive Vice President with Air Handling Systems, Moderated by Bill Esler
    Combustible sawdust - comdust - is a threat to woodworking businesses, which can literally go up in smoke.

    Now comdust is also drawing OSHA to the doorsteps of woodshops large and small, as it includes wood dust mitigation as an aspect of worker safety.

    In this webcast, you will learn about recent comdust enforcement actions by OSHA, and the liability this brings to your business. You'll also hear about best practices in maintaining plant cleanliness, sawdust mitigation, and employee communications.

    Combustible dust expert Jamison Scott will provide a rapid fire review of trends in combustible dust enforcement, and the evolution of OSHA's view of sawdust as a potential danger to worker health and safety.
  • 3 Keys to Better Veneer Utilization Recorded: Feb 19 2015 25 mins
    Eric Cullen, Veneer Specialist with Timber Products Company, Moderated by Bill Esler
    Specifying veneer can be a mystery for many buyers, especially if you purchase infrequently. Getting the veneer you expect requires a mix of learning the lingo and establishing reasonable expectations for you and your client.

    In this webcast, you will learn the ins and outs of veneer selection, and how to communicate specifications that will get you the patterns and qualities that are right for your projects.

    Timber Products Company veneer specialist Eric Cullen, who oversees the selection of millions of veneer sheets each year, will provide insight on veneer trends and patterns, plus field your questions about everything from straight-grain engineered veneers (the ones without cathedrals) to eye-catching characteristics of popular hardwoods.
  • WOOD 100: The Strategies That Made Business Grow Recorded: Nov 13 2014 43 mins
    Karen Koenig, Moderator
    The Woodworking Network WOOD 100 fastest growing firms share the new business development strategies, technology investments, and operations techniques, and marketing efforts that spurred growth last year and set the stage for continued business improvement.
  • Women in Woodworking: A Conversation Recorded: Nov 5 2014 49 mins
    Marcia Dixon and Megan Offner, Moderated by Bill Esler
    Women are a growing segment of the woodworking and wood products marketplaces. To foster conversation around opportunities, challenges and the future for this important part of the workforce.
  • Sanding & Finishing: Technology’s Next Wave Recorded: Oct 30 2014 58 mins
    Tim Middleton and Roy Pagan, Moderated by Bill Esler
    Sanding & Finishing: Technology’s Next Wave
  • Using the Wood Industry Almanac As a Forecast Tool Recorded: Oct 8 2014 16 mins
    Bill Esler and Laurel Didier
    The 2015 Wood Industry Almanac gives snapshot forecasts of 10 major wood manufacturing markets, plus trends in technology, materials, and design. Get first look at the 2015 edition.
  • Edge Processing Technology 2014 Recorded: Sep 18 2014 33 mins
    Steve Jones, Moderated by Karen Koenig
    Edge Processing Technology 2014
  • Next Generation of Green Building: Sustainable Products & Programs Recorded: Sep 10 2014 47 mins
    Larry Percivalle & Jerry Yudelson, Moderated by Roger Rutan
    Next Generation of Green Building: Sustainable Products & Programs
  • How Woodworking Inventors Grow Business Recorded: Jul 30 2014 38 mins
    Adam Rogers and Jared Patchin, Moderated by Bill Esler
    Previewing next month’s live Woodworking Inventors Symposium at IWF 2014 in Atlanta, this July 30 webcast looks at how launching a new wood product can also mean finding new ways to do business, and make money. Learn from your peers who have done it in Woodworking Inventors: New Ways to Grow Business. http://www.iwfatlanta.com/Education/DSN
Webcasts and Webinars for Custom and Production Woodworkers
Our mission at Woodworking Network is to provide a "home" for professional woodworkers by providing information, education, inspiration and community -- when, where and how they want it.

We serve both custom and production woodworkers in a variety of ways. We publish FDMC Magazine and offer other resources on WoodworkingNetwork.com and through industry events & conferences.

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  • Live at: Oct 8 2014 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Bill Esler and Laurel Didier
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