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Service Success Begins with Your Users

IT departments have a lot to keep track of. Employees throughout the organization use assets, request licenses, change roles, and add business tools. They come and go in a steady stream. Luckily, the right tools and integrations can simplify these processes so your service desk can fluidly handle these transitions.
Recorded Dec 7 2017 40 mins
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Presented by
Matt Cox, Andy Zindel
Presentation preview: Service Success Begins with Your Users

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  • Successful ITIL Change Management with SolarWinds Service Desk Dec 4 2019 7:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Jason Yeary, Solutions Engineer, SolarWinds ITSM
    ITIL change management is designed to be simple and streamlined, and when it’s done right, it is both. However, it’s often the most intimidating service desk implementation for a number of reasons. Every IT organization needs a change management strategy to identify risks and minimize disruptions, and the importance of ITIL change management is only increasing as organizations become more reliant on technology.

    Join Jason Yeary, Solutions Engineer, ITSM at SolarWinds, as he discusses how the ultimate goal of IT change management is to limit the number and severity of change-related impacts on services, and also demonstrates successful change management execution through SolarWinds® Service Desk.

    - Change management process fundamentals
    - How to connect change management to other ITIL practices in your service desk
    - Using a CMDB to build complete data and risk assessment around changes
    - Avoiding change collision by leveraging calendar integrations
  • Integrating Your IT Tools With SolarWinds Service Desk Recorded: Nov 19 2019 31 mins
    Liz Beavers, Senior Solutions Engineer, SolarWinds ITSM
    Modern ITSM strategy includes far more than isolated break/fix tickets. In order to expand the capabilities of your service desk, it needs to integrate with the toolset IT is actively using. Join Liz Beavers, Senior Solutions Engineer with SolarWinds ITSM, as she demonstrates the integration capabilities within SolarWinds® Service Desk, including:

    - Integrating with identity management, user provisioning, and SSO
    - Creating application integrations with external tools within service catalog workflows
    - Aligning remote support sessions with incident records (with Dameware Remote Everywhere)
    - Bringing IT Operations into the Service Desk (SolarWinds Orion® integration spotlight)
  • 7 Steps to Automating IT Service in 2020 Recorded: Nov 6 2019 62 mins
    Matt Cox, Senior Director, Sales Engineering, SolarWinds ITSM
    In a recent survey, 63% of IT pros* said automation will be among the most critical features to enhance the employee experience in 2020.

    The service desk is one of the easiest and most powerful areas of IT to automate, and it has a direct impact on the employee experience. But there are some prerequisites to building service automation.

    In this presentation, we’ll provide a full checklist to setup service desk automation, including:

    - Goals for automating incident management and service workflows

    - How to build categories, subcategories, and other key points of data collection

    - How to ensure accurate data to power effective automations

    - How to create an employee-facing portal that allows your team to leverage automation

    *ITSM Survey on THWACK.com of global SolarWinds customer base in September 2019; 215 total responses.
  • Creating Positive Employee Engagement With the Service Desk Recorded: Oct 23 2019 33 mins
    Tim Lawes, Sales Engineering Manager, SolarWinds
    In a recent SolarWinds survey, over 85% of IT pros said that IT will be “mission critical” or “very important” in driving the employee experience in their organizations.

    As the workforce’s reliance on technology increases, IT is becoming increasingly connected to employees. The best way to start improving employee engagement is through the most prominent employee-facing function of IT: the service desk.

    That means the service desk needs to meet employees in convenient places for them, provide them with intuitive solutions and resources, and offer self-service.

    In this presentation, you’ll learn:
    - How to define IT’s role in employee engagement
    - How to model service design to meet employee expectations
    - The power of chat and mobile for convenient service delivery

    Who Should Attend:
    - IT Leaders
    - Service Desk Technicians
    - IT Asset Managers
  • How to Improve Service Delivery with SolarWinds Service Desk Recorded: Sep 18 2019 34 mins
    Nate Riley, Strategic Account Executive, SolarWinds ITSM
    SolarWinds Service Desk is a cloud-based, multi-tenant solution for both IT service management (ITSM) and IT asset management (ITAM). Complete with ITIL functionality for incident, problem, change, and release management, Service Desk pairs a customizable service portal experience with a powerful backend for service delivery.

    In this demo, you’ll see how SolarWinds Service Desk makes it easy to:

    - Streamline incident, problem, change, and release practices

    - Simplify resolution of employee requests using AI and automation

    - Speed service delivery with time-saving workflows and ticket routing rules

    - Adopt ITIL best practices with robust technology asset data and asset management capabilities

    - Enable employees with a self-service portal and service catalog of request forms
  • Using Complete ITAM Data to Improve Your ITSM Recorded: Aug 22 2019 30 mins
    Jason Yeary
    IT asset management (ITAM) and IT service management (ITSM) are the perfect partners in crime (so to speak). An organization’s success within each discipline can impact the employee’s experience. In fact, these two areas of IT should live together, fully integrated and compliment each other.

