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How to Make a Virtual Cloud Network in 10 Minutes or Less

In the year 2017, it’s amazing what’s possible. With Network-as-a-Service, anyone — even your CFO — can create a secure Virtual Cloud Network in 10 minutes or less. When it comes to reducing man-hours, hardware and complexity, this is what they call a “game-changer.”

Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine provides a streamlined process to deploy cloud-based networks in minutes to connect people, places, and things anywhere. You can make the public Internet your private network without giving up visibility, security, and control.

At 9 a.m. PST / 12 p.m. EST on Jan. 12, 2017, join Cradlepoint Global Solutions Architect Roger Billings and CFO Val Heusinkveld to watch exactly how easy it is to set up a Virtual Cloud Network in 10 minutes or less.
Recorded Jan 12 2017 59 mins
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Presented by
Roger Billings and Val Heusinkveld of Cradlepoint
Presentation preview: How to Make a Virtual Cloud Network in 10 Minutes or Less

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  • What’s Possible with Wireless WAN and 5G in Retail Feb 27 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dee Dee Pare', Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Today’s retail technologies and wireless WAN are well-suited partners. Retailers need reliable, easy-to-manage connectivity at the edge of their networks so enhanced POS, digital signs, kiosks, and numerous omni-channel devices applications can drive efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the right solutions and best practices in place, wireless WANs — including Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G — offer the flexibility, performance, and security necessary to enable all of these tools.

    In this webinar, you will learn how centrally managed wireless edge solutions give companies a variety of options for entering the pathway to 5G for business — enabling all of the technologies and innovations you envision for digital transformation inside and beyond retail stores.
  • How Financial Service Businesses Thrive with LTE and 5G Recorded: Nov 19 2019 46 mins
    Donna Johnson, VP of Product & Solution Marketing, Cradlepoint
    From brick-and-mortar banks and insurance offices to pop-up locations and IoT devices such as ATMs, kiosks, digital signs, and surveillance cameras, digital transformation enables financial organizations to improve their services, extend their reach, and modernize their business operations.

    Whether you’re deploying cutting-edge fintech applications and IoT devices or standard office tools in innovative ways, secure and constant connectivity — including wireless broadband — is essential. The flow of information your company must gather and send simply cannot be disrupted.

    Join Cradlepoint’s Donna Johnson, VP of Product & Solution Marketing,
    for this webinar about what financial service organizations are doing to leverage IoT, LTE, and 5G for improved customer service and business efficiency at the edge of their networks.
  • Secure Wireless Use Cases for Federal Agencies Recorded: Nov 7 2019 33 mins
    Join Niklas Kopp, Federal Account Manager, and Aaron Maben, Federal Solutions Engineer, Cradlepoint
    Federal agencies and military divisions maintain some of the most distributed, yet secure networks in the world, but how do these networks maintain resilient connectivity while meeting their security requirements and driving down overhead costs? By leveraging commercial Internet services, cellular 4G LTE and 5G connectivity, cloud orchestration, and SD-WAN functionality, federal customers can increase the resiliency, speed, and functionality of their network without compromising their security posture.

    When combined with existing networking infrastructure and encryption technology that Federal agencies already have in-place, Cradlepoint’s cloud-managed SD-WAN endpoints provide redundant and resilient backhaul for already encrypted Federal data. This provides Federal customers the flexibility to leverage NetCloud to manage their SD-WAN routers while still meeting their security requirements and improving their ability to accomplish their mission and/or meet their directives.

    Join Niklas Kopp, Federal Account Manager, and Aaron Maben, Federal Solutions Engineer, at Cradlepoint for this webinar as they discuss several different use cases Federal agencies can, and have utilized, while integrating with and improving their existing network infrastructure.
  • Getting Started with CBRS and Private LTE Recorded: Nov 5 2019 52 mins
    Devang Bhatt and Michael Dickens, Cradlepoint
    The upswell of interest in CBRS shared spectrum — especially since the initial commercial deployment approval from the FCC in September 2019 — is helping organizations envision the vast potential for using Private LTE (P-LTE.).

