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How to Protect Data in the Cloud

Driven by ease of deployment, cost effectiveness, and improved productivity among employees, many organizations have adopted cloud technology. Although there are significant benefits to cloud adoption, some organizations still face major challenges preventing their move to the cloud. From maintaining security and compliance to managing data on BYO devices, organizations have a unique set of data security requirements.

In this webinar, Brian Lozada, CISO of Zocdoc, and Karthik Venna, Product Manager at Bitglass, will discuss how to balance the benefits of moving to the cloud with implementing a security solution that protects data end-to-end.

- Find out the benefits of moving to cloud apps
- Understand how to maintain control of your data
- Learn how to use your partner ecosystem to keep your data secure
Recorded Sep 12 2017 59 mins
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Presented by
Brian Lozada, CISO of Zocdoc, and Karthik Venna, Product Manager at Bitglass
Presentation preview: How to Protect Data in the Cloud

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  • A Match Made in the Clouds: IDaaS and CASB Recorded: Nov 14 2018 31 mins
    Rich Campagna, CMO & SVP of Product at Bitglass and Sophia Zheng, Product Manager at Bitglass
    When organizations adopt cloud apps like Office 365, Salesforce, and AWS, developing a solid strategy for identity management and data protection becomes the main security and compliance concern. In this webinar, Rich Campagna and Sophia Zheng from Bitglass will provide actionable insights via real-world case studies from the cloud journeys of leading organizations. Topics covered include:

    1. Challenges with securing data in an expanding cloud footprint

    2. Why identity and data protection are the cornerstones of any cloud security strategy

    3. Case studies in how leading organizations leverage these technologies
  • CASBs in the EU: How Leading Organisations Protect Cloud Data Recorded: Nov 8 2018 42 mins
    Rich Campagna, CMO & VP of Product
    While public cloud apps like Office 365, AWS, and Slack increase organisational productivity and agility, they aren't without security challenges. For most enterprises, these apps typically usher in cloud-first strategies that dramatically expand the enterprise cloud footprint. This webinar will explore case studies of the cloud security journey for major organisations across both the EU and the UK. You'll leave with actionable insights that you can bring to your organisation right away.
  • CISO Stories: Securing an Expanding Cloud Presence Recorded: Oct 25 2018 47 mins
    Bob Turner, Chief Information Security Officer at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Rich Campagna, SVP of Products at Bitg
    Public cloud apps like Office 365 and AWS can provide your organization with increased speed and agility, but also come with security & compliance challenges that only increase as your organization expands its cloud footprint. In this webinar, Bob Turner, Chief Information Security Officer at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Rich Campagna, SVP of Products at Bitglass, will discuss how leading organizations protect data as their cloud presence expands. The webinar will focus on actionable insights that you can bring to your organization immediately.
  • 5 Most Common CASB Use Cases Recorded: Sep 13 2018 47 mins
    Rich Campagna, CMO & VP of Product Management at Bitglass
    Cloud and mobile usage has skyrocketed in many enterprises, introducing many new risks to corporate data. Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) have quickly become go-to solutions for securing apps like Office 365, Salesforce, and AWS.

    However, the wide ranging capabilities of a CASB can make it difficult to identify which use cases are most relevant to your organization’s needs and how these platforms solve critical challenges.

    RSVP for our webinar to learn the 5 most common CASB use cases!
  • Beyond Office 365: How Your Peers are Taming the Long Tail of SaaS Apps Recorded: Aug 9 2018 61 mins
    Salim Hafid, Marketing Manager, Bitglass; Brandon Dunlap (Moderator)
    The long tail of SaaS is growing rapidly. Today, thousands of unmanaged "Shadow IT" applications are used in every major enterprise around the globe and IT departments have little visibility or control over these rogue apps. While the challenge was first simply to secure major SaaS platforms like Office 365, the new reality is a “cloud and mobile-first world” where employees often use new applications that aren’t approved and put corporate data at risk. Join Bitglass and (ISC)2 on August 9, 2018 at 1PM Eastern for the final part of this Security Briefings series where we’ll discuss how leading organizations are evolving their security to solve these challenges, what organizations are prioritizing when evaluating a solution and how zero-day technologies built for a cloud-first world are able to identify, categorize, and secure unknown apps.
  • Securing the Expanding Enterprise Cloud Footprint Recorded: Jul 24 2018 48 mins
    Rich Campagna, CMO & VP of Product Management at Bitglass. Bill Hudson, VP IT at John Muir Health. Thomas August, CISO, JMH
    For John Muir Health (JMH) and other leading healthcare firms, Office 365 is often IT's first foray into the public cloud and the start of a broader initiative to migrate from premises-based applications to cloud. Most are now looking to deploy cloud messaging, file sharing, collaboration apps, and more. Deploying this "long-tail" of SaaS applications shares a great deal with platforms like Office 365, but some considerations are different.

