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GDPR: The devices you haven’t thought about

Education Today’s popular webinar series returns on April 27th to take a look at the new European data protection legislation GDPR and to show how your school can prepare for it.
KYOCERA Document Solutions UK will look at the ever-increasing number of devices which could be at risk of cyber-attacks and security threats in the webinar “GDPR: The devices you haven’t thought about”.
It will explore the way GDPR is forcing organisations to change the way they think about data processing and handling personal data.
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Recorded Apr 27 2017 55 mins
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Presented by
Jonathan Swift
Presentation preview: GDPR: The devices you haven’t thought about

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  • AI at the Edge: Machine Learning in Embedded Systems Sep 21 2021 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Andreas Burghart, Senior Product Manager; Digi International
    There is an explosion of interest in adding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to embedded systems. But how can you take advantage of the most promising opportunities in AI and ML? In this webinar, Digi cuts through the hype and discusses real-world benefits, applications and use cases. You’ll get an overview of available hardware and software development tools, and a practical guide for getting started with AI at the Edge.
    In this informative, one-hour webinar, you’ll learn:
    • Why AI and ML are especially beneficial in edge computing environments
    • How Google’s new Coral AI toolkit can be used in products based on the Digi ConnectCore® 8M Mini system-on-module (SOM)
    • How voice recognition capabilities broaden the appeal and marketability of new products, and how to include them in your design
    • How the choice of SOM can affect the scalability of new product designs
    • How the Digi ConnectCore® portfolio lets you choose the capabilities — and the price point — to fit your needs

    We will also discuss the growing range of use cases and applications where new AI and ML capabilities will be important differentiators in the most successful product designs.
  • Agile Teaching in an Altered World. Effective hybrid teaching Recorded: Dec 1 2020 42 mins
    GoTo by LogMeIn
    Over the course of this year, educational establishments have had to rapidly adapt to teaching virtually and students have adapted to learning remotely, but what comes next?

    As the 2020—21 academic year progresses, how can institutions manage the transition back from remote teaching as students return to face-to-face teaching?

    Looking beyond handling the immediate situation, what can educators take away from the experience of remote teaching in order to adapt to the post-COVID-19 normal. The webinar will cover approaches to blending physical, virtual, and pre-recorded tutorials, lectures and classes. Topics will also include the new learning structures that may be created, and looking beyond teaching to the wider student experience.

    Joseph Walsh, Principle Product Marketing Manager, GoTo by LogMeIn;
    Gareth Healey, Senior Lecturer, Swansea University Medical School;
    David Woods-Hale, Director, AMBA & BGA
  • The Middle Years Programme: complementing the Ofsted framework Recorded: Jun 11 2020 60 mins
    Dr Peter Fidczuk - IB Development and Recognition Manager, UK and Ireland
    Last year, Ofsted published its new education inspection framework, which places emphasis on the breadth of a school’s curriculum offer. The International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a flexible skills-based framework of education that promotes the breadth required under the new framework.

    If taught in line with the National Curriculum, the MYP can develop students as autonomous learners through its inquiry-based approach to learning and teaching, the IB’s philosophy and its learner profile; ensuring that students are better prepared for the challenges of GCSEs. The programme can be taught in several formats of two, three, four or the full five years to suit each school’s context.

    Sign up to the webinar to find out how the MYP can benefit your school community.

    What will the webinar cover?
    • What is an IB education
    • Introduction to the MYP and how it works
    • How the MYP complements the new Ofsted framework
    • An introduction to the MYP assessment
    • MYP success stories

    Presented by:
    Dr Peter Fidczuk
    IB Development and Recognition Manager, UK and Ireland

    Peter is the UK Manager for the International Baccalaureate, and the University Admissions Manager for IBSCA, the network of IB schools and colleges in the UK. Additionally as many countries benchmark against the UK, he also works with IB World Schools and networks across the Africa, Europe and the Middle East regions. In these capacities, Peter works to support schools, teachers and students on the development of an IB education. Prior to this, Peter was Assistant Head Teacher at Dartford Grammar School, where, as Director of International Baccalaureate, he managed the school’s Diploma Programme and the introduced the Middle Years Programme so that the school became the first state school in the UK to gain accreditation for the MYP.
  • What can we do to prevent an educational melt-down in future? Recorded: May 27 2020 46 mins
    Andrew Howie is a Director at e-Learning WMB and has over 19 years’ experience in teaching and education.
    In just a few short weeks, the ‘normal’ educational schedule was thrown into chaos. Schools, colleges and universities were faced with complete shut down - no pupils, no teachers and a significantly reduced ability to deliver lessons in a meaningful way.

    Despite their best efforts many schools have struggled to adapt to the current crisis, with teachers under a lot of strain to keep lessons going without systems designed to help them manage their curriculums appropriately.

