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Data Visualization and Discovery for Better Business Decisions

Data visualization and visual data discovery can enable diverse types of users—from data scientists working with big data to nontechnical business managers and frontline users—to see significant trends and patterns in data that they would have struggled to see in voluminous tabular reports and spreadsheets. As big data volumes grow and organizations seek to integrate diverse and complex information, users’ ability to comprehend information quickly and put it to productive use hinges on data visualization.

Join this TDWI webinar and learn how data visualization and discovery are enabling organizations to make better business decisions.
Recorded Sep 25 2014 64 mins
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Presented by
David Stodder Director of Research for Business Intelligence, TDWI
Presentation preview: Data Visualization and Discovery for Better Business Decisions

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  • Tableau in the Cloud: A Netflix Original Recorded: Jun 22 2017 65 mins
    Albert Wong - Reporting Platform Manager, Netflix
    See how Netflix built its analytics in the cloud with Tableau and Amazon Web Services

    Building out a data platform doesn't have to be like building a House of Cards, and our friends at Netflix know this better than anyone else. With 86 million members and counting, and more than 700 billion events per day, Netflix has had to expand their data capabilities by developing a scalable and flexible analytics platform built on Tableau and AWS.

    Attend this webinar to hear from Albert Wong, analytics expert at Netflix, to see how they simplified their data stack by building a data lake/data warehouse strategy which allows Netflix to collect and store massive amounts of data, supporting thousands of Tableau users with managed data.

    You'll learn about:

    How to set up effective analytics on top of enormous data sets
    How Netflix serves large groups of people with governed data
    The details of Netflix's data lake/data warehouse strategy
    How Netflix manages Hadoop with Tableau
  • Accelerate your Advanced Analytics Recorded: Jun 8 2017 51 mins
    Bora Beran, Product Manager, Tableau
    At Tableau we help people see and understand data. Seven words that drive everything we do. And they’ve never been more relevant. Tableau is all about making your analytics faster, smarter, and more powerful, so that everyone can get the answers they need. Helping people gain insight into their data to solve unexpected problems is what drives us.

    In this webinar, we will explore how Tableau can help with all stages of an analytics project, but focus specifically on a few advanced capabilities. Broadly, we will look at the following scenarios and the capabilities that support them:

    •Segmentation and Cohort Analysis
    •What-If and Scenario Analysis
    •Sophisticated Calculations
    •Time-Series Analysis
    •Predictive Analysis
    •R and Python Integration

    Attend to see how Tableau is making advanced analytics exploratory, faster and more scalable than ever before.
  • Sales Analytics: How to Build a Data-Driven Sales Strategy Recorded: May 24 2017 46 mins
    Joe Clarke, UK Sales Manager - Tableau
    Tableau is the one of the leading players in analytics, and like any company, Tableau needs to make decisions about sales data. As a data company, we’re always on the hunt for the best way to look at sales information to help make decisions about quota, territory management, and must-win deals.

    In this webinar, see how the sales team at Tableau have made sales analytics and dashboards part of their team daily routine. We're going to dive deep into the dashboards that sales leverage to manage their time, measure performance, collaborate globally, strategically target territories, and more. Joe Clarke, Tableau's UK & Ireland SalesManager will show you how sales performance management is obtained and adopted across the organisation.
  • Top 10 Cloud Trends for 2017 Recorded: May 17 2017 59 mins
    Ashley Kramer, Director of Product Management, Tableau and Marshall Daly, Cloud Data Evangelist, Tableau
    In 2016, cloud technologies went mainstream. But with maturity came the realization that moving to the cloud doesn’t happen overnight. As the shift to cloud progresses, we’re exploring the newest trends for cloud technology for the upcoming year.

