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Transitioning to the cloud for financial services - key considerations

Implementing a cloud transformation strategy in a bank or financial institution is a very complex and difficult process, with little publicly available information on the reality of the challenges and risks experienced.

In this Q&A style discussion we uncover for you the key considerations you need to be aware of when planning your cloud transformation strategy. Focusing on real life examples and lessons learnt from helping major banks deliver a successful transition to cloud.
Recorded Feb 14 2019 31 mins
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Presented by
James Alexander, EMEA Business Director, Rackspace, Dave Hill, Director, Rackspace
Presentation preview: Transitioning to the cloud for financial services - key considerations

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  • AWS WEBINAR: Design & Migration von Daten und Datenbanken zu AWS Nov 8 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Maik Ellerbrock (Solutions Architect at Rackspace)
    Erwägen Sie, Ihre Daten und Datenbanken in die AWS Cloud zu verschieben, um Ihre Abläufe zu verbessern? Benötigen Sie Beratung bei der Konzeption und Planung einer reibungslosen und nahtlosen Migration?

    Registrieren Sie sich für den 8. November 2019 und erfahren Sie, wie der Wechsel von einem herstellergebundenen Datenbankanbieter zu Open Source auf AWS mit Rackspace zur Erhöhung der Zuverlässigkeit, Leistungssteigerung und gleichzeitigen Bereitstellung von Backup- und DR-Vorteilen beitragen kann. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie die Lizenzierung für Oracle und MS SQL optimieren können und damit Kosten reduzieren. Unser Webinar wird vom Rackspace Solution Architect Maik Ellerbrock durchgeführt– er ist auf AWS spezialisiert:

    •Auswahl der richtigen Datenbankdienste auf AWS
    •Optimierung der Lizenzierung für Oracle- und MS SQL-Datenbanken
    •Vorteile und Ansätze für die Migration auf Open Source und Managed Services
    •Architektur für Backup und DR in hochverfügbaren Lösungen

    Buchen Sie Ihren kostenlosen Webinar-Platz und lernen Sie, wie Sie das Beste aus Ihrer Cloud-Migration herausholen.

    Rackspace ist ein von AWS geprüfter Managed Service Partner mit mehr als 1.000 Zertifizierungen und außerdem ein AWS Premier Consulting Partner.
  • Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS Recorded: Oct 16 2019 52 mins
    Lee James (CTO of Rackspace) & Tim Hearn (Director of VMC on AWS from VMware )
    VMware Cloud™ on AWS enables you to run your applications across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Rackspace Managed VMware Cloud on AWS leverages our strong partnerships and deep expertise across VMware and AWS to help customers simplify, accelerate and optimize VMC on AWS.

    Join Rackspace CTO Lee James and VMware Leader Tim Hearn to find out how to make the most of what the next-generation cloud has to offer, while maximizing your existing VMware and AWS investments.

    This session will cover:

    •Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS Services
    •Easy workload portability and hybrid capabilities from anywhere in the world
    •A migration path to the cloud that doesn’t require costly and time consuming changes
    •Expert guidance and services across both VMware and AWS platforms
    •What does this mean for our customers today?
  • Change your mindset to succeed at cloud adoption in the financial services indus Recorded: Oct 15 2019 33 mins
    Tim Bull (Solutions Director at Rackspace), Rhys Sharp (Solutions Director at Racksp) and John Pillar (CTO at NatWest Ventu)
    The financial services industry is being disrupted by many factors, such as the emergence of fintech organisations and changing customer demands.

    These disruptions are driving a need for organisational change, greater flexibility and agility. But many businesses increasingly juggle cloud adoption and legacy infrastructure, forcing them to rethink.

    Rackspace recently worked with FStech on a campaign about this subject, including the webinar you can watch on this page. FStech editor Peter Walker is joined by Rackspace Solutions Directors Tim Bull and Rhys Sharp, and NatWest Ventures CTO John Pillar. Their engaging and lively discussion covers:

    •How cloud requires a change of mindset in everything from leveraging legacy systems to architecting solutions

    •The need for flexibility and agility, to allow high-cadence decision making and ongoing optimisation

    •Ways to approach security, processes, regulations and compliance in a world where technology moves at a rapid pace

    •Prioritising rapid prototyping, iteration, and customer dialogue, to add value, drive pace, and build loyalty and customer retention
  • Set yourself up for success with your Azure cloud migration strategy Recorded: Sep 30 2019 42 mins
    James Thompson, Azure Lead Solutions Architect
    Migrating to the cloud requires careful planning and execution. It’s vital to take a step back, look at the big picture, and ask the right questions. Rushing ahead can result in added expense – and an inability to realise benefits you’d have got from planning in a more measured manner.

