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Enterprise Innovations for Apple: iOS and OS X

Mobility is at the core of business innovation, giving organizations the power to increase the effectiveness of employees, connect with customers in ways previously impossible and transform business processes and operations in ways that challenge industry standards. Join this session to learn how AirWatch is a platform to support your mobile initiatives for iOS and Mac devices, including the latest capabilities in iOS 9 and El Capitan.
Recorded Dec 1 2015 30 mins
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Presented by
Adam Rykowski
Presentation preview: Enterprise Innovations for Apple: iOS and OS X

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  • The Future of End-User Computing Recorded: Dec 28 2015 34 mins
    Sanjay Poonen, Noah Wasmer, Shawn Bass & Rory Clements
    The end-user computing landscape continues to evolve with ever growing heterogeneity and new breakthroughs in application and device management. Learn how VMware is delivering this new era of end-user computing to help you master heterogeneity while giving your users a consumer experience, all built on a trusted infrastructure.
  • Using App Volumes, User Environment Manager, & More for Horizon & Citrix Recorded: Dec 28 2015 28 mins
    Sachin Sharma
    Managing applications from provisioning, to delivery, to maintenance, and finally retirement can be a slow and daunting task. Managing an environment that gives end users a consistent experience across physical, virtual (Horizon and Citrix), and cloud is even harder. Simplify this process by extending the benefits of Workspace Environment Management for application and end-user management with Horizon. Transform managing applications and end-users, while lowering management costs, by using a variety of technologies available in Horizon. This approach enables IT organizations to effectively isolate and deliver applications in real-time, monitor performance, and map persona and policies to best meet end-user requirements across devices and locations. Find out more in this session.
  • Containerizing Corporate Data with AirWatch Recorded: Dec 1 2015 26 mins
    Rahul Parwani
    While it is clear that data on mobile devices should be managed, many organizations struggle to choose between device management and containerization. In this session, an AirWatch expert will discuss the differences between native and proprietary containerization, how each approach addresses different use cases, and how AirWatch can help you meet security requirements with each approach.
  • Deliver High Performance 3D Desktops with VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU Recorded: Dec 1 2015 34 mins
    Pat Lee, Luke Wignall
    Until now, delivering high performance graphics workstations remotely was cost prohibitive and complicated to setup and deliver. With VMware Horizon 6 and NVIDIA GRID vGPU, there has never been a better time to deliver high performance 3D desktops in a cost effective manner that is simple to setup and deploy. Bring your customers the security, performance, reliability, and colloboration needed to transform their business.
  • Enterprise Innovations for Apple: iOS and OS X Recorded: Dec 1 2015 30 mins
    Adam Rykowski
    Mobility is at the core of business innovation, giving organizations the power to increase the effectiveness of employees, connect with customers in ways previously impossible and transform business processes and operations in ways that challenge industry standards. Join this session to learn how AirWatch is a platform to support your mobile initiatives for iOS and Mac devices, including the latest capabilities in iOS 9 and El Capitan.
  • Airwatch 101- Simplifying Enterprise Mobility Recorded: Dec 1 2015 24 mins
    Akanksha Sharma
    Discover AirWatch, the leader in enterprise mobility management. The AirWatch platform enables organizations to transform business processes, drive new revenue streams and create new ways to connect with customers. Join this session to learn how we empower IT with a future-proof mobility platform that provides enterprise-grade security from device to the data center, flexibility to manage multiple use cases, unified management of all endpoints, and seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems.
  • You now subscribe to Office 365! Now what? Recorded: Nov 18 2015 23 mins
    Kevin Jones
    Whether adopting Exchange Online, or rolling out Office 365 web or native mobile apps, many organizations are still trying to figure out a deployment and user management strategy that spans the mobile cloud. Learn how VMware Identity Manager can simply federate even the most complex Active Directory environments and then automate the provisioning and licensing of Office 365 accounts while users simply login with their existing credentials. Then learn how to integrate Office 365 for mobile platforms with AirWatch Mobile Management to secure data at rest on iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.
  • Tackling Business Mobility through Desktop Transformation Recorded: Nov 18 2015 26 mins
    Courtney Burry
    Join this session to find out more about what's new with the Horizon portfolio of desktop and application virtualization solutions--including Horizon 6, Horizon Air and Horizon Flex and how these products tie into the software defined datacenter-understand how other customers are taking advantage of these technologies and map out a plan for when to deliver these services through a cloud provider and when to manage these on premises.
  • Modernize the Retail Experience Recorded: Nov 18 2015 26 mins
    Paige Handza
    The retail industry is becoming more complex and changing faster than ever before. Join us as we talk about the latest industry trends and explore how retailers are adopting End User Computing solutions to revamp customer engagement, store operations, employee communication, and security.
  • End User Privacy for BYOD Recorded: Nov 18 2015 26 mins
    Kevin Strohmeyer, Rebecca Matthias     
    The blending of our work and personal lives is a reality for many digital employees. While many organizations continue to maintain strong lines of division, other organizations are struggling to find the right balance of security and privacy. This session will review trends, myths and best practices with our own VMWare in-house privacy council for establishing and communicating Bring-Your-Own policies.
  • Windows 10: What it Means to your End-User Computing Strategy Recorded: Nov 18 2015 32 mins
    Mark Margevicius
    Microsofts’ Windows 10 offers many new management and deployment features that will help customers move to a mobile-cloud first world. Getting there will be a challenge, as customers will need to re-architect the assumptions, processes, and tools needed for effective EUC management. Most customers will find benefit in deploying a variety of EUC management tools that can deliver desktops, applications, and data in a easy to use and secure way.
  • The Digital Workspace: Defining a digital workspace strategy for your business Recorded: Nov 18 2015 32 mins
    Kevin Strohmeyer
    The promise of a digital workspace is simple enough… Any app on any device with enterprise security and consumer simplicity – But what does that look like for the different types of users in your environment? This session will explore both the concepts of our digital workspace vision as well as prescriptive guidance for what is required in a digital workspace solution to meet the needs of your users.
  • Bring Your Own Anything Recorded: Nov 18 2015 31 mins
    Victor Thu
    Bring Your Own : BYO planning for the Post Hype-Cycle