    In this webinar you’ll learn more about:

    •Emerging global trends in cloud and cloud analytics

    •Tableau experts' take on the changing cloud landscape

    •Considerations for your 2017 cloud strategy
  • A Natural Language Processing (NLP) Approach to Data Exploration Recorded: Apr 21 2017 49 mins
    Melanie Troy, Senior Research Scientist, Tableau and Vidya Setlur, Senior Research Scientist, Tableau
    What if you could directly ask questions of your data and the software could respond with a selection, filter, or new visualization? In this DSC webinar, the Tableau Research team explains natural language queries and how they are (already) helping you visualize your data.

    In this webinar, explore:

    • What natural language processing (NLP) is

    • Examples of how NLP is already used in Tableau's geocoding and map search

    • A demonstration of some research prototypes that you might see in the not too distant future.

    Come participate in the discussion and tell us what things you would say to or ask your visualization!
  • 5 Things Your Spreadsheets Can't Do Recorded: Mar 31 2017 37 mins
    Erwin Van Laar, Tableau
    Discover the five critical ways to go beyond spreadsheets.

    For many, Excel is the go-to analysis tool of choice. However, for finding real insight from large volumes of data, spreadsheets simply won’t provide you with the answers you seek. In today’s data-driven world the real data wins are found in visual analysis.

    Watch this webinar to learn how to:

    -Avoid the drawbacks of using spreadsheets for data analysis
    -Leverage all of your data, no matter how big or where it lives
    -See the whole picture with data blending and cleansing
    -Create fast and interactive dashboards
  • IT Analytics: How a Data Company uses Analytics to Improve IT Recorded: Mar 22 2017 42 mins
    Brian Smith - VP, Technical Operations, Tableau
    Today’s IT departments can’t simply provide IT solutions to other departments. Passively processing other departments’ requests is no longer sufficient to meet modern business needs, power company growth, and excel in a constantly changing marketplace. Instead, IT must strive to be the leading force and early adopters for information technology themselves.

    Join this live webinar to see how Tableau’s IT department uses analytics on a daily basis to analyse their own performance and improve their own efficiency.
  • Top 10 Big Data Trends for 2017 Recorded: Mar 17 2017 63 mins
    Dan Kogan, Dir., Product Mktg, Vaidy Krishnan, Senior Manager, Product Mktg, and Robin Cottiss, Strategic Sales Consutantl
    This year, systems that support large volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to rise. The market will demand platforms that help data custodians govern and secure big data while empowering end users to analyze that data. Each year, Tableau starts a conversation about the new ways big data is changing the face of business. That discussion drives our list of top big data trends for the following year.

    In this webinar, explore:

    • Emerging trends in big data

    • Tableau experts' take on the changing big data landscape

    • Considerations for your 2017 big data strategy
  • Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2017 Recorded: Feb 28 2017 59 mins
    Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Dan Jewett VP, Product Management, and Josh Parenteau, Product Manager
    Every year at Tableau, we look back at the previous 12 months and evaluate the new ways technology is changing the face of business decisions. That discussion drives our list of top business intelligence trends for the year.

    In this webinar, explore:

    •Emerging trends in business intelligence
    •Tableau experts' take on the changing BI landscape
    •Considerations for your 2017 business intelligence strategy
  • Analyzing Data in Google BigQuery with Tableau Recorded: Feb 17 2017 45 mins
    Babu Elumalai, Big Data Technical Lead, Google; Ross Perez, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tableau
    Customers have been using Tableau and BigQuery to store and analyze large volumes of data for years, but BigQuery has recently released significant updates that will help Tableau customers find even more insight in their data.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    - How expanded standard SQL support can help you work more efficiently
    - Best practices for efficiency with Tableau and BigQuery
    - How to connect to BigQuery and create a visualization with Tableau
  • Marketing Analytics: Using Analytics to Become a Data-Driven Marketer Recorded: Jan 26 2017 56 mins
    Susan Graeme - EMEA Marketing Director at Tableau
    Marketers deal with data every day in every channel. Need to segment leads by job title for an email campaign? We’ve got data for that. Want to prove which programs generate higher quality leads than others? Go ask the data.