    The service desk is the epicenter for employees’ relationships with business technology, and IT asset management holds the data for the technology they use. That means a clear view of asset data and histories can help deliver better incident management and request fulfillment. It can drive successful change, problem, and release management. It can drive automated actions that connect employees to the resources they need, and help manage the risks that you don’t need.

    In this presentation, you’ll learn:
    - How to build a self-sustaining IT asset management strategy as a main pillar to growing your ITSM strategy
    - How to improve your existing incident management process by automatically linking tickets with the underlying assets related to them through asset discovery
    - How to analyze the impact of technology changes, and improve tracking and resolutions of employee impacting issues
  • How to Align Your Service Desk With Digital Transformation Recorded: Jul 16 2019 43 mins
    Liz Beckner, Senior Solutions Engineer, SolarWinds ITSM
    We all agree that digital transformation is a necessity in today’s technology-driven environment.
    But it can be expensive, and it can be difficult to adjust to track tools and data throughout an
    organization. That’s why IT service management (ITSM) best practices play a vital role.

    The service desk connects data, technology, and processes. It ensures employees have access
    to the resources they need, and it helps IT quickly resolve issues that arise. Modern service
    desk platforms can track every asset within a technology environment, and use that data to
    resolve problems, roll out changes, and make informed spending decisions.

    In this presentation, you’ll learn:

    ● Why a combined ITAM and ITSM solution can drive your digital transformation
    ● What types of advanced technology are already available to the service desk
    ● How to ensure your ITSM strategy centers on the employee experience with technology
  • Automation: The Foundation for a Mature Service Desk Recorded: Jun 26 2019 31 mins
    Sarah Nielsen, Implementation Manager, SolarWinds ITSM
    Firefighting in ITSM is a necessary chore. Devices break and systems fail spontaneously. But that reactive element is only part of the ITSM picture. It's time for IT departments to graduate from the firefighting help desk to a more powerful service desk driven by automation. What does that mean?

    It means that your service desk should have automated workflows in place to drive regular processes forward. It should be strategically built, with a customized experience, tailored to the organization’s needs. Employees should have an intuitive experience with IT (and other service providers) so they don’t need to go hunting for solutions to unfamiliar problems.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn some different ways to set up your service desk solution, and how to find opportunities for efficiency, including:

    - Automating multi-step workflows and ticket routing
    - Creating a single platform for employees through the service portal
    - Using artificial intelligence to connect employees with faster solutions
    - Creating a customized environment driven by user provisioning and accurate data collection
  • Using AI and Automations to Drive a Better Service Desk Experience Recorded: Apr 3 2019 34 mins
    Matt Cox
    You may not always notice artificial intelligence in the products you use, but you should notice a better, more intuitive experience. As AI trickles into the service desk, it’s important to keep that goal in mind: provide value to the employee through a better experience.

    Join Matt Cox, Senior Director of Technical Operations at Samanage for a look at the tangible value of AI in the service desk, including:

    -How to meet employees where they work
    -How to connect them with self-service options
    -How to create a single platform for service with smart technology

    You'll also see a demonstration of how AI drives a more efficient service experience in the Samanage Service Platform.
  • How to Increase Employee Productivity by Automating Service Management Recorded: Feb 27 2019 30 mins
    Liz Beckner
    The primary goal of service management is deliver value to the customer, or internally, your employees. As advanced technology reshapes the service desk, there are more and more ways to enhance service delivery. In this webinar, ITIL-certified Samanage Senior Solutions Engineer Liz Beckner will discuss:

    - How she has helped organizations integrate technology within the service desk
    - How automated workflows and self-service provide maximum value
    - How to create a single platform for services in multiple departments
    - New research on how the experience with the service desk impacts employee productivity

    Join us to start transforming the service experience for your employees!
  • How to Avoid Internal Friction When Expanding Service Management Recorded: Dec 11 2018 54 mins
    Sean Sebring and Jason Yeary
    Sean Sebring is an IT Process Improvement Manager who used his service management platform as a vehicle to improve business processes throughout the organization. In fact, over 50% of licensed agents in his organization are outside of IT. In this webinar, he'll cover:

    - How to create buy-in from stakeholders
    - How to work "on the schedule of the business"
    - How to drive process improvement in IT and beyond
  • Streamlining Service Management Through Platform Extensibility Recorded: Oct 10 2018 49 mins
    Margarethe Pfeffer, Shantel Krishnan, and Carter Whitley
    Samanage customer, DPR Construction, will share how they have pushed the boundaries of service management. They'll present how they’re providing the highest level of service to their employees using the Samanage Service Platform.
  • How IT Plays a Lead Role in Expanding Service Management Recorded: Sep 19 2018 46 mins
    Liz Beckner and Shvonne Craig
    IT leaders are experts in service management. From ITIL best practices, to building workflows, to measuring service delivery, IT has it down to a science.

