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LSIPR and HGF present: Navigating the CRISPR IP landscape in Europe

The CRISPR IP landscape in Europe is very murky. Listeners will gain an understanding of the current situation, which will aid them to make licensing decisions if and when they intend to commercialise. This 45-minute webinar will provide an up to date analysis of the current state of play in Europe with comparison to the state of play in the US.
Recorded Apr 25 2017 52 mins
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Presented by
Dr Claire Irvine (HGF Ltd) Catherine Coombes (HGF Ltd), Peter Scott (Life Sciences IP Review)
Presentation preview: LSIPR and HGF present: Navigating the CRISPR IP landscape in Europe
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  • Latest patent trends in Japan Jul 7 2021 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Tom Phillips (WIPR), Jeroen van der Donck (Sonoda & Kobayashi)
    At the half-way point of 2021, the world has been engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly 18 months. This amount of time is just enough to have a first look at patents and the IP landscape in Japan during this period.
    In this webinar, Sonoda & Kobayashi will get you up to speed with 2020’s IP developments in Japan as well as give clarification on the recent trends and shifts observed at the different patent offices.
    Particular attention will be devoted to the latest figures of IP filings and litigation in Japan in comparison to those found at the ‘IP5’ offices. The World Intellectual Property Organization reported a global increase in patent filing over 2020, but Japan has not been as fortunate, and it appears that the ongoing trend of lower total filings has grown during the pandemic.
    The status of ‘green’ patents on the international scene will also be addressed during this session. Join us as we discuss this topic and other patent trends in the Land of the Rising Sun.
  • Seven real-world wins from IP leaders using brand protection software Jun 29 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Daniel Shapiro (Red Points), Oli Bolton (Red Points), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    Protecting your brand is essential—it’s how you set yourself apart from the competition. When left unchecked, trademark infringement can quickly lead to financial loss and result in a dilution of your brand value.

    IP leaders all around the world are increasingly using trademark monitoring services to ensure their brands remain protected across the internet.

    How do they go about protecting their IP using technology? We have put together seven real-world examples of how IP leaders are using brand protection software to gain a competitive edge.
    Join our webinar to find out more.
    In this webinar you’ll learn:
    - Best practices for establishing an efficient and proactive policing and enforcement brand protection programme
    - How using a single tool that puts all your IP protection needs under one roof can reduce admin time and costs, and help make strategic decisions in real time
    - Seven tangible ways in which IP leaders are using brand protection software to protect their brands
    - Metrics and key performance indicators you can track to measure a brand protection software’s success
  • Pandemics and Vaccines: A Patent View Jun 23 2021 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Yuri Kuznetsov (Gorodissky), Dmitry Klimenko (Gorodissky), Ekaterina Mosina (Gorodissky), Oksana Karpenko (Gorodissky)
    “Pandemics and Vaccines: The Patent Practitioner View” will be presenting a look at the pandemic history of the 20th and 21st centuries, to see what the world’s biotechnologists were doing to be prepared for fighting them and how that was reflected in patent activities.

    Can new vaccines be made before a new and unforecastable pandemic occurs?
    What patent activities on new vaccines can be seen around historically known pandemics?
    If we analyse their patenting, how continuously do new vaccine developments appear?

