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Are you ready for GDPR?

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now a reality and organisations have until May 2018 to be compliant.

While that may not seem imminent, the complexity involved in addressing this shift makes it more important than ever for organisations to understand the regulatory requirements and how to action their business to prepare for them.

These regulations require you to take a fresh look at how you manage your data and information, specifically where you store your data – in the cloud or on-premise – and how to leverage it for analytics.

Join us on this webinar to hear from Commvault Advanced Solutions Group expert Thomas Sharkey.
Recorded Dec 6 2016 49 mins
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Presented by
Thomas Sharkey, Commvault Advanced Solutions Group
Presentation preview: Are you ready for GDPR?

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  • Managing & Protecting Data in the 5G Reality: Where Edge, IoT, Cloud Converge Dec 8 2020 11:00 am UTC 46 mins
    Bill Byron Concevitch, Fran Dougherty, and Randy De Meno
    Where will 5G take data? How can Azure Edge zones help to transform your business by leveraging the potential of 5G? This is your opportunity to learn about this and more as we continue our series, Sound Advice for the Cloud Journey.

    Using Azure for Operators as a case study in meeting the needs of the telecommunications industry, we’ll help your knowledge remain ahead of the curve of developing technologies. For telecommunications industry IT professionals, this is an opportunity to hear from experts on Azure for Operators and how Commvault is ready to protect data and endpoints within this new Azure initiative.

    In additional to a first-hand look at Azure for Operators, you’ll also gain valuable insight into:

    The Azure Edge Platform and Azure IoT
    Commvault Complete Data Protection support for Azure for Operators
    How Metallic, the enterprise SaaS data protection solution, supports the Telco industry
    Azure’s leadership in the 5G Open Innovation Lab
    Microsoft's viewpoint on 5G and endpoint protection
  • Simple Data Protection: How many UIs do you need to protect your data and modern Dec 3 2020 11:00 am UTC 43 mins
    Matt Tyrer, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing at Commvault and Rajiv Kottomtharayil, Chief Product Officer at Commvault
    It seems like every time you need to protect a new application or data workload; you need to add another tool or interface to the party. So much for a “complete solution”…

    Rather than making IT easier, the approach of many vendors to “buy vs build” new functionality into their portfolios only makes life harder for the customer. These solutions rarely integrate well together, often require their own duplicate silos of infrastructure or at the very least add yet another interface for you to “explore” your data.

    Join us as we explore how to not only protect data across on-premises and multi-cloud environments, but also provide analytics, security, and ransomware protection all from a single, powerful UI – the Commvault Command Center. Many others in the marketplace, even the newer players are still just adding to the problem of data (and interface) fragmentation rather than solving it. Don’t get stuck running separate consoles when you were promised a “single-pane-of-glass”. Be ready for a truly unified approach to data management with Commvault.

    Of course, there’ll be a demo to prove it so tune in!
  • NetApp Insight 2020 in review Dec 2 2020 11:00 am UTC 44 mins
    Sarbjit Singh, Chris Gondek and Nigel Tozer
    2020 has been quite an unpredictable year. For this reason, NetApp Insight was always going to be an interesting event, especially with NetApp announcing themselves as the cloud storage specialist’ in the run-up to the show. In this live webinar, we’ll be taking a look at what went down at Insight 2020 – the announcements, the chatter and what the virtually-visiting delegates were buzzing about.

    Our own Nigel Tozer will put Commvault’s Sarbjit Singh and NetApp evangelist Chris Gondek in the hot seat to get the lowdown on the show.

    We’ll be packing the webinar with data-driven content. You’ll find it interesting whether you made it to the show, or like many others, were just too busy and missed out on Insight 2020. If you missed it, we feel for you. That’s why we’re bringing the conversation to your screen on November 11th.

    Join us for the discussion to hear:

    Expert views on the keynotes and announcements
    The panel’s personal highlights from Insight
    Hot topics you were telling us about in the virtual booths
    Our favorite round-table wisdom from the breakouts
    Key takeaway messages from the event
  • How to Manage Cloud Data at Scale: A Commvault Tech Demo Dec 1 2020 11:00 am UTC 25 mins
    Penny Gralewski and Ryan O'Connor
    Complex and high-volume cloud environments need data protection that scales. Meet business demands for data and security with a modern, proactive cloud data management platform. Take the burden off of IT with automation and orchestration, while still maintaining granularity and control.

