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SNC - Streamline Cross-Platform Web App Development and Test Automation

Teams are under pressure to get sophisticated web and mobile applications to market faster than ever, and these applications are expected to work seamlessly across several devices, platforms and browsers. To keep up with increasingly challenging timelines, teams must utilize comprehensive frameworks, right set of development tools, and efficient test automation strategies that are designed to deal with the complexities of the ecosystem.

Attend this on-demand webinar where Gautam Agrawal, Senior Director at Sencha, shares how to:

- Accelerate cross-platform application development using JavaScript frameworks
- Improve your development team’s productivity by using the right tool chain
- Optimize on the cost of application testing by doing more unit and end-to-end testing using automation tools
Recorded Mar 17 2016 55 mins
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Presented by
Gautam Agrawal, Senior Director at Sencha
Presentation preview: SNC - Streamline Cross-Platform Web App Development and Test Automation

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  • Using the Material Theme and CSS Variables to Create Great-Looking Ext JS Apps Recorded: Oct 27 2020 56 mins
    Marc Gusmano
    Using the Material Theme and CSS Variables to Create Great-Looking Ext JS Apps
  • Introducing Sencha Grid for React UI - Sencha GRUI Recorded: Oct 14 2020 38 mins
    Marc Gusmano, Lead Systems Engineer, Celestial Systems
    Imagine the depth and breadth of the feature-rich Ext JS Grid, the world's leading Grid component, operating in an easy to develop, modern, lightweight React application. Sencha and Celestial Systems are collaborating on the development and production of the Sencha Grid for React UI - aka GRUI.

    Please join us as we introduce this exciting new unique component and demo it's features and power in an enterprise application. We will also be revealing the GRUI roadmap, so don't miss out on getting this intel!
  • Exploring the Power of Froala Editor Recorded: Oct 14 2020 36 mins
    Boyan Levchev, Froala
    Highly customizable, easy to implement, and super lightweight—the Froala Editor is overflowing with power and versatility.

    Join Boyan Levchev for an inside look at the power of Froala Editor, how multiple instances of the editor can be implemented on a single page, and some of the amazing ways it can be used in tandem with plugins to make your application development process easy.
  • Creating Animations Efficiently with GSAP Recorded: Oct 14 2020 36 mins
    Zach Saucier, GreenSock
    Good animation requires good ingredients and good execution—learn why GreenSock Animation Platform is the go-to library for web animators, and how you can get the most out of it.
  • Charts That Are Right Off the Database Recorded: Oct 14 2020 43 mins
    Sanket Sarang, Founder & Chief of Products, BlobCity
    Get a sneak peak at Fusion Charts that are directly driven by a NoSQL database. Nothing in between, really!

    Database and JS libraries don't always go hand in hand. The root cause for slow charts is mostly delays in database response. This session demonstrates the open source NoSQL database, BlobCity DB, integrated with Fusion Charts, to offer a seamless, smooth and ultra-fast charting experience.
  • Ext JS DataBinding: Making a Custom Class Bindable Recorded: Oct 14 2020 44 mins
    Torsten Dinkheller, Sencha MVP
    Join Sencha MVP Torsten Dinkheller for his discussion on Ext JS Databinding, and how you can make a custom class bindable within your Ext JS application.

    During the course of his presentation, he'll cover:

    CONFIGS: assign setter, assign and update
    Upgrade textfield with allowBlank being bindable
    When to use assign and update
    BINDABLE: Allow to bind a config
    Our own custom class becomes bindable
    VIEWMODEL: How to get the parent viewModel
    We will start with a local viewModel
    And replace it with the search inside parent viewModels
  • Building Real-Time Dashboards with FusionCharts Recorded: Oct 14 2020 45 mins
    Gagan Sikri, FusionCharts Product Team
    Join the team behind FusionCharts for an in-depth demonstration of how you can leverage FusionCharts to quickly build real-time dashboards for visual representation of your data.
  • Speed Up Your Development by Using GraphQL+ExtJS Recorded: Oct 14 2020 46 mins
    Laurent Witt & Thomas Simon, Jnesis
    We will show how you to improve server-side development productivity replacing REST architecture with GraphQL, an efficient, powerful and flexible approach to developing web APIs. Starting from the big picture of a full stack application we’ll see :