    But the employee experience reaches far beyond IT. This webinar will show you how IT can take a leadership role in helping other departments deliver the same quality services to employees throughout the organization. Shvonne Craig, Director of IT Services at EXOS, will explain how she helped create a single platform for employee support by including all of the major stakeholders.
  • 3 Steps IT Can Take to Deliver a Better Employee Experience Recorded: Aug 8 2018 49 mins
    Matt Cox, Bryan Greer
    Goya Foods is a global organization serving thousands of customers all over the world. How does an organization that large deliver a better employee experience? Join Bryan Greer, Senior System Engineer at Goya Foods, as he shares the top three ways they've used IT service management best practices to improve internal customer satisfaction:
    - Build a user-friendly service portal
    - Measure success with tangible data
    - Continuous improvement and expansion of best practices
  • Modernizing the Employee Experience Through IT Service Management Recorded: Jul 25 2018 44 mins
    Kyle Shepard, Matt Cox, Joseph Brown
    Organizations are looking to access services in a completely different way. In the past, technology leaders have had to deal with multiple softwares or solutions for individual lines of business, now they have the opportunity to take all of the services within an organization and measure them through one service platform. In this panel discussion, we’ll go through the tenants of customer service and how those are now applied through IT service management best practices to make this the era of employee services.
  • Employee Service is a Game Changer Recorded: Jul 17 2018 42 mins
    Bob Gardner, David Russell
    In today’s organization, every department is a service provider. Modern service management strategy has drastically improved IT services, but employees need more than that. Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), actually introduced a service catalog and ticketing strategy through its marketing department. It was such a success that multiple departments followed suit. Learn how they strategized, implemented, and measured results throughout their organization!
  • Changing the Mindset of Your Employees with Service Portal Adoption Recorded: Jul 12 2018 35 mins
    Susan Bonville, Tina Williams & Kyle Shepard
    In this webinar, we’ll show you how adoption of your self-service portal can improve both CSAT and service desk efficiency, as well as increase collaboration across the organization. We’ll also introduce you to First Health of the Carolinas, as they share how they creatively pushed portal adoption throughout their large organization, turning thousands of potential help desk phone calls into thousands of quickly-resolved tickets.
  • GDPR: Samanage Looking To The Future Recorded: May 29 2018 42 mins
    Matt Stone
    The new GDPR guidelines have brought us to a new level of oversight for dealing with data privacy.

    In this webinar we will discuss:
    What data privacy means to Samanage.
    How Samanage approached GDPR compliance within the ITSM space. How Samanage will be operationalizing privacy management post May 25 2018.
    Best practice methods for Samanage and our customers to work together to maintain compliance.
  • Toolkit: 5 Essential ITSM Best Practices and How to Implement Them Recorded: May 16 2018 36 mins
    Joseph Brown - Senior Manager, Implementation at Samanage
    In this webinar, Samanage will give you a toolkit that will enable you to apply the 5 must-do ITSM best practices to every department in your organization – all while increasing employee satisfaction and driving positive business results.

    What Joseph will cover:

    1. ITIL - How can other departments benefit from incorporating elements of the ITIL framework that promote continuous improvements to best streamline service delivery?

    2. Knowledge Base - What if your organization had a comprehensive database of articles, resources, and resolutions available for all employees to easily access no matter what department they were submitting a request to?

    3. Self-Service - How about if you had a single portal where employees can submit an IT ticket, facilities ticket, or even a catering request for an event?

    4. Automations - From SLA breach alerts to new hire onboarding requests, wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate redundant tasks, set up alerts, and more?

    5. Service Catalog - How can a robust service catalog streamline everyday workflows across departments, like a request for marketing to update the company website?
  • Service Success Begins with Your Users Recorded: Dec 7 2017 40 mins
    Matt Cox, Andy Zindel
    IT departments have a lot to keep track of. Employees throughout the organization use assets, request licenses, change roles, and add business tools. They come and go in a steady stream. Luckily, the right tools and integrations can simplify these processes so your service desk can fluidly handle these transitions.
For IT pros who see the whole picture.
SolarWinds® Service Desk helps organizations simplify daily IT tasks, better connect with employees, and drive business productivity throughout the organization with an integrated IT asset management and service management platform.

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  • Live at: Dec 7 2017 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Matt Cox, Andy Zindel
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