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Driving Digital Transformation with SUSE Global Services

The digital economy is here and you are under tremendous pressure to transform your IT department to meet the new normal of delivering exceptional customer experiences.  At the same time, you have to continue to meet the needs of everyday business and maintain core legacy IT systems. With skills scarce and in high demand, how do you do both?  

The answer is partnering with a trusted open source provider with a strong services arm.  One who can jumpstart your transformation and stand by your side as an advocate for your business.

SUSE Global Services has flexible consulting delivery solutions and premium support services options to maximize value from open source solution investments.
Recorded Nov 13 2018 26 mins
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Presented by
Stacey Miller, Product Marketing Manager, SUSE Global Services & Jeff Loomis, SUSE Services Director, North America
Presentation preview: Driving Digital Transformation with SUSE Global Services

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  • Transforming SAP Operations Jun 24 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Michael Tabron, Product Marketing Manager, SUSE
    Now, more than ever, organizations need to transform critical operations like maintaining supply chains, financial management and customer relations to be resilient against unexpected disruptions and flexible to adapt to changing marketing conditions. The SAP S/4HANA platform has evolved to help analyze data to anticipate new requirements, and rapidly deliver new products and services. To get the maximum benefit from these capabilities, you need an infrastructure that minimizes application outages and helps you deploy new services quickly as business needs change. Join this webinar to learn how SUSE can help you reduce risk and complexity, improve flexibility and deliver services faster with the trusted and preferred platform for SAP environments.

    Michael Tabron, SUSE Product Marketing Manager for SAP Solutions, will cover the following topics:

    •Overview of today’s marketing challenges, and how SAP solutions can help
    •Selected industry use cases
    •The SUSE solution for SAP environments
    •Business value of the solution
  • Webinar | SUSE-Adfinis-Microsoft: Cloud Foundry on Azure Jun 18 2020 8:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Claudio Serrano SE, SUSE, Andre Heim, Sales, Microsoft Lucas Bickel, Software Engineer, Adfinis
    Thanks to Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry, developers are no longer dependent on system engineers - a trend towards DevOps is emerging. For modern and future-oriented companies, this brings many new challenges and even more opportunities: faster digitization processes and time to market, which manifests itself in an overall competitive advantage.
    On June 18th SUSE, Microsoft and Adfinis will show you how Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes work together and how you can profit of the opportunities of a cloud infrastructure for your company at the webinar "Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes on Azure".

    You will learn:
    •How to deploy Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes (including demo parts and sandbox login to participate and learn at home)
    •How your company can drive its digitization processes
    •What such a project can look like and what has to be taken into account based on a customer story
  • SAP High Availability on SUSE: Everything You Need to Know Jun 17 2020 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Fabian Herschel, SUSE Distinguished Architect, SAP LinuxLab & Lars Pinne, SUSE Information Systems Architect, SAP LinuxLab
    Digital transformation initiatives put incredible pressure on IT organizations to deliver reliable, secure new services. Every minute a system is not available means reduced productivity, lost revenue, increased costs and ultimately, more pressure on IT staff!
    SUSE, the leader in open source technology for SAP, has a proven ability to deliver business continuity for SAP workloads. We do it with an advanced high availability solution, automated data recovery and storage security features, all developed specifically to reduce downtime of critical SAP operations.

    Attend this live webinar and you’ll gain in-depth insights into how SUSE delivers high availability for SAP workloads. For example:
    • architectures of the main SAP high availability scenarios
    • detailed look into tooling, deployment and operation with SUSE solutions
    • options and deployment of high availability for SAP NetWeaver, SAP HANA and S/4HANA systems

    Register for the webinar now! It’s a great opportunity to learn from two leading SUSE experts, and get answers to your important questions!
  • Webinar: Storage escalável com SUSE & HPE Jun 12 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    vinicius.neuhaus@suse.com marcos.lhobregat@hpe.com
    Inovação que é open a todos
    SUSE e HPE são parceiros há mais de 25 anos, trabalhamos continuamente para trazer aos nossos clientes as melhores soluções conjuntas. Participe do webinar e entenda como a solução de software defined storage oferecida pela SUSE junto do hardware HPE pode auxiliar a reduzir custos e lidar com a alta demanda de dados escaláveis.
  • Achieving Non-Stop IT, More Important Than Ever Jun 10 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Brent Schroeder (CTO, SUSE)
    Recent events have taught us that infrastructure stability is more important than ever as business applications and continuity is only as reliable as the underlying infrastructure. It keeps businesses running, people connected, and customers engaged. In uncertain times, you simply cannot afford to have your systems go down or lose access to your data. The costs of system downtime are not only measured financially, but also in terms of customer trust and brand loyalty.