    These questions will be presented and discussed with viewers by Gorodissky’s patent attorneys who are leaders in the biotechnological arena. A particular focus will be on the situation with patenting new COVID-19 vaccines in Russia as well as on political issues around permitting use of patented vaccines as an exception from exclusive patentee rights in pandemic emergency conditions.
  • Patenting antibodies at the EPO Recorded: May 6 2021 56 mins
    Hazel Ford (Mathys & Squire), Martin MacLean (Mathys & Squire), Peter Scott (WIPR)
    European Patent Office (EPO) practice in relation to antibody inventions has developed over the years to take account of progress in the law and advances in technology. The EPO’s approach to patenting antibodies has now been formalised for the first time in the latest edition of the EPO’s Guidelines for Examination (March 2021). In this webinar, Martin MacLean and Hazel Ford of Mathys & Squire will discuss the key issues that are likely to arise when dealing with antibody cases at the EPO, and will review the factors that the EPO will take into account when assessing patentability and when considering what is an appropriate breadth of patent in this technical area.
  • Emerging from crisis: brand protection lessons from the pandemic Recorded: Apr 28 2021 59 mins
    Fred Felman (Appdetex), Austin Phillips (Facebook), Lisa Widup (Zoom), Dave Caplan (Kilpatrick Townsend), Peter Scott (WIPR)
    With the COVID-19 pandemic having kept many of us at home this past year, we’ve witnessed a profound surge in mobile and online commerce and a corresponding increase in scams.
    This panel will explore how bad actors’ exploits have evolved over the past year and how IP professionals are battling brand abuse networks and systemic attacks on customers and brands in our evolving digital landscape.
    Our expert panel is made up of intellectual property professionals who protect the world’s most influential and fastest-growing brands.
  • G1/19: What next for computer-implemented inventions? Recorded: Apr 22 2021 62 mins
    Pawel Piotrowicz (Venner Shipley), Richard Kennedy (Venner Shipley), Peter Thorniley (Venner Shipley)
    On March 10, 2021, the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office handed down the long-awaited decision in G 1/19 (Pedestrian Simulation).
    What are the key takeaways, and what does the decision mean in practice for applicants and practitioners? Venner Shipley partner Pawel Piotrowicz, who drafted and prosecuted the application and appeared before the Enlarged Board of Appeal, will discuss the key points of the decision, its impact and repercussions for best practice for simulations and other areas such as machine learning and big data.
    He will be joined by colleagues Richard Kennedy and Peter Thorniley, who also specialise in computer-implemented inventions.
    This will be an interactive webinar with a question and answer session.
  • How IP Offices are utilising AI Recorded: Jan 12 2021 60 mins
    Jamie Holcome (USPTO), Alexander Klenner-Bajaja (EPO), Jens Petter Sollie (Norweigan IPO), Peter Scott (WIPR)
    How IP Offices are utilising AI: Image Searches, Machine Translation, and Administraton

    Hear industry leader insights on:

    The importance of good data,
    The limitations of AI,
    How to manage the costs of investing in AI,
    How the offices are using AI currently
  • Brexit, trademarks and designs: the end of the beginning? Or just the beginning Recorded: Dec 16 2020 60 mins
    Lee Curtis (HGF), Peter Scott (WIPR)
    After four-and-a-half years of negotiations the dust has now settled on Brexit and its impact on design and trademark protection in the UK and EU—or has it?

    This presentation Brexit, trademarks and designs: the end of the beginning? Or just the beginning of the end? on December 16 at 3pm GMT/ 10am ET will provide an overview of what has been agreed on the protection of designs and trademarks in the UK and EU after the UK’s departure from the EU.

    The presentation will also deal with the likely ongoing impact of Brexit on UK and EU trademark practice after the end of the transition period on December 31, 2020, providing practical advice on the protection of designs and trademarks and some thoughts on where the UK and EU are likely to diverge in the future in this important area of IP law.
  • Internet Infringement Doesn't Take a Holiday Recorded: Oct 29 2020 56 mins
    Fred Felman (Appdetex), Russ Pangborn (Seed IP), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    A year unlike any other - as 2020 winds down and the holiday season heats up, we can expect to see even more abuse of intellectual property and brands in digital channels.

    Join Russ Pangborn of Seed-IP and Fred Felman of Appdetex in a timely dialogue exploring the hallmarks of abuse in 2020, the current realities of enforcement and how those phenomena will affect brand protection professionals during the always-busy holiday season.
  • IP and R&D Trends in Biological Sequencing Recorded: Sep 28 2020 39 mins
    Karthik Subramanian (PatSnap), Shivshankar Umashankar (PatSnap), and Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    A recent study from McKinsey claims that 45% of the world’s disease burden could be addressed by biological means. With the increasing number of cancers and other rare diseases, it is no surprise that biotech innovations are on the rise.
    To supplement that, advancements in biotechnology such as next-generation sequencing techniques and personalised medicines have made the large-scale development of biological drugs easier and more cost-effective.
    The prior art, containing patents for biological gene sequences, and the claims generally include descriptions of gene sequences as a form of protection of DNA, RNA, other nucleotides and proteins.
    These patents are always claimed in relation to the sequence upon which the said drug acts. This is mostly with respect to a disease which occurs as a result of sequence mutation, or a disease which the drug is used to treat that acts upon the sequence mentioned in the claim.
    Metadata associated to a sequence claimed in a patents has therefore gained more significance than before, for both research and freedom-to-operate perspectives.
    In this webinar, we will look closely at how prior art is contributing to drug discovery, and how the trend over the last five years in the prior art landscape has made IP and R&D professionals change the way sequence searching is done.
    We also look at how artificial intelligence has helped platforms such as PatSnap Bio shift the approach to sequence searching to the next level, and meet the changing patenting landscape in biological sequencing.
  • SPCs: protection of active ingredients, new and old Recorded: Sep 9 2020 66 mins
    Joel Beevers (Potter Clarkson), Michael Pears (Potter Clarkson), Stephanie Pilkington (Potter Clarkson), Tom Phillips (LSIPR)
    Joel Beevers, Michael Pears and Stephanie Pilkington of Potter Clarkson will explore the practical impact of recent CJEU case law in Royalty Pharma (C-650/17) and Teva v Gilead (C-121/17) on what constitutes ‘protection’ of active ingredients by the basic patent in the context of supplementary protection certificates (SPCs); how patent specifications can be optimised for this purpose; and how it can influence patent filing strategies.
    They also consider the current state of play for obtaining SPCs for previously authorised active ingredients in view of the recent CJEU judgments in Abraxis (C-443/17) and Santen (C-673/18), and what options remain open to maximise exclusivity.
  • Antibody patents: maximising value in Europe and beyond Recorded: Aug 5 2020 60 mins
    Tom Leonard (Kilburn & Strode), Alison Care (Kilburn & Strode), Dave Wortley (Kilburn & Strode), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    Antibody Patents: Maximising value in Europe and beyond