    In this webinar, Rackspace Azure Lead SA James Thompson will examine the four phases of a migration to Azure – plan/assess/design/migrate – and the level of thinking that needs to go into each one. In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn about:

    •Available options when looking to migrate from an on-premises environment to Azure

    •Strategic planning and assessment, to understand the requirements, complexity and responsibilities within a migration

    •What’s involved during design and migration, and how to realise these phases in the best possible way

    A well thought-out strategy leads to success – and this webinar will outline exactly what a successful cloud migration strategy looks like. In short, you’ll find out how to formulate a plan of action, and execute it from start to finish.
  • RACKSPACE & AWS DACH: AWS Well Architected Review Recorded: Sep 26 2019 56 mins
    Maik Ellerbrock
    Ihr Unternehmen lebt in der AWS Public Cloud und Sie möchten das Beste aus all den möglichen Funktionen machen. Wäre es nicht erstaunlich, Kosten, Architektur und Leistung zu optimieren und dabei volles Vertrauen in Ihre Infrastrukturentscheidungen zu haben? All dies und mehr ist mit einem AWS Well Architected Review möglich.
    Wie funktioniert ein Well Architected Review?

    A Well Architected Review ist ein Best-Practice-Framework, das von AWS entwickelt wurde, um Unternehmen wie Ihrem dabei zu helfen, gute Designprinzipien anzuwenden. In diesem Webinar lernen Sie die fünf Säulen der Best Practice kennen:

    1. Operative Exzellenz
    2. Sicherheit
    3. Zuverlässigkeit
    4. Leistungseffizienz
    5. Kostenoptimierung

    Welche tieferen Details bieten Well Architected Reviews?
    Unsere AWS-zertifizierten Fachleute decken unter anderem die folgenden Bereiche ab:

    • Entwicklung klarer, umsetzungsfähiger Verbesserungsstrategien
    • Identifizierung von Risiken und thematischen Problemen in Ihren Umgebungen
    • Nutzung neuer Cloud-nativer Funktionen
    Warum Rackspace für ein Well Architected Review?
    Wir sind einer der wenigen ausgewählten Premier Consulting Partner, die für die Durchführung von Well Architected Reviews qualifiziert sind. Wir verfügen über große Erfahrung in der Gestaltung und Verbesserung von Umgebungen in AWS für Unternehmen.

    Unsere AWS-Experten haben mehr als 1.000 technische AWS-Zertifizierungen bestanden. Außerdem sind wir sind ein von AWS geprüfter Managed Service Partner und verfügen über mehrere AWS-Kompetenzen wie DevOps und Migration.

    Melden Sie sich jetzt an, und erfahren Sie, warum ein Well Architected Framework Review sinnvoll ist.
  • Is your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement modernised for AWS Recorded: Sep 26 2019 37 mins
    Sumit Sharma (AWS Solution Architect at Rackspace)
    Any migration of Microsoft workloads to the cloud will have a profound impact on your current licensing agreements and product compositions as well as affect the ways in which you procure your Microsoft technology.

    When planning a cloud migration to AWS you should ensure you consider the following key questions:

    Will this change the number of licenses required? Can I bring my own licenses (BYOL) to the cloud?
    Do I need Software Assurance? Can I rent licenses from AWS? What impact do dedicated hosts have?
    Do I have the correct agreement for AWS migration?

    The webinar will cover these key questions and also provide advice and recommendations in the following key areas:

    -How to approach a licence management strategy review.
    -How to approach architecting your Microsoft workloads in AWS cloud.
    -Learn about the promotions and incentives that are available to cover the costs of a cloud migration.

    You’ll learn all that you need to know from our extensive experience of AWS cloud migration with our Solution Architect (Sumit Sharma) We’ll help you to keep your business in tune and rocking out.

    We’re an AWS-audited Managed Service Partner with 1,000+ certifications and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner.
  • Webinar: From Mainframes to Containers, Building a Bank in Kubernetes on GCP Recorded: Sep 20 2019 51 mins
    Frank Long, Consulting Engineering Manager and Iain McInnes, GCP Engineering Lead
    Kubernetes and Containers have driven a revolution in IT, helping modernise applications throughout financial services and beyond. They enable you to deploy code in small batches, increasing development pace while improving security and compliance – all vital considerations within financial services.

