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Enabling High-Performance IT with DevOps

As organizations create increasingly complex software applications, IT development teams evolved their software creation practices for more flexibility, moving from waterfall models to agile or lean development practices.

Today, DevOps designates a set of tools, processes, best practices and corporate management guidelines that make an IT organization more agile and more efficient. While the software tools and practices promoted by DevOps practitioners are well understood, rigid infrastructures reduce the benefits and hinders the application of agile methods.

Join Amazon Web Services Premier Partner, 2nd Watch, for a live webinar to learn more about how to get the right approach to DevOps and Containers in the cloud.

•What is DevOps?
•What are the benefits of DevOps?
•How can we measure success?
•Organizational change in the new era of technology
Recorded Sep 28 2016 52 mins
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Presented by
Lars Cromley, Sr Product Manager, 2nd Watch
Presentation preview: Enabling High-Performance IT with DevOps

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  • Understanding Data Analytics on Google Cloud Lunch & Learn Jan 28 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Rob Whelan
    Data and application modernization initiatives will transform your business. They can increase operating margins and management models and also empower your development team to drive innovation.

    Google Cloud is an ideal platform to run Data intensive applications.

    Join 2nd Watch over lunch and learn how we can help you safely migrate Data and Modernize applications to Google Cloud. During this session you will understand how to:

    * Improve business agility with data driven decisions, based upon insights from powerful cloud analytics and AI tools.

    * Develop your Data strategy and find out what it takes to evolve both in technology and culture to transform your organization to be more data-driven.

    * Use the features and capabilities of Google Cloud to scale your business.

    *Learn how to prioritize your transformation game plan by understanding the level of effort and potential performance improvements for each of your applications.
  • Lunch & Learn Huddle: Your Game Plan for Application Modernization in the Cloud Recorded: Dec 15 2020 46 mins
    Ian Willoughby, Chief Architect
    Outpace your competitors with innovative leadership, at better operating margins using Azure Application Modernization framework.

    Data and application modernization initiatives can transform both your operating margins and management models. Empowering your engineering team to drive innovation. Improve business agility with data driven decisions, based upon insights from powerful cloud analytics and AI tools.

    Learn how to prioritize your transformation game plan, by understanding the level of effort and potential performance improvements for each of your applications. Join 2nd Watch over lunch and learn how we can help you quarterback a scoring drive for your organization.
  • Application Modernization: How to Boost Your Bottom Line - Panel Discussion Recorded: Nov 12 2020 35 mins
    2nd Watch: Ken Weinreich, Director, Engineering & Joey Yore, Principal Consultant, New Relic: Federico Lara, CTO
    IT leaders today are faced with significant challenges - supporting remote workers, increased cyber security threats, implementing new technology to improve IT efficiency, and the growth and dependence on cloud computing.

    Many times, migrations to public cloud are based on the infrastructure currently running in an organization's data center and do not take advantage of the enhanced features in the cloud. The sooner you start thinking about Optimization and Application Modernization, ideally prior to a migration, the more efficiently your environment will run and the more cloud waste can be eliminated, resulting in lower costs and improved performance.

    How is this accomplished? Unfortunately, there is no “easy button” to evolving your cloud environment. It begins with a shift in thinking. Traditional cloud savings methods are still very important, and if you take those same concepts and apply them up the stack, you can achieve more efficiencies and position yourself well for the future.

    Join 2nd Watch and New Relic for a fun, interactive, in-depth discussion around the methodologies used to obtain true Application Modernization and Optimization across all aspects of your Cloud Environment.
  • How Business & IT Should Think About Cloud Migration Recorded: Oct 28 2020 30 mins
    Ian Willoughby, Chief Architect - 2nd Watch
    A successful digital transformation means alignment between business and IT. We see a lack of support between business units when there is a perceived opposition of the other’s goals.

    Greater alignment means achieving speed, security, operational efficiency, cost controls and governance while providing greater value to the business and end customers.

    Common goals among business and IT units is a critical component for success during a digital transformation. Come explore with us the most effective way to get there.
  • Migration Without Hesitation: Your Cost-Effective Cloud Migration Tool Recorded: Aug 13 2020 32 mins
    Ian Willoughby, 2nd Watch Chief Architect & David Pulaski, CloudChomp CEO
    Unlock your path to AWS with a risk-free migration cost analysis.

    Whether you need a business case, a TCO, or to understand your risk of migrating to the cloud, data is key to ensuring a successful, cost-efficient cloud migration. The first step in your migration process is learning how to collect and use the right data.

