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oneM2M Release 2 Overview

This webinar will provide an overview of the new features and functionality supported by the new Release 2 version of the oneM2M standard.
Recorded Nov 3 2016 73 mins
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Presented by
Dale Seed – Principal Engineer, IoT Research and Development, InterDigital and Convida Wireless
Presentation preview: oneM2M Release 2 Overview

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  • Latest developments in IoT ecosystem and first preview of features in Release 4 Recorded: Jun 17 2020 90 mins
    Roland Hechwartner, DT - Shane He, Nokia - Dale Seed, Convida wireless - Andrew Min-gyu Han, Hansung University
    This webinar provides an insight to the recent development in oneM2M with a preview on some of the new features of oneM2M’s release 4 as well as an introduction to the oneM2M testing scope and related oneM2M Certification program, Interoperability events and Hackathons.
    Roland Hechwartner of Deutsche Telekom (DT) and Chairman of the oneM2M Technical Plenary will moderate the webinar and introduce in brief the oneM2M standard and its evolution from Release 1.0 to Release 4.0. Shane He of Nokia and the Chairperson of the Requirements and Domain Models working group will give insight to the highlights of vertical domain enablement and information models based on Smart Device Template 4.0 defined in oneM2M. Dale Seed of Convida Wireless and Chairman of the System Design and Security working group will then illustrate oneM2M’s recent development and will give a preview of new features in the Release 4. Andrew Min-gyu Han of the Hansung University and Chairman of the Testing and Developers Ecosystem working group will highlight the oneM2M testing scope, show the latest achievements in the global certification program, as well as introduce oneM2Ms interoperability test events and hackathons.
  • How oneM2M Standards Improve IoT Protection of Mobile Networks Recorded: Dec 13 2019 50 mins
    Bob Flynn, Chordant
    Mobile network operators have experienced several use-cases where IoT Devices have significantly degraded mobile network services, impacting not only IoT devices, but entire regional mobile networks.

    This is often caused by IoT devices that do not operate in a manner that is consistent with how mobile networks were designed. There is a greater risk of similar issues arising as the population of IoT devices grows and new services are deployed to take advantage of the new capabilities in 5G mobile networks.

    The oneM2M standard has been designed to provide services and capabilities to ease the implementation of IoT service platforms. This presentation will describe how mobile operators and IoT developers can leverage oneM2M standards to ensure that IoT devices “Do No Harm to the Network”. Building off the GSMA’s guidelines for efficient IoT Device connectivity, the webinar will outline how oneM2M standards-based solutions support large scale deployment of IoT Devices.
    The webinar will be of interest to mobile network operators, IoT solution providers and systems integrators that are developing and deploying IoT platforms.
  • oneM2M: A Mature Standard for Interoperable and Reusable IoT Solutions Recorded: Nov 15 2019 61 mins
    Roland Hechwartner, Deutsche Telekom - Ken Figueredo, Chordant
    In 2019, oneM2M celebrated its 7th year of developing standards for open and interoperable IoT solutions by launching new initiatives for its Release 4 specifications. The goal of this webinar is to describe the maturity of the oneM2M standard in relation to its life cycle, feature set and example applications.

    Roland Hechwartner of Deutsche Telekom Group (DT) and the Chairperson for oneM2M’s Technical Plenary will describe the global reach of the oneM2M standard and its evolution from Release 1.0 to Release 4.0.
    Ken Figueredo of Convida Wireless will then illustrate the application of oneM2M’s architecture in pilot and subsequent commercial applications. These examples will highlight oneM2M’s maturity based on IoT-platform reusability factors as well as extensions to address new use cases.

