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Endpoint Protection - Protection across a dramatic increase in remote workers

Endpoint Backup has often been assumed too complicated to implement & manage. Organisations have therefore decide not to protect laptop data and expect users to use shared storage only. This no longer meets the demands of the modern day, remote, workforce and puts organisational data at risk! Add to that now the worldwide directive with almost all users working from home, this puts organisations without Endpoint protection at an even higher risk. This webinar is designed to show how simple protecting Endpoint devices can be and highlights the added advantages such as Self Service Restore, Sharing, Encryption, DLP, Remote Wipe and more.
Recorded Apr 23 2020 51 mins
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Presented by
Scott Robertson - Sales Engineer
Presentation preview: Endpoint Protection - Protection across a dramatic increase in remote workers

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  • Why the time is now for software defined storage? Recorded: Mar 3 2021 36 mins
    Eddy Nseir - Senior Sales Engineer
    Hedvig from Commvault is a software defined storage (SDS) solution that allows enterprises to build a geo-distributed storage platform using commodity servers and/or cloud instances just like AWS, Google, and Facebook. This elastic storage fabric supports different workloads and provides advanced data services while converging block, file, and object storage in a single software platform to reduce data fragmentation and costs.
  • Is your data management future ready? Recorded: Mar 2 2021 44 mins
    David Ngo, Randy DeMeno, Saurabh Sensharma and Kati Lehmuskoski
    How is your organization handling the challenge of accelerated cloud adoption given the events of 2020? Were you forced to modernize IT operations to keep pace with the move to remote workers and the need for agility? Did you modernize data management, data storage and data protection the right way with regard for how it needs to perform to meet your future needs?

    Tune in to this virtual event moderated by Stephen Foskett, Organizer of Tech Field Day, as we talk with a panel of experts who will discuss the future of data management and where it needs to head based on the new normal.

    Topics to be discussed include:

    Why SaaS data protection should be part of the conversation
    Why supporting workloads on-prem and across clouds with a single pane of glass is the new imperative
    How to achieve workload portability that is essential
    How to select the right partners to help accelerate your data management and data protection modernization
  • Ransomware Recorded: Feb 17 2021 46 mins
    Etienne Niken
    Common countermeasures to ransomware include antivirus, antimalware, and firewall blockers. These are certainly necessary, but they’re not enough to keep you safe. In fact, the majority of victims already had these solutions in place. That means your ransomware strategy should reduce attack risks while also seeking to mitigate the impact of an attack that succeeds anyway. It’s all too likely that one will — so you need to be ready. Join us on this webinar to learn how can Commvault help you defend against
  • Cloud with Microsoft  Recorded: Feb 10 2021 58 mins
    Scott Robertson
    Is your Backup Multi-Cloud ready?Data management in public cloud can be both complicated and expensive without the right tools. Understand all the pitfalls and gaps in the native tools and the benefits Commvault deliver to our customers with over a million TB in public cloud.
  • Container Protection Recorded: Feb 3 2021 39 mins
    Robert Fine
    With the accelerating adoption of application containerization, learn how Commvault helps protect Kubernetes and containers. Join us on this webinar to know more about Commvault architecture and protection capabilities Kubernates Containers, which includes a live demo using our intuitive Command Centre interface. Presenting you with a comprehensive, scalable, and directly integrated solution, so you can get the most out of your Microsoft, AWS & Google cloud investment. Before you renew, you need to take a serious look at if your current backup solution is able to handle your needs today, tomorrow, and into the future. This webinar will cover key aspects of protecting your Container environment as well as your current traditional on-premise or cloud environment.
  • HyperScale X with HPE Recorded: Jan 27 2021 48 mins
    Etienne Niken
    Commvault HyperScale X Software and HPE servers are an intuitive and easy to deploy integrated data-protection solution with a distributed scale-out file system that provides unmatched scalability, security, and resilience. Its flexible architecture allows you to get up and running quickly and grow as your needs demand. Commvault Validated Reference Designs provides customers with Cloud-like agility, resiliency and availability and can also accelerate hybrid cloud adoption when needed
  • 3 top IT trends that will shape 2021 Recorded: Jan 26 2021 41 mins
    Don Foster, Chris Williams, Jennifer (JJ) Minella and Stephen Foskett
    A global health crisis. A rise in cyberattacks. The realities of remote work. 2020 was marked by unexpected, world-changing events that left enterprise customers in unchartered territory.

