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Protecting Your HCI with Data-at-Rest Encryption and Key Management

Supporting more business operations at a faster pace with a lower total cost of ownership with higher levels of security is a request that is likely familiar to many IT leaders today. Luckily, these demands are attainable via a hyperconverged infrastructure which allows data-at-rest encryption natively. Fornetix and Nutanix have partnered to create an integration that allows for flexibility without compromising security.

During this webcast, attendees will learn about:

1) Boosting security on your Nutanix-powered infrastructure with Fornetix Key Orchestration

2) Leverage industry standards to enable a trusted and regulated communication channel between technology providers

3) Unifying encryption key management across your organization for heightened governance and control
Recorded Jun 28 2018 50 mins
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Presented by
Maryam Sanglaji - Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix , Kevin Mooney - Head of Solutions Engineering at Fornetix
Presentation preview: Protecting Your HCI with Data-at-Rest Encryption and Key Management

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  • How to Build a Private and Hybrid Cloud TCO & ROI Jun 17 2021 4:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    Tim McCallum, Director, Customer Success - Finance | Nutanix
    Attend this workshop to understand the frameworks, data requirements, and decisions required when financially evaluating disruptive infrastructure technology like HCI-based private and hybrid clouds. This session will leverage real-world situations and data to show you how to build a TCO that takes into account considerations beyond traditional infrastructure approaches. (Tim McCallum)
  • The Path Forward - How To Make Smart Financial Decisions for Your IT Environment Jun 3 2021 4:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    Rajiv Ramaswami, Nutanix | Ashish Nadkarni, IDC | Steven Kaplan, Nutanix
    Rajiv Ramaswami, President and CEO of Nutanix will share his insights on how Nutanix is helping business and IT leaders navigate the current challenges, build resiliency, and prepare for a digital future while focused on delivering economic advantage for their businesses.

    Then, stay tuned to hear industry perspectives and best practices from Ashish Nadkarni, Group VP in IDC's Worldwide Infrastructure Practice and Steven Kaplan, Nutanix VP of Customer Success Finance. Digital transformation and broader business transformation have been elevated to a new level due to the financial and social developments of the last year. Organizations must find new ways of approaching, analyzing, and deciding investments in IT to gain economic advantage and fund business innovation and resiliency. Walk away with expert insights into key financial and operational considerations using disruptive cloud technologies.
  • Understanding Cloud Decisions to Maximize Efficiency and Productivity May 20 2021 4:00 pm UTC 23 mins
    Avinash Shetty, Sr. Director, Product Management | Nutanix
    To optimize resources, enable the right level of collaboration, and delight users, you need to think about cloud choices and costs so you can make the right investment and deployment decisions. Learn from actual examples of hybrid, private, and public cloud infrastructure approaches and how they can be leveraged to produce economic advantage.
  • CIO Perspectives: Shift Investments to Fund Innovation and Speed Time to Market May 6 2021 4:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    Cheryl Rodenfels, CTO, Americas Healthcare | Gautam Roy, CTO, Unum | Jon Cosson, CISO, JM Finn | Monica Kumar, Nutanix
    The pandemic has made it clear that innovation cannot be stalled, but doing so with an ever-shrinking budget isn’t the easiest task.

    Learn how to establish IT as a business partner rather than a support role by cutting the costs of keeping the lights on and shifting those investments to high-value transformation projects. Hear perspectives and practical strategies to address the new economic, technological, and business challenges stemming from digital and pandemic trends from Cheryl Rodenfels, former CIO at Presence Health and current Nutanix CTO, Jon Cosson, Head of IT & CISO at JM Finn and Gautam Roy, CTO at Unum in a conversation moderated by Monica Kumar, SVP Nutanix Marketing.
  • Discover the Ideal Healthcare IT Cloud Model Apr 29 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Leah Gabbert, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Healthcare, Nutanix | Katie Noyce, Consultant from Vanson Bourne
    Global conditions have driven healthcare IT (HIT) through a period of profound and rapid transformation. This year’s Enterprise Cloud Index: Healthcare Industry Findings garners insights from HIT decision-makers from around the world to give you an expansive view into how these forces are affecting their strategic priorities. The index reveals how these macro conditions are affecting the current and future state of cloud adoption.

    In this webinar, we will discuss the findings of the report and what it tells us about how the most successful healthcare organizations are running their clinical, business and financial applications today, where they plan to run them in the future, challenges with cloud computing, and how their cloud initiatives stack up against other IT projects and priorities.

