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Data Classification: A Business-Centric Approach

Keith Vallance, Head of Product at Boldon James discusses taking a business-centric approach to data classification, incorporating both data categorisation and security labelling. Watch now to see how you can promote business efficiency and help to close the security awareness gap among your user community; just some of the topics discussed by Keith in this interesting and educational instalment to ensure you are focused on operational excellence.
Recorded Oct 24 2019 4 mins
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Keith Vallance
Presentation preview: Data Classification: A Business-Centric Approach

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  • Take 30 with Boldon James: Managing The Risk From Data At Rest Apr 8 2020 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Keith Vallance, Head of Product, Boldon James
    What a fortnight it has been. We’re self-isolating, working from home, keeping 2m apart and all for very good reason.

    Yet in an uncharted and uncertain world of dynamic and rapid change, the world before COVID-19 continues. There’s little change there.

    At Boldon James we want to invite you to pause for 30 minutes, take a breath and join us for a regular series of short Webinars, taking a look at key themes we should not be forgetting about.

    It’s no secret that one of the biggest security threats to organisations today are data breaches, and with regulations like GDPR and CCPA setting precedence, it is crucial that businesses treat all their data as sensitive until proven otherwise. With this in mind, organisations must start to look carefully at what data they are storing.

    This exercise isn’t solely about securing your data, but also ensuring you are not storing unnecessary, or expired data.  Data nowadays is stored in a number of locations; including on-premise and increasingly, the Cloud..

    We have seen that most forward-thinking organisations have good procedures in place to manage data in motion and data at creation, but often overlook legacy data at rest.

    So pause for a moment, grab yourself a coffee and your favourite chair and take 30 with us as we look at the issues associated with data at rest, and why it is so important to review and remediate at regular intervals. We’ll be talking about:

    • Why data at rest is important
    • What steps you can be taking to ensure this data is protected
    • Managing data at rest in the right way to avoid costly data breaches
    • How often should you be reviewing your data at rest
  • Partnering For Success: Driving Growth Through The Channel Recorded: Jan 3 2020 4 mins
    Niall McGrane and Lior Arbel
    Here at Boldon James, we are Data Classification and Secure Messaging specialists, delivering innovation, service excellence and technology solutions that work. But don’t take our word for it, watch our Partner Testimonial video to discover what it’s like working with Boldon James and how we stand out against other solution providers.
  • Driving Data Security To Achieve Operational Excellence Recorded: Nov 13 2019 4 mins
    Martin Sugden
    Martin Sugden, CEO at Boldon James, joins us for this next instalment of the Boldon James Uncovered Series. This time, we’re discussing how driving data security can help your organisation achieve operational excellence. Martin explores a number of topics sitting under the data security umbrella, including whether organisations are truly getting the best value from their security budget, how you can effectively bridge the gap between data and security, the role of the user versus automated tools; as well as what the future holds for organisational data security.
  • Data Classification: Does Automation Have A Place? Recorded: Nov 13 2019 3 mins
    Kevin Carpenter
    Kevin Carpenter, Regional Sales Director at Boldon James discusses the hot topic of automation and whether it truly has a place in the world of data classification, both now and in the future. Also explored is the best way to approach classification to ensure your organisation is managing and protecting data effectively, as well as streamlining business performance.
  • Utilising Data Classification To Achieve NIST 171 And CUI Compliance Recorded: Nov 13 2019 4 mins
    Bill Belcher
    Boldon James’ VP Federal And Major Accounts, Bill Belcher defines NIST 800-53, 800-171 and CUI, and explains how your organisation can achieve compliance through the implementation of an effective data classification solution. Also explored is where organisation’s start to become compliant, the benefits of having a CUI labelling policy and Bill’s recommendations on the first steps you should take to tackle CUI compliance, achieve operational excellence and streamline business change.
  • How Has Data Classification Changed In The Last Five Years? Recorded: Nov 12 2019 4 mins
    Andrew Cowan
    Andrew Cowan, Director, Customer Success at Boldon James explores the ways in which data classification has changed in the last five years. Key topics discussed are how these changes have affected the way data classification is deployed and crucially, how the solution is presented to the end user; as well as what the future holds for data classification. Watch now to discover how you can increase security awareness among your user community, better protect business critical data and reduce risk.
  • Demystifying Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence In Data Protection Recorded: Nov 12 2019 5 mins
    David Langton
    David Langton, VP Marketing & Alliances at Boldon James, discusses how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fit into the world of data classification. Key topics explored are ML and AI’s track record in security, whether these technologies can be relied upon to deliver business value and crucially, where do users fit into the Machine Learning equation? Watch now to discover how we continue to deliver innovation by actively researching the latest technology; helping our customers maintain their world-class business status.
  • Supporting The Customer's Ever-Changing Data Classification Needs Recorded: Oct 31 2019 4 mins
    Raymond Balinda
    Boldon James' Pre-Sales Consultant EMEA, Raymond Balinda discusses supporting the customer’s ever-changing data classification needs. How classification can be utilised effectively within your organisation, as well as how Boldon James Classifier can adapt and be customised to suit your specific business needs - with real user case examples - are key topics of discussion. Also explored is the future of data classification needs; keeping you focused on driving business innovation and new growth.
  • Data Classification: The Importance Of Reporting Recorded: Oct 31 2019 4 mins
    Piers Chivers
    Piers Chivers, Technical Architect at Boldon James explains the importance of implementing an effective reporting system for your organisation. Key benefits of reporting are explained, including the ability to generate and distribute reports that highlight data trends and unusual user behaviour, providing vital insight into user adoption of your organisation’s security policy. Also explored is how reporting can be used to show compliance with data handling regulations such as the GDPR. Watch now to discover how you can streamline your business performance, as well as improve governance and compliance.
  • Top Tips To Achieve A Successful Data Classification Project Recorded: Oct 24 2019 4 mins
    Ross Manley
    Boldon James EMEA Pre-Sales Manager, Ross Manley, identifies the key steps involved to establish your organisation’s data classification policy. The state of your technical environment, the ways in which you can effectively support your user community, and the importance of establishing a change management process are just a few of the stages discussed; keeping you in control of your data and focused on driving operational excellence.
  • Data Classification: A Business-Centric Approach Recorded: Oct 24 2019 4 mins
    Keith Vallance
    Keith Vallance, Head of Product at Boldon James discusses taking a business-centric approach to data classification, incorporating both data categorisation and security labelling. Watch now to see how you can promote business efficiency and help to close the security awareness gap among your user community; just some of the topics discussed by Keith in this interesting and educational instalment to ensure you are focused on operational excellence.
  • What is NYDFS and How Can I Be Compliant? Recorded: May 14 2019 34 mins
    Jeremy Wittkop
    New York State Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) has introduced new regulations requiring minimum, non-prescriptive requirements for a security program, specifying policies, CISO role, penetration testing, risk assessment, audit trail, access privileges, application security, multifactor authentication, training, encryption, IRP, notifications, etc.