    From embracing the benefits of SaaS and moving more workloads to the cloud, to shoring up security for a distributed workforce, to the effects of AI on companies’ processes, organizations were forced to rapidly adapt in response to a tumultuous year. Weathered but wiser, it is imperative that IT teams and business leaders partner to rethink old operating models and leverage technology to respond more quickly to shifting priorities in 2021.

    Topics covered include trends in:

    Data governance, ransomware, and the impact of top security threats
    Kubernetes and (barriers to) container adoption in the enterprise
    Which enterprise services are next to become SaaS-ified
    Moderated by Stephen Foskett, Organizer of Tech Field Day, this panel will examine the past year’s trends and discuss how to future-proof your organization.
  • O365 with Microsoft Recorded: Jan 20 2021 39 mins
    Modeen Malick
    Is your Office 365 data ready? Email and collaboration is the most mature business process, and it is the most adopted software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution. This makes Microsoft Office 365 (O365) the centre of business productivity, and ensuring data protection of O365 is imperative for security, compliance, and business continuity. A lack of O365 backup plan is a risky data strategy. Join us on this webinar to learn more.
  • Ransomware recovery best practices – importance of immutable backups Recorded: Jan 19 2021 43 mins
    Phil Wandrei, Daniel Trivett and Dave Cunningham
    IT departments are tasked with protecting and managing data, and now must factor in supporting and securing a remote workforce. Sadly, ransomware attacks continue to increase, making comprehensive data protection even more critical.

    Join this virtual event to learn best practices to give you the confidence your IT environment and your sensitive data is protected – and can be recovered quickly in the event of a malicious attack.

    We will discuss:

    • Understanding the nature, impact and direction of ransomware attacks

    • Five steps to ransomware recovery; planning, prevention, monitoring, fast restores and testing

    • Importance of WORM (write once, read many) and immutable backups

    Attend this webinar to learn valuable tips and participate in our live Q&A session.
  • Service Provider  Recorded: Jan 13 2021 33 mins
    Scott Robertson
    Enhancing your XaaS portfolio with Commvault: Discover how Commvault can enable you to deliver Backup, Disaster Recovery, Archive as a Service (BaaS, DRaaS, AaaS) with Simplified multi tenancy, Data Privacy, Multi Domain management and more.
  • Is your disaster recovery plan complete? What data is missing? Recorded: Jan 12 2021 60 mins
    Rajiv Kottomtharayil, Commvault; Rahul Pawar, Commvault; Matthew Tyrer, Commvault
    Disaster recovery and IT resilience are hot topics these days. With the constant threat of ransomware, and the general spread of data across a more diverse mix of on-premises and cloud locations making a solid disaster recovery plan for your data is not an easy task. When examining different solutions, you need to be sure they can meet the needs of your business and can deliver on the recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) required. Not all workloads need to be treated the same, and not all solutions can cover all your applications and data sources. So what are you missing?

    Join us as we examine different approaches to disaster recovery, the various needs for modern workloads, and some key features that will help make your disaster recovery plans successful.

    We’ll learn how and where automation can assist and discuss options for flexibility to help you tailor your plans to best fit the needs of your different workloads and data types. Of course, it wouldn’t be a webinar without a demo and we won’t disappoint! Tune in for a demo of the latest functionality from Commvault Disaster Recovery that can make your DR plans into reality.

    Modern problems, require modern solutions – and with Commvault Disaster Recovery you’ll be ready for anything.
  • Accelerate hybrid cloud adoption with Commvault HyperScale X Recorded: Jan 6 2021 30 mins
    Pavan Bedadala and Greg Bennett
    Commvault HyperScale™ X is a scale-out integrated solution available as an appliance or a validated reference design that accelerates hybrid cloud adoption across all workloads, including containers, virtual and databases. HyperScale X includes a new scale-out file system that provides enhanced resiliency, cost-optimized scalability, and improved performance for a solution that is easy to deploy and fully integrated with Commvault’s intelligent data management platform.

