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DevOps Tools - Orchestrating AWS and the Software-Defined Data Center

All the industry buzz would lead an unsuspecting observer to believe a combination of cloud, containers and DevOps will magically deliver digital business nirvana. Cut through the hype and you'll discover substantial challenges remain in the form of tech complexity. In this presentation and demonstration SUSE teams with SaltStack to show how smart orchestration and automation tooling can supplement DevOps teams and processes to get the most out of fundamental cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services. Done right, more agile business is possible through cloud control layered with configuration automation, continuous code deployment and event-driven DevOps orchestration.
Recorded Nov 3 2016 59 mins
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Presented by
Charles Ruffino, Solutions Engineer - Saltstack
Presentation preview: DevOps Tools - Orchestrating AWS and the Software-Defined Data Center

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  • Combine a agilidade do OpenStack com a confiabilidade do Enterprise Sep 5 2017 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Aslan Carlos
    Participe do Webinar e saiba como obter mais inovação, ajudando a controlar e reduzir os custos com o SUSE OpenStack Cloud

    Sua empresa precisa de flexibilidade para responder de maneira eficiente às novas exigências.

    O SUSE OpenStack Cloud oferece tecnologia pronta para empresas para a criação de nuvens particulares de IaaS (Infraestrutura como Serviço), permitindo o acesso a pools de recursos de TI automatizados para desenvolver e executar aplicativos e workloads com eficiência no seu data center.

    O SUSE OpenStack Cloud é totalmente integrado ao SUSE Enterprise Storage, com tecnologia Ceph, para oferecer recursos de armazenamento definido por software altamente escaláveis e resilientes.
    Principais recursos

    Processo de instalação simplificado
    Integração com o portfólio SUSE
    Confiável e pronto para produção
    Baseado na versão OpenStack Newton
    Suporta SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 2

    SUSE OpenStack Cloud é baseado no OpenStack, a principal solução aberta para nuvens particulares.
  • FAST SAP Migrations to AWS Aug 30 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Steven Jones, Global Head of SAP Architecture, AWS | David Rocha, Public Cloud Architect, SUSE
    Learn how you can take an on-premises SAP application running on a non-HANA (anyDB) database, and use the SAP Rapid Migration Test program with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to migrate to an SAP HANA version of your application on AWS.

    Learn how AWS Quickstarts and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications enable customers to move to the cloud and upgrade to SAP HANA in as little as 48 hours and for as little as $1,000 in infrastructure costs.
  • SUSE Manager -- konténerek felügyelete és más újdonságok Aug 25 2017 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Hargitai Zsolt
    Napjainkban egyre több alkalmazást fejlesztenek, illetve futtatnak konténerizált környezetben és ezért az informatikusok számára egyre nagyobb kihívást jelent a konténer alapú infrastruktúrák felügyelet. A SUSE Manager a nyílt forráskódú világ leghatékonyabb felügyeleti megoldása. Vegyen Ön is részt webinárunkon, melyen megismerkedhet a legújabb 3.1-es SUSE Manager újdonságaival és azokkal a szolgáltatásaival, amelyek ideálissá teszik konténerek felügyeletére is!
  • CephFS:未来文件系统 Recorded: Aug 16 2017 58 mins
    David Disseldorp, 高级软件工程师 & Jan Fajerski, 企业存储高级开发者
    在短短60分钟内,Ceph存储专家就我们酷炫的SUSE解决方案分享了重要的和引人注目的行业领先资讯! CephFS:未来文件系统

    CephFS是一个可扩展的集群POSIX文件系统,构建在Ceph可靠,自主的分布式对象存储上。 这个演讲将简要介绍Ceph和CephFS,其架构和潜在的应用案例。 我们将探索其令人印象深刻的功能和广泛的配置选项。 看看CephFS的未来挑战和路线图。
  • CephFS: A File System for the Future Recorded: Aug 15 2017 58 mins
    David Disseldorp & Jan Fajerski, SUSE
    在短短60分鐘內,Ceph存儲專家就我們酷炫的SUSE解決方案分享了重要的和引人注目的行業領先資訊! CephFS:未來文件系統

  • Letnia Akademia SUSE - zarządzanie farmami serwerów Linux i kontenerami Recorded: Aug 3 2017 122 mins
    Piotr Szewczuk, trener SUSE, LiveTrainings
    Na zajęciach w ramach Akademii SUSE przedstawiamy krok po kroku nie tylko najbardziej interesujące funkcje rozwiązań SUSE, ale także jak zacząć z nich korzystać.

    Temat pierwszego spotkania to zarządzanie farmami serwerów Linux i kontenerami z SUSE Manager 3.1 (dystrybucje rpm – SUSE/Red Hat).

    - Opis funkcjonalny rozwiązania
    - Instalacja oprogramowania
    - Omówienie modułu SALT
    - Pokaz oprogramowania SUSE Manager