    See a tech demo that answers your cloud data management questions:

    How to manage public cloud data, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud Platform workloads?
    Where to find time and cost savings in cloud deployments?
    When can a single view of cloud data improve availability and compliance?
    What steps are involved in scaling from backup and archive to managing virtual machines?
    How to create cloud data management reports for compliance and recovery readiness?
  • Simple and Reliable Ransomware Recovery Recorded: Nov 24 2020 30 mins
    Phil Wandrei, Solutions Marketing Manager at Commvault and David Cunningham, Product Manager at Commvault
    With the shift of employees working remotely, it has increased the number of vulnerabilities for ransomware to exploit. Ransomware has exploded; in second quarter this year it more than tripled compared to the previous quarter1. Can you confidently recovery from a ransomware attack? Now you can and we will show you how.

    Attend this short demo to see how can manage and protect your data in the face of ransomware:

    • Built-in security features to prevent and react to suspicious activity

    • Store secondary copies in the cloud with the security of data isolation and air-gapping

    • Monitor your environment for potential security vulnerabilities and take corrective action

    Also, you will learn about the Commvault and Metallic offer “The power of and”. With just a few clicks you can create an air-gapped data copy in the cloud. Metallic delivers the cloud storage services while Commvault ensures your recovery to resume business operations quickly.

    Join Commvault for this demo to learn how you can recover confidential when ransomware strikes.
  • The Cloud just got Closer: Managed Cloud Storage for your Ransomware Recovery St Recorded: Nov 5 2020 49 mins
    Archana Venkataraman, Manoj Nair and Jurgen Willis
    Simplicity. Security. Scale: three powerful reasons companies are looking to adopt cloud storage to modernize data management and reduce risk. The question: how to add secure cloud backup storage with control, speed, and ease – plus predicable costs and long-term savings?

    The answer: Metallic Cloud Storage Service, built on Microsoft Azure, now available globally.

    Join IDC analyst Archana Venkataraman for a conversation with Manoj Nair, General Manager for Metallic, and Jurgen Willis, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Engineering, for a look at why and how smart CIOs are bringing cloud into their data management strategies. Learn how to overcome common concerns when adopting cloud storage for data management and discover the easy button with Metallic Cloud Storage service. See how companies can leverage the trusted ransomware readiness framework of Commvault plus the security and scale of Metallic Cloud Storage Service on Azure to be ready for data demands.

    In this session, we will discuss:

    •What are the benefits of modernizing your backup storage strategy with cloud?

    •How to optimize data protection for hybrid environments?

    •How can air gapped and immutable cloud storage mitigate ransomware risk?

    •What steps can drastically reduce TCO over on-premises data protection, while controlling cloud costs?

    •How to get a fast and easy onramp to cloud, with no changes to your current procurement and operational models?

    PLUS - get a first look at Metallic Cloud Storage Service in action.
  • Unified Solution versus Point Products: What’s critical to your decision-making? Recorded: Nov 4 2020 43 mins
    Keith Townsend, Ranga Rajagopalan, and Stephen Foskett
    It’s a perennial problem: Do companies seek the best solution for each aspect of their infrastructure or do they try to find a unified solution that works for everything? As IT organizations rethink their infrastructure strategy to include hybrid cloud, this concern has become more prominent. Point solutions might work better, but they can cause operational issues and are often more expensive, while unified solutions might not work well in one area or another.

    When it comes to selecting a data protection solution, today’s IT organizations must consider whether a point product or unified solution is best:

    What core capabilities do you need?
    Is it better to find a best-of-breed solution for each environment? And what defines a best-in-class solution, especially now that the data center is no longer the data center? How would we even define “best?” Is it cost, complexity, integration, scale, support?
    What about deployment? Do you sacrifice some capability to get it all up quickly?
    Would a unified solution make it easier to manage now that data is distributed across multiple locations?
    With all these questions, customers may look to analyses such as Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report. This comparative analysis scores competing products and services against a set of critical differentiators. But how can you determine the right solution for your environment?

    In this webinar, we’ll dig into the analysis and discuss how certain solutions may affect your organization, including:

    Capability gaps identified with certain solutions
    Whether end-users should choose best-in-class products in each individual area or look for an overall best-of-breed product
    The practical challenges of dealing with multiple vendors rather than one
  • Data security that won't sink like a Brik Recorded: Nov 3 2020 52 mins
    Matthew Tyrer, Kevin Zawodzinski , and Rajiv Kottomtharayil from Commvault
    Making sure that your organization’s data is protected and secured is a critical task for IT professionals everywhere. Given the increase in external threats like ransomware and other malware, as well as internal vectors such as data breaches, leaks and data spillage, that task is not getting easier. Many vendors talk about keeping your data safe and tossing words around like “immutability,” but what does it really mean? How are they protecting your data from harm?

