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The Top 3 Cybersecurity Challenges and Customer Case Studies

Cut through the noise and identify the three biggest challenges to cyber security. In this live webinar, Sam McLane, Head of Security Engineering at Arctic Wolf Networks, will provide the most effective strategies to combat threats such as ransomware, targeted phishing attacks, and other threats that bypass perimeter defenses. Join this presentation and learn the insights gained from working with real customers and how Arctic Wolf Networks helped them combat cyber attacks.
Recorded Sep 21 2016 23 mins
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Presented by
Sam McLane, Head of Security of Engineering at Arctic Wolf Networks
Presentation preview: The Top 3 Cybersecurity Challenges and Customer Case Studies

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  • Top 5 tips for choosing between a SIEM, MSSP, and SOC-as-a-Service Jun 7 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Strategy at Arctic Wolf; Terry R., Exec Editor at SC Media
    Gain insight into three cybersecurity solutions: SIEM, MSSP, and SOC-as-a-Service. Discover which solution is the best fit for your organization. Think you're too small for a SIEM or SOC-as-a-Service? This webinar will explain why you're not. Think you're too big for an MSSP? Find out if that's truly the case.
  • Should you build or buy your security? Midmarket survey findings Recorded: May 25 2017 55 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Strategy
    A deep dive into the findings and implications of a survey taken by IT professionals in the midmarket space. 100% of respondents indicated they're cybersecurity could improve in one or more areas such as information security, user security training, threat intelligence, overall risk management, and more. And of the threats, viruses, malware, professional cybercriminal, data theft, and phishing are among the top 5 threats facing their organizations.

    Get the results and takeaways from the survey and gain insight into whether it is best for your organization to build or buy a security operations center (SOC) in this interactive webcast.
  • To SIEM or not to SIEM Recorded: May 16 2017 36 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Strategy; Stephen, host from SC Media
    Security information and event management (SIEM) has been a cornerstone of cybersecurity for years, but its future as a stand-alone product might well be in question. As advanced threat intelligence platforms, search engines, and other advanced tools come to market, we could be seeing a consolidation in how tools are packaged and marketed. This webcast will examine the following:

    - The motivations behind a security overhaul
    - SIEM as a core part of a SOC (security operations center)
    - Security without SIEM
    - Alerts versus actionable intel
    - The role of a SOC analyst
    - What makes up “a better SIEM?”
  • Stop attacks such as ransomware and get HIPAA compliant for Healthcare Recorded: Apr 27 2017 35 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks
    Stop attacks such as ransomware and get HIPAA compliant for Healthcare. Understand the top 3 attacks in Healthcare, how to stop them using simple cloud-based tools and ensure HIPAA compliance for business continuity.
  • You Can't Stop What You Don't SOC Recorded: Apr 3 2017 62 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks
    Arctic Wolf's Sridhar Karnam joins John Pescatore of the SANS Institute for a conversation about making the SOC (security operations center) effective, efficient, and valuable to the organization.
  • Manage SOC with shortage of resources/ skills Recorded: Mar 28 2017 44 mins
    Matthew Selaya, Sales & Marketing; Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Strategy
    People - the most important aspect of a Security Operations Center (SOC) that is a dynamic integration of people, process, and technology. It's not the toolset or processes that keep your IT secure, but the experience and expertise. Let's discuss about how we can build, maintain, and update skills needed to effectively manage a cyber SOC.

    About the Presenters: Sridhar Karnam is director of product marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks. Joining Sridhar in this webcast is Matthew Selaya, a member of the Sales & Marketing division.
  • PANEL: Women Talk Success In Security from 3 Perspectives Recorded: Mar 6 2017 26 mins
    Kim Tremblay, Co-Founder & Head of R&D; Dinah Davis, Director of R&D; Anna Lorimer, Software Developer
    Embracing diversity is a key driver for success in today’s business world. As a young woman starting or developing her career in technology, you may find inspiration in hearing from other successful women. This live panel features 3 speakers from our R&D organization who will talk about their own career paths leading into security and will share tips and advice that they've learned along the way. This is a panel you do not want to miss!
  • Cybersecurity Dissonance: Perception versus Reality | Panel Discussion Recorded: Feb 27 2017 41 mins
    Brian NeSmith, Arctic Wolf CEO; David Monahan, EMA Research Director; Dan Limon, The Pasha Group; Charlie Muller, Threshold
    Arctic Wolf recently completed a cybersecurity survey and found that nearly every company has very high confidence in their security defenses. However, the survey also identified that IT/security professionals felt security was complex, and they found it difficult to focus on security because their role covered so many different areas.

    Tune in to watch our expert panel provide insight into why there is a disparity in the perception vs. reality of cybersecurity and shed light on how companies can close this gap.
  • A CTO's Perspective on Creating a Template for an Incident Response Plan Recorded: Feb 23 2017 49 mins
    Sam McLane, CTO/Head of Security Ops; Dave Martin, Head of Product Mgmt; Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Mktg
    Join us for a panel discussion featuring our CTO, head of product management, and head of product strategy as they talk about executing an incident response plan. The discussion will cover how to create a template for IR as well as the critical elements of an IR plan and the testing frequency and methods to ensure you have a good IR plan in place. For those who don’t yet have a set plan but are looking to establish one, having a template to reference can be helpful. There are number of key pieces that should be incorporated into every incident response plan.