    This webinar includes a product demo of Commvault HyperScale™ X, highlighting how easy it is to install and configure a three node cluster.
  • Optimizing cloud data management with Commvault integrations for AWS Recorded: Jan 5 2021 26 mins
    Jason Giza, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager at Commvault
    In this session we’ll highlight how native integration into Amazon Web Services (AWS), support for modern workloads, and powerful automation combine to make Commvault an ideal modern data management platform. 

    We’ll demonstrate the following Commvault features that simplify and accelerate cloud data protection, enhance security, and reduce monthly cloud costs:

    Auto-scaling and automatic power management of infrastructure nodes
    Cloud storage optimization features like deduplication and auto-tiering of data
    EBS DirectRead (Changed Block Tracking) capabilities to shrink backup windows
    STS AssumeRole integration for enhanced IAM point-in-time credentials
    We’ll also give a glimpse of the native protection options Commvault provides for container workloads in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

    Join us to learn how Commvault optimizes your AWS data management, ensures protection of your modern workloads, and enables you to be truly cloud ready.

    We’ll also hold a Q & A session after the presentation to answer any questions you might have about these AWS demonstrations or our data management platform.
  • How to Provide Backup and Recovery for Cloud Databases (DBaaS) Recorded: Dec 10 2020 26 mins
    Shreyas Agnihotri Sr. Product Manager Commvault
    Cloud databases need backup and recovery. Surprised? If you’re running a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) environment, you still need data protection. Join this Tech Talk to learn the compelling reasons why backup and recovery is critical in your DBaaS environment.

    Supporting Cosmos DB on Azure or Amazon Redshift on AWS? Maybe PostgreSQL on Google Cloud Platform or MySQL on Oracle Cloud? All of these or more than these, there is a simple data protection solution for your cloud apps and databases.

    Learn from a technical leader how to easily integrate data protection for these critical cloud apps and databases.

    You will learn

    - How to plan for rapid change in your cloud environment

    - Where you can save costs in cloud spend

    - How to cover long term retention needs for cloud-based data

    - What you can do to reduce complexity in managing cloud data

    - How to provide compliance for cloud applications and databases
  • How data insights and analytics support global data governance Recorded: Dec 9 2020 39 mins
    Matt Tyrer
    With data in the cloud and spread globally, security and compliance are big concerns. Will IT be able to locate and identify critical workloads and data? Can they secure sensitive data? How will the corporate policies be adequately enforced with more and more data outside the datacenter? What about the impact of the expanded remote workforce?

    This is where Commvault Data Governance enables you to not only identify sensitive data, but to easily secure it or delete it as needed. Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning, information about files, email, databases, and their contents are centralized in an intelligent index. This provides a consistent view of your data across your organization – regardless of where that data may reside. Through these analytics you can quickly find sensitive data residing in both your live environment and within your Commvault backup or archive copies. While many key data types related to HIPAA, FERPA, PCI, are common, you may have company-specific requirements.

    Join us for a short demo showing you how to leverage these actionable insights to enhance your data management capabilities and drive governance initiatives within your organization. Some things you’ll see include:

    An overview of the analytics dashboards within Commvault Command Center
    How to review and define data entities for proactive search
    How to remediate any sensitive data issues uncovered in the environment.
    Be ready to know more about your data, with Commvault data analytics and actionable insights.
  • Managing & Protecting Data in the 5G Reality: Where Edge, IoT, Cloud Converge Recorded: Dec 8 2020 46 mins
    Bill Byron Concevitch, Fran Dougherty, and Randy De Meno
    Where will 5G take data? How can Azure Edge zones help to transform your business by leveraging the potential of 5G? This is your opportunity to learn about this and more as we continue our series, Sound Advice for the Cloud Journey.

    Using Azure for Operators as a case study in meeting the needs of the telecommunications industry, we’ll help your knowledge remain ahead of the curve of developing technologies. For telecommunications industry IT professionals, this is an opportunity to hear from experts on Azure for Operators and how Commvault is ready to protect data and endpoints within this new Azure initiative.