    This webinar will be of interest to organizations that prioritize open standards for scalable and interoperable IoT solutions. It will also interest organizations in markets that deal with IoT data sharing for intelligent transport systems, connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), and the roll out of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions.
  • The oneM2M Smart Device Template (SDT) Recorded: Nov 7 2018 57 mins
    Andreas Kraft, Deutsche Telekom - Sebastien Bolle, Orange - Omar Elloumi, Nokia
    The Smart Device Template (SDT) provides an abstraction layer to model and manage connected devices
  • Understanding Release 3 Recorded: Oct 11 2018 76 mins
    O. Elloumi, TP Chair, Nokia- Y. Zhang, MAS Chair, Huawei- A.Neubacher, Deutsche Telekom- D. Seed, ARC Chair, Convida Wireless
    You will be introduced to the new features of the 3rd Release of oneM2M specifications.
  • Boost LPWA revenue through oneM2M Recorded: Jan 18 2018 64 mins
    Dr. Omar Elloumi, Nokia, oneM2M Technical Plenary Chair and Chris Meering, HPE, oneM2M MARCOM Vice-Chair
    The importance of open standards in advancing Internet of Things (IoT) applications that use Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks will be discussed during a webinar hosted by oneM2M. The webinar will explore the challenges Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are facing as they look to make the most of their burgeoning IoT deployments and will examine how an open standards approach can increase cost-effectiveness, improve scalability and boost confidence that today’s IoT projects will be future-proof and provide value to the CSPs deploying them.
  • Combined strengths of oneM2M and GlobalPlatform to address IoT security Recorded: Oct 19 2017 48 mins
    François Ennesser, chairman of oneM2M Security Working Group and Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform Technical Officer
    The cross-sectorial approach to IoT taken by oneM2M is challenging when it comes to security, because IoT applications in different domains have so diverse trust assumptions and security requirements. Yet such an approach is required to deliver the information for interoperability benefits that people expect from the IoT.
    As a oneM2M Partner focusing on security, GlobalPlatform develops a range of security technologies addressing the challenges of complex ecosystems that find applications in different domains, from financial services to telecom networks, government services or public transport systems.

    The webinar intends to illustrate how the know-how and expertise of both organizations complement each other to combine security and ubiquity in IoT deployments.
  • Delivering IoT Value through oneM2M Compliance Recorded: May 18 2017 62 mins
    Claus Hansen, Worldwide Director IoT & Pierre-Yves Descombes, IoT Product Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    The end game with IoT is to securely monetize the vast treasure trove of IoT-generated data to deliver value to enterprise applications, whether by enabling new revenue streams, reducing costs, or improving customer experience. Built on top of the oneM2M architecture, the HPE Universal IoT Platform enables this data monetization. Join this webinar to learn more about the HPE UIoT Platform and how oneM2M addresses the challenges of fragmentation and integration complexity with a horizontal-platform-based approach.

    This webinar is the first of a sequence of webinars that oneM2M is hosting to highlight various implementations and deployments of oneM2M.
  • oneM2M Release 2 Overview Recorded: Nov 3 2016 73 mins
    Dale Seed – Principal Engineer, IoT Research and Development, InterDigital and Convida Wireless
    This webinar will provide an overview of the new features and functionality supported by the new Release 2 version of the oneM2M standard.
  • Future proof IoT based smart cities using oneM2M Recorded: Jul 28 2016 62 mins
    Dr Omar Elloumi, Nokia, oneM2M Technical Plenary Chair
    How can smart city architects plan for future scalability, integrate as yet unknown technologies while being interoperable with legacy installations?
    Only a standards-based solution can help address these challenges.
    Today we'll see how the oneM2M standard used in a smart city architecture can introduce a horizontal interoperability layer and reducing vendor lock-in.
    We'll learn from the experience of oneM2M in the field, taking the example of Korea's ambitious smart city project in Busan, based on oneM2M.
    We'll examine a blue-print for future smart city development, taking into account legacy systems, open standards, open data and security.

    Our presenter is Dr. Omar Elloumi of Nokia, the chairman of oneM2M's Technical Plenary.
  • Use of the oneM2M standard in the oneTRANSPORT field Recorded: Feb 12 2016 59 mins
    Mark Wedlock. Tanveer Ghani. Dr Rafael Cepeda
    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are an important subset of IoT applications. They are made possible by sharing multimodal transport information across data owners, application developers, service providers and end-users to deliver innovative services.

    By exposing historically closed data assets to different stakeholders, Intelligent Transport Systems deliver significant economic gains; citizens benefit through informative services; journeys become more efficient; and, a transport assets start to generate higher returns. ITS will also have a profound impact on regional economic development by fostering new business start-ups, for example.