    Join us to learn more about:
    – The new role that HIT occupies due to changes wrought by the pandemic
    – How COVID-19 is changing current and future HIT infrastructure decisions
    – The strategic priorities that are driving change in HIT—spoiler alert: it’s not cutting costs.
    – The steps that healthcare organizations are taking in their journeys towards hybrid cloud
    – How adopting hybrid cloud in the face of COVID-19 is translating to a range of new business processes and practices
  • Do More with Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops with Nutanix Apr 21 2021 4:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    Aaron Delp, Solutions Marketing at Nutanix
    Run virtual apps and desktops from any device in any location at any scale — on-prem or in the cloud. Experience on-demand elasticity with Nutanix Clusters and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

    Nutanix Cloud Platform powers Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop software enabling enterprises to deliver secure and responsive access to applications, desktops, and data for their workers from any device or any location at any scale.

    Join CMSWire and Nutanix for a live, hour-long webinar with Nutanix's Aaron Delp as he covers how the winning combination of Citrix and Nutanix Clusters enable temporary workloads, test/dev environments, BC/DR events, environment migrations and lift and shift scenarios. Nutanix solutions accelerate VDI deployments by up to 8x, linearly scaling from pilot to production without impacting end user experience with greater security and as much as 50% lower TCO than traditional IT infrastructure.
  • MS SQL Server Simplified: Performance, Security & Availability DBaaS Recorded: Apr 13 2021 28 mins
    Chris Paap, Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix
    Between patching, provisioning, copy data management, and data protection, MS SQL Server admins are busier than ever. Add in the challenge of managing these tasks across clouds, and admins find themselves working nights and weekends to keep databases up and running. The good news is that these tasks can be dramatically simplified and streamlined!

    In this short webinar, you’ll learn how using a consolidated, cloud-agnostic platform and modern DBaaS solution can dramatically reduce the time spent on error-prone, repetitive manual tasks to support SQL Server. We'll also show you how to improve security, performance and availability leaving your evenings and weekend time free from providing SQL Server support.
  • Intro to DevOps on Nutanix Recorded: Apr 13 2021 9 mins
    Jarren Budds | Systems Engineer, Nutanix
    DevOps is a combination of culture and technology that aims to close the gap between development and operations. No matter where you are on the journey to integrated development and operations, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform will ensure your infrastructure has the required agility and flexibility needed at all layers.

    Join us as we explore the power and scalability behind the Nutanix DevOps toolset; centralising all of the DevOps capabilities that you need into a single management console.
  • Simplify your VDI with Nutanix Files Recorded: Apr 7 2021 33 mins
    Devon Helms | Director of Product Marketing - Storage Services, Nutanix
    Everyone knows that file storage is a key element for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Nutanix is one of the leading platforms for VDI implementations because it provides simple and invisible infrastructure for your VDI environment.

    Did you know that Nutanix also provides file storage that can be deployed and managed simply as part of your Nutanix infrastructure?

    Nutanix Files for VDI environments, eliminates the learning curve of specialised file storage for user profiles and home directories for VDI. It’s flexible enough to serve the smallest to the largest needs on a variety of platforms. And it provides features and capabilities to improve performance and make the end user and VDI administrator’s life so much easier.

    Join us for this webinar to learn how Nutanix and Nutanix Files can bring simplicity, flexibility, and intelligence to your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure today.
  • Power Up Your Databases: The MS SQL Server Workout Recorded: Mar 31 2021 59 mins
    Mike McGhee and David Teague, Nutanix
    Welcome to:
    Power Up Your Databases: The MS SQL Server Workout
    Become a database powerhouse without the heavy lifting

    SQL Server database administrators face a long list of challenges: improving database performance, hardening security, lowering costs, increasing availability, preparing for disaster recovery – the list goes on and on. And DBAs need to address these challenges while staying on top of time-consuming every-day tasks such as migration and copy data management for test and development. Even with evenings and weekends thrown in, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours to get it all done. The good news is that these tasks can be dramatically simplified and streamlined!

    Join database experts from Nutanix to learn how using a consolidated, cloud-agnostic virtualization platform and modern database management solution can dramatically reduce the time spent on repetitive manual tasks to support SQL Server, giving the DBAs back the time, they need to focus on more valuable work. They’ll cover how easy it is to deploy standardized and hardened versions of SQL Server, migrate from end of support versions like SQL Server 2008 R2, automate database copy and refresh operations for your developers and more.