    Factors including reliability, performance, coverage, security, network control, and mobility give P-LTE a clear upper hand over traditional wireless LAN options such as WiFi, particularly for enterprises that cover a large area. However, many businesses and agencies that are interested in P-LTE are asking the same questions: What do I need for Private LTE, and how do I get started?

    In this webinar, Cradlepoint’s Devang Bhatt will explore not only what you need for Private LTE deployment, but what you need to know.
  • Enterprise Stories of LTE & Digital Transformation Recorded: Oct 17 2019 49 mins
    Donna Johnson, VP of Product & Solution Marketing, Cradlepoint
    Digital transformation is about real life, not abstract ideas and pie-in-the-sky goals. Businesses are clamoring for technologies and applications — and the network connectivity that keeps them humming — that will streamline their operations from top to bottom, including:

    — Innovative retailers that are harnessing the cloud to drive sales to make more money
    — Traditional enterprises that are using data to improve efficiency and save money
    — Organizations that are improving customer satisfaction to build loyalty

    In this webinar with Cradlepoint’s Donna Johnson, VP of Product & Solution Marketing, let’s explore the tactics of organizations using emerging digital technologies and LTE connectivity to prove digital transformation is more than a tech buzzword.
  • Off Network Communications Recorded: Oct 15 2019
    Jason Johnston Senior Enterprise Support Engineer, Mobile Specialist Cradlepoint
    As push-to-talk services evolve, the wireless industry is heading toward uncharted territory. Most major manufacturers are preparing for this shift with new products and technologies to address the changing marketplace. In this series, understand the transformation happening in the PTT field as LMR evolves, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) use increases with LTE, and Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk becomes a reality.
  • 6 Myths vs. Facts About 5G for Enterprises Recorded: Sep 26 2019 60 mins
    Lindsay Notwell, Senior VP of 5G Strategy and Global Carrier Operations, Cradlepoint
    Statistics, sound bites, and promises about 5G are popping up everywhere. However, businesses and agencies that are considering 5G need more than hype. Before their next tech refreshes, organizations need answers to several key questions, such as:

    — What are the timelines for fixed and in-vehicle 5G?
    — What are the differences between millimeter wave and sub-6 spectrum, and why does it matter?
    — What are carriers doing to prepare for 5G?
    — What will initial enterprise 5G deployments look like?

    Join this live webinar — featuring Cradlepoint’s Lindsay Notwell, Senior VP of 5G Strategy and Global Carrier Operations — to explore six essential facts that will help organizations prepare for 5G.

    —— About the Speaker ——

    Prior to Cradlepoint, Lindsay Notwell spent 17 years at Verizon, where he led the strategy, planning, and implementation of the world’s first large-scale 4G LTE network. Notwell comes to Cradlepoint with more than 30 years of operational, marketing, and sales experience within the computer and communications market. Notwell holds a bachelor's degree in psychology/sociology, and an MBA from Ohio State University.
  • [Panel] The Road to 5G for Industry 4.0 Recorded: Sep 26 2019 61 mins
    Steve Brumer, BH IoT Group | Adrian Comley, BT | Ricky Watts, Wind River | Ken Hosac, Cradlepoint
    5G is driving the future of the Internet of Things, and it’s time for industrial firms to start planning the next step in their Industry 4.0 journey. With investment in the back-end infrastructure - required for edge computing and mobile cloud - not taking place until down the line, how do organizations confidently plan for and navigate how 5G will transform their businesses?

    Join this live panel discussion as experts share:
    - The sorts of preparations industries should be making for 5G
    - What their expectations and requirements should be
    - How to manage Big Data Analytics in 5G

    Steve Brumer, Partner, BH IoT Group (moderator)
    Adrian Comley, General Manager, Dynamic Network Services, BT
    Ricky Watts, Vice President, Industrial Solutions, Wind River
    Ken Hosac, VP of IOT Strategy, Cradlepoint
  • How to Use Cloud Services for Network and Data Security Recorded: Sep 12 2019 33 mins
    Cradlepoint and Zscaler
    Making sure data, networks, and things are secure is the top priority of almost any organization. But implementing security without adding layers of complexity is a challenge. Join this webinar as Cradlepoint and Zscaler demonstrate how to use cloud services to ensure network and data security for branch, mobile, and IoT networks.

