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How to Conduct Research for Revenue Generating Content

In a data-centric workforce, metrics and benchmarks provide professionals reasons to invest, alter, and evolve their strategy. One of the biggest trends in content creation and delivery is conducting surveys to capture your target audience’s pain points, thoughts, strategies, and drivers.

As companies continue to compete for market space, one strategy to approach the industry is to create and conduct insightful studies. Prospects and customers alike want to understand the latest trends, what their peers are doing, and where their industry is going. When done right, research elevates your gravitas in the market and serves as an effective way to engage your prospects -- both while completing the study as well as revealing the results.

Join Frost & Sullivan and BrightTALK for an in-depth discussion on research reports and findings. Topics include (but not limited to):
- Defining your goals for conducting research
- How to structure your report for ideal results
- Converting data into marketing content
Recorded Sep 20 2016 45 mins
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Presented by
Melanie Turek, VP of Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan; Taylor Freitas, Content Marketer at BrightTALK
Presentation preview: How to Conduct Research for Revenue Generating Content

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  • BrightTALK's 2019 Benchmarks Report Apr 24 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Pitta, CMO at BrightTALK, Val-Pierre Genton, VP of Product Marketing at BrightTALK
    In this year’s annual Benchmarks Report, BrightTALK has analyzed a wealth of data, looking at over 100,000 webinars and videos, with 16,000 being created within the past year, millions of audience interactions, and for the first time ever direct insight from our more than 8 million users.

    Join this session to hear actionable findings and insights on marketing with webinars and videos.
  • Tried & True: People + Process = Solutions Recorded: Apr 10 2019 43 mins
    David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK
    For the last 10+ years, we’ve been able to see first-hand how top-performing marketers use content and demand strategies for business growth. During this time, we shared their tips and tricks while also optimizing our own efforts for success. Starting with a modest marketing team and budget, we focused on continual improvement in how we use our own products and services to achieve growth. Now, with a centralized team of 8, we’ll share how we invested $600,000 last year to achieve $20M in pipeline and $8M in closed-won business from webinars and videos hosted on BrightTALK.

    In this talk, we’ll share learnings from a decade of webinar and video experience:
    - Using a framework for: people + process = solutions
    - Identifying critical KPIs for content, campaigns, and operations
    - Establishing an optimal mix of content + demand tactics to meet growth objectives
    - Measuring success through lifecycle modeling and attribution reporting
  • The 4 Pillars of B2B Video Marketing Recorded: Mar 21 2019 56 mins
    Simon Gerzina, Managing Director & VP BrightTALK Studios
    Creating videos that make an impact and drive business growth is easier said than done. Most marketing teams are skilled to tell stories via webinars, social, articles, white papers, collateral and eBooks. Video-based storytelling requires expertise that is rarely available in-house.

    Join this talk to understand how to elevate your storytelling and brand with impactful video.
  • How to Inspire and Acquire with Live Video Recorded: Feb 26 2019 47 mins
    Patricia Reiner and Timothy Garon, of (ISC)²; Val-Pierre Genton, BrightTALK
    With Cisco telling us that 80% of web traffic will be video by the end of this year, it's clear that our target audiences want to be inspired and engaged when they self-educate online. The challenge for B2B marketers is that creating live webinars and videos is considered resource-intensive and hard to scale. This is a point of frustration for marketers as these content formats consistently rank among the most effective demand generation tactics out there.

