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RLAM's 2017 Internship

Participants in RLAM's 2017 Internship programme offer their thoughts on the experience.
Recorded Nov 3 2017 4 mins
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RLAM's Interns
Presentation preview: RLAM's 2017 Internship

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  • Monthly global equities outlook Recorded: Jan 25 2019 4 mins
    Peter Rutter
    With growth stocks outperforming value stocks for the majority of the last decade, Peter Rutter takes a look at the reasons behind this continuing trend. While these specific dynamics don’t seem to be shifting, there are other significant changes the team have identified in equity markets. Peter notes that the team’s valuation discipline and investment process is continuing to help them identify interesting opportunities.
  • UK Equity Income Quarterly Review Recorded: Jan 25 2019 4 mins
    Richard Marwood
    Richard Marwood, Senior Fund Manager, reflects on 2018 in terms of our UK Equity Income Fund. He shares why he believes a contrarian approach can prove beneficial in times of market weakness, but reiterates the importance of investing in companies with good balance sheets and cashflows, a process that remains core to the team’s selection method in current volatile times.
  • Monthly global equities outlook Recorded: Dec 21 2018 3 mins
    Will Kenney
    Will Kenney, Senior Fund Manager, presents our latest global equity monthly update, discussing recent volatility in the market and the catalysts for this. He describes how the factors at the core of their investment process are helping the team to identify opportunities amidst this current period of volatility and the higher discount rates associated with it.
  • 2019: The business cycle rumbles on, but risks are rising Recorded: Dec 12 2018 31 mins
    Trevor Greetham, Head of Multi Asset, Royal London Asset Management
    The US has seen one of its longest business expansions in history. RLAM’s Head of Multi Asset, Trevor Greetham, will explain why he thinks the cycle has a way to go yet, underpinning a positive view on stocks relative to bonds. However, with spare capacity scarce and inflation pressures building, investors should use the next 6 months to think carefully about how their portfolios are likely to weather the next recession. An active tactical approach is a must.
  • Fixed income outlook 2019 Recorded: Dec 12 2018 19 mins
    Ewan McAlpine, Jonathan Platt, Craig Inches and Azhar Hussain
    Ewan McAlpine, Senior Client Portfolio Manager is joined by Head of Fixed Income, Jonathan Platt, Head of Rates and Cash, Craig Inches and Head of Global High Yield, Azhar Hussain to discuss their views on fixed income markets as we look ahead to 2019.
  • UK Equity Income update and outlook for 2019 from Martin Cholwill Recorded: Dec 6 2018 18 mins
    Martin Cholwill
    Martin Cholwill, Senior Fund Manager and manager of Royal London Asset Management's UK Equity Income Fund provides an update on what has been a tough year for UK equity markets. He shares with listeners a summary of his positioning and recent activity, before moving on to offer his outlook for the year to come.
  • UK Dividend Growth update Recorded: Dec 5 2018 19 mins
    Richard Marwood
    Senior fund manager, Richard Marwood presents a review on markets before moving on to an update of our UK Dividend Growth Fund, sharing his investment process and current fund positioning.
  • Monthly global equities outlook Recorded: Nov 29 2018 3 mins
    Will Kenney
    Will Kenney, Senior Fund Manager, presents our latest global equity monthly update, discussing recent volatility in the market and the catalysts for this. He describes how the factors at the core of their investment process are helping the team to identify opportunities amidst this current period of volatility and the higher discount rates associated with it.
  • Global equities update Recorded: Nov 21 2018 33 mins
    Peter Rutter
    Peter Rutter, Head of Equities will be focusing on the factors that influence how RLAM’s Global Equity funds perform and how these fit with clients’ wider portfolios. In previous webinars Peter has introduced the differentiated and proven investment process employed by the RLAM Global Equity fund managers. This process leads to differentiated portfolios with performance driven by stock selection and some clear and consistent style and factor characteristics. In particular the funds have tended to perform best when valuation factors are outperforming and there is a risk-off environment in equities. Peter will explain why this is consistent with the investment process and consequently how the portfolios might fit a strong complement to managers with more global growth and larger cap exposures in global equities.
  • UK equity income update Recorded: Nov 1 2018 26 mins
    Richard Marwood
    Richard Marwood, Senior Fund Manager, will present our latest webinar on UK equity income with an update on the market, the key features of the fund and how it is currently positioned.
  • Finding the right target – using ESG in credit investing Recorded: Oct 31 2018 45 mins
    Ashley Hamilton Claxton, Head of Responsible Investment & Martin Foden, Head of Credit Research
    There’s a temptation to think that both equity and credit investors should look at ESG in the same way. This approach can lead to a quicker roll-out, as existing, more established equity process can just be used for credit analysis.