    But running large, stable clusters of Containers presents its own challenges. So join Rackspace Frank Long and Iain McInnes at 10:00 GMT, September 20 as they explain:

    • How to build safe, compliant, secure systems that will change how IT is done in financial services

    • Best practices to transform and modernise existing legacy IT and processes

    • Ways in which Kubernetes can reduce risk and costs while unlocking innovation in automation, security, compliance, and more

    • The benefits and architectural recommendations for using Kubernetes on GCP

    A well-thought out strategy leads to success – and we’ll explain exactly what a Kubernetes Containers strategy looks like.
  • From outsourced to in-house: take back control with smart sourcing Recorded: Sep 18 2019 60 mins
    Helen Olsen Bedford (publisher at UKAuthority)
    Public authorities are reducing outsourcing – but success requires an agile approach that balances in-house capabilities, public and private cloud, and external expertise.

    The solution is smart sourcing, which Central & North West London NHS Trust (CNWL) and Norfolk County Council have used to adopt best of breed technology, improve services and save money. But doing so requires careful planning – and the right partners.

    Watch our panel explore how smart sourcing can deliver agile technology platforms fit for a digital future while delivering robust, efficient technology to support users today.

    Panel names :
    Owen Powell, ICT director, Central & North West London NHS Trust
    Geoff Connell, head of IMT, Norfolk County Council / Past President Socitm
    Simon Clifford, director of digital and data, The Police ICT Company
    Rhys Sharp, solution director, Rackspace
    Jack Oakley, Service Blocks Consultant

    No two cloud journeys are the same. Along the way, your needs change as you reach different stages of cloud adoption. So, you need solutions that meet you where you are.

    Whether you’re an early adopter or a novice to cloud computing, Service Blocks™ can help you choose specific services at each stage of your cloud journey. If you want to understand how you can select, combine, add or change Service Blocks™ to create your own customised cloud solution, then register now.

    Jack Oakley, Service Consultant, will cover how your business can use Service Blocks™ to:

    • implement a flexible IT strategy and keep pace as your cloud needs grow and shift over time
    • address unique requirements and build customised solutions
    • maximise value and reduce management costs by focusing on the outcomes critical to your business

    Service Blocks offer unified cloud management across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform – making it easy to manage multiple public clouds. This includes consolidated billing, unified ticketing, monitoring, alerting and consolidated user and account management. Whatever your service and support needs, our certified cloud experts provide unbiased, data-based expertise to help you to identify the best-fit public cloud infrastructure for your business.

    Look out for our upcoming follow up series:

    Platform Essentials
    Manage & Operate
    Complex Cloud Operations
    Discover & Enhance
  • Manufacturing Webinar: Six factors for a successful cloud adoption Recorded: Aug 14 2019 47 mins
    Paul Norton (Solution Director at Rackspace) and Nick Peters (Editorial Director at The Manufacturer)
    Manufacturers realise that they need to make changes. The previous methods or approaches that enabled your business to survive or grow are becoming obsolete in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, let alone tomorrow’s, and a decision to stick with them will likely inhibit future growth.

    But recognising the need for change is not the same as successfully implementing it. Many businesses have started to move towards cloud adoption, for example, but the returns are failing way short of their expectations.

    A principle reason for this is immature cloud adoption strategies, a result of businesses getting excited about the opportunities and not spending enough time on the planning / pre-implementation stage.
    This on-demand webcast addresses that challenge head-on and provides the guidance you need to ensure your business doesn’t fall at the first hurdle.

    Watch the webcast to hear Rackspace’s Paul Norton and The Manufacturer’s Editorial Director Nick Peters, clearly and simply define the six factors that contribute to a successful cloud adoption, as well as some valuable tips on sustaining momentum over the long-term.
  • Driving Trust and Customer Identity in Financial Services Recorded: Jul 17 2019 44 mins
    Mayur Upadhyaya, Senior Director - Identity Cloud (EMEA), Richard Meeus, Security Director (EMEA), Akamai Technologies
    Today’s financial services consumers are digital first, and expect seamless and secure brand interactions that provide valuable online experiences while protecting their personal data privacy and preferences.

    Organisations need to ensure customer identity and access management in order to provide trusted digital experiences for their end users.

