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Presentation Trifecta: Content, Tools & Tactics to Generate Demand Online

Buyers today have unlimited resources and data available at their fingertips. Marketers are experiencing new pressures and obstacles when it comes to lead generation, forcing them to change their tactics to align with the shifting demands of prospects.

The good news? Webinars boast unique qualities both for lead generation and improving response rates in calls-to-action – especially if you challenge your team to present a little differently.

Join the “Michael Jordan of online presentations”, Roger Courville, on the BrightTALK Academy for this interactive seminar to explore:
- 3 biggest lead generation mistakes marketers make with webinars (and what to do about it)
- Where webinars work best in the sales cycle
- 2 things anyone can teach any presenter to up their presentation engagement IQ
- 4 uncommon tactics for increasing your promotional reach

Bonus: Three attendees at the live presentation will receive a signed copy of Roger’s not-even-on-the-market-yet book, The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook.
Recorded Nov 12 2015 61 mins
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Presented by
Roger Courville, Chief Aha! Guy, TheVirtualPresenter.com
Presentation preview: Presentation Trifecta: Content, Tools & Tactics to Generate Demand Online

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  • It’s time to change how you present on BrightTALK Apr 14 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Paul Heald, CEO & Peter Rance, Chief Product Officer, BrightTALK
    With the world doubling down on virtual events, you need to stand out not just with what you say but how you say it.

    Our latest release gives you the tools to mix together webcam video (up to 4 speakers at a time), recorded videos, slides, screen share and animations to create super-engaging talks.

    Join our CEO and Chief Product Officer for an overview of our new tool and a demo of it’s potential - you’ll walk away ready to flex your creative muscles and create content that cuts through the noise.

    They’ll focus on:
    * Rich media consumption and creation trends during the pandemic
    * History and evolution of online presentation technology
    * Examples of our Talks platform in action
    * Q&A
  • Flip the Switch: Polished events in a webcam world Recorded: Apr 2 2020 54 mins
    Trent Warrick, Frank Hanley and MB Welch, BrightTALK
    Can you actually create a great piece of content with a webcam? BrightTALK's Content Marketing Manager, Trent Warrick, is here to showcase a few simple tips and tricks that can elevate your video marketing programs.

    As many professionals are faced with the challenge of remote working, creating video-based content and virtual events is more important than ever before. We'll highlight:

    - Webcam fails and how to avoid them
    - Angles, lighting and equipment that can be leveraged at home for professional-looking content
    - How and when to get virtual support from a video producer
  • The CMO Imperative: Adapting your 2020 strategy during the pandemic Recorded: Mar 27 2020 81 mins
    Cindy Zhou, CMO (LogRhythm), Daniel Frohnen, CMO (Sendoso), and David Pitta, CMO (BrightTALK)
    Marketing leaders need to immediately embrace change and find creative solutions to add value with an increased emphasis on the digital world. This talk brings CMOs from around the US to share how they're adapting to our new reality with an emphasis on:
    - Reaching your audience when travel is restricted and conferences are cancelled
    - Adapting your content and standing out when everyone is doubling down on digital
    - Pivoting your field marketing and event strategy to focus on digital opportunities
    - Filling the lead gen and brand building gap
    - Shifting channel strategies, plans, budget and resources
    - Keeping your employees motivated during the crisis
    - Messaging effectively around coronavirus

    BrightTALK has teamed up with Boston Content, DC MarTech Talks and Obility B2B to deliver this special talk.
  • Demand Generation in the Age of Privacy: CCPA Recorded: Mar 24 2020 45 mins
    Daniel Barber, CEO of DataGrail and David Pitta, CMO of BrightTALK
    The rollout of GDPR in 2018 transformed how many businesses go to market and interact with consumers. Similarly, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has been in effect since January 1, 2020 and many companies are still scrambling to understand the implications of this new regulation.

    Although marketers may not be on the legal team, an enormous amount of personal data sits in the MarTech stack. Now more than ever before, marketers must stay informed on increasingly stringent privacy laws to protect their brands and maintain trust and transparency.

    Join this webinar with David Pitta, CMO of BrightTALK, and Daniel Barber, CEO of DataGrail, to hear firsthand how a marketing executive and CEO of a privacy company reconcile marketing and privacy priorities for the year ahead.
  • Flip the Switch: No Booth? No Problem Recorded: Mar 19 2020 60 mins
    Val-Pierre Genton, Olivia Dassler, David Edwards from BrightTALK
    In session two of our Flip the Switch series, we’ll share practical guidance and solutions for marketers looking to quickly pivot event partner and sponsor strategies in light of the growing concerns around COVID-19. During this BrightTALK Academy session, Val-Pierre Genton, Olivia Dassler, and David Edwards will focus on how to seamlessly create a virtual event and adapt to the drastic changes in the global event circuit. Topics include:

    - Tapping into the power of one or multi-day virtual events to engage your audience around a topical subject matter
    - Leveraging episodic content to build a community around a specific topic
    - Brand visibility without the booth
  • Flip the Switch: Building a virtual event in 24 hours Recorded: Mar 12 2020 61 mins
    Morgan Cantrell, Jeff Kunken, Jon Mycroft, BrightTALK
    The recent Coronavirus outbreak is playing an increasingly significant role in our lives, and many are taking personal and professional precautions. Event organizers are feeling the pressure to pull the plug on in-person tradeshows and conferences, while many businesses are suspending employee travel and implementing mandatory remote working policies. Marketers who have heavily invested in physical events as part of their go-to-market strategy are left with a significant challenge. What's the best way to create a successful virtual event program at scale?