    Join antibody experts and European Patent Attorneys Tom Leonard, Alison Care and Dave Wortley of Kilburn & Strode for a 60 minute webinar discussion on the latest developments in antibody patenting on Wednesday 5th August 2020 at 4.30pm BST (8.30am West Coast, 11.30am East Coast, 5.30pm Central European Time).

    Drawing on both private practice and in-house experience, this in-depth webinar has been specifically curated for those working in the antibody field, including private practice attorneys, in-house counsel and others involved in the development and marketing of antibodies. We will explore best practice for:

    · Drafting applications, including how to maximise potential claim scope where possible and what data to include to support your claims

    · Patent filing and IP strategies, including when and where to file

    · Prosecution of global portfolios, taking into account how different patent offices examine applications relating to antibodies

    · The preparation of freedom-to-operate and landscaping opinions to best inform the business or to prepare yourself for third-party due diligence

    This webinar will run for 1 hour.
  • How to Deal with Bad Faith Trademark Registrations in China Recorded: Jul 28 2020 60 mins
    Jason Yao (Wanhuida IP), Mingming Yang (Wanhuida IP), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    It’s extremely frustrating for brand owners, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to realise when they plan to launch their products into the China market that their trademarks have been registered by someone else.

    This frustration is understandable, and in this webinar, we hear from those who have been vigorously pushing the Chinese legislative authorities to reform the trademark registration regulations, reforms that have recently come to fruition with many positive changes to the Trademark Office, as well as to the Trademark Law.

    This webinar will bring you the most up-to-date changes to the trademark registration system and laws in order to deal with bad faith trademark applications. We will also share with you first-hand experiences and strategies in dealing with bad faith registrations, including:

    The latest changes to the Trademark Law in China;

    How to deal with bad faith trademark registration: opposition; invalidation; cancellation; civil litigations; administrative enforcement actions; and Case study and Q&A.
  • Brand Abuse: Fighting bad actors during the pandemic Recorded: Jul 14 2020 65 mins
    Fred Felman (Appdetex), Fabricio Vayra (Perkins Coie), Peter Scott (WIPR)
    The first half of 2020 has brought dramatic changes to how we work and live, with sharp increases in remote work arrangements and use of e-commerce and mobile apps.

    Bad actors, poised to take advantage of any rising trend in business and consumer behaviour, are capitalising on the pandemic across multiple vectors as digital channels grow in importance.

    What are the implications for intellectual property and brand protection professionals, and will those implications extend beyond this crisis period? Did the recent ICANN meeting identify any changes to the availability of WHOIS or other relief for brand protection professionals?

    This webinar examines trends in online brand abuse, describing the latest scams and statistics, and recommending how you can best position your online brand protection strategy to mitigate the effects of abuse.

    Trusted brands have never been more important. This webinar will provide insight and practical guidelines so you can elevate the security posture of your brand during this period of rapid shifts and heightened risk.
  • IP Management in Times of Crisis: how to maximise impact while minimising cost Recorded: Jul 9 2020 59 mins
    Volker Spitz (Brandstock), David Llewellyn (Arm), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    The COVID-19 crisis has had huge implications for IP management, and companies look to cut costs and secure their assets. This webinar will consider how best to protect yourself in times of crisis, how to avoid overreacting, and how to control costs while maintaining effectiveness. What does 2021 look like? And what are the long terms impacts of the crisis for brands and IP management?
  • Anti-counterfeiting strategies in Russia: fighting online threats Recorded: Jun 22 2020 51 mins
    Evgeny Alexandrov (Gorodissky & Partners), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    Online sales create significant threats for brand owners worldwide. Many online brand protection issues in Russia and its neighbouring countries present unique challenges requiring local knowledge and specialist expertise.

