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The Buyer's Guide to Kubernetes (1/4): What Every IT Ops Team Needs to Know

IT Operations teams in enterprises everywhere are being asked to provide Kubernetes infrastructure to help drive delivery of today’s modern, container-based applications. But where to begin? Much of the information about Kubernetes today has to do with how to use the platform; very little addresses the concerns of those of us who need to stand up and manage a Kubernetes environment itself. At SUSE, we’ve noticed. And we’re more than ready to help.

SUSE invites you to explore Kubernetes from the operator’s point of view in this webinar series. We’ll discuss platform installation and configuration issues, platform security, and platform maintenance concerns. Learn about monitoring and scaling Kubernetes, and managing its availability. How is Kubernetes changing and maturing, from an operational perspective?

Join SUSE and discover what every IT Operations team needs to know going into the world of Kubernetes.

Check our additional videos in this series to learn more about:
- Installation, configuration, scaling, and availability of Kubernetes
- Maintenance and Monitoring of Kubernetes
- Kubernetes Security and Q&A
Recorded Dec 6 2019 23 mins
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Presented by
Chris Lentricchia, PMM SUSE CaaS Platform & Andrew Gracey, TMM SUSE Application Delivery
Presentation preview: The Buyer's Guide to Kubernetes (1/4): What Every IT Ops Team Needs to Know

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  • SAP S/4HANA in der Hybrid Cloud Dec 3 2020 9:30 am UTC 60 mins
    SAP, SUSE und HPE
    Neben den IT-Verantwortlichen sehen mittlerweile auch CEOs, CIOs und CFOs Cloud Computing als Treiber der digitalen Transformation. Längst geht es nicht mehr um die Frage, ob ein Cloud-Einsatz theoretisch Sinn ergibt, sondern darum, wann und wie sich der Weg in die Hybrid Cloud ganz konkret meistern lässt. Der Wechsel in die Hybrid Cloud verspricht Geschwindigkeit, Agilität und Kosteneinsparungen, besonders im SAP S/4HANA Umfeld.

    In diesem Webcast stellen Experten von SAP, SUSE und HPE die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich der SAP S/4HANA, SUSE für SAP und HPE Greenlake vor und beleuchten die Fragen, wie aktuelle Innovationen für einen optimalen SAP Einsatz umgesetzt werden können.

    • 10.30 - SAP S/4 HANA, Dr. Andreas Engel, SAP
    “The intelligent Enterprise”

    • 10.50 - SUSE für SAP, Jörg Bunse, SUSE
    “Nutzung der SUSE Technologien für den optimalen SAP Einsatz”

    • 11.10 - HPE Greenlake, Uschi Becker-Haug, HPE
    "Umsetzung eines hybriden SAP Cloud Betriebes"
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage 7 - was ist neu? Dec 1 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Thomas Grätz, SUSE
    In unserem Webinar stellen wir Ihnen die neue Version 7 von SUSE Enterprise Storage vor. Die mehrfach ausgezeichnete, intelligente, softwaredefinierte Storage-Lösung ermöglicht es IT-Organisationen, mit den stetig wachsenden Anforderungen an Speicher Schritt zu halten. Sie können Storage automatisch optimieren, aktualisieren oder hinzufügen – nach Bedarf und ohne Unterbrechung.

    SUSE Enterprise Storage 7 basiert auf dem Octopus-Release der Open-Source-Technologie Ceph und kann erstmals in Containern oder wie bisher auf dedizierter Hardware betrieben werden. Das Management Dashboard wurde komplett überarbeitet und bietet viele neue Funktionalitäten.

    Erfahren Sie im Webinar mehr über die neuen Funktionen und Einsatzmöglichkeiten.
  • Novinky SUSE Enterprise Storage 7 – zaměřeno na vyšší flexibilitu Dec 1 2020 8:30 am UTC 30 mins
    Martin Zikmund, Technical Account Manager, SUSE
    SUSE Enterprise Storage 7 přináší jako první Ceph based řešení možnost využití nového ovladače pro nativního přístup z Windows serverů přímo na softwarově definovaný storage, bez potřeby iSCSI gateway či jiného prostředníka. Výsledkem je tak vyšší výkon, jednoduší architektura a vyšší spolehlivost. Další novinkou zejména pro moderní datová centra je možnost nasazení softwarově definovaného úložiště přímo jako aplikaci do kontejnerů, tj. provozovat jej jako hyperkonvergované řešení.

