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Delivering Full Value of OpenStack – Mixing Evolution with Revolution

OpenStack is the ideal platform for the development of new cloud-native workloads and DevOps. However, more and more enterprise users also see huge potential in OpenStack to help drive efficiency improvements, increase productivity and lower costs in their existing traditional data centers.

Join us to discuss how OpenStack can expand and evolve the abilities of existing infrastructure and free IT to be more active in experimenting with new revolutionary technologies and applications.
Recorded Sep 21 2016 50 mins
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Presented by
Mark Smith
Presentation preview: Delivering Full Value of OpenStack – Mixing Evolution with Revolution

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  • Technical Briefing - Open, vendor neutral, infrastructure management with SUSE Jul 26 2018 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Don Vosburg, Technology Specialist, SUSE
    Join our SUSE StandUp webinar! In this 30 minute session, our subject-matter experts will give you a technical deep-dive/live demo on our SUSE solutions.
  • SEP sesam und SUSE Enterprise Storage Jul 13 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Michael Jonas, SUSE
    Eine Lösung für unternehmensweites Backup-, Restore- und Disaster Recovery
  • DeepSea: Deploying and Managing Ceph with Salt Jul 12 2018 1:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Tim Serong, SUSE
    DeepSea - built on top of the Salt configuration management system - is a tool for deploying and managing Ceph storage clusters at scale. This 30 minute technical webinar provides a brief overview of Salt and Ceph, then goes into detail on how to use DeepSea itself to get a Ceph cluster up and running.
  • How to Secure Kubernetes Deployments with Container Firewalls Recorded: Jun 20 2018 42 mins
    Glen Kosaka - VP Product Management, NeuVector and Martin Buitrago - Business Development - ISV at SUSE
    The highly automated deployments made possible by Kubernetes make it difficult to secure containers in production. Traditional tools are blind to container network traffic and can't see what's happening within a container. With NeuVector and SUSE CaaS, enterprises can deploy Kubernetes applications securely, automatically detecting new pods and network changes as containers scale or update. NeuVector protects containers from violations, threats, and container exploits with a multi-vector container firewall. Containers are also scanned for vulnerabilities and security benchmarks run for compliance and auditing.
  • Capacitación Tecnica - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Aplicaciones Recorded: Jun 20 2018 74 mins
    Cesar Lorca, Presales Engineer y Anders Olesen, Partner Executive
    El miércoles 20 de Junio - Capacitación Técnica
    10.00hrs - 12.00hrs - SUSE FOR SAP Modulo 2
    •Instalación del Sistema Operativo
    •Configuración de Linux Enterprise Server para Aplicaciones SAP
  • Asociese al socio estrategio de SAP. Capacitación - suse linux enterprise server Recorded: Jun 19 2018 93 mins
    Cesar Lorca, Presales Engineer y Anders Olesen, Partner Executive
    Dia 1 - Capacitación Comercial

    10.00 hrs - 11.00hrs - Modelo de Canales

    •¿Que es el SUSE Partner Program?
    •Requisitos de Inscripción y Beneficios de Asociarse a SUSE
    •Certificaciones en SUSE y Administración de Ventas

    11.00hrs - 12.00hrs - SUSE FOR SAP Modulo 1
    •Conoce la cooperación entre SUSE y SAP
    •Que es SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications?
  • Technical Webinar - SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 delivers scalability & flexibility Recorded: Jun 7 2018 34 mins
    Simon Briggs, EMEA Technical Director & Cameron Seader, Technical Strategist, SUSE
    Join our SUSE StandUp webinar! In this 30 minute session, our subject-matter experts will give you a technical deep-dive/live demo on our SUSE solutions.
  • O completo portolio SUSE para Infraestrutura Definida por Software OpenSource Recorded: Jun 7 2018 77 mins
    Aslan Carlos e Vinicius Neuhauss - SUSE System Engineers
    A SUSE, pioneira em software open source, fornece soluções confiáveis e interoperáveis de Linux, infraestrutura de nuvem e armazenamento que dão às empresas maior controle e flexibilidade. Com mais de 25 anos de excelência em engenharia, um serviço excepcional e um ecossistema de parceiros sem igual, a SUSE fornece produtos e suporte que ajudam os clientes a gerenciar a complexidade, reduzir custos e fornecer serviços essenciais com confiança. Os relacionamentos duradouros que a companhia construiu permitem adaptar e entregar a inovação mais inteligente que os clientes precisam para ter sucesso hoje e amanhã. Conheça o portfolio da SUSE neste Webinar!
  • Complete data protection for the SAP HANA environment Recorded: Jun 6 2018 56 mins
    Alan Clarke - SUSE, Tom Elkhuizen & Ralf Bogner - SEP and David Frost ST-FOUR
    Discussion on how to use industry-leading IT infrastructure and application technologies to provide a complete data protection for the SAP HANA environment.
  • SUSE Container Ecosystem Survey Recorded: May 29 2018 23 mins
    Frank Rego - Director of ISV Program | Ruben Crazzolara - ISV Research Analyst
    In 2017, SUSE released the SUSE CaaS (Container as a Service) Platform and the Container Application Platform (CAP). These new container management solution enables IT and DevOps professionals to more easily manage applications and services. Preceding the launch of the SUSE container partnership program, the ISV partner team has send out a survey to find out how the SUSE partner ecosystem plans to adopt containers. We found out that the benefits for DevOps and market demand are driving the release of container deployment options and certifying those options is important.