    Join this webcam panel with a publisher, digital marketer and product marketer to understand how to create more authentic connections with live content and how to acquire more leads that engage with your webinars and videos. After joining this Talk, you will have actionable insights on how to create webinars and videos at scale while driving more ideal audiences to your live and on-demand content. Plus, you'll get some benchmarks data on the conversion lifts you can expect in terms of pipeline contribution and conversions to bookings. Enjoy!
  • PubNub Attracts new Audiences and Quality Leads with BrightTALK Recorded: Feb 5 2019 2 mins
    Felicia Fierro, Senior Marketing Field Manager, PubNub
    With limited resources, Felicia and the team needed to ensure marketing efforts not only created brand exposure but also serve as a steady source of lead generation. For PubNub it was about engaging new buying groups outside of their current reach. Using BrightTALK Channels and BrightTALK Community Summits, PubNub has seen a jump in leads generated and quality is good too. 60% of leads are made up of Manager+ decision makers. Felicia considers BrightTALK's content and demand marketing platform a strategic part of her integrated marketing mix.
  • Palo Alto Networks Inspires Audiences and Grows Revenue with BrightTALK Recorded: Feb 1 2019 2 mins
    Stephanie Broyles, Principal/Director Americas Marketing, Palo Alto Networks
    BrightTALK customer Palo Alto Networks, represented by Stephanie Broyles, shares her experience of using BrightTALK's content and demand marketing platform. By combining BrightTALK Channels with BrightTALK webinar and video services, they have extended their team with storytelling experts and campaign conversions are growing.
    With BrightTALK Content Leads and BrightTALK Summits, Palo Alto is engaging new audiences and acquiring more customers.
  • One Third of LogRhythm's Pipeline Comes from Webinars and Videos Recorded: Jan 11 2019 2 mins
    Christina Phillips, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, LogRhythm
    BrightTALK customer LogRhythm, represented by Christina Phillips, talks about using BrightTALK's content and demand marketing platform. Over two years, one third of LogRhythm's pipeline came from webinars and videos, so this has received a lot of executive attention. From an ROI perspective, BrightTALK continues to perform.
  • BNY Improve Storytelling and Lead Generation with BrightTALK Recorded: Jan 11 2019 3 mins
    Adam Koster, VP, Marketing Automation at BNY Mellon
    BrightTALK Customer BNY Mellon, represented by Adam Koster, talks about using BrightTALK's content and demand marketing platform. With BrightTALK Channels, online events, video series and amplified audience reach, BNY Mellon have generated the most qualified leads for their Sales teams. The marketing automation connector is simple and makes campaign attribution easy.
  • Demand Generation in the Age of Privacy: GDPR and Beyond Recorded: Jan 9 2019 63 mins
    Daniel Barber, CEO & Co-founder, DataGrail and David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK
    The introduction of GDPR in the EU last year took the marketing world by storm. Teams worked furiously to evaluate their data handling protocols and to construct new processes that are both effective and compliant.

    But what does this new age of privacy mean for 2019 and beyond? In this session, we’ll reboot traditional demand generation tactics with fresh thinking that reflects the regulatory world we live in. Join Daniel Barber, CEO & Co-founder of DataGrail and David Pitta, CMO at BrightTALK for a discussion on:

    - How stringent data protection regulations will continue to impact marketing
    - Intent data, on-demand video programs, and legitimate interest
    - Ideas on targeting your core prospects ethically and efficiently
  • Yellowfin Sees 50% Revenue Growth from BrightTALK Recorded: Dec 6 2018 3 mins
    Peter Baxter, SVP of Global Sales, Yellowfin Business intelligence
    Yellowfin was seeking a demand generation solution to engage new audiences and acquire more customers. Yellowfin used a BrightTALK Channel to give inspiring Talks, BrightTALK Summits to generate awareness and quality leads. Over the past 12 months, BrightTALK contributed 45% of Yellowfin’s total inbound activity. This translated to 50% revenue growth.
  • Yellowfin Customer Story - Laura Crawford Recorded: Dec 6 2018 3 mins
    Laura Crawford, Senior Director of Strategy, Blueprint Global
    Yellowfin was seeking a lead generation solution, and had existing contacts to target and were seeking additional audiences. Yellowfin has been using BrightTALK Summits for brand awareness and growing their audience and increasing MQLs.Brighttalk has massively impacted the volume and engagement of Yellowfin’s inbound leads. These leads have a much greater conversion rate.
    In the past year, Brighttalk has contributed 45% of Yellowfin’s total inbound activity.
  • Prioritizing Intent Data in B2B Marketing Recorded: Dec 5 2018 53 mins
    David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK
    There’s always more than one priority in B2B marketing.