    Program webináře:
    -Základní představení řešení SUSE Enterprise Storage
    -Nativní přístup z Windows zařízení
    -Nový způsob nasazení do kontejnerů
    -Ostatní novinky
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage 7: Le SDS à l'heure du cloud Recorded: Nov 24 2020 32 mins
    La team avant-vente SUSE France
    Le concept CEPH
    Les avantages du programme BETA
    ceph-adm et la technocontainer
    Le Ceph Dashbard
  • A Flexible Approach to SAP HANA Deployment with a Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Nov 19 2020 37 mins
    Alex Cabanes, Global Offering Manager, IBM Power Systems
    Clear Insight is critical to business decision-making. It’s key to meeting challenges like competitive threats, and capitalizing on opportunities like new customers. SAP systems deliver the important insights your business needs to support the most effective decision-making.
    But as opportunities and challenges arise, what if your IT infrastructure lacks the ability to implement new services in time? You could easily miss out on opportunities! That’s why the flexibility of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) approach to implementing SAP HANA is important. It reduces your time to market while it helps you control costs.

    IBM uses an IaaS approach to provide the kind of flexibility and on-demand scalability that’s important to quickly deploy new workloads, and get to market faster. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to take advantage of recent innovations from IBM and SUSE that simplify and accelerate SAP HANA deployments:

    • How an IaaS approach speeds SAP HANA deployment
    • Benefits of on-demand scalability
    • How allocating IT resources helps manage costs
    • Capabilities that ensure security and high availability

    Register for this informative webinar. It’s your opportunity to gain important insights into the benefits of the IaaS approach to SAP HANA deployment with a hybrid cloud.
  • 人工智能--应对当今数据科学家面临的挑战 Recorded: Nov 9 2020 47 mins
    Jeff Reser(SUSE解决方案专家)和Alesandro Festa(SUSE AI产品经理)
    最近的事件告诉我们,处理和解释大量数据对于业务连续性非常重要,无论是在本地、云中还是在边缘。企业正转向人工智能、机器学习和分析来从这些数据中做出正确的推断。然而,他们面临的挑战是,在满足安全性和可管理性的跨多个环境部署的所有要求的同时,将AI项目投入生产。SUSE有更好的方法。学习如何通过跨越服务、基础设施和支持的整体方法降低人工智能基础设施的复杂性。加入Jeff Reser(SUSE解决方案专家)和Alesandro Festa(SUSE AI产品经理)一起讨论AI的机会,以及其他公司如何应用最新的解决方案对客户服务和他们的利润产生重大影响。
  • Journey to Cloud-Optimized SAP Environments: SUSE Global Services Recorded: Oct 29 2020 40 mins
    Stacey Miller, Product Marketing Manager, SUSE Global Services
    The objective of any IT transformation is to achieve successful results, and do it on-time and on-budget.

    That’s why the expertise of SUSE Global Services is so important for SAP S/4HANA implementations, and why you should learn more about them.

    SUSE Global Services employs a proven Discover / Design / Deploy / Optimize approach to implement purpose-built, fixed-cost service offerings for cloud-optimized SAP environments. That’s important, since every transformation to SAP S/4HANA presents unique challenges on the way to successful results.

    Attend this informative webinar and you’ll learn how the proven SUSE Global Services approach works:
    • Discover the right services journey for the SAP landscape
    • Design a roadmap to determine which services make sense for the deployment
    • Deploy with expert implementation support and a flexible approach
    • Optimize to ensure the SAP landscape evolves with the organization

    Register for this informative Webinar. You’ll learn how SUSE Global Services ensures successful cloud-optimized SAP S/4HANA deployments that meet and exceed technology and business objectives.
  • How to Build an SAP HANA Scale-Up Cluster Using SUSE and AWS Recorded: Oct 14 2020 61 mins
    Michael Bukva, SUSE and Eneko Bilbao, AWS
    More organisations are seeking to migrate their SAP HANA environments to the cloud and looking for ways to ensure high availability and uptime. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most proven cloud for SAP workloads—providing the broadest set of SAP offerings for customers to choose from, including 48TB High Memory instances.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss how thousands of AWS customers have successfully moved their SAP workloads to AWS using help from AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners like SUSE. Join us for a demonstration on how to automate the deployment of a production-ready SAP HANA environment on the AWS Cloud using a SUSE SAP HANA scale-up cluster deployed by an AWS Quick Start, and learn more about the underlying services and agents that support this solution.