    Join us as we explore different data security and protection methodologies, and compare how Commvault really tackles these challenges versus Rubrik’s more limited approach.

    The scrutiny on data privacy and how you keep your data secure has never been greater. Make an informed decision when selecting your data protection partner and join our discussion.
  • Protecting your data in a distributed, Hybrid Cloud world Recorded: Oct 20 2020 52 mins
    Bill Byron Concevitch, Randy De Meno, Saurabh Sensharma and Maxime Lotte
    Today data lives everywhere – in the data center, in the cloud and on the edge. It’s critical to make sure your data is protected and recoverable, regardless of where it lives. Join us as data experts share how to design data protection that ensures you achieve the data portability and recoverability you need – while also enabling you to gain valuable insight from all of your data.
  • Software-defined storage that stands out. See how Commvault SDS stacks up Recorded: Oct 13 2020 60 mins
    Enrico Signoretti, GigaOm Analyst and Don Foster, VP of Storage Solutions at Commvault
    The storage industry is migrating from proprietary systems to software-defined storage (SDS) that uses commodity x86 servers. SDS provides more flexibility and allows enterprises to purchase hardware and software separately, which enables customers to implement new technology faster.

    The GigaOm Radar Report helps customers assess competing SDS solutions. In this webinar, the author of the “GigaOm Radar for Software-Defined Storage” will walk through why Commvault was recognized as both a ‘Leader’ and ‘Outperformer’ in the latest Radar Report based on Commvault’s:

    Scalable and modern architecture across on-premises and cloud environments
    Ease of use across interfaces
  • 5 big ideas for cloud data protection in the 'new normal' Recorded: Oct 7 2020 46 mins
    Phoebe Goh from NetApp, Penny Gralewski from Commvault and Moderator, Nigel Tozer from Commvault
    The new normal has prompted a sprint to the public cloud, but some organizations have stumbled along the way. Remote work security challenges, ransomware threats and performance issues have you looking for new ideas to make your cloud initiatives more efficient and effective. Explore new ideas and simple solutions with Commvault and NetApp.

    Learn the answers to today’s cloud data protection questions:

    Where to find cost savings in cloud projects?
    When to make the move to cloud disaster recovery as part of your BCDR plan?
    Why is backup critical for legacy application migration to cloud?
    What steps to take to best manage performance and availability of cloud data?
    How to plan data protection for on-premises databases and cloud-native databases?
  • The Lack of Cohesity: A Product Comparison Recorded: Oct 6 2020 25 mins
    Rajiv Kottomtharayil, CPO at Commvault and Jennifer Gill, VP Product and Solutions Marketing at Commvault
    Many organizations are attracted to an all-in-one appliance to meet their backup and recovery needs. However, some of these appliances really abuse the term “all-in-one”. For example, Cohesity requires many additional products to protect even the most common workloads.

    Join Rajiv Kottomtharayil, Chief Product Officer at Commvault, to learn of the complexities of Cohesity. Rajiv will also discuss how Commvault tackles the same use cases and workloads to give you a robust comparison so you can make the most informed decision when selecting a strategy to protect your business’ most valuable asset – your data!!

    Rajiv will be joined by Jennifer Gill, VP, Product and Solutions Marketing for a lively conversation. We will also be taking live questions. We hope to see you there!
  • Container Protection Recorded: Sep 30 2020 51 mins
    Robert Fine
    With the accelerating adoption of application containerization, learn how Commvault helps protect Kubernetes and containers. Join us on this webinar to know more about Commvault architecture and protection capabilities Kubernates Containers, which includes a live demo using our intuitive Command Centre interface.
    Presenting you with a comprehensive, scalable, and directly integrated solution, so you can get the most out of your Microsoft, AWS & Google cloud investment.

    Before you renew, you need to take a serious look at if your current backup solution is able to handle your needs today, tomorrow, and into the future.