    As time has progressed, many people (particularly parents) have asked why technology, that is increasingly used in our private lives (particularly younger generations), is not being utilised to its full potential in education. Experts in the industry are already predicting the impact of coronavirus will compel many institutions to rethink their learning strategies.

    This webinar will present Open eLMS Live - a system designed to help teachers deliver a timetable of classroom learning remotely using existing teleconferencing systems and online learning resources. We are confident that you will see the benefits of running this remote learning platform now and also when your school reopens. It will also enable you to create a plan of action should a shutdown be necessary at any time in the future.
  • Facilitating Remote Learning Recorded: Apr 30 2020 45 mins
    Nic Chetham
    iPad has changed the way we work, play and learn and so with learning no longer confined to the classroom or traditional classroom hours, schools are re-evaluating their learning environments to accommodate an at-home, virtual learning experience.

    The ability to make this fully functional and effective falls squarely on school administrators, curriculum designers and teachers. With the right tools in place, virtual learning can be as intuitive and engaging as in-person. With Apple technology becoming increasingly popular in the education space, the iPad seem to be the go to device for both remote learning and in the classroom.

    In Jamf School’s webinar, Facilitating Remote Learning, we explain how it’s not only possible to fully support remote learning, but help students and teachers alike thrive and stay connected all from the comfort of home with iPads whilst ensuring success in the classroom too.

    You’ll learn:
    • Best practices for maintaining engagement and participation in a virtual classroom setting
    • How to facilitate engaging online discussions, lessons and interactions
    • How to harness the power of parents to keep students focused

    This webinar will be presented by Nic Chetham:

    Nic Chethan is the Enablement Engineer at Jamf.
    He is specifically focused on the education market and covers the whole of the EMEIA region. Prior to working at Jamf, Nic trained as a Teacher of Computer Science in the UK and before that worked in Apple retail. He combines his love of Apple technology with his passion for teaching and experience of managing and deploying devices within a classroom environment.
  • Creating a OneStop Learning Experience for Your School Recorded: Apr 20 2020 46 mins
    Anshul Bongirwar, Solutions Evangelist, Moxtra • Nikhita Iyar, Head of Business Development, Strategy., Moxtra
    Learn more about getting a secure one-stop app for your school or learning center.

    This webinar explores how educators can digitally transform learning experiences, with the rigorous security required for education.
    With a private communication hub, under your school’s brand, students and teachers can maintain a continuous connection while administrators can effectively manage and retain oversight of all interactions.

    Bridge physical barriers with dynamic, collaborative in-app capabilities including text, voice, and visual messaging, video meetings, white boarding, note taking, document sharing, drawing, markup, and more.

    Educators can conduct and manage their courses through their app, replicating face-to-face interactions remotely.

    Presented by:
    • Anshul Bongirwar, Solutions Evangelist, Moxtra
    • Nikhita Iyar, Head of Business Development, Strategy., Moxtra
  • A simple guide to running a remote maths classroom Recorded: Apr 9 2020 47 mins
    Jillian Green, Mathspace
    As schools consider how they deliver teaching while students are at home, this is a great opportunity for teachers to re-think their classroom approach, instead of replicating the physical classroom online.

    Like many other edtech platforms we are offering our maths platform, Mathspace, for free to any schools preparing for shutdown. But the real challenge is not which platform to use, but how to effectively use combinations of digital tools to set up an online learning culture.

    In this webinar, educators will take you through a range of digital tools that they've used in their online classrooms.

    This 45 minute webinar will be held on Thursday 9th at 4pm (UK time). You will learn:

    • How to prepare your students for school closures
    • Our favourite digital tools for an online maths classroom
    • How to use Mathspace to amplify your digital classroom
    • Strategies to keep students engaged and create a class community

    About the speaker:

    This session will be run by Jillian Green. Jillian Green has taught high school maths in California via an entirely virtual classroom. She has also taught Cryptography in Asia, the Middle East, and online. She is currently working in the curriculum team at Mathspace
  • Making effective use of curated video content in the digital classroom Recorded: Jan 13 2020 76 mins
    Jonathan Swift, Managing editor of Education Today
    Video-Assisted Learning – Making effective use of curated video content in the digital classroom

    Approximately 70% of educators use video in the classroom multiple times per week. Finding appropriate, safe and curriculum-aligned videos can be time consuming, relying on multiple sources and video providers that may infringe copyright, contain inappropriate ads or be mis-aligned with the teacher’s needs. ViewSonic and BoClips have partnered to provide “myViewBoard Clips”, a Video-Assisted Learning platform that empowers educators with a curated library of videos. With subject and age-mapped videos accessible from inside the digital whiteboard, lesson activities and student worksheets can be enhanced with video content more easily than ever before.