    Watch this webinar to learn how to:

    - Operate mission-critical SAP applications built for high availability workloads and environments
    - Streamline migration and provisioning with simplified and automated deployment options
    - Validate an SAP HANA SUSE scale-up cluster deployed by an AWS Quick Start
  • Scenariusze wdrożeń SAP HANA w chmurze Recorded: Sep 30 2020 47 mins
    Tomasz Brzozowski, SE16N oraz Artur Duszczyk, SUSE
    Niezależnie od tego, czy korzystasz już z rozwiązań SAP w swojej firmie i rozważasz ich przeniesienie w całości lub częściowo do publicznej chmury, czy też samo wdrożenie SAP HANA jest dopiero przed Tobą, zapraszamy na spotkanie on-line ze specjalistami od chmury i rozwiązań SAP z firm SE16N oraz SUSE.

    Dowiesz się na nim:
    - Jakie opcje w Polsce są dostępne?
    - Co przemawia na korzyść chmury, co trzeba brać po uwagę (w tym aspekty kosztowe) i jakie jest ryzyko niedoszacowań?
    - Czym się kierować i na co zwracać uwagę zamawiając środowisko do uruchomienia aplikacji SAP w chmurze? Co jest już gotowe po stronie dostawców usług chmury publicznej?
    - Z jakich usług wsparcia na etapie podejmowania decyzji, procesu wdrożenia lub migracji do chmury warto skorzystać?
  • SLES for SAP Applications 15 SP2 … What’s New and What’s Next Recorded: Sep 29 2020 57 mins
    Christian Holsing, Principal Product Manager, SUSE
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications 15 SP2 is now available with important new and innovative updates. Here’s your chance to get an inside look at the latest, greatest features, enhancements and capabilities, plus a special preview of notable SUSE initiatives coming soon to the SAP world.

    Attend this technical webinar to gain information and insights into:
    • The latest enhancements to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 SP2
    • The uses and benefits of deployment automation and monitoring from SUSE engineers
    • Exciting new tools and capabilities SUSE Manager brings to SAP infrastructures

    PLUS … webinar participants will get unique insights into what’s coming next in the world of SUSE:
    • A special preview of what’s on the horizon in the SUSE Engineering Product Roadmap
    • An insider’s look at SUSE initiatives coming soon to the SAP world -- SLES for SAP Applications, SUSE Manager and container technology for SAP landscapes!

    This is a great opportunity to see What’s New and What’s Next in the world of SLES for SAP Applications. It’s a webinar you really won’t want to miss!
  • SUSE in der Public Cloud auf Microsoft Azure: SAP Lösungen Recorded: Sep 29 2020 64 mins
    Peter Schinagl, Senior Technical Architect
    Das Thema Cloud ist omnipräsent und mittlerweile eine feste Größe nicht nur in der Profi-IT. Mehr als 200 Millionen Cloudbenutzer schätzen SAP aufgrund seiner intelligenten Technologien, der guten Skalierbarkeit, der fast in Echtzeit verfügbaren Analysefunktionen und der hohen Rechenleistung.
    Ähnlich wie bei On-Premise gelten SUSE-Lösungen für SAP heute im Public-Cloud-Umfeld zu den empfohlenen und bevorzugten Partnersystemen für den SAP-Einsatz.
    Bei SAP-Systemen, die in Microsoft Azure eingesetzt werden, profitieren Unternehmen dank SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications (SLES for SAP) von schneller Installation, einfacher Administration und überragendem Support.
    Mit der neuesten Version von SLES for SAP (Release 15.2) geht eine noch größere Automatisierung sowie ein optimiertes Monitoring einher, um beispielsweise Downtimes und Recovery-Zeiten weiter nachhaltig zu minimieren oder Verfügbarkeiten für SAP HANA und Netweaver-basierte Anwendungen zu erhöhen.

    Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar mehr über die technischen Neuerungen und die Migration Ihrer SAP Workloads auf Microsoft Azure .

    Agenda im Überblick:
    - SUSE SAP Lösungen
    - Aufbau einer SAP Infrastruktur auf Microsoft Azure
    - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications
    - High Availability mit Azure
    - Automation & Monitoring
  • Интеллектуальное, гибкое решение для хранения данных корпоративного уровня. Recorded: Sep 24 2020 42 mins
    Владимир Бондарчук Системный инженер SUSE Украина
    Интеллектуальное программно-определяемое управление хранилищем
    решение, основанное на технологии Ceph, которое позволяет ИТ-специалистам
    преобразовать свою корпоративную инфраструктуру хранения данных в:
    Обеспечьте высокую масштабируемость и отказоустойчивость.
    Сократите операционные расходы на ИТ, используя
    готовые серверы и дисковые накопители неважно
    где они находятся: в вашем центре обработки данных или в облаке.
    Легко адаптироваться к меняющимся условиям бизнеса и
    данные при необходимости и без
  • Optymalizacja pracy serwerów HPE z SUSE Linux i budowa środowiska kontenerowego Recorded: Sep 17 2020 81 mins
    Paweł Lubasiński i Maciej Grabowski z HPE, Jarosław Biniek i Rafał Kruschewski, SUSE
    Zapraszamy na warsztaty online „Optymalizacja pracy serwerów HPE i oprogramowania Linux oraz stworzenie środowiska kontenerowego”, podczas których opowiemy o optymalizacji konfiguracji serwerów HPE z systemami SUSE Linux w celu zwiększenia wydajność pracy, bezpieczeństwa i automatyzacji obsługi środowisk fizycznych, wirtualnych i kontenerowych opartych na platformie Linux. Dowiesz się o funkcjach wbudowanych w system operacyjny oraz dodatkowych możliwościach narzędzi zarządzania OneView oraz SUSE Manager.

    W programie warsztatów:

    1. Optymalizacja konfiguracji serwerów HPE oraz działania sytemu SUSE Linux - konfiguracja serwera w kilka minut za pomocą OneView, zarządzanie przez kartę iLO i optymalizacja pracy serwerów HPE z systemami SUSE Linux

    2. Wykorzystanie funkcji wbudowanych w sam system operacyjny SUSE Linux Enterprise oraz narzędzia SUSE Manager 4.1 do zwiększenia wydajność pracy, bezpieczeństwa i automatyzacji obsługi środowisk fizycznych, wirtualnych i kontenerowych opartych na platformie Linux
  • Iniziare con K8s Recorded: Sep 17 2020 49 mins
    Gabriele Santomaggio, Senior Software Engineer, SUSE
    •In questa sessione vedremo cosa è Kubernetes e come muovere i primi passi. Vedremo come sviluppare una applicazione cloud native e come fare il deploy in locale ed in remoto. Faremo un setup da zero con tutto quello che hai bisogno per partire per sviluppare dalla tua macchina di sviluppo.
  • 인공지능 - 오늘날 데이터 사이언티스트가 당면한 문제 해결 Recorded: Sep 17 2020 50 mins
    Jeff Reser and Alessandro Festa
    최근 발생한 일들은 비즈니스 연속성에 있어 온프레미스, 클라우드, 엣지 등에 저장되는 대규모 데이터를 처리하고 해석하는 것이 중요하다는 점을 일깨워 주었습니다. 기업들은 데이터를 통해 합당한 추론을 내리기 위해 AI, 머신 러닝, 애널리틱스를 활용하기 시작했습니다. 하지만 중요한 AI 프로젝트를 운영 환경으로 전환하고자 할 때, 보안과 운영 가능성을 바탕으로 다양한 환경에 배포하는 데 필요한 요건을 충족하기란 쉽지 않습니다.
    수세에서 여러분을 도와드리겠습니다. 서비스, 인프라, 지원을 망라하는 총체적 접근방식을 통해 AI 인프라의 복잡성을 감소하는 방법을 안내해 드립니다. 제프 레써(수세 솔루션) 씨와 알렉산드로 페스타(수세 제품 담당, AI) 씨가 AI 활용 기회를 설명하고 최신 솔루션을 적용하여 고객 서비스와 수익에서 성과를 거둔 기업들의 사례를 소개하는 자리에 여러분을 초대합니다.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Addressing the Challenges of Today’s Data Scientists Recorded: Sep 16 2020 50 mins
    Jeff Reser, SUSE Solutions & Alessandro Festa, SUSE AI
    Recent events have taught us that processing and interpreting volumes of data is important for business continuity – whether on premises, in the cloud or at the edge. Enterprises are turning to AI, machine learning and analytics to make the right inferences from that data. However, they are challenged to get their AI project into production while satisfying all the requirements for being deployed across multiple environments with security and manageability. SUSE has a better way. Learn how to reduce the complexity of the AI infrastructure through a holistic approach spanning services, infrastructure and support. Join Jeff Reser (SUSE Solutions) and Alessandro Festa (SUSE Product Manager, AI) as they discuss the opportunities for AI and how other companies have applied the latest solutions to make a material impact to both customer service and their bottom line.
  • SUSE 講堂 Part 5: 在公有雲上SAP搭載 SLES For SAP Recorded: Sep 16 2020 62 mins
    Vincent Lu and Kenneth Su
    SUSE 和 微軟緊密的合作,共同開發而推出獨一無二,能架構在微軟 Azure Cloud 上執行的SUSE Linux Enterprise Server,以便來支援 SAP 相關的應用服務。