    SUSE offers a complete, proven open source solution for nonstop IT across core, edge, and cloud. From our high availability extension for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to Live Patching and Premium Support Services, we have a total solution to keep your business running. So whether you need always-on access to SAP business applications or real-time access to data, SUSE solutions designed for high availability provide you with the stability you need.

    Join Brent Schroeder (CTO, SUSE) and Stacey Miller (Product Marketing Manager, SUSE) as they discuss the SUSE total solution for nonstop IT and share stories of customers using these high availability solutions for uninterrupted services. Learn why SUSE is the right choice to help you achieve nonstop IT.
  • SUSE & DELL Garanta a continuidade dos negócios com o SUSE Live Patching Jun 10 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nesse webinar mostraremos uma solução para ambientes de missão crítica com o SUSE Live Patching. Uma tecnologia de ponta, exclusiva para determinados workloads, que eleva ao máximo a continuidade dos negócios com economia, redução de tempos de espera, aumentando a disponibilidade dos serviços e aprimorando a segurança e a conformidade. Iremos demonstrar casos de uso na prática e a simplicidade de instalação para ambientes SAP e non SAP.
  • 오픈소스 솔루션으로 불확실한 경제 상황에 대응하세요 Recorded: Jun 3 2020 43 mins
    Brent Schroeder and Daniel Nelson
    이 웨비나에서 다음 내용을 확인할 수 있습니다.
    •글로벌 오픈소스 개발자 커뮤니티에서 수천 여 고객사가 비용 효율적인 방식으로 혁신을 추진하도록 지원하는 방법
    •SUSE의 오픈소스 솔루션을 사용하여 비즈니스 성과를 개선하면서 비용을 절감하는 방법
    •SUSE에서 이러한 불확실한 경제 상황을 극복하고 성공하기 위해 확신을 갖고 미래를 향해 나아가도록 지원하는 방법
  • Reduce Costs, Increase Uptime and Be Prepared for sudden economic changes Recorded: Jun 2 2020 18 mins
    Alan Clarke & Stephen Mogg
    Join us for a short chat to learn how SUSE can help you increase uptime on your SAP systems. This quick 10-minute podcast will explain.
  • Nonstop-IT sicherstellen Recorded: May 28 2020 39 mins
    Jörg Bunse, SUSE
    Die Bereitstellung einer unterbrechungsfreien IT bedeutet, dass Ihr Unternehmen sich darauf verlassen kann, dass Infrastruktur, Systeme und Menschen zur Verfügung stehen, wenn sie gebraucht werden. Serviceunterbrechungen können den Ruf Ihres Unternehmens und Ihren Kundendienst negativ beeinträchtigen. Aus diesem Grund sollte die Ausführung, Behebung und Anpassung Ihrer Systeme ohne damit verbundener Ausfälle für Sie Priorität haben.
    SUSE bietet hochverfügbare IT-Lösungen dank konvergenter Infrastruktur mit geschäftskritischem Linux und skalierbarer Automatisierung. Um das wichtige Ziel einer ständigen Verfügbarkeit von Services zu unterstützen, können Sie Anwendungsdaten clusterübergreifend replizieren, sodass sie schneller wiederhergestellt werden können. Zudem bieten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Kernel-Fixes und Systemaktualisierungen ohne Unterbrechung Ihres Service anzuwenden, damit Sie besser auf sich ändernde Marktbedingungen reagieren und gleichzeitig die Sicherheit Ihres Systems gewährleisten können.
  • Solutions SUSE pour SAP Recorded: May 28 2020 13 mins
    Brice Dekany, Ingénieur Avant-Ventes SUSE
    SUSE vous présente les différentes solutions SUSE pour SAP.
  • 更低的成本或更好的业务成果,为什么不能两者兼顾? Recorded: May 28 2020 44 mins
    Brent Schroeder (SUSE CTO) 和 Daniel Nelson(SUSE 产品和解决方案 VP)