    In this webinar, we’ll show you exactly how a data company uses analytics in its marketing efforts. Susan Graeme, Marketing Director at Tableau, will show you examples of real marketing dashboards that we at Tableau use internally to drive world class marketing programs.
  • Building a Thriving Data Visualization Community Recorded: Jan 11 2017 61 mins
    Ben Jones, Director of Product Management, Tableau
    There’s a verse in Proverbs of the Tanakh that goes like this: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

    What does this verse mean? It means that when you have a good friend, that friend will push you and make you better and stronger. If you make a mistake, they’ll point it out to you in the right way so that you don’t make it again. If you do something well, they’ll pat you on the back, but they’ll also help you figure out how to do it even better next time. And vice versa.

    That’s the value of the data visualization community, and why the more voices that join, the better off we’ll all be.

    There’s a big qualifier to that statement, though. In order to reap benefits from our interactions with each other, we must avoid two diametrically opposed cultural paradigms which are the antithesis of iron sharpening iron. Attend this webinar to learn more.
  • IT Powered Enterprise Analytics Recorded: Dec 6 2016 48 mins
    Andy Cooper, Enterprise IT Consultant, Tableau
    Traditional report factories are rapidly becoming obsolete. Enterprise organizations are shifting to self-service analytics and looking for a sustainable, yet long-term approach to governance that satisfies the needs of both the business and IT.

    The Business needs real-time access to data to drive critical decisions. IT needs to audit and manage data to ensure it’s accurate, secure, and governed to scale.

    With only eight percent of people in traditional organizations able to both ask and answer their own questions, it’s time to take a closer look at your analytics strategy.

    Join this webinar to take a closer look at enterprise analytics and learn how:
    · Visual data analysis brings speed, value, accuracy, collaboration and leads to culture of analytics

    · Modern enterprises are eliminating boundaries between IT and the business

    · Shifting to enterprise self-service analytic tools empowers both the business and IT
  • The Modern Approach to Enterprise Analytics Recorded: Nov 17 2016 43 mins
    Josh Weyburne, Enterprise Sales Consultant at Tableau
    Traditional report factories are rapidly becoming obsolete. Enterprise organizations are shifting to self-service analytics and looking for a sustainable, yet long-term approach to governance that satisfies the needs of both the business and IT. The Business needs real-time access to data to drive critical decisions. IT needs to audit and manage data to ensure it’s accurate, secure, and governed to scale. With only eight percent of people in traditional organizations able to both ask and answer their own questions, it’s time to take a closer look at your analytics strategy.

    In this 45-minute webinar you'll learn about:

    - Visual data analysis brings speed, value, accuracy, collaboration and leads to culture of analytics
    - Modern enterprises are eliminating boundaries between IT and the business
    - Shifting to enterprise self-service analytic tools empowers both the business and IT
  • New Ways to Look at Time Series Data Recorded: Oct 19 2016 50 mins
    Andy Cotgreave, Tableau
    Showing time is more than just making a trendline. This webinar will show you multiple ways you can find new insights in your time-based data. Not only that, the bigger lesson is that in order to understand your data, it's vital to see time in as many ways as possible to glean the most insight from it.
  • Driving change across Lloyds Bank through collaborative dashboards Recorded: Oct 13 2016 20 mins
    Harmeen Birk, Director; Hristiyan Nedkov, Business Analyst, Tableau
    The world of commercial banking moves swiftly. B2B clients have complex needs and offer great opportunity for banks who can move fast, resolve queries quickly and provide a premium service. If relationship managers aren’t anticipating and responding to their client’s every need then business can easily be taken elsewhere. However, with hundreds of clients to manage at once, it is often impossible to keep them all happy.