    In additional to a first-hand look at Azure for Operators, you’ll also gain valuable insight into:

    The Azure Edge Platform and Azure IoT
    Commvault Complete Data Protection support for Azure for Operators
    How Metallic, the enterprise SaaS data protection solution, supports the Telco industry
    Azure’s leadership in the 5G Open Innovation Lab
    Microsoft's viewpoint on 5G and endpoint protection
  • Simple Data Protection: How many UIs do you need to protect your data and modern Recorded: Dec 3 2020 43 mins
    Matt Tyrer, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing at Commvault and Rajiv Kottomtharayil, Chief Product Officer at Commvault
    It seems like every time you need to protect a new application or data workload; you need to add another tool or interface to the party. So much for a “complete solution”…

    Rather than making IT easier, the approach of many vendors to “buy vs build” new functionality into their portfolios only makes life harder for the customer. These solutions rarely integrate well together, often require their own duplicate silos of infrastructure or at the very least add yet another interface for you to “explore” your data.

    Join us as we explore how to not only protect data across on-premises and multi-cloud environments, but also provide analytics, security, and ransomware protection all from a single, powerful UI – the Commvault Command Center. Many others in the marketplace, even the newer players are still just adding to the problem of data (and interface) fragmentation rather than solving it. Don’t get stuck running separate consoles when you were promised a “single-pane-of-glass”. Be ready for a truly unified approach to data management with Commvault.

    Of course, there’ll be a demo to prove it so tune in!
  • NetApp Insight 2020 in review Recorded: Dec 2 2020 44 mins
    Sarbjit Singh, Chris Gondek and Nigel Tozer
    2020 has been quite an unpredictable year. For this reason, NetApp Insight was always going to be an interesting event, especially with NetApp announcing themselves as the cloud storage specialist’ in the run-up to the show. In this live webinar, we’ll be taking a look at what went down at Insight 2020 – the announcements, the chatter and what the virtually-visiting delegates were buzzing about.

    Our own Nigel Tozer will put Commvault’s Sarbjit Singh and NetApp evangelist Chris Gondek in the hot seat to get the lowdown on the show.

    We’ll be packing the webinar with data-driven content. You’ll find it interesting whether you made it to the show, or like many others, were just too busy and missed out on Insight 2020. If you missed it, we feel for you. That’s why we’re bringing the conversation to your screen on November 11th.

    Join us for the discussion to hear:

    Expert views on the keynotes and announcements
    The panel’s personal highlights from Insight
    Hot topics you were telling us about in the virtual booths
    Our favorite round-table wisdom from the breakouts
    Key takeaway messages from the event
  • How to Manage Cloud Data at Scale: A Commvault Tech Demo Recorded: Dec 1 2020 25 mins
    Penny Gralewski and Ryan O'Connor
    Complex and high-volume cloud environments need data protection that scales. Meet business demands for data and security with a modern, proactive cloud data management platform. Take the burden off of IT with automation and orchestration, while still maintaining granularity and control.

    See a tech demo that answers your cloud data management questions:

    How to manage public cloud data, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud Platform workloads?
    Where to find time and cost savings in cloud deployments?
    When can a single view of cloud data improve availability and compliance?
    What steps are involved in scaling from backup and archive to managing virtual machines?
    How to create cloud data management reports for compliance and recovery readiness?
  • Simple and Reliable Ransomware Recovery Recorded: Nov 24 2020 30 mins
    Phil Wandrei, Solutions Marketing Manager at Commvault and David Cunningham, Product Manager at Commvault
    With the shift of employees working remotely, it has increased the number of vulnerabilities for ransomware to exploit. Ransomware has exploded; in second quarter this year it more than tripled compared to the previous quarter1. Can you confidently recovery from a ransomware attack? Now you can and we will show you how.

    Attend this short demo to see how can manage and protect your data in the face of ransomware:

    • Built-in security features to prevent and react to suspicious activity

    • Store secondary copies in the cloud with the security of data isolation and air-gapping

    • Monitor your environment for potential security vulnerabilities and take corrective action

    Also, you will learn about the Commvault and Metallic offer “The power of and”. With just a few clicks you can create an air-gapped data copy in the cloud. Metallic delivers the cloud storage services while Commvault ensures your recovery to resume business operations quickly.

    Join Commvault for this demo to learn how you can recover confidential when ransomware strikes.
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