    During this webinar, you’ll learn:
    — How Cradlepoint NetCloud Service integrates security into its edge solutions
    — What are the best practices for ensuring security for fixed and LTE networks
    — Why Internet breakout from a branch can be more secure than backhauling data
    — How to offer guests and employees WiFi without adding risk
    — The benefits of consolidating routing and security into a single edge appliance
  • How Enterprises & Agencies Can Ensure IoT Security Recorded: Sep 10 2019 59 mins
    Todd Kelly, Cradlepoint; Dr. Chase Cunningham, Noted Cybersecurity Leader
    As if network security wasn’t already difficult enough, the ongoing wave of IoT deployments has introduced a new onslaught of challenges.

    With everyone from network administrators to nontechnical marketing professionals implementing devices and applications at a rapid rate — and in far-flung locations — protecting data is more difficult than ever before. Further, with IoT device guidelines still being formed, managing risk requires new levels of vigilance.

    Join this webinar as Cradlepoint’s Todd Kelly and Dr. Chase Cunningham, a noted cybersecurity leader, explore best practices for IoT security. Webinar attendees will learn about:
    •IT-approved tools for enterprise-class connectivity
    •Zero trust security measures
    •The importance of visibility into and control of IoT devices
    •Meeting PCI, HIPAA, and other guidelines even amid the IoT revolution
    •Challenges of in-vehicle IoT
  • Connectivity, Protection & Compliance: How to Boost Your Mobile Workforce Recorded: Sep 9 2019 50 mins
    Aaron Maben, Solutions Engineer, Cradlepoint & Chris Edgmon, Systems Engineer, NetMotion
    Criminal justice and law enforcement agencies on the local, state, and federal levels require secure network connectivity for their policing vehicles, stations, and surveillance locations while maintaining security and complying with CJIS Security Policy guidelines. The proliferation of the Internet and the cloud, combined with the growing rate and sophistication of cybersecurity threats, have made protecting CJIS data more complicated and vital than ever.

    Together, NetMotion and Cradlepoint are working to keep agencies' data CJIS conformant, confidential, and secure at all levels while also keeping a constant network connection. Join Aaron Maben, Solutions Engineer at Cradlepoint and Chris Edgmon, Systems Engineer at NetMotion on September 9th, 2019 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET to learn about how agencies can leverage advanced technologies and network connectivity while boosting security and productivity.
  • First Responders & 5G Recorded: Aug 29 2019 46 mins
    Roger Billings, Global Solutions Architect, Cradlepoint
    The next generation of wireless communications, 5G, is being hyped as a technology that will dramatically change people’s lives. 5G will be designed to provide very high speeds, massive bandwidth, and super low latency. 5G has the potential to dramatically shift the way first responders interact with each other, citizens, and how they react during emergencies.

    We will see use cases that could help first responders be more protected and successful. Some of these use cases are available today, some are improved by newly introduced Gigabit-Class LTE, while some will only be possible with 5G.

    For example, video conferencing is an application in common use today, but with the higher definition and better stability delivered by 5G, video communications will transcend today’s norm and find itself in parked patrol cars or fire trucks and go along anywhere the road may take them.

    Join Roger Billings, Global Solutions Architect at Cradlepoint, and take a deeper look into possible use cases that will likely be the most impactful and pervasive for first responders.
  • How Gigabit Performance and Predictable Pricing are Disrupting the Wireless WAN Recorded: Aug 22 2019 48 mins
    Johna Till Johnson, Nemertes; Donna Johnson, Cradlepoint
    Technology professionals tend to think of wireless WAN services as a tradeoff: Convenience at the expense of cost and performance.

    No more. 5G speeds range from 1 to 10 Gbit/s (depending on configuration), and carriers are moving towards flat-rate pricing models that encourage the use of 5G services. Coupled with technologies like SD-WAN, 5G will enable companies to deploy wireless in novel, game-changing ways.

    Tune into this webinar with Johna Till Johnson of Nemertes and Donna Johnson of Cradlepoint to find out how, and learn what it will take to put WWAN to work in your environment.