    本網路研討會將討論微軟、SUSE 與 SAP 如何透過廣泛的協力合作加快您組織的數位轉型,以及您應如何善用 SUSE 與微軟的合作夥伴關係提高您的OSS工作負載。
  • 人工智慧 – 克服現今資料科學家的挑戰 Recorded: Sep 16 2020 48 mins
    Jeff Reser and Alessandro Festa
    近期的事件告訴我們,無論是在地端、雲端或邊緣,處理及解析大量資料對於確保營運持續性極其重要。企業開始借助 AI、機器學習與分析技術,以便從資料中做出正確推斷。然而,在將 AI 專案投入運作的同時還要滿足在多種環境下部署的所有安全性與管理性要求,對企業而言是一大挑戰。
    SUSE 可提供一個更理想的方法。了解如何透過整體性的服務、基礎設施與支援降低 AI 基礎設施的複雜性。觀看 Jeff Reser(SUSE 解決方案)與 Alessandro Festa(SUSE AI 產品經理)在研討會中探討 AI 的商機,以及其他公司如何應用最新解決方案為客戶服務及其利潤帶來重大影響。
  • Kubernetes egyszerűen és biztonságosan Recorded: Sep 3 2020 79 mins
    Kovács Lajos
    Csatlakozzon hozzánk webinárunkon, ahol a Kubernetes platform egyszerű kezelését, valamint egy biztonságos nagyvállalati konténeres környezet kialakítását és felügyeletét mutatjuk be a fejlesztők és üzemeltetők számára egyaránt hasznos, nyílt forráskódú projekteken és eszközökön keresztül. Az előadáson megismerheti a SUSE kapcsolódó szoftvereinek legfontosabb jellemzőit, valamint legújabb akvizíciójának hátterét is. A vállalat ugyanis nemrégiben megállapodást kötött a Rancher Labs nevű, Kubernetes-menedzsment megoldást fejlesztő cég felvásárlására, hogy még hatékonyabban támogathassa a felhasználókat a konténeralapú rendszerek bevezetésében és használatában.
  • CEPH Storage: Terabytes to Petabytes at Better than Cloud Pricing Recorded: Sep 1 2020 54 mins
    Michael Carrington - Storage Consultant, SUSE
    Data Explosion? Check. You, along with millions of IT professionals are facing the same problem - growth of storage outpacing your IT budget.

    The solution? You’ve been taught to believe cloud storage is least expensive. Actually, think again. A 2020 Storage TCO study compares cloud storage to other storage pricing options, and you might not have guessed who is the 5 year TCO winner.

    To find out more about this TCO Study and learn from experts on how to tame your data storage - register for this webinar today!
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  • Title: The Buyer's Guide to Kubernetes (1/4): What Every IT Ops Team Needs to Know
  • Live at: Dec 6 2019 11:25 pm
  • Presented by: Chris Lentricchia, PMM SUSE CaaS Platform & Andrew Gracey, TMM SUSE Application Delivery
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