    As a leader in the virtual event space, BrightTALK has best practices and solutions that can help marketers quickly pivot in this era of physical event uncertainty. During this talk, Morgan Cantrell, Jeff Kunken and Jon Mycroft will share insights on how to best move a 2020 event strategy online. Topics include:

    - Building virtual sessions to create a video-based conference and fill the funnel
    - How to bring local and global audiences together with real-time engagement features
    - Blending online and offline experiences to accommodate travel restrictions and concerns
  • BrightTALK Local Silicon Valley Recorded: Mar 4 2020 66 mins
    Candice Lipps, Big Panda; Karim Azar, Imperva; Olivia Dassler, BrightTALK
    We are bringing together two great marketing leaders from BigPanda and Imperva to dive into one of the hottest topics of the year – intent data.
  • Perpetual demand generation for continuous growth Recorded: Feb 12 2020 52 mins
    David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK and Olivia Dassler, Programs Manager, BrightTALK
    Living campaign-to-campaign to make demand generation ends meet is a way of life for many B2B marketers. While there will always be a place for a burst of demand around a campaign, is this the best vehicle to drive consistent predictable growth for your company?

    Your sales and marketing resources operate on a consistent schedule, demand for your products and services ideally should align to your capacity to act on that demand. Turn your business into a growth machine by using channels that are always driving demand, and techniques to consistently turn that demand into activity.

    Join BrightTALK’s CMO, David Pitta, and Programs Manager Olivia Dassler as they discuss innovative channels and techniques for perpetual demand and business growth.
  • 4 Pillars of Video Marketing: Treat video as part of a campaign Recorded: Jan 30 2020 51 mins
    Trent Warrick, Jeff Kunken, BrightTALK
    Rich content is a hugely powerful demand generation resource, but developing that content is often resource intensive in itself. To get the greatest mileage out of your content, a thoroughly planned promotional strategy should be considered at the outset.

    From atomization to follow-up content and additional steps prospects can take to advance the sales process, to the promotional emails ahead of your initiative, all stages should be considered.

    In this webinar learn best practices to get more bang for your content buck through mindful planning and tips to improve any campaign.
  • 5 Best Practices to Transform your Webinar Editorial Calendar Recorded: Jan 15 2020 46 mins
    Nick Markwith, Director, Communities
    Webinars are a proven tactic for driving engaged, qualified leads but are often executed poorly or without the audience in mind. A poor presentation can have the opposite effect intended if marketers and presenters don’t approach the webinars that deliver value, insights, and authenticity to your audience.

    Join Nick Markwith as he reviews how BrightTALK’s editorial team manages their 2,000 webinar editorial calendar and discusses the five best practices for developing a webinar editorial calendar that excites, engages and educates your target audience.

    In this session, you will learn how to:

    • Understand what drives your audience
    • Explore new sources of novel editorial ideas and formats
    • Identify best practices to keep your audience engaged and nurtured
  • How to ‘Be Specific’ with your Video Content Recorded: Nov 4 2019 58 mins
    Simon Gerzina (VP & Managing Director, BrightTALK) & Jon Mycroft (Director, Creative Accounts, BrightTALK)
    For many marketers, the prospect of putting together an impactful video project or campaign can appear daunting. With so many variables to consider, how do you approach video marketing in a structured and creative way that will generate positive results?

    The first in our series of ‘The Four Pillars of Video Marketing’ focuses on the need to be specific when strategizing, creating and distributing video content. Join Simon Gerzina, Managing Director and VP of Original Content at BrightTALK and Jon Mycroft, Director, Creative Accounts at BrightTALK to learn how to focus on the details that matter when creating video.
  • An inside look at BrightTALK Channels - now with Talks! Recorded: Oct 2 2019 21 mins
    Olivia Dassler, Marketing Programs Manager and Val-Pierre Genton, VP Growth at BrightTALK
    BrightTALK's recent release of Talks has set a new standard for webinars and videos. It is now easier than ever to reach new audiences with more inspiring webinars and videos.

    Join this short demo to learn how Fortune 500 companies to start-ups use BrightTALK to:
    - Increase webinar registrations and views
    - Make presenters’ lives easy and their talks more inspiring
    - Elevate the audience experience
    - Save time and simplify
  • Content or Distribution: Which Comes First? Recorded: Sep 25 2019 60 mins
    Simon Gerzina (VP & Managing Director, BrightTALK) & Jeff Kunken (Director, Creative Accounts, BrightTALK)
    Having a great concept and plan for producing a video project is only the beginning. With any rich media project, thinking through the objective and audience from the beginning is key to getting ROI. Equal emphasis should be placed on the eyes for the project as the project itself. The goals of the project must be specific and defined, with distribution and production following this.