    Join 2nd Watch, an original AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and CloudChomp, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, to learn how a financial analysis tool can automate the capture, consolidation and analysis of infrastructure utilization to accelerate your path in migrating to AWS and help you plan for re-hosting, re-platforming and re-architecting on premises assets to run on AWS.
  • Keep Me Honest: The Ins and Outs of Compliance Standards Recorded: Jul 29 2020 60 mins
    Victoria Geronimo, Security & Compliance Product Manager, Stefana Muller, Sr. Product Manager
    The first step in choosing a security assessor for your cloud environment is deciding what standard you need to evaluate against.

    Many clients tell us their last assessor certified their environment as “officially HIPAA compliant” or something similar. But this represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what basic security and privacy laws even mean – no private organization can certify any environment as “HIPAA compliant!”

    This webinar will help guide security, privacy, and compliance stakeholders to some fundamentals about the different cloud compliance standards, laws, and regulations. Additionally, we’ll cover some of the most common compliance myths we see when working with clients. Lastly, we’ll map compliance standards to different industry verticals. Discover how ”compliance” (or at least an OK from the regulators) is achieved and the red flags to look out for when selecting your next security assessor.
  • A Guide to Worry-Free Business Continuity Recorded: Jul 14 2020 51 mins
    Tom Warnock, 2nd Watch Sr. Cloud Consultant & Justin Dimatteo, CloudEndure
    Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Whether caused by a data center failure, server corruption, human error, or cyber-attack, there will be incidents that disrupt business as usual.

    Join 2nd Watch and CloudEndure, an AWS company, to learn how to overcome the challenges of developing a robust business continuity strategy. We’ll share our proven methodology for ensuring your organization is getting optimal value from your business continuity solution while allowing fast, easy and cost-effective recovery in the AWS cloud.

    We’ll show you how CloudEndure Disaster Recovery minimizes downtime and data loss by providing fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers into AWS. We’ll also share how Malibu Boats used CloudEndure DR to spin up their backend applications in minutes, avoiding production delays and financial losses, when their primary data center suffered a server outage.
  • Innovate Faster with Windows on AWS Recorded: May 26 2020 46 mins
    Hemant Javeri, Solutions Architect, 2nd Watch & Jesse Berg, AWS
    Join 2nd Watch and AWS to learn about the benefits of migrating your Windows workloads to AWS.

    During the webinar, you will learn why AWS makes your Windows applications faster, more reliable and more secure. This includes a discussion about how to bring your own license (BYOL), architect, deploy, and manage your Windows platforms on AWS.

    In addition, we’ll cover ways to lower your organizations TCO, increase ROI and decrease technical debt. Demonstrating use cases on how to innovate faster with Windows Workload in AWS and advanced AWS Services and how to extend your data center with cloud first and hybrid cloud strategy in AWS.

    Attend the webinar live and receive , we're offering a a $15 Uber Eats gift card.
  • Innovate Faster with Windows on AWS Recorded: May 6 2020 39 mins
    Hemant Javeri, Solutions Architect, 2nd Watch & Jesse Berg, AWS
    Join 2nd Watch and AWS to learn about the benefits of migrating your Windows workloads to AWS.

    During the webinar, you will learn why AWS makes your Windows applications faster, more reliable and more secure. This includes a discussion about how to bring your own license (BYOL), architect, deploy, and manage your Windows platforms on AWS.

    In addition, we’ll cover ways to lower your organizations TCO, increase ROI and decrease technical debt. Demonstrating use cases on how to innovate faster with Windows Workload in AWS and advanced AWS Services and how to extend your data center with cloud first and hybrid cloud strategy in AWS.
  • Planning for the Future of Your Business with VMware Cloud on AWS Recorded: Apr 29 2020 56 mins
    Larry Cusick, 2nd Watch Solution Architect & Francis Wong, VMware
    VMware Cloud on AWS is your path to unlock the power of the public cloud with the familiarity of VMware you are accustomed to.

    Join 2nd Watch and VMware for the VMware Cloud on AWS virtual lunch session where you’ll learn how VMware Cloud on AWS facilitates a truly hybrid cloud approach, allowing there to be minimal disruption while delivering operational consistency and driving business outcomes.

    During this session we’ll share use cases on how to simplify disaster recovery operations, how to ensure a seamless transition between test and production and discuss VMware virtual desktop service Horizon 7.

    The use cases we will explore:

    * Disaster Recovery as a Service with VMware Site Recovery: Easily deliver business continuity with VMware Site Recovery: on-demand disaster recovery as a service, optimized for VMware Cloud on AWS. Accelerate time-to-protection, simplify disaster recovery operations, and reduce secondary site costs with cloud economics, while providing a secondary site that is operationally consistent with your VMware data center.