    Join this live webinar to learn more about:
    - Customer expectations over control of their identity and identity in the digital economy
    - The identity challenge of developing efficient and effective Know Your Customer (KYC) processes
    - The impact of Open Banking, PSD2, and GDPR on Identity requirements in financial services
    - The digital challenges of an emerging identity perimeter

    Mayur Upadhyaya, Senior Director - Identity Cloud (EMEA), Akamai Technologies
    Richard Meeus, Security Technology and Strategy Director (EMEA), Akamai Technologies
  • What’s stopping your IT teams from becoming enablers of business improvements Recorded: Jun 7 2019 45 mins
    Nick Peter, Editorial Director, The Manufacturer, and, Dave Hills, Client Director
    Intensifying global competition, ever-more demanding customers and the digitalisation of manufacturing demand that businesses develop an increasingly agile and responsive organisational culture. However, this is almost impossible to achieve while shackled to ageing facilities, hardware and software – a situation many manufacturers find themselves in today. 

    If an IT team’s core focus is on resolving technical debt through constant upgrades and patches, then they aren’t driving positive change through innovation and forward-thinking strategies.
    In the past, that may not have been a business-critical issue, but in today’s ultra-competitive landscape - it could mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

    In this webinar, The Manufacturer’s Editorial Director Nick Peters, and Rackspace’s Client Director Dave Hills discuss:

    1. The key barriers stopping IT teams from innovating

    2. How to adopt an adaptive, digitally-driven culture that is more agile and open to embracing change

    3. How to foster a positive mindset and environment where it’s okay to fail and try new things

    4. The additional value and new revenue streams IT can bring to an organisation
  • How the game Fortnite is the perfect Cloud Organisational Structure Recorded: May 8 2019 24 mins
    Lee James, CTO, Rackspace
    10.8 million concurrent users play the game Fortnite every day, During this interview, Lee will explain how the Fortnite setup and model is the perfect way to structure your cloud teams moving forward.
  • Cloud Operations in the 22nd Century Recorded: May 8 2019 52 mins
    Prashanth Chandrasekar, Rackspace | Dougie Anscombe-Stephen, PA Consulting | Tim Dowdall, SignalFx | Ben Saunders, Contino
    Operations is more relevant now than ever before. IT Ops and DevOps team are beginning to design with operations in mind in their cloud adoption journeys.

    Tune into this live webinar at AWS Summit London to discuss:

    - The state of IT operations maturity in the cloud
    - What resources your team needs
    - How to effectively solve operational problems

    Moderated by: Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum
    Panelists to include:
    Prashanth Chandrasekar, Senior Vice President & GM, Rackspace
    Tim Dowdall, Director, EMEA Solutions Engineering, SignalFx
    Dougie Anscombe-Stephen, PA Consulting
    Ben Saunders, VP, EMEA, Contino
  • AWS Webinar: Why should you use Kubernetes Containers, and how to run them? Recorded: Apr 25 2019 52 mins
    Steve Drew and Sriram Rajan
    Kubernetes Containers can help modernise applications which is especially important for businesses. Using them means you can deploy code in small batches allowing your development teams to release software quickly increasing agility. But running large and stable clusters of Containers presents its own challenges.

    Join Rackspace Principal Architect, Sriram Rajan and AWS Specialist Architect, Steve Drew on 25th April at 10am as they explain:

    • How to adopt a microservices architecture using Containers
    • The benefits and architectural recommendations for using Kubernetes on AWS
    • An end to end approach to adopting Kubernetes from architecture to operations

    A well-thought out strategy leads to success and we’ll explain exactly what a Kubernetes Containers strategy looks like.

    A $100 credit voucher allowing you to test the AWS platform for a few hours will be available for all attendees that fill in our email survey. Please be aware that promo codes will be distributed only to verified company email addresses in EMEA, after completing the survey. The survey will be shared to all verified attendees following the webinar.

    We’re an AWS-audited Managed Service Partner with 1,000+ certifications and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and have all the expertise you’ll ever need.

    Be strategic by booking now.
  • AWS WEBINAR: Designing and migrating data and databases to AWS Recorded: Mar 21 2019 48 mins
    Kyle Jenner, Specialist AWS Architect
    Are you considering migrating your data and databases to the cloud to help improve your operations? Do you need advice on architecting and planning a smooth and seamless migration?

    Then sign up for our webinar on Thursday 21 March at 10am (UK), and learn how moving from proprietary database vendors to open source alternatives on AWS can help increase reliability and improve performance, while also providing backup and DR benefits. We’ll also reveal how you can optimise licensing for Oracle and MS SQL to maximise cost savings in the cloud.