    This webinar examines the intelligent-transport needs of local government and transport-sector authorities in the UK and how the oneM2M standard addresses their operational requirements across a broad set of stakeholders. Presenters from Arup, Buckinghamshire Country Council and InterDigital will describe how a public-private consortium field trial is using the standard within the oneTRANSPORT project. The pilot is being rolled out across several counties in the UK, covering a population of over 4m people. The webinar will also illustrate new application opportunities and business models for local authorities to monetize their assets including early Return-on-Investment projections for a viable, long-term deployment.
  • Enhancing oneM2M platform with semantics, why does it matter? Recorded: Jan 28 2016 64 mins
    Dr. Mahdi Ben Alaya
    This webcast addresses how the oneM2M platform is enhanced with semantic capabilities to ensure cross-domain interoperability between IoT devices and applications at the level of communication and data. We will introduce to you :
    •The semantic vision of IoT: from data to intelligence.
    •Data interoperability and generic interworking in oneM2M.
    •The oneM2M base ontology: concepts, properties and relationships.
    •How to map the base ontology with external ontologies.
    •How to instantiate oneM2M resources according to the base ontology.
    •Towards semantic discovery and advanced reasoning in oneM2M.

    Dr. Mahdi Ben Alaya is the founder and CEO of Sensinov. He obtained a Ph.D. in networks, telecommunications, systems and architecture from the University of Toulouse and LAAS-CNRS in France. His research interests cover IoT Interoperability, Autonomic Computing, Semantic, and Information Centric Networking. He is co-founder and technical manager of the open source project OM2M at the Eclipse foundation. He is now serving as vice-chairman of the oneM2M Test working Group.
  • Accelerating the Internet of Things: The oneM2M App-ID Registry Recorded: Jan 14 2016 41 mins
    Matt Lear, Product Manager, iconectiv
    With machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly evolving, it is critical that a foundation be built that enables applications developed on different networks and platforms to easily and seamlessly exchange information. The emerging oneM2M standard, which is developed under the direction of a consortium of eight global standards bodies, enables that exchange effectively accelerating the adoption of open M2M systems.

    This webinar will explore how the potential of the oneM2M standard can be realized via the recently launched oneM2M App-ID registry and what developers need to do now to secure their spot in the global M2M marketplace.

    Matt Lear is the M2M and IoT Product Management Director for iconectiv with more than 17 years of experience in technology, business, and marketing for enterprise and consumer products. His business domain expertise includes M2M and IoT, Location-based services, network security, wireless telecommunications, and enterprise telecommunications management. Matt’s engineering background provides him a unique vantage point to bridge sales and technology processes.
  • Personal Connected Healthcare – how oneM2M can help develop the market Recorded: Jul 1 2015 53 mins
    Chuck Parker, VP of Business Development, Lamprey Networks
    Continua is a Partner in oneM2M, and actively contributes to the development of oneM2M specifications. Discover how Continua and oneM2M specifications and standards can work together to develop better personal connected healthcare apps. Find out how Continua integrates with and makes use of the work done in oneM2M. Get the latest update on demonstrations involving oneM2M and Continua technology.
  • oneM2M Release 1 Primer: What’s in there, and why is it important? Recorded: May 27 2015 57 mins
    Dr. Josef Blanz, Principal Engineer at Qualcomm
    This next webcast from oneM2M will fill you in on progress since the oneM2M Showcase last December. oneM2M Release 1 specifications were published in January this year. Find out what functionality is enabled by this set of 10 specifications. Discover what this functionality really means for M2M and the IoT, how it can be used, why it is necessary, how businesses focused on M2M and the IoT can take advantage of oneM2M’s work.

    Release 1 is out the door, but work hasn’t stopped: find out what’s in store for oneM2M Release 2, and how you can get involved.

    Dr. Josef J. Blanz is a principal engineer with Qualcomm’s Standards and Industry Organizations Group. He coordinates Qualcomm's participation in M2M and IoT related standards and industry fora, conducts related internal design work and serves as an interface to business development, product management and engineering teams. Josef was actively involved in the creation of oneM2M and serves as Qualcomm’s lead in oneM2M.
  • On Management, Abstraction & Semantics Recorded: Nov 27 2014 38 mins
    Dr. Yongjing Zhang, Standard Research Project Lead, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
    4th in a series of 4 webcasts introducing oneM2M, the global standards initiative for machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things.
    This webcast addresses how oneM2M covers Management, Abstraction and Semantics (MAS), which are the key enabling capabilities for hiding the heterogeneity and providing high level interoperability for the variety of M2M/IoT devices and applications. The topic is under the major responsibility of oneM2M MAS WG.
    We'll introduce to you:
    – The concepts of M.A.S. and their relationships
    – The common service capabilities provided as M.A.S.
    – The architecture design and the protocol mapping for M.A.S.
    – The vision and evolution of oneM2M on M.A.S.