    SUSE CaaS Platform enables IT and DevOps professionals to more easily deploy, manage, and scale container-based applications. Container technology plays a key role in facilitating digital transformation by speeding application delivery, facilitating application portability, and enabling a new class of high performance cloud native applications. SUSE surveyed our ISV partner ecosystem to find out how commercial software companies are adopting container technologies, and in this webinar, we’ll present the results of that survey. We’ll also introduce our new Ready certification for SUSE CaaS Platform for ISVs who are building containers, and showcase some of our SUSE CaaS Platform partners and their solutions.
  • Transforme la manera en la que despliega y entrega servicios en el Data Center Recorded: May 24 2018 52 mins
    Marco Bañuelos - SUSE Systems Engineer
    ¿Pensando en Devops? Piense en SUSE.
    Para que las organizaciones se den cuenta del valor de una infraestructura definida por software, necesitan adoptar nuevas metodologías, como DevOps.

    SUSE no solo proporciona las tecnologías de infraestructura open source que necesita, sino que también compartimos las herramientas y el IP que estamos desarrollando y utilizando para DevOps (Open Build Service & openQA).

    Las soluciones de SUSE ayudan a respaldar su adopción de un modelo DevOps al proporcionar y respaldar las herramientas que necesita para transformar su infraestructura para administración del ciclo de vida de la aplicación, reduciendo el tiempo de comercialización, mejorando la eficiencia y satisfaciendo las cambiantes demandas comerciales.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Beta – How to Migrate to SLE 15. (Technical Briefing) Recorded: May 23 2018 55 mins
    Thorsten Kukuk, Senior Architect, SUSE
    As a Beta participant you have enjoyed the experience of SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) 15. Now you must be exploring how to move from SLE 11 or SLE 12 to SLE 15. During this session, Senior Architect, Thorsten Kukuk, will do a technical deep dive and educate you about installation details and various options for upgrading to SLE 15. Bring your questions, learn from other Beta participants questions and participate in a lively Q&A session.
  • 7 Reasons to Choose SUSE for your Transition to SAP S/4HANA Recorded: May 22 2018 35 mins
    Michael Tabron, Product Marketing Manager, SUSE
    When you’re considering a move to SAP S/4HANA, you have decisions to make not only about your business processes but also in transitioning your infrastructure whether on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid implementation.

    In this webinar Michael Tabron, SUSE Product Marketing Manager for SAP Solutions, will start with a brief overview of the reasons Digital Transformation has become a business imperative, and how SAP helps its customers address this challenge. Then he will give you 7 reasons why SUSE gives you the most complete and flexible platform regardless of how you choose to implement SAP S/4HANA.
  • SUSE & PoINT: Die Lösung für unstrukturierte Daten und Archivierung Recorded: May 18 2018 45 mins
    Michael Jonas
    Viele Primärspeichersysteme sind vollkommen überladen mit unstrukturierten Daten, die niemand mehr nutzt.
    Dateien, auf die Monate oder sogar Jahre nicht mehr zugegriffen wurde, belegen Speicherplatz auf kostenintensiven Mid-Range- oder gar High-End Systemen
    Zudem muss neben eigenen Compliance-Anforderungen auch die EU-DSGVO umgesetzt werden.

