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Redefining IT Infrastructure Management for Today's App Economy

In today’s application economy, businesses rely on IT more than ever to deliver new applications faster and at the same time ensure a relentless user experience. Yet IT teams are faced with the challenge of reduced resources and shrinking budgets. Continuing to use strategies of the past that involve complex and silo’ed tools to IT infrastructure management won’t cut it anymore.

Join us for a webcast to hear how the a holistic and unified approach to IT infrastructure management across your data centre, systems, networks and capacity planning can enable you to adapt to the new realities of the application economy.

In this webcast you will learn:

•What constitutes a true unified approach to Infrastructure management?
•How this approach will help you build agile operations and increase efficiency?
•How to extend capacity planning across IT and the datacentre?
•How CA Technologies can help you?
Recorded May 20 2015 44 mins
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Presented by
Jose Mora, Jeremy Rossbach, Umair Khan, CA Technologies
Presentation preview: Redefining IT Infrastructure Management for Today's App Economy

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  • DEMO: Run Resilient Cisco Software-Defined Network Architectures with CA Tech Recorded: Jul 18 2017 26 mins
    CA Technologies
    Network Operations and Analytics from CA Technologies is a big data network monitoring platform with full stack analytics for assuring traditional and software-defined networks. The solution converts inventory, topology, network fault, device metrics, flow, and packet analysis into actionable intelligence for network operations team. Join us for a live demo to see how the Network Operations and Analytics platform can help you unlock the full value of your Cisco software-defined environments.
  • Delivering Premium Monitoring Services for Modern IT Infrastructures Recorded: Jun 26 2017 64 mins
    Al Sadowski, Research VP, 451 Research; Ken Vanderweel, Service Provider Marketing, Umair Khan, Product Marketing, CA Tech
    Digital transformation requires innovation across the spectrum of how digital services are developed, supported and delivered. So, businesses are now adopting a wide range of new technologies including cloud, containers, analytics and hyper converged infrastructure. These create unique challenges for enterprises and offer growth opportunities for managed service providers.

    View this webcast to learn:
    * What Infrastructure technologies and trends are creating unique challenges for customers
    * How premium monitoring services can solve these challenges of managing modern IT infrastructure
    * The key ingredients of premium monitoring services
    * How to differentiate your services and boost profitability
  • Industry Expert Panel Discussion: Are You Really Ready for SD-WAN? Recorded: May 16 2017 57 mins
    Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), Bell Canada, Viptela, CA Technologies
    On May 16, join industry analyst firm EMA along with SD-WAN innovator Viptela, Bell Canada and CA Technologies for an expert panel discussion on SD-WAN challenges, opportunities and its impact on today’s network monitoring. Nearly 88% of enterprises surveyed either currently deploy SD-WAN today or plan to do so within the next 12 months. SD-WAN technologies possess sophisticated, built-in capabilities for operations and management and advanced automation to address network problems in real-time. Join us on May 16 as we uncover the importance of validating SD-WAN intelligence while applying advanced analytics to correlate customer experience impact for comprehensive, end-to-end modern network assurance.
  • Proactively Managing Experience of Microsoft Azure and Hybrid Infrastructures Recorded: Mar 14 2017 31 mins
    Dusten Tornow, Director Product Development, OneNeck IT Solutions; Umair Khan, Principle Product Marketing, CA Technologies
    In today's digital economy, technology is seen as a key driver of innovation and efficiency. CIOs are no longer responsible solely for the management of IT—they are now also supporting business growth by reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and driving innovation, all in an effort to build a strategic advantage. Combining the power of public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure™ with private cloud and traditional infrastructure expands your IT capabilities for a more flexible, agile and scalable environment. Join us for this session to learn how OneNeck IT Solutions leverages CA Unified Infrastructure Management to proactively and efficiently ensure the performance of these environments, freeing IT staff to focus on strategic goals while still optimizing service levels.
  • What’s New In CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.5.x Recorded: Jan 19 2017 45 mins
    Robert Vacante; Raj Sundaram; Kiran Diwakar; Umair Khan
    Application experience is determined by the performance of the infrastructure that powers it. CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) provides the most comprehensive solution for managing the experience of modern cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures. With the new releases of CA UIM, we continue to introduce exciting new capabilities spanning cloud, analytics and rapid configuration to help you proactively and efficiently manage the experience of today’s highly dynamic and DevOps centric environment.