    Our webinar will be hosted by Rackspace specialist AWS architect, Kyle Jenner, who will cover:

    • selecting the right database services in AWS
    • optimising licensing for Oracle and MS SQL databases
    • benefits and approaches to migrating to open source and managed services
    • architecting for backup and DR in highly available solutions

    So, complete the registration form and book your webinar place now. Join us to make the most out of your cloud migration journey. By attending, you will also be eligible to receive a credit voucher to use on the AWS platform.

    Rackspace is an AWS-audited Managed Service Partner with 1,000+ certifications and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner.
  • PSD2: Best Practices for Compliance and Risk Mitigation Recorded: Mar 12 2019 33 mins
    Richard Meeus, Security Technology and Strategy Director, Akamai Technologies
    PSD2, the revised Payment Services Directive, requires financial institutions to grant access to the account data of their customers to certified service providers. This requirement creates not only security challenges but also performance concerns, that can fundamentally affect the customer experience. In this webinar, we’ll look at PSD2, one year on and discuss ways in which payment service providers can mitigate risk, giving specific examples of how Akamai has helped its customers implement the directive.

    Join this live webinar to learn more about:

    * The impact of PSD2 on financial institutions security posture
    * How to ensure secure messaging between the service provider and the institution
    * What advanced security controls are needed to mitigate the increased risks
    * How to ensure only authenticated access requests are processed
    * Real life examples of how Akamai is helping its customers implement PSD2
  • AWS WEBINAR: Modernise your infrastructure and migrate to AWS. Recorded: Feb 26 2019 42 mins
    Chris Williams, Head of Public Cloud Strategy, and Steve Drew, AWS Solution Architect
    Do you want to drive business growth by optimising your IT infrastructure? Do you need guidance to overcome the challenges of adopting AWS and to apply best practices in the design and delivery of a secure AWS migration?

    Then sign up for our webinar on Tuesday 26 February at 10am (UK), and learn how adopting AWS helps modernise your IT infrastructure. With a specific emphasis on creating the right business model and designing the right technical foundations, our AWS-certified experts will cover:

    • key drivers for moving to the cloud

    • common challenges faced along the way

    • building a secure Landing Zone on AWS to start your modernisation journey

    So, complete the registration form and book your webinar place now. Join us to make the most out of your cloud migration journey.

    Rackspace is an AWS-audited Managed Service Partner with 1,000+ certifications and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner.
  • Transitioning to the cloud for financial services - key considerations Recorded: Feb 14 2019 31 mins
    James Alexander, EMEA Business Director, Rackspace, Dave Hill, Director, Rackspace
    Implementing a cloud transformation strategy in a bank or financial institution is a very complex and difficult process, with little publicly available information on the reality of the challenges and risks experienced.

    In this Q&A style discussion we uncover for you the key considerations you need to be aware of when planning your cloud transformation strategy. Focusing on real life examples and lessons learnt from helping major banks deliver a successful transition to cloud.
  • Cloud migration – are you ready? Recorded: Nov 22 2018 22 mins
    Chris Tallis and Iskandar Najmuddin
    The latest Forrester research states 71% cent of businesses have been in the cloud for two years or more – but that many have found things much tougher than expected.

    Whether you’ve found the reality of a cloud migration wildly different from expectations, or are about to start your own journey, you’ll want to make a success of things. Here’s the space where you’ll get some answers.

    Join Rackspace’s Senior Director of Global Solutions & Services (EMEA), Simon Crawley-Trice, and an expert panel, to learn the challenges you’ll face, how to overcome them, and how real-world companies have successfully migrated to cloud.

    Register now to learn:

    •How to set up your organisation for a successful cloud migration strategy

    •Why a software-defined business can be beneficial and help you prepare for migration

    •How innovation breeds improved customer experiences – and to ensure your business is set up to succeed in both

    •Why your position on the transformation spectrum affects the path to cloud you’ll choose
Videos and webcasts from the Rackspace EMEA team
Learn all about cloud with our webinars and videos, subscribe now. Accelerate the potential of your business using cloud to innovate and remain competitive with unbiased expertise from us. We offer your industry knowledge that spans applications, data, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud services across leading technologies, including AWS, Google, and Microsoft. In numbers this includes 2600+ certifications across AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform and RedHat; 600+ Enterprise App Certifications across Salesforce, Oracle and SAP and 20+ years of managed service experience. We are leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Provider, Worldwide. We simplify the complex for you.

Learn more at https://www.rackspace.com/en-gb

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  • Live at: Feb 14 2019 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: James Alexander, EMEA Business Director, Rackspace, Dave Hill, Director, Rackspace
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