    Bring-Your-Own programs have been out of the headlines for a bit, but now that we’re beyond the hype, IT organizations are still struggling to find the right answer. BYO is being embraced by business leadership, but implementation remains a challenge. This session will cover some of the best practices in use by organizations to support Bring-Your-Own programs wherever practical with clear expectations of services and support.
  • Beyond the Marketing: Technical Overview of VMware Horizon Recorded: Nov 5 2015 48 mins
    Jim Yanik, End User Computing Architect
    Horizon continues to evolve with new features and functions that increase the breadth of use cases and enhance the end user experience. This session will provide a technical look at each feature and how it works. We will provide examples of how these features are used in real-world use cases. We will cover topics including vGPU, Virtual SAN, Virtual Volumes and end use experience enhancements driven by client and agent functionality. This session will focus on the new features and functionalities of the latest versions of Horizon.
  • Simplifying Desktop Infrastructure & Mobility in Education: Case Study Recorded: Nov 2 2015 48 mins
    Sheila Simmons - Director of Media & Technology, Rescue Union School District
    With budget and resource constraints, school districts like yours are looking for innovative technologies to help manage their computer labs, replace antiquated desktops, and enable BYOD and home access for students and teachers. Rescue Union School District faced the same challenges and designed a strategy with VMware to achieve an available, scalable and cost-effective desktop infrastructure.

    Join this webcast to learn how Rescue Union School District is now able to:

    Simplify and reduce tech support issues for apps and hardware at remote sites thereby reducing onsite tech staff visits.
    Quickly enable flexible, secure learning environments for on-line testing, Labs, mobile, BYOD and remote students and staff.
    Easily & affordably implement central management of OS & App upgrades on end user devices, including iOS, zero clients, Chromebooks, laptops, and more in multiple labs and campuses.
    Featured Speakers:

    Sheila Simmons
    Director of Media & Technology
    Rescue Union School District

    Larry Garcia
    Technology Support Specialist
    Rescue Union School District
  • The Latest in Business Mobility Straight from VMworld Recorded: Nov 2 2015 25 mins
    Rory Clements - Director, Solution Engineering, End User Computing, VMware
    The latest in business mobility straight from VMworld.