    In this session we will share:
    • New out of the box dashboards that provide actionable insight across hybrid infrastructures
    • Enhanced monitoring that provides deeper insights into Microsoft Azure-based apps and services
    • Upcoming log analytics and auto¬¬-app infrastructure discovery and configuration capabilities
    • New integration between CA SystemEdge and CA UIM
    • And much more...
  • Enterprise IT in the Cloud Recorded: Jan 2 2017 30 mins
    Stephen Orban, Head of Enterprise Strategy, Amazon Web Services
    If you think about traditional enterprise IT today, it tends to have well established, and sometimes functional, storage systems, network topologies, compute virtualization and governance models that need to be thought about in a slightly different way in a world with infinitely scalable and globally available IT resources.

    As more companies realize this, they are also beginning to understand that running their own infrastructure typically doesn’t help them meet their business goals. On top of this, many large organizations are burdened with decades of technical debt, bureaucracy, politics, fear of change, and IT operating models that need to be redesigned to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

    In this session Stephen Orban will go over some of the patterns he is seeing in enterprises that are benefiting from the cloud, and that will leave you today with a better understanding of how the cloud can help you meet your objectives at a pace that you’re comfortable with, that will accelerate over time, and allows you to take advantage of your existing investments.
  • Map A Monitoring and Management Strategy for Your Cloud Recorded: Jan 2 2017 29 mins
    David S. Linthicum, Leading Cloud Influencer and Blogger, SVP, Cloud Technology Partners
    Monitoring and management of cloud-based production environments is often an afterthought. Why? Because there are so many other aspects to worry about, such as security, cost management, governance, etc. Monitoring often falls by the wayside or it is assumed the native tools from the cloud provider are sufficient for the task. The value of monitoring and management is not just the data points on applications, databases, storage and compute performance, but perhaps more importantly, the trends the tools may be seeing through predictive analytics. Trend analysis means gathering many data points over time and drawing conclusions as to what they mean.

    Join this session with cloud management expert David Linthicum to understand the most important monitoring and management concepts. Topics to be covered will include:
    • The need to span all of the clouds that you’re leveraging – private, public and hybrid.
    • The need to archive historical monitoring data and analyze over time to note trends and predict when problems may arise.
    • The need to pre-program responses to common issues and take automated corrective actions to “self heal” without manual intervention
    • The need to map a cloud management strategy that is right for you and ensure you get things right the first time.
  • Telefonica UK Powers Flexible, Hybrid Cloud Environments with CA UIM Recorded: Dec 30 2016 31 mins
    Zafir Yousaf, Cloud Transformation Lead, O2 Cloud Services
    Cloud-based infrastructures are key enablers of applications and business models in today’s digital age. But every application or digital service use case is usually best suited to a certain type of platform. In this session, Zafir Yousaf will share how Telefonica UK has built a hybrid cloud infrastructure leveraging private cloud technologies such as VMware and public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services. CA Unified Infrastructure Management is at the center of its infrastructure, as a strategic monitoring solution. Yousaf will also provide insights into building, automating and monitoring hybrid cloud environments so that IT teams can hide inherent complexity from users while delivering flexibility and efficiency.
  • Gearing up your Monitoring Approach to meet the Reality of Modern Healthcare Recorded: Dec 30 2016 34 mins
    Rene Lopez, VP Architecture and Hosting Ops, Cognizant; Umair Khan, Principal Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies
    In today’s healthcare market, rapid technological innovation and changing expectations of patients and consumers are poised to create a perfect storm of disruption. Fundamentally, if they are to thrive moving forward, healthcare providers and payers will need to meet intensifying demands to boost efficiency and agility, while offering an enhanced experience. To meet these goals, IT teams need to gear up their IT infrastructure performance monitoring approach to ensure a seamless user experience across increasingly hybrid, complex and dynamic infrastructures.