    * New Application Development and Test: Deliver VMware SDDC-consistent dev/test environments that can integrate with modern CI/CD automation tools. Access native AWS services seamlessly for new app development.

    * Horizon 7: Discover how to utilize VMware’s remote desktop service on VMware Cloud on AWS and scale Horizon 7 desktops and applications on an elastic cloud platform.
  • Deep Dive into DevSecOps Recorded: Apr 28 2020 49 mins
    Victoria Geronimo, Product Manager - 2nd Watch & Cindy Blake, Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Security - GitLab
    DevSecOps is a misnomer. Smashing Security in between Dev and Ops is the wrong way to think about optimizing your DevOps + Security pipeline. Many believe security is the blocker before getting their applications out to production. Owned by some distant, unapproachable team, security can seem like the new deep divide with a 'throw it over the wall' mentality. Instead, Security must be sprinkled throughout the DevOps cycle, taught from the beginning when developing best practices and automating compliant infrastructure, and owned by both DevOps and Security, working as a team.

    In this webinar, we will dive deep into a sample DevSecOps culture and pipeline and show precisely how Security is not the blocker some make them out to be but an enabler to a positive customer and internal experience. Using the GitLab Secure and Defend solution, we’ll highlight where and how the protections of SAST, DAST, vulnerability scanning, license management, compliance management, and more can be a part of your development process and not a blocker.

    Additionally, we’ll identify where both DevOps and Security teams can knowledge share in order to best aid each other toward a more efficient, and more secure, pipeline and product.

    We will focus on a fictional company, specific challenges they faced, and the things they did to address those challenges from Threat Modeling and Risk Classification, Security and DevOps Education, Automated Policy Enforcement, Secrets Management, Vulnerability Scanning, SAST and DAST, monitoring, and more.

    We'll step through the DevOps cycle and expose exactly where Security comes into play and how many of the steps/process/requirements can be automated to eliminate toil.
  • Managed DevOps (Yes, this is a thing) Recorded: Apr 8 2020 60 mins
    Stefana Muller, Sr. Product Manager
    If you’re in a development or operations role, you probably gawked at this title. The truth is, having some other company manage your “DevOps” is an insult to the term. However, bear with us while we put out this scenario:

    What if you don’t have a team that can manage all your tools that enable you to adopt DevOps methods?

    Why should you have to spend time managing the tools you use, instead of developing and operating your application?

    These are key reasons to consider using a DevOps platform managed by experts. In this talk, we’ll cover “What is Managed DevOps”, the tooling, the implementation, and what you should consider before choosing your pipeline. We’ll have experts from GitLab and 2nd Watch share how an end-to-end solution can meet the needs of large enterprises.

    You won’t want to miss the opportunity to laugh along with us as we share how we “Do all the DevOps”.
  • Empower Your Remote Workforce with Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop Recorded: Mar 24 2020 25 mins
    Russ Slater, 2nd Watch - Principal Cloud Consultant & Manish Dhall, Microsoft - Partner Technology Strategist
    The rapid spread of COVID-19 worldwide and growing concerns have escalated quickly due to our interconnected world. We are working closely with our clients to make sure their workforce is secure and ready to move operations into a home office.

    In this webinar you will learn how Windows Virtual Desktop can provide remote worker solutions as we share a recent customer use case and how to overcome the challenges when implementing virtual desktops.

    2nd Watch’s Remote Desktop Foundational Services will help you transition from standard desktops or an existing on-premises RDS deployment to Microsoft Azure. Remote Desktop Foundational Services provides you the blueprints necessary to set up the Windows Virtual Desktop environment, integrate with Azure native services and train your team on how to create custom images.
  • A Guide to Unraveling Multi-Cloud Security Complexities Recorded: Mar 9 2020 39 mins
    Victoria Geronimo, Security and Compliance Project Manager, 2nd Watch
    Multi-cloud companies face additional security complexities. Integrated management of identity, security events, and compliance is daunting, given the myriad products available across clouds and security needs. With the individual quirks of each environment, this can be a sophisticated endeavor requiring careful long term planning while managing day to day needs.