    Find out how VMware can help you embrace and address some of the biggest initiatives in end-user computing and enable true business mobility. We'll share the latest announcements and innovations from VMworld and provide you with an overview of solutions and tools to deliver desktop, workspace and mobile services across devices, locations, connections and clouds.

    This webcast includes new features and enhancements for VMware End-User Computing products and services including:

    Demos featuring the latest in Horizon and Horizon for Linux
    The latest beta program with Project Enzo
    Exploring an architecture built to deliver business mobility
    Featured Speaker:

    Rory Clements
    Director, Solution Engineering, End User Computing, VMware

    This webcast is designed for IT Directors, IT Managers, IT Practitioners, Systems Admins, Network Admins, Application Specialists, Desktop Directors.
  • IDC MarketScape: 2015 Vendor Assessment - Virtual Client Computing Software Recorded: Sep 24 2015 31 mins
    Dave Grant - VP, Product Marketing, VMware & Guest Speaker Rob Young - Research Mgr, ITSM & Client Virtualization
    IDC Announces the Best Vendors for Client Computing Software

    In the multi-device workplace, there are many vendors IT can choose from to better manage applications and desktops. So, which vendors offer the best client computing solutions with a commitment to long-term end-user computing innovation?

    Find out how a variety of vendors compare and the reasons why VMware has moved into the Leaders category in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Virtual Client Computing Software 2015 Vendor Assessment.

    Join us and learn:
    Which vendors are well aligned when it comes to customer needs
    Which vendors offer the best client computing solutions with a commitment to long-term end-user computing innovation?
    Which vendors have the commitment to providing resources and continued expansion of the EUC infrastructure
  • Customer Spotlight: How to Simplify App Provisioning Recorded: Sep 9 2015 34 mins
    Jason Cecilio - System Engineer NY based investment firm & Jason Marshall - Product Manager of App Volumes, VMware
    Is the complexity of provisioning your applications unsustainable?

    Hear Jason Cecilio, a Systems Engineer at a registered investment adviser firm based out of NY discuss the challenges he faced with managing application delivery when transitioning to a VDI environment and why he chose App Volumes to enable easy application provisioning.

    Along with Jason Marshall, Product Manager of App Volumes at VMware, they will discuss:

    • Delivering applications in real-time
    • Providing a customized desktop to end-users
    • Best practices and lessons learned
  • How to manage BYO users Recorded: Sep 9 2015 37 mins
    Gaurav Prasad, Sr. Systems Engineer, VMware Andy Morris, Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware
    Now you can manage local desktops and meet demand, and avoid IT risks like compliance, security and control.

    Join the webcast and learn how VMware Horizon® FLEX can help you operate in an environment where more and more users are operating from the road, on Macs or more.

    In this session you will learn how Horizon FLEX enables you to:

    •Embrace BYO’s and Macs
    •Simplify desktop management with desktop containers
    •Easily manage, backup or patch virtual desktops
  • How to Get More Out of Citrix Recorded: Sep 9 2015 43 mins
    Sachin Sharma, Product Line Marketing Manager, Desktop Product Marketing, VMware
    Managing applications and users in a Citrix environment can be difficult. Unique app and user requirements often mean that costly infrastructure is needed. There are also high maintenance costs, and user experience can be inconsistent. Scaling management across thousands of apps and users in XenApp and XenDesktop environments can be time-consuming and result in down time for end users.

    The VMware Horizon Application Management™ Bundle enables Citrix shops to transform the way they deliver applications and manage end users. Now organizations can turn application and end-user management into a fast and highly-scalable delivery mechanism that provides end users with access to the right applications every time they log in. Citrix customers can improve their return on investment and improve compliance when they standardize on the Horizon App Management Bundle. End users can enjoy a more personalized user experience with the ability to consistently access applications across devices and locations.

    This webcast is an opportunity to hear more about Extending the Value of your Citrix Environment and how Citrix users can increase their return on investment.

    Watch this webcast to learn:
    • How to increase productivity
    • How to reduce deployment time
    • How to reduce infrastructure costs
    • How to improve the consistency of the user experience
Working at the Speed of Life
VMware can help you harness the innovation of the desktop and the mobile environment to connect more effectively with customers, empower employees and compete more effectively. Subscribe to this channel to learn more about strategies around end user computing, desktop virtualization, desktop-as-a-service, Horizon 6 and more from experts at VMware

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