    Session Learning Objectives:
    1) Identify measures to proactively and efficiently ensure performance of new dynamic infrastructures, such as cloud and containers
    2) Determine methods to adopt a patient-centric approach to IT monitoring spanning hybrid infrastructures and critical applications
    3) Describe best practices for transforming infrastructure monitoring
  • 6 Keys To DevOps Proofing Your Infrastructure Monitoring Approach Recorded: Dec 27 2016 24 mins
    Jose Mora, Director Partner Marketing, PagerDuty; Umair Khan, Principal Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies
    When it comes to business success today, it’s all about the software. As a result DevOps has become a strategic imperative within virtually every business in every industry. However, without an adequate hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring approach, many organizations are seeing their DevOps initiatives stifled. Join us in this webcast to learn:
    • Why DevOps demands for a new, better approach to infrastructure monitoring?
    • How to transform your monitoring approach to better support DevOps?
    • What tangible benefits your organization can achieve from a DevOps enabled approach?
    • How CA Technologies and PagerDuty can help you?
  • Building Differentiated Monitoring Services For Dynamic Cloud Infrastructures Recorded: Oct 31 2016 58 mins
    Ken Vanderweel, Advisor, Product Marketing, CA, Inc.; Umair Khan, Principal Product Marketing Manager, CA, Inc.
    Organizations in virtually every industry and of every size are growing increasingly reliant upon cloud services like AWS and modern enabling technologies like Docker, Nutanix, OpenStack and Pure Storage. While these dynamic environments deliver unparalleled advantages, they also pose unprecedented challenges, particularly for those enterprises saddled with disjointed point monitoring tools. Attend this webcast and find out how service providers can deliver compelling monitoring services that address an urgent and growing market demand. Join us in this session to discover:

    • The key ingredients of a holistic hybrid cloud and IT monitoring strategy.
    • High-value managed service offerings that can help your business stand out from competition.
    • The opportunities for delivering monitoring services for AWS, Docker, Nutanix, OpenStack and Pure Storage.
    • How CA Unified Infrastructure Management is helping service providers maximize these opportunities.
  • University of Chicago Achieves High Availability With Centralized IT Monitoring Recorded: Aug 31 2016 33 mins
    Abe Shaker, University Of Chicago; Michael Morris, Senior Director Product Management; Umair Khan, CA Technologies
    Learn how the IT operations team at University of Chicago built a centralized and service centric approach to IT infrastructure monitoring. The University of Chicago is using CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) to implement a central, integrated approach for monitoring IT systems, applications, networks, VoIP phones, data center infrastructure and business services. Be it PBX phones or data center water chillers, they are monitoring it all centrally. This approach has resulted in enhanced visibility across the organization and reducing outages by up to 300%.
  • Internet of Things: Economic Benefit & Network Performance Challenges Lie Ahead Recorded: Jun 15 2016 58 mins
    Frank Diana, Futurist, Digital Transformer from Tata Consultancy; Bernard Clairmont, CA Pre-Sales
    In just a few short years, we’ve moved from being a web-economy to an application economy. One of the underlying reasons are thousands of new Internet of Things (IoT) applications, from manufacturing sensors to medical devices, automobiles to homes. Industry experts predict IoT has the potential for an economic benefit of up to $6.2 trillion by 2025. Are you ready to address the fast-approaching era of hyper-connectivity and voluminous data with your business networks? Do you have a strategy to turn your IoT into sustainable growth opportunities? Do you have the visibility to ensure your network can support these new applications and the flood of data that comes with them? Join Frank Diana, Futurist and Digital Transformer with Tata Consultancy Services, to learn the new meaning of having a IoT-connected business in the future. He will be joined by Bernard Clairmont, Presales Consultant with CA Technologies, to explain the importance of having a sophisticated network performance management and diagnostic solution to be ready for the future of connectedness.
  • Optimising monitoring with CA UIM Snap Recorded: Apr 13 2016 50 mins
    Charles Fish, Principal Consultant, Presales
    New to CA UIM Snap? We would like to take this opportunity to ensure you get the most out of your download. Watch this webcast to find out how you can start monitoring and reporting on your IT environment in less than hour.