    Więcej informacji: www.suse.com/products/suse-manager
  • Deploying SUSE CaaS Platform and container-based applications- Technical Webinar Recorded: Jul 26 2017 30 mins
    Rob Knight, EMEA Technical Director
    In this standup webinar, Rob takes on the challenge of deploying an 11 node Kubernetes cluster, and then deploying an online shopping app, as well as logging and monitoring capabilities. Using SUSE CaaS Platform, he shows us how to get the job done quickly and easily, while entertaining technical questions along the way.
  • Transforming IT with Containers and the SUSE CaaS Platform Recorded: Jul 19 2017 60 mins
    Jennifer Kotzen & Simona Arsene, SUSE
    Containers have proven to be useful tools for application development and operations teams, playing a key role in facilitating important transformational change, and touching everything from application architecture and infrastructure choices to business process and operational models. Join us as we explore popular use cases for containerization, and take a look at the SUSE CaaS Platform, on which you can build, deliver, and manage containerized workloads.
  • SUSE CaaS Platform Recorded: Jul 17 2017 11 mins
    容器可以为您节省大量成本,使您能够构建和部署下一代应用程序。许多组织在寻求采用软件定义的基础设施,以便支持应用程序容器化,从而改善业务敏捷性。SUSE® Container as a Service (CaaS) Platform 提供一个统一的平台,使您可以专心开发容器应用程序,加快实现您的业务目标,同时节省容器基础设施的开发和维护成本。
  • Compliant containers with SUSE Manager - Grow Your Technical Knowledge Recorded: Jul 6 2017 29 mins
    Donald Vosburg, SUSE
    Get some excellent technical details about "getting ready for a world of compliant containers with SUSE Manager" in only 30 minutes!
  • Revisionssichere Archivierung mit iCAS und SUSE Enterprise Storage Recorded: Jun 30 2017 60 mins
    Thomas Käßheimer (iTernity) und Thomas Grätz (SUSE)
    Risiken minimieren und Compliance-Anforderungen erfüllen

    Die Archivierungs-Middleware iCAS von iTernity ist ab sofort als Bundle mit der softwaredefinierten Storage-Lösung SUSE Enterprise Storage verfügbar. Das Bundle vereint eine leistungsstarke revisionssichere Archiv-Plattform mit skalierbarem und kostengünstigem Speicher.
  • Getting ready for a world of compliant containers with SUSE Manager Recorded: Jun 28 2017 43 mins
    Terri Schlosser & Joachim Werner, SUSE
    As more and more applications are developed and deployed using containers, it is important for IT Operations and DevOps teams to be able to manage the container infrastructure. They must also ensure that these containers maintain and adhere to their internal security and compliance regulations. SUSE Manager, delivers best-in-class open source infrastructure management with new enhancements focused on improving DevOps efficiency with enhanced management of software templates and compliance, in hybrid cloud and container infrastructures. Join us to learn more about how SUSE Manager can help you get ready for a world of compliant containers.
  • Automating Bare Metal Infrastructure for Any Workload Recorded: Jun 7 2017 46 mins
    Greg Bruno, VP of Engineering/Co-founder - StackIQ | Frank Rego - SUSE
    Join this webinar and learn how you can build server clusters faster for any workload (Hadoop, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, etc.) with Stacki Pro & SUSE.

    When you’re deploying hundreds or even thousands of servers, you cannot leave anything to manual configuration and scripts if you want your cluster up quickly (and correctly). Stacki Pro enables customers to start automating from the beginning allowing then to go from bare metal to a running application in a single step. With Stacki Pro now ported to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 and certified by SUSE, customers can use Stacki Pro to provision nodes running the latest version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • Simplifying HPC System Software at Scale Recorded: May 31 2017 43 mins
    Ed de la Fuente - Intel | Jeff Reser - SUSE
    SUSE and Intel discuss the community approach taken to bringing the Intel® HPC Orchestrator to market and how a validated stack for HPC system software can reduce complexity.
  • CephFS: A File System for the Future Recorded: May 24 2017 58 mins
    David Disseldorp & Jan Fajerski, SUSE
    CephFS is a scalable clustered POSIX filesystem built atop Ceph's reliable, autonomous, distributed object store. This talk will cover a quick introduction to Ceph and CephFS, its architecture and potential use cases. We will explore some of its impressive features and extensive configuration options. A look on CephFS' future challenges and road-map will conclude this talk.
  • Futureproof your datacenter with SUSE Linux Enterprise for ARM Recorded: Apr 20 2017 37 mins
    Jay Kruemcke
    Did you know that ARM processors becoming important for enterprise IT shops? After more than thirty years and more than 50 billion processors shipped, systems based on ARM processors are poised to take on enterprise datacenter workloads. Register for this webinar to learn why ARM is becoming important for the datacenter and how SUSE has become the leader in providing commercially supported Linux for ARM-based systems.
  • Change is Everywhere! How an OpenStack Cloud Can Help You Deal With It. Recorded: Apr 18 2017 40 mins
    Pete Chadwick, Director of Product Management, Cloud & Systems & Mark Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager
    The adoption of cloud computing continues to accelerate, driven by customer demand for new services and fast-changing technology trends including DevOps, containers and cloud-native apps.

    Join us to learn how an OpenStack cloud platform, with Kubernetes-as-a-Service, can help you adapt and innovate to meet the challenges ahead.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud - Grow Your Technical Knowledge Recorded: Mar 29 2017 32 mins
    Simon Briggs, SUSE
    Get some excellent technical details about SUSE OpenStack Cloud in only 15 minutes!
  • Change is Everywhere! How Can SUSE OpenStack Cloud Help You Deal With It? Recorded: Mar 22 2017 52 mins
    Mark Smith
    The adoption of cloud computing continues to accelerate, driven by customer demand for new services and fast-changing technology trends including DevOps, containers and cloud-native apps.
    The impact of rapid change on business is profound. As always, there will be winners and losers.
    Join us to learn how SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 can help you adapt and innovate to meet the challenges ahead.
  • SUSE Container as a Service Platform - Grow your Technical knowledge Recorded: Feb 27 2017 29 mins
    Rob Knight
    Get some excellent technical details on Container as a Service in only 15 minutes!
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  • Title: DevOps Tools - Orchestrating AWS and the Software-Defined Data Center
  • Live at: Nov 3 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Charles Ruffino, Solutions Engineer - Saltstack
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