    In order to ensure the highest level of protection of brands and other IP assets, a tailored approach is required with respect to each jurisdiction. We invite brand protection managers, brand owners, lawyers and other IP rights enforcement specialists to our webinar session dedicated to strategies for efficient brand protection options in Russia.
  • Domain Name Abuse: Coping with COVID-19, ICANN and GDPR Recorded: Jun 18 2020 71 mins
    Raphael Gutierrez (Uber), Faisal Shah (Appdetex), Susan Kawaguchi (Appdetex), Alex Deacon(Cole Valley)
    Intellectual property professionals are coping with a whirlwind of change. From the COVID crisis to ICANN’s reaction to GDPR, the methods for identifying and abating brand-related domain abuse have shifted radically. Join a panel of domain name experts from Uber, Appdetex, and Cole Valley Consulting in a discussion of these trends and the steps that the world’s largest brands are taking to protect their customers and their IP.
  • Preliminary Injunctions: How to Get Them, How to Avoid Them Recorded: Jun 10 2020 68 mins
    Monica Arnold (Milbank), Gary Frischling (Milbank), David Gindler (Milbank), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    Sometimes monetary damages aren’t enough. In cases between fierce competitors—whether innovator vs innovator, or brand vs generic—an injunction at the beginning of litigation may be more valuable than monetary damages at the end.

    And for a new company with a single product, the prospect of a preliminary injunction from a well-funded rival may threaten the company’s very existence.

    This webinar will explore the strategies, arguments and evidence that have carried the day for patent holders and for accused infringers in a preliminary injunction battle.

    Among the issues to be addressed are:
    What arguments on the merits are most likely to succeed or fail?
    When are price erosion and lost market share fully compensable by money, and when do they show irreparable harm?
    Will new or different arguments be made in cases involving biosimilars, compared to small molecule drugs?
    Do the balance of hardships or the public interest ever make a difference to the outcome?

    Speakers include:
    Monica Arnold, Associate, Milbank
    Gary Frischling, Partner, Milbank
    David Gindler, Partner, Milbank
  • Best Practices for Corporate Domain Name Management in Uncertain Times Recorded: May 28 2020 59 mins
    Matt Serlin (Brandsight), Elisa Cooper (Brandsight), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    Within the last two months, priorities for corporate domain name managers have been turned upside down. With an increase in domain name abuse and a renewed focus on cost containment, corporate domain name managers are now being presented with competing priorities that are seemingly at odds with one another.

    More than ever, corporate domain name managers are being asked to do more, with less.

    Given these changing priorities, join domain name industry experts Matt Serlin and Elisa Cooper as they share practical steps for:

    Paring domain name registrations and containing costs

    Identifying and remediating security risks

    Optimising portfolios and proving ROI

    They will also be sharing best practices for selecting service providers, designing and managing domain name programmes, and streamlining workflow.
  • The Essential Value: IoT SEPs and the Case for Patent Pools Recorded: May 27 2020 67 mins
    Mathias Hellman (Ericsson), Luke McLeroy (Avanci), Timothy Berghuis (InterDigital), Tom Phillips (WIPR)
    The future of connected cities, smart cars, and autonomous factories is well within our purview, but there is a risk of delay to this ecosystem of opportunity as industry and innovators determine the value of integral technologies that unlock a world of capabilities.

    This webinar will explore the evolution and nuances of licensing wireless technologies in new internet of things (IoT) verticals, and discuss the role of licensing frameworks such as patent pools in our increasingly connected future.

    Join experts from across the technology and IP industries as they share perspectives on fostering IoT innovation and value.

    Speakers include:
    Mathias Hellman, VP of IPR Strategy & Portfolio Management at Ericsson
    Luke McLeroy, Senior VP of Business Development, Avanci
    Timothy Berghuis, Chief Licensing Officer, InterDigital
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  • Title: LSIPR and HGF present: Navigating the CRISPR IP landscape in Europe
  • Live at: Apr 25 2017 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dr Claire Irvine (HGF Ltd) Catherine Coombes (HGF Ltd), Peter Scott (Life Sciences IP Review)
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