    When you have a security incident, do you have a documented incident response plan? If not, who makes the decisions? These incidents could result in a complicated and costly legal, regulatory, and/or security proceedings. The people, process, and technology responsible for responding to these incidents are collectively known as Incident Response.
  • Top 8 ways to learn & network at RSA 2017 for a better security career Recorded: Feb 8 2017 23 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director, Product Strategy at Arctic Wolf Networks
    Make the most of RSA 2017. More than 30,000 people and 600 vendors are expected to be in attendance. Mix the right amount of business and pleasure to ensure that you relax, enjoy, mingle, and network your way through the conference for a better security career.

    Did you know that there are many events outside of RSAC to attend? Where are the best parties? What events do CISO's and analysts attend? What should you eat and see while in San Francisco?
  • Proactive Hunting for Security Threats Recorded: Feb 3 2017 46 mins
    Ross Phillips, Security Engineer at Arctic Wolf Networks and Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing
    Threat hunting is one of the hottest topics in cybersecurity right now. Threat hunting is a significant weapon for the IT security team. While the Security Analysts perform the event and alert analytics, the Security Engineers move to detecting unknown threats from the indicators of compromise (IOCs).

    In this webinar, Ross Phillips, a lead Security Engineer will discuss and debate on proactive hunting methods, tools, techniques.
  • How to Select a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) or Security Services Recorded: Jan 30 2017 34 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks
    It’s the age-old question: build or buy your security infrastructure and management? Do you invest in acquiring additional infrastructure, along with trained staff and the ongoing expenses for security, or do you hire a managed security services provider and do your security in the cloud? This webcast, which originally appeared as an SC Magazine 20/20 webcast, looks at the pluses and minuses for each approach and tries to makes sense out of the build-vs-buy dilemma for security services.
  • Accelerate threat detection and incident response through a managed SOC service Recorded: Jan 23 2017 31 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director, Product Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks
    A SIEM is costly and complex, IDS/ IPS are not enough, threat intelligence is overwhelming, and a SOC takes years to build and an army of security staff to manage. So where do you start with security? How should you prioritize? How can you integrate all the tools? How many security staff will you need? How do you integrate a SOC and a NOC?

    Managed Detection and Response is the answer to all these questions. With a focus on detecting and responding to threats, the service configures the right combination of tools and provides the people and process to help you quickly implement the best security within your budget. With a simple subscription-based model, you will pay a fixed price that is not dependent on your data volume. It is time to throw your SIEM, IPS, and other point solutions out and move forward with MDR.

    This webinar covers how you can implement three years worth of work on your security roadmap in just 60 min.
  • How to build a cost-effective SOC? what are the alternatives? Recorded: Jan 6 2017 38 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing, Arctic Wolf Networks
    A security operations center (SOC) is one of the most sophisticated operation centers focused on combating cyber crime and cyber attacks. Fortune 500 companies to government agencies use this daily to monitor users, apps, data, and network for threats and vulnerabilities. Join us for a webinar on how to build an effective SOC. How much does it cost? What are alternatives if you are not a Fortune 500 company?
  • Top 5 Security Trends for 2017 Recorded: Dec 19 2016 34 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing, Arctic Wolf Networks
    An aggregation of all the security noise you hear in the market. Let's examine the top 5 security trends from attacks and tools to technology to see what can you expect from the unexpected landscape.
  • Another Day, Another Yahoo Breach Recorded: Dec 14 2016 30 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks
    What should small and mid-sized businesses take away from the news of (another) Yahoo breach? Tune in for a brief overview of a massive data breach that has come to light.
  • Top 5 Reasons Why SIEM Is A Bad Idea Recorded: Dec 12 2016 61 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks
    No company is too small to get attacked. Most large companies protect their business & IT through comprehensive, 24x7, security operations. However, using just a cloud/ SaaS/ co-managed SIEM will not help you detect or manage attacks. Tune into this webcast to learn about the upfront costs, resources, expertise, and long deployment cycles of SIEM and discover alternative options to safeguarding your small or medium-sized business in an efficient and economical way.

    A 1-hr webinar presented by SC Magazine and Arctic Wolf Networks on Oct. 3, 2016.
  • Threat Detection 101: Why Advanced Monitoring is Key to Ensuring Cybersecurity Recorded: Dec 8 2016 35 mins
    Matt Thurston, Chief Architect, Arctic Wolf Networks
    Advanced persistent threat detection is part art and part science. This presentation provides a simple, straightforward explanation for non-technical people to help them understand how threat detection works. Having the best firewall and antivirus in the world will not keep you safe from cyber attacks. Attend this webinar to see why advanced monitoring is the only way to ensure vigilant cybersecurity.
  • The SMB Information Security Conundrum Recorded: Dec 6 2016 30 mins
    Young-Sae Song, VP of Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks
    This is a 30-min SC Magazine editorial webcast sponsored by Arcitc Wolf Networks. The Q&A style webcast examines the security pain points and options for mid market companies to establish stronger security posture.
  • What is a SOC and why do you need SOC-as-a-Service? Recorded: Dec 2 2016 31 mins
    Sridhar Karnam, Director of Product Marketing at Arctic Wolf Networks
    You have all the tools and security professionals but can't answer a simple question: Am I safe? Join us for the webinar where we discuss what is a SOC? Where do you start? How to get value from SOC-as-a-Service in 60 min?
Managed Detection and Response Service - 24X7 SOC at your service
Arctic Wolf Networks provides SOC as a service that makes every link in the security chain stronger. We are recognized as a Managed Detection and Response service provider by Gartner. The turnkey service is anchored by customer-dedicated security engineers bringing the peace of mind that comes with vigilant cybersecurity.

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  • Title: The Top 3 Cybersecurity Challenges and Customer Case Studies
  • Live at: Sep 21 2016 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Sam McLane, Head of Security of Engineering at Arctic Wolf Networks
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