    In this session, RLAM's Ashley Claxton and Martin Foden will explain why they think that the scope and application of ESG factors is quite different: from the different make-up of bond indices, to the subtleties of bond structure, a differentiated approach has to be taken. The only similarity? That if ESG is seen as an ‘extra’ part of your security analysis, you’re probably not doing it right.

    Ashley Hamilton Claxton is responsible for coordinating and overseeing RLAM’s approach to responsible investing across all of our asset classes. She has management responsibility for our company engagement, corporate governance analysis, and proxy voting. Ashley is RLAM’s subject matter expert and spokesperson on responsible investing and corporate governance.

    Martin Foden joined RLAM at the start of 1998. He initially joined RLAM's UK Equity Team, with responsibility for analysing the transport, business services and construction sectors, as well as managing balanced pension funds. This experience greatly enhanced RLAM’s credit research capabilities when he joined the Fixed Income Team at the beginning of 2003. Since moving to the Fixed Income Team, he has been instrumental in developing RLAM’s analytical process through the advancement of the team’s cashflow forecasting and evaluation of issuer structures.
  • Monthly global equities outlook Recorded: Oct 12 2018 3 mins
    Will Kenney
    Will Kenney, Senior Fund Manager, presents our latest global equity monthly update. He explores why asset reinvestment in aggregate has been weaker in listed equities since the global financial crisis. This shortage of internal investment opportunities for companies has led to less capital reinvestment and increasing share buy backs and acquisitions. He explains how the RLAM equity team approach, based on lifecycle insights, helps to identify corporate wealth creation which is the dominant factor in long term shareholder returns.
  • UK Equity Income Quarterly Review Recorded: Oct 11 2018 4 mins
    Richard Marwood Video
    Richard Marwood, Senior Fund Manager, presents our latest UK equity income update. He explores why equity markets have retreated and the impact of rising interest rates in the US and UK. He explains why it is important to have a range of well diversified strong companies in your portfolio with a good business model in this environment.
  • Sustainable quarterly update Recorded: Oct 10 2018 34 mins
    Mike Fox
    Mike Fox, Head of Sustainable Funds, explores the case for sustainable investments, why it is becoming more mainstream, and how the sustainable process aims to be additive to the investment performance. Mike provides an update on the RLAM team’s approach to sustainable investment and some of the key themes in the current market.
  • Fixed income 6 monthly update Recorded: Oct 3 2018 22 mins
    Ewan McAlpine
    Ewan McAlpine presents our regular six-monthly update on fixed income markets, sharing current themes he has seen within the market and providing his outlook for the full spectrum of fixed income assets.
  • UK mid-cap update Recorded: Oct 2 2018 26 mins
    Henry Lowson
    Henry Lowson, Senior Fund Manager will present our latest webinar update. Henry oversees our mid-cap strategies and will be drawing on his specialist knowledge to provide listeners with an update on this area of the market.
  • Monthly global equities outlook Recorded: Sep 26 2018 3 mins
    Peter Rutter
    Peter Rutter, Head of Equities, outlines some interesting market dynamics. He explores why emerging markets stocks have tended to underperform developed equity markets so far this year and he highlights the increasing valuation differentials between growth and value stocks. Both dynamics lead the investment team to identify emerging markets and value stock opportunities in this environment.
  • UK Equities update Recorded: Sep 18 2018 26 mins
    Craig Yeaman
    Fund manager, Craig Yeaman shares the latest views from our UK equity team, commenting on the UK equity market and updating on his investment approach and any current themes that are affecting our UK Opportunities Fund.
  • Strategies For Finding Income Amongst Current Low Yields And Uncertainty Recorded: Sep 12 2018 43 mins
    Jonathan Platt, Head of Fixed Income, RLAM
    The desire for income certainty remains a key investment theme. Jonathan Platt, Head of Fixed Income at RLAM, explains how bonds can provide benefits and why it is important to have diversified exposure across the fixed income universe and a flexible approach to exploit the inefficiencies inherent in the credit markets. He will look at multi-sector approaches such as the RLAM Monthly Income Bond, which has the flexibility to blend existing credit capabilities by pooling the cash flows available from a range of fixed interest asset classes and distributing these in a smooth and regular manner.
  • Monthly Global Equities Outlook Recorded: Aug 24 2018 4 mins
    James Clarke
    In our regular monthly update, Senior Fund Manager, James Clarke reflects on global equity market conditions.
Royal London Asset Management
Experts in: Fixed Income, Property, Equity, Cash and Sustainable Investing

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  • Title: RLAM's 2017 Internship
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