    如何在控制成本的同时加快数字化转型?在本次网络研讨会中,Brent Schroeder (SUSE CTO) 和 Daniel Nelson(SUSE 产品和解决方案 VP)分享了利用开放源代码解决方案简化数据中心架构、实现应用程序现代化和加速创新的真实客户示例。了解有关 SUSE 如何助您取得成功的更多信息。
  • The best choice for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Recorded: May 27 2020 36 mins
    Claudius Banani - Partner Exec, SUSE; Dirk Oppenkowski - Global Alliance Director, SUSE
    SAP is often considered the most mission-critical application in today's enterprises. And the upcoming move to HANA may be the first grounding breaking change in decades. All of this requires a quality infrastructure environment, without which, your SAP application performance will be certainly be lacking. . .that is, if the applications don't go down completely.

    Migrating an existing SAP landscape? Beginning a new deployment of SAP HANA? Decided upon a shift to the cloud? Learn why SUSE is the trusted and preferred open source platform for SAP customers who want to unlock data intelligence, drive innovation and run with the best.

    Watch this webinar to discover:

    SUSE, IBM and SAP’s history of collaboration
    The business case and customer benefits for SAP HANA-powered landscapes with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on IBM Power
    How to get started with SUSE and IBM resources for SAP
  • Non-instrusive POS Transformation Recorded: May 22 2020 53 mins
    Dheer Singh, Chief Technologist - Retail TechMahindra & Tanja Batz, Product Manager, SUSE
    Given the unprecedented impact on business in the near term, the top priorities for retailers are to find ways for their stores to :
    •Contain Cost
    •Improve Security
    •Enhance Efficiency
    •Enable Touchless Experience
    •Remote Support

    This webinar will introduce you to SUSE Manager, a non-intrusive and rapidly deployable solution that can deliver on all of the above for your stores?
  • Is your management tool due for renewal Recorded: May 18 2020 18 mins
    Jurriën Bloemen - SUSE
    As management tools are due to be upgraded - this is not as easy as it sounds. Many of our customers are finding it easier to switch to SUSE Manager. This webinar will explain why.
  • Современные модульные ОC. Enterprise Linux Recorded: May 14 2020 37 mins
    Владимир Бондарчук Системный инженер SUSE Украина
    Современные модульные ОC. Enterprise Linux

    - Операционная система
    - Расширения базовой ОС
    - Инфраструктурные решения

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:
    - System z
    - IBM Power
    - SAP Applications
    - High Performance Computing
    - Point of Service

    Линейка продуктов SUSE: Linux – базовая ОС
    Надежная платформа для работы в любой среде – физической, виртуальной и облачной
  • Regain control of your Linux assets with SUSE Manager Recorded: May 13 2020 45 mins
    Dominic Geevarghese, Sales Engineer, SUSE
    An introduction to SUSE Manager and how this tool solves Linux management challenges in modern on-premise and cloud infrastructure. This webinar covers presentation and demo on

    Manage different Linux distributions from a single dashboard
    Patch management and security auditing
    Unattended Linux deployment using Kickstart and Autoyast
    Migrate remote client machines to next service pack.
    Deploy file on multiple clients
    Package installation using Salt states.
  • SUSE und CANCOM: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Recorded: May 8 2020 62 mins
    Christoph Schmidt, Solution Sales SAP, Cancom; Jörg Bunse, Sales Engineer, SUSE
    Der Schritt in Richtung SAP HANA für Infrastruktur ist für viele Unternehmen ein aktuell wichtiges Thema und erfordert Know-how. Deshalb stellen wir Ihnen mit unserem Partner, CANCOM SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications und wichtige SAP HANA Projekterfahrungen vor. Das gemeinsame Angebot vereint CANCOMs IT-Lösungsangebot, Managed Services Erfahrungen mit 28 Jahren Software Expertise von SUSE.
    Seien Sie dabei, wenn Jörg Bunse, Sales Engineer bei SUSE und Christoph Schmidt, Manager Solution Sales SAP bei CANCOM zeigen, wie Sie aus diesen Erfahrungswerten und Lösungen profitieren können.