    If you want to learn how to free up the evening and weekend time taken up by SQL Server support, this is the webinar for you!

    Mike McGhee, Director, Technical Marketing Engineering, Nutanix
    David Teague, Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability with Nutanix AHV Hypervisor Recorded: Mar 31 2021 68 mins
    Bart Van Praet - Hybrid Cloud Solution Architect, Neoria | Tom Vandenbosch - Systems Engineer, Nutanix
    Virtualization is no longer a complex layer of the IT stack that is licensed, deployed, and managed separately.

    Nutanix AHV offers a secure, enterprise-grade virtualization solution that streamlines operations.

    The Nutanix AHV hypervisor is becoming more and more popular with 50% of the new Nutanix installations running the AHV hypervisor. This technical webinar will discuss and give an in-depth view on how the Nutanix Cloud Platform handles Disaster Recovery and High-Availability when running Nutanix AHV as virtualization technology.

    Learn all about how the Nutanix Platform running the Nutanix AHV hypervisor delivers your enterprise class RPO and RTO SLA’s.
  • The Future of Work - Application Catalogues and User Access Recorded: Mar 24 2021 24 mins
    Brian Suhr | Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix
    End User Computing (EUC) has emerged as a crucial enabling technology for remote work, as it allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device. But many are still seeking straight answers about the risks and rewards of this approach, as well as practical advice on how to get started.

    In Part 3 we'll be showing you how it is all about the end users.

    How can they work quickly and efficiently without the need for intervention from IT? In this last section we tie together all the building blocks and show the benefits of how to operate an enterprise class environment.
  • Enabling a Digital Healthcare Enterprise Recorded: Mar 17 2021 60 mins
    Chris Marks, Senior systems engineer, Nutanix; David Brett, End User Computing Technical Architect
    Even in today’s difficult environment healthcare organizations continue to undergo major digital transformation throughout the continuum of care. And it’s not just the COVID era that has brought this on. Technology, business processes, new government mandates, industry consolidation, and strong consumerism-driven healthcare are just a few of the key underlying forces that continue to fuel the much-needed changes in the healthcare space. In fact, technology is one of the primary drivers behind the innovation engine in the healthcare space.

    Listen to this webinar to learn first-hand what some of Nutanix’s healthcare customers are doing in their transformation journey. In this session you’ll learn how to:

    - Meet the needs of the diverse and growing set of mission-critical applications (both clinical and IT).
    - Simplify IT operations and management.
    - Improve application performance, availability, and security.
  • Understanding & Justifying Cloud Costs & Return Recorded: Mar 16 2021 54 mins
    Greg White, Director, Solutions Marketing, Nutanix | Tim McCallum, Director, Customer Success - Finance, Nutanix
    IT is tasked to enable innovation and transformation for the business and ensure exceptional user experience, often at the same time as it faces demands for better efficiency. It’s important to understand how disruptive technologies such as hyper-converged infrastructure and private, public and hybrid cloud approaches can meet these demands. You also must know how to build a strong financial understanding and justification across deployments to alter the ingrained processes and interests surrounding the legacy environment.

    Attend and learn:

    - An understanding of different IT infrastructure approaches and their respective financial considerations
    - How to use financial analysis as a framework to optimize IT decision-making
    - In-depth breakdown of benefits realized between IT infrastructure, staff productivity, risk mitigation, workload migration, business productivity and agility, and more
  • How to Enable Remote Applications for your Remote Healthcare Workforce Recorded: Mar 10 2021 46 mins
    Leah Gabbert, Senior Marketing Manager, Healthcare - Nutanix | Aaron Delp, Senior Marketing Manager, Solutions - Nutanix
    VDI has emerged as a central enabling technology in healthcare as organisations grapple with transformed working conditions due to the pandemic. Citrix provides healthcare workers around the world seamless access to their apps and desktops, while Nutanix provides the simple, robust, secure and resilient infrastructure organisations require to deliver excellent user experience.

    Many organisations are still seeking straight answers about the risks and rewards of this approach, as well as practical advice on how to get started. Is Citrix on Nutanix solution more or less secure than traditional desktops? Is it more or less expensive?

    Join CMSWire to get answers to your questions about running Citrix on Nutanix and learn how you can provide an excellent experience both for healthcare IT end users and administrators.