    This webinar will focus on unique issues and key considerations for your multi-cloud security strategy. For those beginning to consider security for multi-cloud, we will highlight areas of divergence from a single cloud environment, such as identity permissions and configuration policies. For those more established in their multi-cloud security programs, we will cover some advanced issues, such as networking within and between clouds.
  • CCPA: State Privacy Law Effects on Cloud Development Recorded: Feb 25 2020 41 mins
    Victoria Geronimo, Product Manager, Security/Compliance
    Several states followed the lead of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by enacting their own consumer privacy laws. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), effective January 2020, goes even further in defining what constitutes private data. What does that mean for your cloud journey and the development of cloud-native applications? How will you secure private data and adhere to each state’s regulations while building a foundation for future law changes without straining cloud infrastructure and digital application teams? This webinar highlights the obligations to be aware of, policies and procedures to pursue, cloud architectural considerations, and KPIs for determining successful implementation.
  • The Simple Path to AWS Managed Services (AMS) Recorded: Jan 22 2020 52 mins
    Chris Garvey, EVP of Product & Stefana Muller, Sr. Product Manager
    During this webinar you’ll learn how to accelerate your journey to the cloud by using AWS Managed Services (AMS), including the process for assessing, migrating and operationalizing your infrastructure from your on-premise datacenter or existing cloud environment to AMS. Discover key steps to streamline this process using automation and infrastructure as code to set up network connectivity, access management, logging, monitoring, backups and configuration as well as integration points for an existing managed service provider to seamlessly work with AMS.
  • Demystifying DevOps: Identifying Your Path to Faster Releases and Higher Quality Recorded: Dec 11 2019 50 mins
    Stefana Muller, Sr. Product Manager
    DevOps is considered one of the most valuable business and engineering philosophies for companies in the digital age. It has transformed the way engineering teams collaborate to create and release software focusing on building a culture of trust, feedback and continuous improvement.

    As delivering software equates to delivering value to your customers, high functioning organizations find ways to deliver software faster while building in resiliency and security. Transforming your organization into a more agile and high-performing team cannot be accomplished through automation alone. DevOps is a set of tools, cultural values, and practices that improve organizational outcomes in software by increasing collaboration and feedback between Product Development, QA, IT operations, and Security. 

    A true DevOps Transformation includes an evolution of your company culture, automation and technology, processes, collaboration, measurement systems, and organizational structure. We invite you to join us to hear from 2nd Watch DevOps experts sharing the basic tenets of the DevOps methodology and how companies, teams and individuals can use it to transform and meet the demands of their customers. IT Management, Developers, testers, operations teams, security professionals, infrastructure engineers and project managers alike will find value in the discussion.
  • Put A Lid on It - Addressing Container-Specific Security Issues Recorded: Aug 29 2019 42 mins
    Victoria Geronimo, 2nd Watch Security & Compliance Project Mgr, Christopher Camaclang, Alert Logic Channel Sales Engineering
    Containers are a great tool for isolating an application and its dependencies into a self-contained unit that can run anywhere. Little attention has been paid to identifying container-specific security problems and how to address them. In this webinar, we will address risks unique to a container environment and how we can align to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

    • Identify Container Security Challenges
    • Container Security Approaches
    • Tools
    • Use Case
  • Introduction to AWS Managed Service (AMS) Recorded: Jul 25 2019 37 mins
    Stefana Muller, Sr. Product Manager
    Your customers depend on your applications to deliver reliable information quickly. While you are hyper-focused on providing updates, launching new services and making it easier for end-users to interface with your applications, have you refactored applications for a true SaaS offering on AWS? Do you face challenges managing the operations while scaling to meet customer demand? Join 2nd Watch to learn how to reduce time to deliver and increase customer satisfaction using AWS Managed Services (AMS).

    •Introduction to AMS
    •AMS Discovery Workshop
    •AMS Onboarding Accelerator
    •Use Case
  • 6 Ways Cloud Optimization Will Help You Save Money Recorded: Jun 27 2019 49 mins
    Stefana Muller, Sr. Product Manager
    Didn’t achieve the cloud cost savings you anticipated or the promise of moving to cloud to cut costs hasn’t matriculated?

    Managing your cloud cost is attainable, if only you knew where to look. Addressing this complex and ever-moving problem starts with understanding the variety of opportunities available for cost and performance optimization. Join 2nd Watch to learn the comprehensive approach to manage your own cloud cost optimization.
Premier Professional & Managed Cloud Services
2nd Watch is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Google Cloud Partner and Microsoft Azure Gold Partner providing professional and managed cloud services to enterprises. The company’s subject matter experts and software-enabled services provide companies with tested, proven, and trusted solutions with a focus on six solution areas: Enterprise Cloud Migration, Security and Compliance, Cloud Native and DevOps, Optimization, Data Engineering and Analytics, and Managed Services.

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  • Title: Enabling High-Performance IT with DevOps
  • Live at: Sep 28 2016 5:30 pm
  • Presented by: Lars Cromley, Sr Product Manager, 2nd Watch
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