    In this webinar, learn how John Muir Health journeys to secure these lesser known cloud applications and gain actionable advice that you can bring to your organization to protect data in Office 365 and beyond.
  • Mind the Gap: The 5 Most Common Cloud Security Oversights Recorded: Jul 12 2018 60 mins
    Jacob Serpa, Product Marketing Manager, Bitglass, Brandon Dunlap (Moderator)
    Even with a renewed focus on security, cloud applications have introduced new risks that many organizations have yet to address. Powerful productivity platforms have been widely deployed in an effort to enable employee communication and facilitate collaboration. Apps enabling employee communication and collaboration cannot be secured with traditional firewalls and gateways. They require a fundamental rethinking of security – a shift from endpoint and network-centric protection to data protection. Join Bitglass and (ISC)2 on July 12, 2018 at 1:00PM Eastern as we explore the five most common security oversights that may put your cloud data at risk.
  • Webinar Express: Cloud Security Must-Haves for HCM Recorded: Jun 12 2018 30 mins
    Jacob Serpa, Product Manager
    Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms, like many critical enterprise productivity solutions, are quickly becoming cloud-first platforms. Security is essential for organizations that wish to leverage the power and lower cost of cloud HCM platforms, including Workday and SuccessFactors. Deploying a security solution that provides data and threat protection across all apps can help ensure a swift and seamless transition to cloud-based HCM.

    Join us for a 30 min webinar on June 12th 2018 at 10am PT to discuss:
    - HCM Security Challenges
    - Limitations of native cloud HCM security
    - Protecting HCM apps and data access with CASB
  • Bitglass Part 1: CASBs in the Wild - The Most Leveraged Cloud Security Policies Recorded: Jun 7 2018 59 mins
    Salim Hafid, Product Marketing Manager, Bitglass; Brandon Dunlap, Brightfly (Moderator)
    Cloud security is top of mind for all organizations as they migrate to SaaS and IaaS platforms like Office 365 and AWS, but many are grappling with selecting solutions that best balance employee privacy, productivity, and data integrity. While most enterprises are already following security best practices on-premises, few have extended those practices and policies to the cloud. Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) have emerged as the go-to solutions for real-time data and threat protection in the cloud. Purpose-built to solve some of these challenges, CASBs feature a suite of capabilities that can implement granular policies around data at access and at rest. Join Bitglass and (ISC)2 on June 7, 2018 at 1:00PM Eastern for a Security Briefing as we explore the most leveraged security policies necessary to protect corporate data in a cloud and mobile-first world.
  • Webinar Express: Achieving HIPAA Compliance for Office 365 Recorded: May 22 2018 36 mins
    Rich Campagna, CMO and SVP Products at Bitglass
    As healthcare organizations and healthcare affiliates migrate to cloud services like Office 365, a new approach to security is required to ensure compliance under HIPAA. To maintain compliance in this new cloud environment, healthcare firms need access controls, transmission security, identity management tools, and more. In this webinar, we discuss the critical components of an Office 365 security environment.
  • Webinar Express: Top 5 Office 365 Security Challenges Recorded: May 16 2018 31 mins
    Jacob Serpa, Product Marketing Manager - Bitglass
    As a leading SaaS productivity application, Office 365 has seen tremendous adoption in enterprises around the globe for its advantages over premises-based apps, including easy access, rapid deployment, and lower costs. On the security side, organizations that deploy Office 365 effectively shift the burden for app and infrastructure to the cloud vendor. Data security, however, remains the responsibility of your IT team.