    About Nemertes — Nemertes is a global research-based advisory and consulting firm that analyzes the business value of emerging technologies. Since 2002, we have provided strategic recommendations based on data-driven operational and business metrics to help organizations deliver successful technology transformation to employees and customers. Simply put: Nemertes’ better data helps clients make better decisions.
  • Becoming 5G Ready with Gigabit-Class LTE for the Wireless Edge Recorded: Jul 31 2019 59 mins
    Lindsay Notwell, Senior VP of 5G Strategy and Global Carrier Operations, Cradlepoint
    The greatest opportunity for competitive innovation is at the customer edge — and all-wired networks aren’t the answer. Gigabit-Class LTE is a flexible and simplified option that can deliver speeds similar to wired broadband. As a result, enterprises are embracing the new reality of high-bandwidth mobile services, remote or mobile video streaming, remote digital advertising, large footprint private wireless networks, and agile branches.

    Join this live webinar — featuring Cradlepoint’s Lindsay Notwell, Senior VP of 5G Strategy and Global Carrier Operations — to explore how Gigabit-Class LTE, a foundational element of 5G, can help your organization become 5G Ready for enterprise-class use cases.
  • IoT Applications & Instant Networks for Law Enforcement Recorded: Jul 30 2019 52 mins
    Estee Woods & Michael Fletcher, Cradlepoint
    With advanced technology, law enforcement agencies benefit from the ability to be at the right place at the right time — and with the right tools to enable critical communications so officers have the real-time information they need. With the capabilities of smart sensors, smart surveillance, license plate readers and recorders, and the ability to readily push this data to headquarters and responding emergency workers, the system can be advanced to reach vast capabilities in the detection, determination, and deterrence of criminal activity.

    IoT also opens the doors for the opportunity to have rapidly deployable temporary networks. A temporary pop-up network, such as an Emergency Command Center or even a command vehicle at a large event helps public safety officials monitor large gatherings of people to ensure maximum community safety. These pop-up networks also aid in disaster recovery from events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires and human-caused events like terrorist attacks and active shooters.

    Join Michael Fletcher, business development manager and retired San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff, and Estee Woods, director of public sector and public safety marketing, both of Cradlepoint, for this webinar for an overview of IoT applications taking effect in public safety and real-world uses cases.
  • An IoT Story: Connecting & Securing Living Walls Recorded: Jun 26 2019 57 mins
    Harry Eschel, SVP of Products, Sagegreenlife; Ken Hosac, VP of IoT Strategy & Business Development, Cradlepoint
    Enterprises like Sagegreenlife are constantly innovating new ways to turn data from IoT devices into a strategic competitive advantage — and finding best practices to address their challenges.

    Sagegreenlife’s living walls, which serve companies by bringing nature into man-made spaces, required an easy-to-use and customizable IoT solution that would allow its field operations team to remotely monitor various facets of the irrigation and power systems that support the plants — leveraging both cloud services and highly reliable network connectivity. Otherwise, the greenery would die, customers would be unhappy, and Sagegreenlife’s brand credibility would be at risk.

    Watch our live webinar with Harry Eschel, Sagegreenlife’s Senior Vice President of Products, to explore how the company uses Azure IoT Central and Cradlepoint’s LTE edge network solutions to discover and address system problems from headquarters. Also learn how Sagegreenlife did all of this without specialized developers.
  • Securing Elections Systems: Risks and Solutions Recorded: Jun 11 2019 62 mins
    Todd Krautkremer, CMO, Cradlepoint Otto Doll, former Minneapolis CIO and Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government Moderat
    The 2020 elections are expected to attract record numbers of voters. Local governments need to prepare to manage a bigger turnout — and the potential for contentious results given the current political climate. But many polling sites – parks, churches, schools, etc. – are remote, making permanent, highly-secure network connections impractical. How can cities and counties reduce the risks of unsecured networks and compromised voter data?