    - Vorstellung der CANCOM Lösung, Erfahrungen bei Infrastrukturinstallation aus SAP HANA Projekten – Christoph Schmidt
    - Besonderheiten bei der Lizensierung in virtualisierten SAP HANA Systemen - Christoph Schmidt
    - SAP HANA und Intel persistent Memory - Christoph Schmidt
    - Vorstellung SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications – Jörg Bunse
  • SAP HA with SUSE on AWS Recorded: May 7 2020 64 mins
    Alessandro De Luca - SUSE and Antonio D'Ortenzio - AWS
    Molte organizzazioni stanno pianificando o hanno già iniziato il processo di deployment di una soluzione SAP S/4 HANA nel cloud. Risulta perciò importante capire tutte le opzioni di deployment disponibili per semplificare la messa in esercizio di un ambiente SAP S/4 HANA, soprattutto per i clienti che hanno bisogno di eseguire SAP in un ambiente pronto per la produzione e ad alta affidabilità nel cloud. Altrettanto d’interesse è conoscere quali sono gli strumenti di deployment automatizzati ed i template per eseguire workloads SAP su istanze progettate per applicazioni ad alta scalabilità ed in-memory sul Cloud AWS.
    Partecipa a questo webinar e scoprirai:
    -Come ottimizzare la messa in produzione di SAP S/4 HANA sul Cloud di AWS e dove trovare documentazione, architetture di riferimento ed altri strumenti.
    -Come i clienti possono beneficiare di un ambiente SAP progettato su AWS con SUSE, per workloads ad elevata capacità di memoria e con configurazioni di alta disponibilità.
    -Suggerimenti per la creazione e la configurazione automatizzata di ambienti di produzione per SAP HANA in meno di un ora, usando gli AWS Quick Start
  • Hochverfügbarkeit für SAP HANA in der AWS Cloud mit SUSE Recorded: May 7 2020 64 mins
    Christian Elsenhuber, AWS und Jörg Bunse, SUSE
    Viele Unternehmen befinden sich in einem Planungsstadium oder sind dabei, eine SAP HANA-Lösung in der AWS Cloud bereitzustellen oder auszuführen. Es lohnt sich daher für diejenigen, die SAP in einer produktionsbereiten Hochverfügbarkeitsumgebung in der Cloud ausführen müssen, die verfügbaren Bereitstellungsoptionen zu verstehen, um die Ausführung einer SAP HANA-Umgebung in der AWS Cloud zu vereinfachen.

    Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil und lernen Sie unter anderem:
    - Wie Sie die Bereitstellung von SAP Workloads in der AWS Cloud optimieren und automatisieren können
    - Wo Sie unterstützende Dokumentationen, Referenzarchitekturen und andere Tools finden
    - Wie Sie mithilfe des SAP HANA Quick Start Guide von AWS innerhalb kürzester Zeit eine produktionsbereite SAP HANA-Umgebung automatisiert bereitstellen, einrichten und konfigurieren
  • How a CSP can achieve 99.9999% availability and reduce costs on SAP workloads Recorded: May 6 2020 30 mins
    Kai Rupponen - SUSE and Esko Wessman - Nordicmind
    Would your customers be interested in 99.9999% uptime on their SAP workloads while reducing costs by 60%. SUSE in conjunction with Nordicmind will talk through how you could introduce this in to your managed service offering. SUSE is fast becoming the platform of choice, for performance and high availability whilst the new CSP program provides attractive pricing options
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  • Title: Driving Digital Transformation with SUSE Global Services
  • Live at: Nov 13 2018 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Stacey Miller, Product Marketing Manager, SUSE Global Services & Jeff Loomis, SUSE Services Director, North America
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