    Dr. Yongjing Zhang is a Standard Research Project Lead of Carrier Software Business Unit at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, responsible for telco service related standard activities, innovation research as well as product planning. His professional areas include SIP/IMS, Messaging, Personal Network, Device Management, and most recently M2M/IoT and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).
    Among his active participation in several standard organizations, he is now serving as the chairman of the oneM2M MAS (Management, Abstraction & Semantics) Working Group.
  • Facing the Challenges of M2M Security and Privacy Recorded: Nov 14 2014 45 mins
    Phil Hawkes, Principal Engineer at Qualcomm
    3rd in a series of 4 webcasts introducing oneM2M, the global standards initiative for machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things.
    Join us for each webcast between now and end November for an in-depth overview of oneM2M, the standards it has developed, and find out why oneM2M will be key to the sustainable development of the Internet of Things!

    In this 3rd oneM2M webcast, we’ll explain how oneM2M handles security. Confidence in the security and privacy of data will be a key factor in the successful take-up of M2M and Internet of Things services. oneM2M is building in security from the start, rather than bolting it on at a later date.
    This webinar will cover the oneM2M Security Architecture and its components and features:
    Identification and Authentication
    - Authorization
    - Identity Management
    - Security Association
    - Sensitive Data Handling
    - Security Administration
  • Taking a look inside oneM2M Recorded: Oct 30 2014 41 mins
    Nicolas Damour, Senior Manager for Business and Innovation Development at Sierra Wireless
    2nd in a series of 4 webcasts introducing oneM2M, the global standards initiative for machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things.
    Join us for each webcast between now and end November for an in-depth overview of oneM2M, the standards it has developed, and find out why oneM2M will be key to the sustainable development of the Internet of Things!

    In this 2nd oneM2M webcast, let’s lift the lid and look inside the oneM2M specifications.

    We’ll introduce you to:
    - The oneM2M specifications themselves and where to find them
    - Requirements and use cases: where have they come from?
    - Overview of the oneM2M architecture
    - Introduction to the Common Services provided by oneM2M
    - Information modelling and resources
    - Mapping oneM2M to common industry protocols

    Nicolas Damour is Senior Manager for Business and Innovation Development at Sierra Wireless, responsible for M2M standardization activities and for innovation projects with industry partners, strengthening Sierra Wireless’ position as the global leader in M2M devices and cloud services. He is vice-chair of the oneM2M Architecture Working Group and convener of the oneM2M Work Programme Management group.
  • oneM2M: How Standardization Enables The Next Internet Evolution Recorded: Oct 16 2014 38 mins
    Marc Jadoul, Strategic Marketing Manager, Alcatel-Lucent
    1st in a series of 4 webcasts introducing oneM2M, the global standards initiative for machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things.

    Join us for each webcast between now and end November for an in-depth overview of oneM2M, the standards it has developed, and find out why oneM2M will be key to the sustainable development of the Internet of Things!

    In this first webcast, we’ll look at the following:
    - What are the opportunities offered by the M2M and IoT markets?
    - What are the key challenges facing these markets?
    - What are the challenges facing M2M service providers?
    - How fragmentation and complexity is driving up costs when the opposite needs to happen?
    - Why has industry come together now to create oneM2M?
    - How standardization at M2M platform level will enable greater growth in M2M and IoT markets?
    - What features do the oneM2M standards offer?

    Marc Jadoul is Strategic Marketing Director, Customer and Market Insight, in Alcatel-Lucent, working with company-wide stakeholders to create thought leadership, generate sales opportunities and grow revenues, and engaging with senior customers to capture their needs, enhance their strategy and help them grow their business.

    Marc has over 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector. He is a passionate B2B storyteller, blogger, author or co-author of more than 100 papers, magazine articles and conference presentations, and a frequent speaker and panellist at industry events.
The global standards initiative for M2M communications and the IoT
oneM2M develops globally agreed-upon, access independent, end-to-end specifications for an M2M communications and management system that can be readily embedded within various hardware and software, connecting the wide range of devices in the field with M2M application servers worldwide. The project brings together fourteen of the world’s leading ICT Standards Development Organisations and industry consortia and over 200 member companies.
oneM2M specifications provide a common means for communications service providers to support applications and services as diverse as the smart grid, the connected car, home automation, energy management, enterprise supply chain, public safety, eHealth and telemedicine.

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  • Title: oneM2M Release 2 Overview
  • Live at: Nov 3 2016 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dale Seed – Principal Engineer, IoT Research and Development, InterDigital and Convida Wireless
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