    As marketers, we strive to get the balance right to guide our actions for developing a strong brand, shaping our narrative in the marketplace, and creating demand from our marketing channels.

    Increasingly, the digital behaviors of our ideal audience continue to fragment. No longer are they dedicated to a single device or source or input (voice vs text). This perpetual change has challenged decade old algorithms to better recognize their intentions. B2B marketers now face a new priority. How do we leverage Intent signals and prioritize the use in go-to-market efforts?

    Join David Pitta, CMO at BrightTALK who has been leveraging various signals of intent data to prioritize resources, channels, and demand creation over the last 10 years.

    In this session, he’ll cover:

    -Looking at the layers and purpose of Intent signals in B2B
    -Separating account from person-based intent
    -Leveraging (the three C’s and P based intent) category, content, competitor, and product-based intent
    -Activating and measuring business value from intent
  • Make Your Messaging Matter: B2B Messaging That Generates Leads and Closes Deals Recorded: Dec 4 2018 46 mins
    Christa Tuttle, CEO, Launch Marketing
    Sales is great at speaking with prospects, uncovering their particular needs and pain points, and making adjustments on the fly based on what is resonating and what isn’t during a conversation. However, your website, marketing collateral and revenue marketing campaigns can’t make these same real-time adjustments based on body language, questions and other customer feedback—whatever potential customers see is what they get.

    As the B2B landscape shifts and buyers do an increasing amount of research on their own, it’s more important than ever for tech execs to prioritize strong B2B messaging so they clearly articulate the value prop and compel prospects to engage. In this presentation, Christa Tuttle, CEO of Launch Marketing will guide participants through strategic approaches and best practices for building company messaging that gets right to the heart of what customers need and triggers revenue-generating actions.
  • Scaling B2B Demand with Authentic Connections Recorded: Nov 15 2018 60 mins
    David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK and Trent Warrick, Content Marketing Manager, BrightTALK
    Your marketing team is focused on efficiently delivering results, however as the buyer’s journey (if it can still be called that) becomes less linear and more complex, you’re facing ever-increasing stress on resources. To effectively reach and convert targets at scale, new perspectives and methodologies are crucial for balancing these competing needs.

    In this live webinar, BrightTALK’s CMO David Pitta and Content Manager Trent Warrick will share how to maximize efficacy with authenticity, while scaling using intent data, and reserving your team’s resources for high-value activities.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    -How to identify authentic intent
    -How to build your business by building trust
    -How to scale through strategic use of tools and human capital
  • CA Technologies Customer Story Recorded: Nov 9 2018 4 mins
    Kim Hahn, Director Demand Generation, CA Technologies
    Kim Hahn sat down with us to share CA Technologies' experience with our platform at BrightTALK Local: NYC.
    Ensuring alignment across such a big organization like CA Technologies has been key to maintaining a consistent story that resonates with their audience, and manageable for their teams.
    Find out how BrightTALK has become the platform they look to for their content and demand marketing program to drive engagement and conversions.
  • Q4 2018 BrightTALK Community Update - IT Security Recorded: Oct 18 2018 62 mins
    Dave Klein (GuardiCore) | Jay Beale (InGuardians) | Marija Atanasova (BrightTALK)
    Discover what's trending in the IT Security community on BrightTALK and how you can leverage these insights to drive growth for your company. Learn which topics and technologies are currently top of mind for security professionals and decision makers.

    Tune in with Dave Klein, Senior Director of Engineering & Architecture at GuardiCore and Marija Atanasova, Senior Content Manager for IT Security at BrightTALK, to discover the latest trends in the community, the reasons behind them and what to look out for in Q4 2018 and beyond.
    - Top trending topics in Q3 2018 and why
    - Key events in the community
    - Content security professionals care about
    - What's coming up in Q4 2018

    Audience members are encouraged to ask questions during the Live Q&A.