    In the webinar we will be joined by Beth Denham, Product Manager for BoClips, and former teacher and education leader to discuss teaching and learning with videos.

    Matt Smith, EdTech Product Manager for Viewsonic will discuss how this novel platform can integrate with the digital whiteboard, to enhance preparing, presenting and participating in video-assisted lessons.

    We will also be joined by Paola Sagastuy, Faculty Leader for Languages at Ashford School, to explore how she uses curated video content in her MFL and ESL lessons.
  • What can we do to Address the Decline in Pupil Mental Health and Well-being? Recorded: Mar 6 2019 60 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    Education Today’s popular webinar series is now in full swing for 2019, and up next for discussion is a topic currently making the news – pupil mental health.

    In the webinar “What can we do to address the decline in pupil mental health and wellbeing”, The Outward Bound Trust will be examining the multiple aspects of this worrying and complex issue.

    We expect young people to successfully function in our rapidly changing society, with increased pressure on them to perform academically at an earlier age and at a faster rate. Are our expectations realistic? For this generation, leisure time can often mean isolating screen time, resulting in the erosion of positive face-to-face social interactions and engagement in outdoor, natural and nurturing environments which are proven to boost mental wellbeing.

    Two prominent teachers explore with us the state of their pupils’ mental health, and review what current research is telling us about this issue within the wider context of UK education, sharing the interventions they have successfully adopted inside and outside the classroom to help encourage mental health and wellbeing.
  • Resilient Teachers: How You Can Manage the Pressure and Shine, Like a Diamond! Recorded: Feb 1 2019 60 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    Education Today’s popular webinar series returns on the 1st February and up for discussion is how to recruit and retain great quality teachers.
    In “Resilient Teachers: How You Can Manage the Pressure and Shine, Like a Diamond!” we look at the importance of giving teachers time to reflect on their own resilience, and of school leaders developing effective strategies to increase overall staff resilience.
    Values-based Education, in partnership with Pupil Asset, are pleased to launch “The VbE Resilience Survey for Teachers” which has been designed to ‘lift the lid’ on this conversation - to make staff feel valued and to help schools find bespoke solutions for their organisation’s specific context.
    Backed by the Shaw Mind Foundation, the survey is a highly effective tool, written by experts and endorsed by leading educational thinkers such as Viv Grant, Angela Browne and Michael Waters.
    Join Sue Webb (Values-based Education), David Gumbrell (The Resilience Project) and Stephanie Reddington (Pupil Asset) as they talk about the importance of resilience in managing the inevitable challenges of everyday life, as well as showcasing the exciting, NEW VbE Resilience Survey which offers a cost-effective solution.
  • IB Middle Years Programme – a curriculum that gives a school a purpose Recorded: Dec 5 2018 63 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    Ofsted’s Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman recently shared findings from curriculum research on curriculum design, and a new education inspection framework for the UK.
    She said that the skills and knowledge we want to pass on to future generations should be at the heart of education and that current curriculum models can be inflexible and narrow subject choices for students, particularly at key stage three.
  • How Education Can Raise Student Aspirations Recorded: Jun 13 2018 61 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    The webinar will focus on the International Baccalaureate’s Career-related Programme and a school case study on Westminster Academy – an inner-city school in a deprived area of London where life expectancy of local residents is 20 years lower than average for the borough. The webinar will explain the transformational affect that the programme can have on both student grades but, more importantly, aspirations. Some of the programme’s alumni are the first in their families to go to university.
  • Playing Catch Up: Why it's Important to Tackle Low Literacy in Year 7 Recorded: Sep 28 2017 73 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    oin Literacy experts Jane Eyre, Open Eyre Consultancy, Christine Cork, Target Literacy and Richard Michael, Texthelp to hear how addressing literacy at the beginning of Secondary School can really benefit your whole school literacy approach. Topics covered will include:

    How to spot the signs of low literacy
    Tips and tricks to intervene
    Tools to help with whole school literacy improvement