    A reminder of the history and fundamental principles of GraphQL
    How to make Ext-Js interact with it : we will expose the main implementation differences with the REST way
    From there, we will provide a comparison between REST and GraphQL and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each approach regarding Ext-Js technology.
  • JavaScript Days - Keynote Event Recorded: Oct 14 2020 39 mins
    Kegan Blumenthal, General Manager of Sencha, Froala, and FusionCharts
    Join Kegan Blumenthal, General Manager of Sencha, Froala & FusionCharts, for an discussion of each company's product offerings, how those product offerings compliment one another, and an in-depth look at what each company has in store for the near future.
  • ECMAScript Features in ExtJS-Projekten - Teil 2 Recorded: Oct 9 2020 60 mins
    Thorsten Suckow-Homberg, Senior Software Developer, Eyeworkers
    Im ersten Teil der Webinar-Reihe "ECMAScript Features in ExtJS-Projekten" hat Thorsten Suckow-Homberg von der eyeworkers GmbH u.a. unterschiedliche Ansätze zur Deklaration von Variablen sowie Destrukturierung von Arrays und Objekten vorgestellt.

    Darauf aufbauend gibt er im zweiten Teil einen detaillierten Einblick in die Verwendung von Default-Parametern bei JavaScript-Funktionen. Es wird außerdem erklärt, was Pfeilfunktionen sind und wie sie sich am sinnvollsten verwenden lassen.

    Der zweite Teil der Webinar-Reihe umfasst folgende Themen:
    - JavaScript-Funktionen als First-Class-Objekte
    - Parameterbehandlung in JavaScript-Funktionen
    - Default-Parameter für formal definierte Argumente
    - Verwendung und Eigenschaften von Pfeilfunktionen

    Das Webinar wird in deutscher Sprache gehalten.

    Die eyeworkers GmbH und Sencha freuen sich darauf, mit euch in die Tiefen von JavaScript einzusteigen!
  • Building Sophisticated Control Interfaces with Sencha GXT Recorded: Sep 30 2020 47 mins
    The Las Cumbres Observatory Team
    Sencha GXT powers Las Cumbres Observatory's software user interface that controls and monitors a network of telescopes to support discoveries in Time Domain Astronomy.

    We're partnering with the Las Cumbres Observatory team for a live look at how they leveraged the power of Sencha GXT to power advancements in the understanding of the universe.
  • Best Practices for Views, ViewModels and ViewControllers Recorded: Sep 22 2020 62 mins
    Marc Gusmano
    You have heard of patterns like MVC and MVVM and have probably heard talks on Ext JS Views, ViewControllers and ViewModels, but what about best practices?
    This webinar will look at these concepts and address topics like:
    - how do I access a View and ViewModel from the ViewController?
    - how do I access View Items from the Controller?
    - can ViewModels be inherited?
    - what are best practices for their use?
    This will be a demo-oriented session with many examples you can use in your own Ext JS projects!
  • Sencha - ECMAScript Features in ExtJS Projekten Recorded: Sep 16 2020 60 mins
    Thorsten Suckow-Hornberg, Senior Software Developer, Eyeworkers
    ECMAScript Features in ExtJS-Projekten

    ECMAScript ändert sich fortlaufend, stetig passt es sich den Anforderungen an eine moderne Programmiersprache an.
    In den letzten Jahren sind einige neue Features hinzugekommen, die den Einsatz von JavaScript in komplexen Web-Anwendungen erleichtern.

    Thorsten Suckow-Homberg von der eyeworkers GmbH stellt in der Webinar-Reihe "ECMAScript Features in ExtJS-Projekten" diese Features vor, die auch unter Berücksichtigung von Rückwärtskompatibilität in ExtJS-Projekten Anwendung finden können.

    Der erste Teil des Webinars umfasst folgende Themen:
    - Deklarationen von Variablen mittels const/let/var
    - Hoisting in JavaScript
    - Sichtbarkeiten von Variablen in Blockanweisungen
    - Destrukturierung von Arrays und Objekten

    Die eyeworkers Gmbh und Sencha freuen sich darauf, mit euch in die Tiefen von JavaScript einzusteigen!
  • Achieve Beautiful UI/UX Design with FusionCharts Recorded: Sep 15 2020 59 mins
    Marc Gusmano, Lead Systems Engineer & Rahul Garg, UI/UX Technical Lead
    Designing the proper User Experience and User Interface is a key part of planning and developing critical business applications, whether they are used by internal employees or external partners and customers. Additionally, in today’s era of big data, it is important to transform rows and columns into visually rich graphs, charts and dashboards to enhance an organization’s analysis and decision making capabilities.