    In this session, Simon Gerzina and Jeff Kunken from BrightTALK will discuss how to take a holistic approach to planning your video projects with an emphasis on the distribution strategy to achieve better results and greater ROI. You will also hear from marketers on how their KPIs and goals directly shape webinar and video strategy.
  • Three Steps to Authentic Connections in B2B Recorded: Sep 18 2019 60 mins
    David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK and Val-Pierre Genton, VP Product Marketing, BrightTALK
    In today’s B2B marketplace, competition is fierce. Buyers fall prey to one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns and pushy sales calls that often leave them feeling confused and uncertain in their decision. As the marketing landscape evolves, the word authenticity has become more and more applicable.

    So, how do you prove your commitment to the customer through genuine content, ultimately winning their hearts and minds? In this live webinar, BrightTALK’s CMO David Pitta and VP, Product Marketing Val-Pierre Genton explain why authenticity matters and how to leverage this concept across your content, marketing, and sales processes.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:
    · How to tell authentic stories with your marketing content
    · How to cultivate authentic buyer connections
    · How to ground your decisions on authentic results
  • Behind the Scenes: 5 Crucial Steps to Webinar Program Success Recorded: Aug 28 2019 41 mins
    Kristen Rice, Program Manager, Webinar Services; Michael Lacy, Webinar Event Manager, Global Team Lead
    From enterprise to small business, running a successful content marketing operation to support your business is laborious. Whether you’re an individual or a large team, by following these steps you can create a program that drives powerful engagement with brand content.

    Challenges you face could span time and resource constraints, content quality, or just the logistics of the operation. Walk away with best practices that can help you get your lead-generating content operation humming.

    With over 15,000 webinars and videos delivered on BrightTALK each year, we know what it takes to put on a good show, and can help you do the same.
  • Content Marketing Beyond Your Content: Getting value from the unengaged Recorded: Aug 14 2019 60 mins
    David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK Tom Campbell, Global Marketing Operations Manager, Yellowfin
    As B2B marketing evolves, new data products are making content marketing more personalized than ever. But if you’re only valuing clicks and views, this narrow definition of success could be causing you to overlook up to 60% of hand-raising leads and valuable opportunities to personalize the content journey.

    Join Tom Campbell, Global Marketing Operations at Yellowfin and David Pitta, CMO at BrightTALK for a live video talk exploring three often overlooked ways at collecting and connecting go-to-market data signals to drive business growth.
  • Sixgill gains brand awareness by extending their lean team with BrightTALK Recorded: Jul 22 2019 2 mins
    Barry Spielman, VP Marketing, Sixgill EMEA
    As a small team, Webinar creation can seem like a daunting task, but because of BrightTALK’s ease of use and smart editorial planning, they are able to plan many in advance.

    Sixgill primarily uses BrightTALK webinars as a brand awareness tool and top of funnel lead generation within the IT security space.
  • How to ‘Be Specific’ with your Video Content Recorded: Jul 18 2019 58 mins
    Simon Gerzina (VP & Managing Director, BrightTALK) & Jon Mycroft (Director, Creative Accounts, BrightTALK)
    For many marketers, the prospect of putting together an impactful video project or campaign can appear daunting. With so many variables to consider, how do you approach video marketing in a structured and creative way that will generate positive results?

    The first in our series of ‘The Four Pillars of Video Marketing’ focuses on the need to be specific when strategizing, creating and distributing video content. Join Simon Gerzina, Managing Director and VP of Original Content at BrightTALK and Jon Mycroft, Director, Creative Accounts at BrightTALK to learn how to focus on the details that matter when creating video.
  • BrightTALK Local Highlights Reel Recorded: Jul 12 2019 2 mins
    BrightTALK Local is our in-person global event series that brings together the best minds in marketing to exchange ideas, get inspired, and connect. With events in San Francisco, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seattle, Austin and more, we can't wait to come to your city soon. Check out this clip for a behind-the-scenes look at our BrightTALK Local events.
  • NS1 found webinar success and rebuilt their post-GDPR database with BrightTALK Recorded: Jul 12 2019 3 mins
    Jess Bahr, Senior Director of Growth, NS1
    NS1 turned to BrightTALK to acquire new leads, and nurture those leads already in their database with engaging thought leadership webinar and video content.

    BrightTALK allowed NS1 to be more efficient and increase their webinar cadence, and the leads coming in were of higher quality. In fact, when NS1 instituted an Account based marketing approach, they found more overlap between the BrightTALK audience and the target account list than any other source.

    GDPR hurt NS1's EMEA database. BrightTALK has been a valuable tool in rebuilding this after GDPR went into effect..
Webinar and Video Knowledge - From Beginner to Advanced
The BrightTALK Academy features the fundamentals of executing webinars and best practices to develop channel owners into advanced hosts.

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  • Title: Presentation Trifecta: Content, Tools & Tactics to Generate Demand Online
  • Live at: Nov 12 2015 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Roger Courville, Chief Aha! Guy, TheVirtualPresenter.com
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