    You will learn:

    - The current elections landscape
    - How city and county IT staff can spin up, spin down and manage networks, ensure site-to-site transmission protection and provide safe network communication
    - Tactics local governments can use to ensure reliable, secure connectivity for pop-up voting centers
  • How Wireless Networking is Evolving Cities, One Connection at a Time Recorded: Jun 5 2019 60 mins
    Ken Hosac, Vice President of IoT Strategy & Business Development, Cradlepoint
    Today, Internet of Things (IoT) deployments are expanding across industries. These “things” are defined as any device that can be connected to the Internet. Today, the term “smart” is linked to an ever-growing number of things from phones, stores, restaurants, cars, to whole cities. The powerful combination of sensors, M2M technology, wireless connectivity, and data can heighten the efficiency and productivity of things and systems that seemed commonplace just a few years ago.

    With this wireless technology innovation, many more industries can leverage automation and become more efficient:

    •Public Safety - Agencies are finding new ways to utilize wireless technology to maximize productivity and minimize time spent on administrative duties taking officers away from our communities.

    •Utilities - Technologies that conserve resources for cities are quite valuable, and wireless connectivity is delivering possibilities such as, interactive meters or sensors that monitor and identify leaks and other breakdowns at the time they happen, saving thousands of dollars.

    •Restaurants - Full-motion digital signage and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are becoming more than just a way to collect customer payments but can be a full-fledged solution for managing inventory, ordering, employee scheduling, and budget projections.

    •Retail - Beacons allow customers to make payments in-store on their phones, and also receive targeted advertisements and information about sales, service offerings, and customer analytics.

    •Smart Homes - With wireless networking, objects can communicate with the homeowner’s smartphone, so regular activities like adjusting lights, appliances, thermostats, surveillance, or even locking or unlocking the front door can be monitored or changed with the swipe of a finger.

    Join Cradlepoint’s Ken Hosac, VP of IoT Strategy & Business Development, to explore how cities can cut costs, improve communication, and strengthen processes.
  • 5 Ways LTE & 5G are Changing the Branch Recorded: May 29 2019 45 mins
    Anthony Lawson, Technical Marketing Engineering Manager, Cradlepoint
    From large retailers and restaurant chains to financial service companies and many others, most organizations with lots of locations understand that LTE has become a crucial part of branch networking. But where is LTE’s “sweet spot” in branch settings?

    Join Cradlepoint’s Anthony Lawson, Technical Marketing Engineering Manager, for a live webinar exploring the best ways to maximize the benefits of LTE within branch network architecture. You’ll learn how other companies are winning with wireless WAN and and getting on the pathway to 5G.
  • How LTE & 5G Fit Into Your SD-WAN Strategy Recorded: May 9 2019 47 mins
    Donna Johnson, VP of Product & Solution Marketing / Mauricio Steffen, Product Manager, Branch Solutions & Security
    Organizations’ IT teams are always looking for new ways to cost-effectively deliver more network bandwidth, automation, and intelligence — and SD-WAN is one of the latest and most promising trends.

    Another prominent trend is the rise of LTE and 5G for enterprise networking, and now companies have begun integrating cellular-based WAN into their SD-WAN deployments. These converged architectures vary, but the end goal remains clear: flexible, highly reliable networking that simplifies processes and maximizes IT man-hours.

    Join Cradlepoint’s Donna Johnson, VP of Product and Solution Marketing, for a live webinar exploring how LTE and SD-WAN can revolutionize the way organizations roll out, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot enterprise networks.
Enabling the Elastic Edge for Connecting People, Places & Things.
Cradlepoint is the leading provider of cloud-based wired and wireless WAN networking solutions for Distributed and Mobile Enterprises. Cradlepoint solutions provide the strongest wireless and broadband performance while delivering proven network system interoperability. Cradlepoint’s broad family of high-performance router platforms are designed for deployment in mission-critical applications that require 24x7 connectivity. With both integrated wireless and wired WAN and non-integrated versions, our solutions are ideal for distributed and mobile operations and emerging industries that require either remote connectivity or multi-WAN redundancy. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform enables enterprise network administrators to easily create, monitor, manage, and maintain their distributed network running on different WAN sources from a single location.

Founded in 2006, Cradlepoint has shipped over 1.4 million routing platforms and offers solutions certified and promoted by major worldwide carriers. Cradlepoint is a privately held company with headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

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  • Live at: Jan 12 2017 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Roger Billings and Val Heusinkveld of Cradlepoint
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