    All firms licensed to do business with the State of New York must comply. Although state regulators have allowed a grace period, firms must show progress taking steps to conform to the new regulations.

    Join InteliSecure's Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy Wittkop and Boldon James as they discuss what is contained in the regulation, who is in scope, how you can use people, processes, and technologies such as Boldon James to become more compliant, and some of the consequences associated with a failure to do so.
  • Rethinking the Human Factor in Security Recorded: Apr 30 2019 61 mins
    Bruce Hallas, Founder Marmalade Box and Martin Sugden CEO Boldon James
    Today’s world of data protection and governance is awash with talk of machine learning and automation. But what about the role of the human in security, isn’t this being overlooked?

    Join this interesting and insightful webinar with recognised speaker and author Bruce Hallas and data security expert Martin Sugden, CEO at Boldon James, who will explore how organisations need to empower the user and go beyond training and education to ensure human behaviours are positively influenced to deliver real security and business value.

    Watch this webinar to learn:
    • Learnings from research into the impact of human behaviour on user trust and security posture
    • How to design a security approach that empowers humans
    • The challenges associated with implementing security automation (e.g. AI/ML)
    • Practical ways to engage the user to influence positive security behaviour
  • How to Classify and Protect Your Data in One Easy Step Recorded: Apr 25 2019 45 mins
    Bill Belcher, Amit Kharat, Kristina Scott
    Recent innovations have made data security achievable for organizations of all sizes and industries. It’s now possible to quickly and effectively reduce the risk of data breaches and leaks.
    Get up to speed with the 5 innovations every Security and IT professional should be aware of – to gain the confidence that their organization’s most sensitive information stays secure, these include:

    1. Classification-driven protection
    2. DLP-driven protection
    3. Email auto-protection
    4. Automated protection with enterprise applications
    5. Orchestrated policy management, identity federation, and data tracking for compliance

    Join this webinar to learn how integrated data classification and data protection from two industry leaders, Boldon James and Seclore, makes data security as straightforward as 1-2-3.
  • Neu: Datenklassifizierung Mit Rights Management Integriert Recorded: Nov 29 2018 47 mins
    Albert Steffens, Director, DACH, Boldon James Fredy Lustenberger, Director, DACH, Seclore GmbH
    Sicherheit von Computernetzwerken, Business Apps, Mobil- und Endgeräten ist - trotz rasch und erheblich steigenden Investitionen – kaum zu erreichen und schwer unter Kontrolle zu bringen. Risiken unbefugter Datenzugriffe, Datenpannen und Insider-Attacken bleiben bestehen.