    Migrating to Office 365 introduces several new avenues for data leakage: one-click sharing, desktop sync clients, unmanaged device access, and more. Particularly risky for organizations subject to compliance mandates. In this Webinar Express, Jacob Serpa, Product Marketing Manager at Bitglass will detail the top five security challenges facing companies that deploy Office 365, all in 30 minutes or less. Join our live webinar on 5/16 at 10am PT to explore how new approaches to cloud security can help mitigate threats like data loss, malware propagation, and more.
  • Two Steps to the Cloud Security Epiphany: IDaaS and CASB Recorded: May 3 2018 46 mins
    Ben Rice, VP of Business Development at Centrify and Radhika Khatod, Product Manager at Bitglass
    As the enterprise adopts cloud apps like Office 365, Salesforce, and AWS, developing solid strategies for identity and data protection are the main security and compliance concerns. Increasingly, organizations are leveraging the combination of IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) and CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) to achieve secure cloud enablement. This webinar, hosted by Ben Rice, VP of Business Development at Centrify, and Radhika Khatod, Product Manager at Bitglass, will provide immediately actionable insights into how other organizations are leveraging these technologies to secure their cloud footprints.
  • Webinar Express: 6 Top CASB Use Cases Recorded: Apr 12 2018 33 mins
    Salim Hafid, Product Marketing Manager at Bitglass
    Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) have become the go-to solutions for CISOs and security architects looking to protect data in applications like Office 365, Box, G Suite, and AWS. Still, there remains the question of what challenges CASBs solve. Where do next-gen firewalls and secure web gateways fall short? IT leaders often ask: what are the top CASB use cases?

    In this webinar, we explore six of the most common CASB use cases from real-time data loss prevention to threat protection. Learn how leading organizations are leveraging CASB technology to achieve compliance, mitigate zero-day threats, improve visibility over high-risk data outflows, and secure data stored in these new cloud platforms.
  • BlueCross BlueShield’s CASB Journey to Secure the Cloud Recorded: Mar 14 2018 50 mins
    Michael Payne, Security Architect at BCBS, and Rich Campagna, CMO at Bitglass
    As one of the nation’s largest insurance providers, BlueCross BlueShield is always looking to make its workforce more efficient through the use of cloud applications like Office 365. Gains in mobility and flexibility, however, can come at a cost if proper security measures are not in place. To mitigate these risks, BlueCross BlueShield embarked on a mission to achieve HIPAA compliant cloud security and mobility for all of their employees.

    In this live webinar, Michael Payne, Security Architect from BlueCross BlueShield and Rich Campagna, CMO from Bitglass will discuss the security challenges BlueCross BlueShield faced in deploying Office 365, Workday, and other SaaS apps. Learn how Michael Payne and his team approached data protection, unmanaged app discovery, and why they ultimately chose a cloud access security broker (CASB) for to help secure their cloud footprint.
  • Healthcare orgs: Slay the risks of data-enabling your care providers Recorded: Feb 21 2018 59 mins
    Mitchell Parker, Indiana University Health, Information Security & Compliance & Salim Hafid, Product Marketing, Bitglass
    The healthcare industry is adopting technologies that give care providers rapid access to sensitive patient information, when and where they need it. While productivity is enhanced with cloud computing, mobility, “BYOD” unmanaged personal devices, and hosted SaaS apps like Office 365, the CISO is concerned with resolving the inherent risk these technologies bring with them.

    For the CISO, it’s important to look at everything, assess risk the right way, and have a practical mitigation plan to address issues that could lead to data loss or breaches, ransomware and other threats.

    In this webinar led by Mitchell Parker, Executive Director of Information Security and Compliance (CISO) at Indiana University Health and Salim Hafid, Product Marketing Manager at Bitglass, you’ll learn how to resolve the risk of cloud applications and access via unmanaged devices, and how to apply appropriate controls that enable patient care in a seamless and secure manner.