    Celestial Systems will take us through the up-front thinking and planning of the UI/UX design processes they use for enterprise applications using FusionCharts for data visualization, and how to move seamlessly from UI/UX design and into ReactJS application development with the FusionCharts platform.
  • Sencha - Building Micro-Frontends using Ext JS Recorded: Sep 8 2020 64 mins
    Suman Ravuri & Phani Kiran Gutha, WalkingTree
    Single page enterprise web applications can quickly become complex and difficult to maintain. Hence they will require similar care and consideration in design that we attribute to the scalable backend. That is when you can deliver features faster and ensure easier upgrades. Further, there is always a push for the technology team to understand the functionality and thus giving them the option of choosing their tech stacks acts as a great savior.

    That is where the Microfrontends (similar to Microservices), provides a great alternative for the enterprises. A large application gets divided into multiple independent (end-to-end) applications, and they integrate to serve a larger purpose - as if it is a single application. The constant goal stays to Optimize new development, make it easier to upgrade, and keep the focus on the customer's need.
  • Sencha - Building a Fully Functional and Interactive Menu with Ext JS Recorded: Aug 27 2020 61 mins
    Marc Gusmano
    A well designed interactive menu is the heart of many applications, and with Ext JS, creating a menu that can be styled, includes sub-menus,
    and can be collapsed to a 'micro' version is pretty straightforward to accomplish. Get a hands-on demonstration on how to use menus
    in your Ext JS applications, how to style those menus to look exactly how you want and how to interact with dynamic menus within the application.
  • Sencha - Encapsulate and Reuse and Extend—Oh My! Recorded: Aug 11 2020 64 mins
    Max Rahder, Senior Software Analyst, Celestial Systems
    Sencha Product Expert Max Rahder is back to show devs how easy it is to create low maintenance, reusable code in Ext JS.

    The topics we cover in this live demonstration will include how to define and extend a class, how to create accessor methods, and using mix-ins.
  • Sencha & Kaseware - Combatting Security Threats with Ext JS Recorded: Jul 29 2020 63 mins
    Dorian Deligeorges, Nathan Burrows, Kirti Joshi
    Join Kaseware co-founders Dorian Deligeorges and Nathan Burrows for a live look at how they utilized Ext JS to achieve maximum security in their application development.
  • What's New and What's Next for FusionCharts Recorded: Jul 23 2020 37 mins
    Nihar Sawant, Product Manager
    Join FusionCharts product expert Nihar Sawant for a deep dive into all of the awesome new features and enhancements introduced by FusionCharts 3.15.2 and FusionTime 2.2, and a look at what's next for FusionCharts.
  • Sencha - Seamlessly Incorporate ExtReact into your Material-UI Apps Recorded: Jun 30 2020 52 mins
    Marc Gusmano, Sencha Sales Architect & Olivier Tassinari, Material-UI Co-Founder
    As a continuation of our efforts to advance the Javascript ecosystem and simplify enterprise app development, we're proud to sponsor Material-UI.
    Come hang out with Sencha product evangelist Marc Gusmano and Material-UI co-founder Olivier Tassinari for a first-hand look at how ExtReact data-centric components (such as Data Grids, Trees, Charts etc.) can be seamlessly incorporated into apps built with Material-UI.

    ExtReact is the perfect collection of complementary components for Material-UI, and we can't wait to prove it. Save your seat today!
Delivering B2B software productivity tools so users do more with less
Idera, Inc.’s Developer Tools division includes best-in-class developer productivity tools spanning every stage of the software development lifecycle. The growing portfolio of brands includes Assembla, Embarcadero, Froala, LANSA, Sencha and Whole Tomato. They deliver products that are simple, secure and powerful enabling customers across the world to create amazing desktop, web and mobile applications with unmatched ease and speed. To learn more, visit: assembla.com, embarcadero.com, froala.com, lansa.com, myget.org, sencha.com and wholetomato.com.

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  • Title: SNC - Streamline Cross-Platform Web App Development and Test Automation
  • Live at: Mar 17 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Gautam Agrawal, Senior Director at Sencha
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