    This webinar will cover:

    • What you should look for in an EUC offering and how to start onboarding
    • How to enable application self-service for your customers while maintaining sufficient control
    • The myriad of building blocks encompassing multiple vendors, protocols, and requirements the deployment of EUC resources contains in healthcare
    • Deploying a scalable virtual desktop environment that is more performant, reliable, and simple to manage than traditional 3-tier environment
    • How Nutanix combines the compute, storage, and network resources at your existing organisation
  • Enterprise Cloud Index Report 2021 Recorded: Mar 4 2021 41 mins
    Wendy M. Pfeiffer, CIO, Nutanix | Katie Noyce, Research Consultant, Vanson Bourne
    For the third consecutive year, Nutanix has commissioned research to learn about the state of global enterprise cloud deployments and adoption plans.

    In mid-2020, U.K. researcher Vanson Bourne surveyed 3,400 IT decision-makers around the world about where they’re running their business applications today, where they plan to run them in the future, what their cloud challenges are, and how their cloud initiatives stack up against other IT projects and priorities.

    This year, survey respondents were also asked about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on current and future IT infrastructure decisions and how IT strategy and priorities might be changing because of it.

    Join this webinar to hear the results of this report and understand what a CIO and analyst think these results indicate for the future of IT.
  • Building the Correct Private Cloud makes Getting to Hybrid Easy Recorded: Mar 3 2021 39 mins
    Allan Waters
    IT teams need the simplicity and scalability of public clouds, paired with the security and control of on-premises data-centers—with the ability to satisfy strict SLAs and tight budgets. This webinar will discuss how to bridge the public and private cloud gap and make hybrid cloud easy.
    In this webinar you’ll learn:
    Why your organization should transform to an Enterprise Cloud
    How to choose the correct private cloud platform
    Learn that getting to a unified hybrid cloud can be easy
  • Simple, Affordable, No-Install Disaster Recovery Recorded: Feb 24 2021 50 mins
    Ed Collins - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix | Dwayne Lessner - Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix
    Businesses are increasingly dependent upon IT for competitive advantage while threats against IT are ever-increasing. Business critical applications have become the lifeblood of the enterprise even though the gap is widening between this reliance on IT services and a company’s ability to protect it.

    The cost of building and maintaining a secondary datacenter for disaster protection is sometimes cost prohibitive. Coddling together a patchwork of legacy technologies is often the best some companies can afford. With Nutanix, however, companies are able to seamlessly take advantage of their existing Enterprise Cloud software by subscribing to the Xi Leap disaster recovery cloud service, enjoying features that much larger enterprises with massive budgets do, but at a fraction of the cost.

    In this webinar, Ed Collins - Sr. Product Marketing Manager & Dwayne Lessner, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer of Nutanix will show you how Nutanix Xi Leap turns CapEx into OpEx, simply, affordably, and with guaranteed SLAs
  • Best Practices Outside the Datacenter: Maximizing Your Remote and Branch Office Recorded: Feb 17 2021 29 mins
    Ken Ka Ho Chan, Principal Product Manager, ROBO and Pavan Konka, Director Technical Product Engineering
    This session will teach you how to efficiently deploy, manage, and optimize hundreds of ROBO and edge locations. Discover the advancements for reducing costs and streamlining ROBO IT administration, including multi-site policy management, security and data protection, IoT and file storage, one-click infrastructure upgrades, and more.

    Plus, don’t miss hearing from a real-life customer about their experiences and best practices with Nutanix ROBO solutions.
  • What Hyperconvergence Can Do That Legacy Infrastructure Can't Recorded: Feb 10 2021 27 mins
    Steve Carter, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix
    Moving to hyperconvergence isn't just a "step up" from your legacy infrastructure. It's a transformative way to get you closer to your hybrid cloud and cloud-native goals. If you need a helping hand getting there, this session is for you.

    Join this session to learn:
    - How Nutanix combines HCI storage, native virtualization, networking, and other services into the leading HCI solution
    - How Nutanix goes well beyond HCI to prepare your business for a future that legacy datacenter infrastructure can't
Your Enterprise Cloud Platform
Nutanix makes IT infrastructure invisible with an enterprise cloud platform that delivers the agility and economics of the public cloud, without sacrificing the security and control of on-premises infrastructure.

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  • Title: Protecting Your HCI with Data-at-Rest Encryption and Key Management
  • Live at: Jun 28 2018 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Maryam Sanglaji - Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix , Kevin Mooney - Head of Solutions Engineering at Fornetix
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