    For one of the largest commercial banks in the UK, Tableau provided the perfect solution to create client dashboards to help relationship managers, product partners, and service and operational staff to all easily access and take action on client feedback, review product opportunities and keep up to date with client industry news.
  • 100 Years of Data Visualization – It’s Time to Stop Making the Same Mistakes Recorded: Sep 21 2016 53 mins
    Andy Cotgreave, Tableau
    In 1914, New Yorker Willard Brinton wrote Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts, the first book on telling stories through data and communicating information visually. Today, the volume of data in the world is exponentially increasing, the tools to transform analysis into stories are evolving—and 100 years later, Brinton’s lessons still hold true.

    In this 60-minute webinar, explore:

    - Visualization basics that withstand the test of time
    - The right charts for telling the right stories
    - Brinton’s checklist for communicating data

    Join Andy Cotgreave, Senior Technical Evangelist Manager at Tableau Software, for a 100 year flashback into the best practices that still shape effective storytelling through visual analytics.
  • Exploring 7 Kinds of Data Stories Recorded: Aug 17 2016 47 mins
    Ben Jones, Director of Product Management, Tableau
    What makes a story data-driven? It’s no secret that we’re all swimming in data. Journalists, in particular – but also businesspeople, analysts, students and more – want to tell stories with data. We know that the human brain is wired to understand data visually. Whether you’re looking at big or small data, bringing data visualizations into your work adds depth and detail to an article, report, or presentation.

    In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll cover seven types of data stories and how to incorporate them into your work. Whether you’re a reporter, a student, a businessperson, or anyone else, you’ll learn how to tell stronger, more compelling stories using data. You’ll be a better storyteller for it.
  • 5 Trends in Data: How and Where Data is Shifting to the Cloud Recorded: Jul 21 2016 33 mins
    Marshall Daly, Cloud Data Evangelist, Tableau Software
    Today, businesses harnessing data must navigate a wide variety of technologies—from data warehouses, Hadoop tools, and even web applications to cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments. Learn from an analysis of more than 1 million data connections to see how 4,000+ Tableau customers are building infrastructure to store, capture, and analyze their data.

    Tune in to learn:

    - From Amazon Redshift to Microsoft SQL Server to Google Analytics: what data sources are taking over, and which are falling off the map

    - Cloud, on-premise, or both? Where companies actually store their data, and why hybrid approaches matter now more than ever

    - Where the world of data used for analysis is headed in 2017
  • Don’t Discount the Data: How Groupon Merchandises for a Mobile-First World Recorded: Jun 23 2016 49 mins
    Meghna Suresh, Groupon; Ibrahim Maali, Groupon
    E-commerce companies often have to think of their online stores in very different ways from their brick and mortar counterparts. Within Groupon’s Relevance function, the focus is not only on ensuring that the company’s best-selling inventory is highly discoverable and featured on the right real estate, but also on delivering a highly personalized experience, tailoring the online store to an individual customer. The feature development process naturally involves numerous tradeoffs, and to identify the optimal user experience, every new product is rigorously A/B tested.

    Watch to learn:

    -The key metrics that drive merchandising decisions at Groupon
    -The best practices and pitfalls of designing A/B testing frameworks to build the best online store experience – separate the signal from the noise
    -How to build trust and credibility in your organization by democratizing data
Tell your story in data
Tableau makes it easy for people to rapidly transform data into smart business analytics. It’s a new kind of business intelligence software – rapid-fire business intelligence.

We’ve done years of research to build business analytics software that supports people’s natural ability to think visually. Shift fluidly between interactive views, graphs & reports, following your natural train of thought. You’re not stuck in wizards, bogged down writing scripts or waiting for IT to develop a report. You quickly create useful data visualizations, reports & dashboards. And then in a click, you share them across your organization.

All the things you wished you could do with business intelligence —work with huge data live or in-memory, mash up data sources, visualize data in multiple ways, build dashboards, create interactive data applications—are not only possible in Tableau but are also quick work.

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  • Presented by: David Stodder Director of Research for Business Intelligence, TDWI
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