    This webcast will cover how to:
    • Install CA Unified Infrastructure Management Snap
    • Configure monitoring for your environment
    • View and manage alarms and schedule reports
    • Find out the difference between Snap and the CA UIM Premium edition
  • Digital Transformation for Financial Services Industry with Agile IT Monitoring Recorded: Mar 28 2016 41 mins
    Umair Khan, Product Marketing; Moderator-Michael Krieger, CEO, EWeek
    Consumers in the application economy not only want access to financial services 24/7 but also demand personalized experiences on the channel of their choice. In order to meet these needs businesses are rolling out digital transformation initiatives that leverage newer technologies such as Big Data, mobile and cloud. But the traditional applications and systems are not going away. In fact the amalgamation of the new and old can be a competitive advantage.

    This transformation is fueling the rise of complex, hybrid infrastructures which power customer experiences. So how can IT teams proactively ensure performance of such infrastructures?

    Join us in this webcast with your peers and industry experts to learn

    - Why are the key forces transforming IT infrastructure monitoring in financial industry?
    - How leading companies are changing their IT monitoring approach?
    - What benefits can you achieve with an agile approach to IT monitoring?
    - What are the key “Monday” morning steps you can take in order to start modernizing your approach?
  • Ensure Your IT Infrastructure Monitoring Meets the Reality of Modern Healthcare Recorded: Mar 28 2016 40 mins
    Umair Khan, Product Marketing; Patrick Clark,Director Systems & Service Mgmt Solutions; Moderator-Michael Krieger, CEO, EWeek
    Today the individuals consuming services from healthcare providers and payers have very different expectations than they did just a few years ago. Patients want more transparency, more control, and a consistent experience across a growing number of touch points and applications. This presents two challenges for IT teams in the healthcare industry. First, they are tasked with ensuring optimal performance of the underlying complex, dynamic and hybrid IT infrastructures that support modern healthcare. Second, they must manage these infrastructures in the most efficient manner possible to help control costs and reduce complexity.

    These new realities demand a better and more agile approach to IT infrastructure monitoring.

    Join a panel of your peers and experts in healthcare IT to learn the answers to the following questions:

    - Why are the key forces transforming IT infrastructure management in healthcare?
    - How leading companies are changing their IT monitoring approach?
    - What benefits can you achieve with an agile approach to IT monitoring?
    - What are the key “Monday” morning steps you can take in order to start modernizing your approach?
  • Slow Is New "Down" for Digital Retail. Is Your IT Monitoring Ready to Change? Recorded: Mar 28 2016 41 mins
    Umair Khan, Product Marketing; Moderator-Michael Krieger, CEO, EWeek
    Customer expectations are on the rise in the application economy. Shoppers want a consistent and seamless experience across web, mobile, social, and in-store channels, and they want it fast. To meet these demands, retailers are implementing and integrating online and in-store applications – which leaves IT scrambling to ensure performance across multiple channels and locations. It only takes one weak link in your IT infrastructure to disrupt the customer experience.

    So how can IT teams proactively ensure performance across hybrid, complex infrastructures?