    You’ll also get to hear about Read&Write, a tool that’s helping millions of students worldwide improve their literacy.
  • Raising student aspirations through education Recorded: Jun 15 2017 73 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    Increasingly, universities are seeing applications from students with a mix of academic and vocational qualifications, and this trend looks set to continue. The International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Career-related Programme (CP) helps students take advantage of this trend by combining the two pathways along with a skills-based core which prepares students for employment, further training through apprenticeships or for entry to higher education.
    King Ethelbert School in Birchington, Kent, which offers the CP, describes the programme as “transformational”. Hear and learn about the real benefits and impact the programme has had on students in a free webinar presented by Dr. Peter Fidczuk, UK Development and Recognition Manager at the IB, and Jocelyn Rebera, Head of Sixth Form at King Ethelbert School.
  • GDPR: The devices you haven’t thought about Recorded: Apr 27 2017 55 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    Education Today’s popular webinar series returns on April 27th to take a look at the new European data protection legislation GDPR and to show how your school can prepare for it.
    KYOCERA Document Solutions UK will look at the ever-increasing number of devices which could be at risk of cyber-attacks and security threats in the webinar “GDPR: The devices you haven’t thought about”.
    It will explore the way GDPR is forcing organisations to change the way they think about data processing and handling personal data.
    We would like to invite you to register for the webinar - either to watch it live on the day or for access to a recorded version.
  • Engaging with Challenge – from Mountains to Mathematics Recorded: Nov 3 2016 61 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    Education Today’s popular webinar series returns in October and up for discussion is using Outdoor Adventurous Education (OAE), as a commitment to active learning.

    In the upcoming webinar “Engaging with Challenge – from Mountains to Mathematics” The Outward Bound Trust will be looking at the Outdoor Adventurous Education (OAE) approach as a tool to work with all young people.It will explore the benefits in a way that doesn’t dominate or provide an easy solution but one that seeks to compliment other strategies within the social education context by working closely in partnerships with schools to develop skills.
  • The IB Career-related Programme – an ideal blend of vocational and academic lear Recorded: Jun 13 2016 61 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    Learn about the benefits of the IB's Career-related Programme (CP) through a free webinar running in June.

    The CP is tailored to meet the needs of students who want to focus on career-related learning in the last two years of secondary school. It allows students to create an individualised path that leads to employment, apprenticeship or higher education after the completion of their secondary school studies.

    What you'll learn:

    - How the CP combines vocational and academic qualifications along with a skills based core to offer a flexible baccalaureate
    - The webinar will explore the benefits – for both students and schools – of offering the CP
    - How schools in England have implemented the programme to raise achievement, retention and transform student aspirations.
  • Four Simple Steps to Creating Your School's ICT Strategy Recorded: May 26 2016 35 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    Does your school have an IT strategy? If the answer is ‘no’, you’re not alone. Many schools make reactive purchasing decisions. Perhaps something has gone wrong that needs fixing or you have money left in the pot at the end of the year which needs spending.

    One thing is clear, this isn't the best use of budget in the long term.

    The big question is, how should schools decide to spend their precious (and dwindling) resources?

    One way, is to have a clear ICT strategy. But when we ask headteachers the question “What’s your ICT strategy?” they can’t answer it, because they don’t know.

    They are educators, not techies after all.

    One solution is an Outcomes Framework for ICT in Education.

    This would enable you to adopt simple and effective ICT strategies that everyone (including pupils, staff, parents and governors) can understand and get behind. It can be linked to the School Improvement Plan, and it can demonstrate where you’re making improvements. It will show you where you need to invest that precious budget.
  • Making Your School Systems More Efficient Recorded: Jan 13 2016 57 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    As the goal posts for attainment and achievement are being moved, while budgets are frozen, School Business Managers and Bursars are having to find new ways to save time and money in the race to become more efficient. Having purchased labour-saving systems including homework, behaviour, library or parental payment systems, many schools will end up with a number of business support suppliers. Often requiring multiple logins, many different points of contact, different levels of access to the school’s MIS and several bills, a school’s multiple and diverse systems can become a whole new level of administration in themselves.

    The common feature with all of these systems is that they require a communication system enabling contact with parents, students and staff. But this is also an additional system in itself.

    Join Steve Baines, Business Development Manager and Data Security Officer at Groupcall , to find out about the pitfalls of working with multiple systems, how to identify where there are problems, and ultimately how you can consolidate these systems and make sure all parts of your school infrastructure work together
  • Making the best ICT buying decisions for your school Recorded: Dec 7 2015 52 mins
    Jonathan Swift
    In these days of spending freezes and real-term cuts, it is more important than ever to focus on getting value for money from your school's IT budget.

    Hosted by Education Today editor Jonathan Swift and Neil Watkins of Think IT, this vital webinar will show you how to manage tough choices and prioritise efficiencies and savings to ensure your school's IT infrastructure remains appropriate to your needs.

    Think IT’s Neil Watkins will discuss:
    - Key problems that schools have with procuring ICT
    - Problems of responsibilities under the European Public Contracts Directive
    - Problems of Awareness – knowing what to buy, how to keep up with the rapid pace of change in technology, and how to stop making snap buying decisions that cause you problems later as well as waste your school’s precious budgets
    - Problems of lack of Skills – lack of skills in the procurement, evaluation and commissioning process
    Neil will give examples that all schools can relate to, then move on to practical places to go to for help.

    You will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights into how to make the best decisions.
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