    Our experts will talk about the issues everyone is struggling with, and how cloud security is evolving to address them.
  • GDPR - Countdown to Compliance Recorded: Jan 25 2018 29 mins
    Jacob Serpa, Product Marketing Manager, Bitglass
    As GDPR comes into effect May 2018, organizations are scrambling to reach compliance with its many requirements - particularly as they relate to the cloud. The regulation takes a comprehensive approach to guaranteeing that organizations protect EU citizen data, even after that data moves beyond the firewall via cloud and mobile. Fortunately, there are technology solutions that can address a breadth of GDPR-related concerns.

    In this webinar, gain concrete, actionable advice on how your organization can ensure GDPR compliance with technologies like Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs).
  • Healthcare Orgs: Empower Your Mobile Workforce Without Sacrificing Data Security Recorded: Dec 13 2017 57 mins
    Hussein Syed, RWJBarnabas Health; Alex Fry, Strong Crypto Innovations LLC; Mike Schuricht, Bitglass
    Mobile computing and the use of cloud applications are touted as ways to help healthcare providers deliver better patient care. Clinicians carrying tablets or other devices to exam rooms and patients’ bedsides can quickly access and update patient data and other vital resources necessary for accurate and expeditious treatment.

    No one disputes the value of “anytime, anywhere” computing in healthcare – indeed, in other industries as well – but there is a concern about the risk associated with access to sensitive and regulated data via unmanaged devices and unsanctioned cloud applications.

    In this CISO panel discussion moderated by Hussein Syed, CISO at RWJBarnabas Health and joined by panelists Alex Fry, Principal Security Consultant at Strong Crypto Innovations LLC and Mike Schuricht, VP of Product Management, Bitglass, you’ll learn about real-world approaches to some of the most vexing challenges of mobile and cloud computing.
  • Zero-Day Read-Only Cloud Apps Recorded: Nov 28 2017 28 mins
    Rich Campagna, CEO, Bitglass
    A common problem in regulated industries is that clients wish to interact with business users via unmanaged consumer applications such Box, Dropbox etc. At the same time, security demands that internal documents not be uploaded to these applications.

    Emerging zero-day technology for unmanaged apps makes any cloud service "read-only." View or download content on any app, but not upload, allowing external collaboration while protecting sensitive data and ensuring regulatory compliance. Join us for this Bitglass Webinar express to learn more.
  • Security Checklist for Data Migration from On-prem to AWS Recorded: Nov 16 2017 42 mins
    Mike Schuricht, VP Product Management, Bitglass
    Enterprises are quickly moving their corporate data and custom internal apps to IaaS platforms like AWS, but many lack the visibility and control they need over business-critical data and workloads. Services like S3 and RDS, for example, store massive volumes of sensitive data that enterprises must protect.

    In this webinar, we explore key security issues faced by enterprises during data migration from on-prem to AWS, how cloud access security brokers (CASBs) are evolving to protect IaaS with granular access controls, real-time-DLP, encryption/tokenization, and more. Learn how a CASB can help enterprises achieve compliance and protect data across apps deployed in AWS.
  • Security Briefings Part 3: Compliance Checkup - HIPAA & the Cloud Recorded: Nov 2 2017 61 mins
    Rich Campagna, CEO, Bitglass; Brandon Dunlap, Brightfly
    Organizations in the healthcare industry handle data more sensitive (and valuable) than that of companies in perhaps any other sector. Because of this, those organizations need to demonstrate a heightened standard of data security and privacy. To ensure this, the U.S. has enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). While use of the cloud affords organizations greater efficiency, it also complicates issues of security and regulatory compliance. But the good news is that solutions that enable cloud and security are available. Join Bitglass and (ISC)2 on November 2, 2017 at 1:00PM Eastern to learn about the requirements of HIPAA and the specific security capabilities that healthcare firms need in order to meet compliance requirements.
Bitglass: Next-Gen CASB
Bitglass, the Next-Gen CASB company, is based in Silicon Valley with offices worldwide. The company's cloud security solutions deliver zero-day, agentless, data and threat protection for any app, any device, anywhere.

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  • Title: How to Protect Data in the Cloud
  • Live at: Sep 12 2017 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Brian Lozada, CISO of Zocdoc, and Karthik Venna, Product Manager at Bitglass
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