    Join us in this webcast with your peers and industry experts to learn:

    - The key forces transforming IT infrastructure monitoring in retail
    - How leading companies are changing their IT monitoring approach
    - The benefits of an agile approach to IT monitoring
    - Essential “Monday” morning steps you can take in order to start modernizing your approach
  • Maximize availability and performance of your SAP infrastructure Recorded: Mar 16 2016 37 mins
    Ronan Bariou, Product Manager, Agentil & Gilles Vincent, Principal Consultant PreSales, CA Technologies
    Today’s complex SAP projects can have a massive impact on the performance and availability of mission critical applications built on top of SAP. Business-critical functions can slow to a crawl or even a stop, posing huge risks to the business.

    The latest generation of management tools – designed specifically for SAP – can minimise these risks, leading to improved response times and huge cost savings.

    Join this webcast and learn from our CA Partner Agentil :
    - How to free up more time for your SAP Experts
    - How fast and simple the deployment and configuration of SAP monitoring can be
    - How much time you will save in the daily operations
    - Integration with CA UIM

    AGENTIL is a CA Technologies Alliance Partner and SAP Service Partner. CA UIM for SAP Basis provides comprehensive monitoring of all SAP Basis events and core components. Drawing on AGENTIL’s extensive SAP expertise and the scalable, secure and stable CA UIM architecture, CA UIM provides a unified and detailed view of the performance of SAP and the entire IT infrastructure. As a result, administrators gain the insights they need to optimize the performance of SAP-powered business services, while spending less time watching the systems.
  • Leverage Docker containers to help expedite new network and product offerings Recorded: Mar 9 2016 26 mins
    Bernard Clairmont, Sr Principal Consultant - Presales
    Software as a Service (SaaS) has changed the software delivery model and it is now possible to discover a bug, fix it, and release the fix into production all in the same day. The speed to deliver innovation to your customers is only limited by your development operations

    As digital business capabilities dominate every industry, all organizations are becoming more agile. Everything is moving more quickly as companies try to achieve first-mover advantage by leveraging their network and offering advanced services.

    So how can you avoid your competition passing you?

    By leveraging Docker containers to help expedite your new network and product offerings.

    Containerization has existed for years, but Docker makes it easier to leverage containers to simplify continuous delivery. But you still need a way to eliminate the friction in the network product development and management process

    Join us for a webcast on [date] to learn
    • A three pillar strategy that focuses on maximizing the time teams spend innovating and eliminate process.
    • Techniques to help ensure your applications and network are continuously available and doing what it was designed to do from a user perspective.
    • Learn how containers can be leveraged to accelerate the testing of new network offerings without the overhead of spinning up and tearing down VM’s.
    • How all of this improves the efficiency of continuous delivery.
  • What’s new in CA Unified Infrastructure Management: Release 8.4 Recorded: Feb 18 2016 60 mins
    Umair Khan, Principal Product Marketing Manager; Robert Vacante & Tyler Peterson, Sr. Principal Product Managers
    CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) is trusted by hundreds of organizations across the
    globe to proactively ensure IT service reliability across hybrid infrastructures through a single unified
    view and architecture. Join us in this webcast to hear about the latest release and learn how you can
    • Speed bulk monitoring deployment using a new configuration service
    • Improve application performance and user experience through integration with CA ADA
    • Perform rapid root cause analysis and triage through upcoming integration with CA Spectrum
    • And much more...
Powerful and comprehensive Infrastructure Management across all domain
CA Technologies offers a comprehensive and unified approach to IT infrastructure management. These solutions can monitor and manage the availability and performance of your IT assets and services within traditional data centers as well as newer public cloud environments. Your organization’s overburdened IT operations teams can quickly and easily access the information they need to improve service quality, predictability and efficiency with less effort and reduced costs.

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  • Title: Redefining IT Infrastructure Management for Today's App Economy
  • Live at: May 20 2015 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jose Mora, Jeremy Rossbach, Umair Khan, CA Technologies
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