    - Dave Klein, Sr. Director of Engineering & Architecture, GuardiCore
    - Jay Beale, Principal Security Consultant, CTO, and COO, InGuardians
    - Marija Atanasova, Sr. Content Strategist, BrightTALK
  • Data Analytics are Changing Marketing Forever Recorded: Oct 4 2018 36 mins
    Melanie Turek,Fellow & Vice President, Frost & Sullivan
    With the rise of mobile and social, customers are more knowledgeable and empowered than ever. Their ability to access and share information anytime and anywhere gives them enormous control over their interactions with the companies they do business with—and they know it. As a result, they expect data-driven, personalized interactions at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel. One way marketers can adjust for the new normal is by leveraging big data and analytics—along with artificial intelligence, mixed reality and machine learning.
  • The Data-Driven CMO: Master Marketing Attribution With Search-Driven Analytics Recorded: Oct 4 2018 60 mins
    Scott Holden, Chief Marketing Officer, ThoughtSpot
    Join CMO, Scott Holden, in a live webinar to learn how his team has mastered marketing attribution with ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics. Using ThoughtSpot, Scott’s entire marketing team can now analyze all their marketing data in one place without waiting weeks.
    We'll cover:
    - Top data sources and key metrics to include when building out your marketing analytics program
    - Best practices for transform your team into a data-driven marketing masters
    - How search-driven analytics is enabling the entire marketing team to analyze attribution without a team of data scientists
  • Marketing Attribution: Uncovering the Truths & How to Get There? Recorded: Oct 4 2018 54 mins
    JoAnne McDougald, Advisor, Expert Marketing Advisors & Deirdre Mahon, Advisor, Expert Marketing Advisors
    Attribution is no easy thing for today's marketeer. Everyone in the business is asking "what's the repeatable sales cycle and number of touches our buyer takes to get a deal over the line". Finance puts pressure on teams to report in near real-time what's working and what's not and without answers budgets are held up. Sales teams need to personalize outbound efforts so they can efficiently engage the buyer but marketing needs to guide what content and what channels work best.

    Navigating the maze of attribution is both a qualitative and quantitative undertaking and unless you have the tech stack fully integrated, you may be missing key pieces of the puzzle. As daunting as it can be there is a step by step approach to follow and over time you achieve clarity. Join this webcast to learn best practice approaches to becoming a fully attributed marketing engine.
  • Leveraging Real Behavioral Intent to Identify and Convert Your Buyers Recorded: Oct 4 2018 56 mins
    Val-Pierre Genton, VP Product Marketing, BrightTALK
    When you think of your customers as a jumble of demographics and lead scores, it's easy to miss the critical intent indicators that help you understand their pain points and needs on a deeper, more human level. For those of you who have started using intent signals to prioritize accounts or leads, you're likely challenged by the fact that anonymzed data without any context around where the engagement happened and for how long, makes it hard to turn intent signal into business growth. Discover the behavioral indicators that signal real intent for identifying and converting your ideal accounts and buyers. Learn how to use them to boost content and demand marketing success.

    In B2B marketing, acquiring and inspiring prospects and customers can feel like a frustrating guessing game, but that doesn't have to be the case. Join BrightTALK's very own Val-Pierre Genton for a dialogue on one of the most important topics in marketing. You'll walk away from this session with insights on:
    Truly defining your audience. We'll look beyond cookie-cutter personas and help you get into the mindset of your buying committee.
    Tapping into the intent signals that really matter via proprietary, first-party data and key sources that give you the full picture.
    Putting it all together. Turn intent into engagement in a few steps.
Webinar and Video Knowledge - From Beginner to Advanced
The BrightTALK Academy features the fundamentals of executing webinars and best practices to develop channel owners into advanced hosts.

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  • Title: How to Conduct Research for Revenue Generating Content
  • Live at: Sep 20 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Melanie Turek, VP of Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan; Taylor Freitas, Content Marketer at BrightTALK
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