    Das Gute - es gibt eine Lösung!
  • DevOps : du code à la production Recorded: May 17 2018 51 mins
    Brice DEKANY, Ingénieur avant-ventes, SUSE
    Lors d’une rencontre avec les équipes développement de chez Experis-IT, SUSE présente les outils devops pour créer un pipeline d’intégration et déploiement continu (CI/CD).
    Git, Jenkins, Portus et Kubernetes : démonstration en live d’une modification de code et suivi de la chaine des outils pour construire une image Docker et le déployer sur un cluster de containers.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 – driving the software-defined infrastructure of tomorrow Recorded: May 16 2018 56 mins
    Matthew Johns, Product Marketing, SUSE & T.R. Bosworth, Senior Product Manager, SUSE
    Private clouds and software-defined infrastructure aren’t new concepts, but deployments can be costly and stressful. As one of the first vendors to release an enterprise-ready distribution of OpenStack, the open source cloud operating system, SUSE are well-known for making OpenStack easier to deploy than doing it yourself.

    Join the SUSE team at this webinar to hear about why software-defined infrastructure is important to all businesses today, and how the latest version of the SUSE OpenStack Cloud, can help businesses during the digital revolution of today. With a new deployment engine, enhanced support for software-defined networking, full support for bare metal provisioning and more, learn how SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 delivers expanded interoperability, scalability and flexibility, enabling businesses to transform their IT to conquer.
  • La inactividad no es una opción Recorded: May 9 2018 45 mins
    Andrés Mendez
    Los tiempos de inactividad son sinónimo de pérdidas para el negocio.

    Sea por interrupciones planificadas para actualizaciones del sistema o de hardware o para periodos de inactividad impredecibles derivados de fallos o incluso de desastres naturales, la inactividad no puede ser una opción.

    Su negocio debe adaptarse rápidamente a las nuevas circunstancias que surgen cada día y seguir el ritmo del mundo empresarial. A medida que aumenta la demanda de la gestión de sistemas y la seguridad, SUSE Linux Enterprise consigue controlar los gastos y que todo funcione de manera eficaz, la extensión de alta disponibilidad para SUSE Linux Enterprise elimina casi por completo el tiempo de inactividad no planificado y SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension le ayuda a desmarcarse de la competencia.

    Participe del webinar para conocer esta solución!
  • Containerorchestrierung mit Kubernetes - die Challenge im Rechenzentrumsbetrieb? Recorded: May 8 2018 38 mins
    Carsten Duch (SUSE) und Thomas Husemann (Fujitsu)
    Die Container Technologie und die Orchestrierung über Kubernetes hat grundlegende Fortschritte bei der Softwareentwicklung durch automatisierte Integrations- und Testsysteme bis hin zu DevOps ermöglicht. Verweist man zusätzlich auf die rapide steigende Zahl der Software-Anbieter die konsequent auf Container-Technologie setzen, dann bedeutet dies für den IT Betrieb sich mit dem Thema konstruktiv zu stellen, wenn er es bislang noch nicht getan hat.
    In diesem Webcast werden Thomas Husemann (Fujitsu) und Carsten Duch (SUSE) die Containertechnik näher betrachten. Dazu wird das zugrundeliegende Prinzip kurz beleuchtet, die Vorteile für die Software-Entwicklung und deren Betrieb daraus abgeleitet und vor dem Hintergrund realer Projekte aufgezeigt, was sich aus Betriebssicht ändern wird und wie die Integration in die Unternehmens-IT aussehen kann und soll.
  • Die SuperSUSE kommt Recorded: May 4 2018 50 mins
    Michael Jonas
    - Zertifizierte und gestete Kombination aus Supermicro und SUSE ....... eben SuperSUSE
    - Individuell auf die Wünsche unserer Kunden anzupassen
    - Lösung aus einer Hand
    - grenzelos skalierbar
    - Enterprise Funktionalitäten
    - keine Migrationen,keine Speicherengpässe
    - eine kosteneffektive Lösung für dynamisch wachsenden Speicher
  • La plataforma líder para aplicaciones SAP en Linux Recorded: Apr 26 2018 41 mins
    Marco Bañuelos
    Transición fluida a S/4HANA con SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, por lo que ofrece un rendimiento optimizado, menos tiempo de inactividad y agiliza la implantación y la conversión de SAP ERP y las aplicaciones BPM a Linux. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications es el principal entorno operativo para entornos SAP y la primera solución que admite servidores basados en procesadores Intel/AMD x86-64 e IBM POWER para SAP HANA.
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  • Live at: Sep 21 2016 2:00 pm
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