    Um diese Risiken und Lücken ganzheitlich und nachhaltig zu eliminieren, ist eine zusätzliche Sicherheitsstufe für vertrauliche und geschäftskritische Informationen und Dokumente erforderlich. Die Lösung ist eine «DataCentric Security Plattform», die unter anderem Daten-Klassifizierung und Rights Management miteinander verbindet und integriert. Dabei behält der Urheber und Autor immer die Kontrolle und bestimmt mit welchen Berechtigungen Wer, Was, Wo und Wie lange ausführen kann. Der Ersteller eines Dokumentes kann jederzeit Berechtigungen anpassen, beziehungsweise ändern oder widerrufen, selbst nachdem ein Dokument oder eine Information bereits versendet oder bearbeitet wurde.

    Das kongeniale Zusammenspiel von Seclore mit Boldon James gehört zur neusten Generation der Daten- und Informationssicherheit und revolutioniert Daten-Klassifizierung und Daten-Sicherheit in einmaliger Art und Weise. Schutz von bereits getätigten Investitionen, Automatisierung, intelligente Nutzung von vorhanden Informationen sowie Sicherheitsstrukturen und Benutzerfreundlichkeit sind nur einige der Vorteile.

    Seclore und Boldon James sind die globalen Marktführer für Rights Management und Datenklassifizierung. Durch die Integration beider Lösungen erhalten Organisationen das bestmögliche Ergebnis. Dabei ergibt sich eine Vielzahl von weiteren Vorteilen, Synergien und Nutzen für Unternehmen und Anwender.

    Nutzen Sie diese einmalige Gelegenheit und erleben Sie selbst in einer «Live-Session» mit Live-Demo, wie schnell Sie Ihre Daten-Sicherheitslücken mit Seclore und Boldon James gemeinsam schließen können!

    Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme!

    Offered in German
  • Actual vs. Artificial Intelligence - Harnessing The Power Of Your People Recorded: Nov 28 2018 59 mins
    Kevin Carpenter, Regional Director - Southwest
    In a world where data breaches are inevitable, EVERY organization is working to improve their security posture. Security organizations are looking to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), but are overlooking the actual intelligence that resides in their HUMAN resources.

    According to Palo Alto, AI and machine learning is primarily about automation and simplifying monotonous tasks associated with cyber security policy definition and enforcement. The words predictive, self-configuring and autonomic should all come to mind when thinking about AI/ML frameworks.

    From a Boldon James perspective, end-user driven data classification affects security where the data begins and captures ACTUAL intelligence, namely the content and context, held by the creator of the data. Instead of relying on AI or machine learning to guess at the classification of data, organizations can harness the power of their HUMAN resources and engage the end-user in the security policy, making them responsible for classifying the data they create.

    This webinar will focus on the power of end-users to:
    1) Correctly classify data
    2) Improve security posture
    3) Reduce false positives in a DLP deployment
    4) Reduce the time to remediate the results of data discovery
    5) Increase the efficiency of virtually every element of a company’s security apparatus
  • Boldon James | How To Classify Design Documents In CAD Solutions Recorded: Nov 14 2018 3 mins
    Martin Sugden
    New design files need to be protected so that data doesn't fall into the wrong hands, or the right ones too soon. CAD Classifier brings the benefits of data classification to key design documents across a variety of CAD applications, including AutoCAD and Draftsight, applying visual and metadata labels to guard against inappropriate dissemination.
  • Boldon James | How To Classify Cloud Based Storage Recorded: Nov 14 2018 3 mins
    Martin Sugden
    Boldon James Box Classifier extends document classification into Box Cloud-based storage and sharing, ensuring organizations of all sizes have a unified and seamless solution for classification-based data protection and control regardless of its location.

    Find Out More: https://www.boldonjames.com/box-classifier
  • Utilising Data Classification To Achieve Organisational Evolution Recorded: Oct 9 2018 4 mins
    Martin Sugden, CEO
    Martin Sugden, CEO at Boldon James, explains how a best-of-breed data classification policy can be used to achieve organisational evolution. The way in which data classification contributes to the success of a business by involving the user community and bringing security to the forefront of their thinking, is a key topic of discussion. Also explored, is how best to approach the implementation of a data classification policy to achieve maximum value, how Boldon James’ solution differs from other technologies and furthermore, how it can evolve and grow with your business.
  • The Power of Technology Partnerships Recorded: Oct 9 2018 5 mins
    David Langton, VP Marketing & Alliances
    David Langton, VP Marketing & Alliances, identifies the power of Boldon James’ technology partnerships and the key role they play in supporting the business. The security and data management technology landscape is changing, and organisations are responding to this by integrating data classification to extend complimentary solutions. David discusses what drives the technology integration roadmap at Boldon James, including the types of partners we work with and the solutions we consider most complimentary to Boldon James Classifier and beneficial to our customers.
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  • Title: Data Classification: A Business-Centric Approach
  • Live at: Oct 24 2019 11:30 am
  • Presented by: Keith Vallance
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