    This webinar will cover key aspects of protecting your Container environment as well as your current traditional on-premise or cloud environment.
  • How to build the perfect hybrid cloud: Optimizing & transforming data management Recorded: Sep 30 2020 55 mins
    Phil Sailer, Bill Byron Concevitch, Randy De Meno, and Saurabh Sensharma
    Architecting the perfect hybrid cloud starts with selecting the right building blocks that deliver best-in-class flexibility, scalability and data portability– while protecting your data wherever it lives. In this session with a panel of experts, you’ll gain insight into how to build the perfect hybrid cloud and how intelligent data protection enables workloads across hybrid cloud, edge and ROBO. Learn how to gain complete data portability and visibility across all hybrid cloud options, while making sure your data is protected against ransomware and other threats.
  • Risk isn't sexy Recorded: Sep 29 2020 54 mins
    Bill Mew of Crisis Team, Dez Blanchfield of Sociaall and Nigel Tozer of Commvault
    Data risk is a new reality in boardrooms across the globe. In addressing it, leadership teams need to differentiate between the temporary changes and the permanent ones. Social distancing and the current level of working from home may be temporary, but the new normal may well involve more working from home than before. On top of this, they need to learn two big lessons – the need for greater flexibility and risk awareness.

    Join data ethics expert, Bill Mew, data scientist Dez Blanchfield and Commvault’s own Nigel Tozer as they discuss what actions organizations of all sizes can take to be prepared to mitigate the risks that changes present to business continuity & the key role that modern data protection plays.
  • Public Cloud protection – AWS and MS-Azure Recorded: Sep 23 2020 51 mins
    Modeen Malick
    With the current new generation of hybrid cloud architectures being deployed, new traits such as: ease of operation, flexibility in licensing, and protection of not just traditional but also new workloads from new threats become basic essential elements. The Commvault platform, once again, is leading the charge for providing customer value for the hybrid architectures. Join us to learn more.
  • Ransomware: Staying ahead of the global threat Recorded: Sep 22 2020 61 mins
    Jeff Lanza, retired FBI agent, Henry Axelrod, Partner Solutions Architect of AWS, and Phil Wandrei, Solutions Marketing of Co
    Ransomware is a pervasive threat to your business continuity. What can you do to protect your business better and ensure that you are ready to recover at a moment’s notice?

    Join us for this enlightening session with Jeff Lanza, retired FBI Agent, and a cyber-security and identity theft expert. Jeff has presented to thousands around the globe, appears regularly on national television programs and has lectured at Princeton and Harvard universities. Jeff will share his insights into how you can proactively protect your data and the technology you need to make that happen.

    We will specifically discuss the importance of ransomware protection in the Cloud and the powerful combination that Commvault provides with AWS to keep you and your business safe. We know you will find this session informative, entertaining and filled with practical solutions.
  • Microsoft Protection Recorded: Sep 16 2020 39 mins
    Etienne Niken
    Microsoft Office Products Group trusts Commvault to protect their production data, so shouldn't you? Learn how Commvault delivers results and covers the entire Microsoft landscape of platforms and solutions.
  • Building Out Stateful Applications with Kubernetes Recorded: Sep 9 2020 52 mins
    Don Foster, VP of Storage Solutions at Commvault and Drew Conry-Murray, Content Director at Packet Pushers Interactive, LLC
    Many organizations struggle with application modernization. Yet, in an age of pandemic-induced lockdowns, modern applications that can easily scale across dynamic architectures are more needed than ever.

    Increasingly, organizations are turning to Kubernetes to build out these modern, resilient, and scalable applications. This represents a major shift in IT.

    It wasn’t too long ago that the concepts of “stateful” and containers were seemingly mutually exclusive. The technology around containers and storage has rapidly matured. But challenges still abound for organizations looking to modernize.

    While modern applications require stateful storage, often organizations looking to leverage disparate or legacy storage infrastructure are left with gaps in their capabilities. This often requires embracing a manual process to provisioning and maintaining storage, running against many of the benefits organizations are looking to embrace with application modernization.

    Often conversations around Kubernetes focus on developers. But it isn’t simply enough to just count on storage to be there.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

    Why Kubernetes adds complications to traditional enterprise storage
    What capabilities and data services are needed for modern stateful applications
    How organizations can embrace automation to make storage resources as scalable as the application it supports
  • Commvault Activate Recorded: Sep 9 2020 33 mins
    Etienne Niken
    Commvault Activate delivers content visibility and risk and value insights. You can index live systems, including employee computers, as well as leverage your Commvault backups to create a centralized intelligence hub that powers pan-silo governance. Out-of-the-box applications for sensitive data governance, file storage optimization and search and investigations allow you to not only visualize your information landscape, they allow you take action to remediate risks, adjust data policy and access controls, as well as curate and serve it up for use with third-party tools. Build your own custom apps or tailored dashboards for business stakeholders, continuously assess and refine your information risk profile, and activate your data so you can make information-driven decisions.
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