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Celent & INETCO: Is Real Time Data Necessary in Retail Banking?

Real time is rapidly becoming more important to retail banks. Payments, customer responsiveness, and fraud detection must all become faster. Powering them all is data in its many facets.

Join banking analyst firm Celent, and real time transaction monitoring and analytics company INETCO, as they explore real time’s current progress, its implications for financial institutions, and how banks should respond.
Recorded Mar 28 2017 60 mins
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Presented by
Daniel Latimore, Senior Vice President - CELENT and Stacy Gorkoff - INETCO
Presentation preview: Celent & INETCO: Is Real Time Data Necessary in Retail Banking?

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  • Celent & INETCO: Is Real Time Data Necessary in Retail Banking? Recorded: Mar 28 2017 60 mins
    Daniel Latimore, Senior Vice President - CELENT and Stacy Gorkoff - INETCO
    Real time is rapidly becoming more important to retail banks. Payments, customer responsiveness, and fraud detection must all become faster. Powering them all is data in its many facets.

    Join banking analyst firm Celent, and real time transaction monitoring and analytics company INETCO, as they explore real time’s current progress, its implications for financial institutions, and how banks should respond.
  • How to Use Big Data to Improve Card Usage and Customer Engagement Recorded: Feb 23 2017 62 mins
    Printec and INETCO
    Digital and self-service payment channels have changed the way banks and customers interact. Less direct interaction means more reliance on “Big Data” for insights that will help you identify ways to better serve your customers, run more effective card programs and capture more wallet share.

    Printec and INETCO invite you to attend a 30-45 minute live webinar, where we will showcase new technologies that will help your financial organization derive better value from customer transaction data. Learn how you can establish real-time insights into:

    - Card usage patterns
    - Profitability and cash flow
    - Application, network or third party service performance

    Can’t make the date? That’s ok. Contact Printec or INETCO if you are still interested in arranging a private discussion on how detailed transactional data can help you to predict next best product, identify customer performance problems, customize the consumer experience, competitively price card services and loans, execute targeted marketing strategies, and much more.
  • EMV Monitoring and Analytics Webinar: Freeze Fraud and Keep Transactions Moving Recorded: Nov 30 2016 48 mins
    Marc Borbas - VP of Product Marketing, INETCO
    EMV is here, and we want your POS and ATM channels to be ready! During this webinar, learn how ongoing performance management and card analysis across all payments channels is helping financial organizations dispute EMV liability shift chargebacks, and answer questions related to:

    - When are EMV transactions failing?
    - Why are EMV transactions falling back to magstripe?
    - Where are interoperability issues occurring on the transaction path
    - What is the breakdown of my swipe, dip and chip transactions?
    - Are EMV fallbacks due to fraud or caused by issues related to the card, payments switching application or terminal?
    - When are EMV chip transactions taking too long?
    - Why did response times change? Are transactions performing differently from store to store?
  • Banks Gone Digital: Card Analytics - A Webinar on How to Use ‘Em Recorded: Jul 27 2016 51 mins
    Kambiz Asrar Haghighi, Marc Borbas
    Credit and debit card transactions are one of the richest sources of customer analytics data in the banking and financial services field. But this data is commonly under-utilized. During this webinar, we will take a look at the value of card transaction data, and share some custom-built visualizations designed to help you:

    - Track card performance across all banking channels (POS, ATM, Branch, Online and Mobile)
    - Detect fraudulent card usage trends and EMV fallback issues
    - Understand customer card usage and cross-channel behavior
    - Reduce card program cannibalization
    - Analyze merchant and merchant category influencers on your card portfolio and know where revenues are coming from
  • THE RIGHT COMBO - Fiserv, INETCO, and ATMIA Recorded: Mar 29 2016 59 mins
    Marc Borbas (INETCO), David Johnson (Fiserv), Curt Binns (ATMIA)
    Pairing operations technologies for self-service banking initiatives

    Join Fiserv, INETCO and ATMIA to learn how two innovative companies have teamed up to bring a new customer-centric approach to managing self-service networks by:

    • Combining real-time transaction monitoring, customer experience analytics, automated problem detection and device management as an all-in-one solution

    • Providing easy access to on-demand transaction data and statistics that detail device availability, card usage, cash movement, service dispatch and customer activity

    • Improving fault management and the performance of end-to-end banking networks by offering a solution that can easily scale and capture data across all self-service devices and growing digital banking channels


    **All attendees will also receive the following ATM Marketplace whitepaper: It’s Not Just About ATM Availability. It’s About the Customer.**
  • Banks Gone Digital: How to track customer interactions across channels Recorded: Feb 16 2016 51 mins
    Marc Borbas, VP of Product Marketing at INETCO
    All over the world, financial institutions are prioritizing omnichannel banking initiatives that will unlock new revenue streams and maximize customer banking engagement. For you forward-thinking banks and credit unions, we are pleased to offer the Banks Gone Digital webinar series.

    The focus of this first webinar will be on tracking customer interactions to gain a better understanding of the cross-channel customer experience. Leave knowing how you can:

    • Establish a single view into what services are being used and how customers are interacting across all banking channels
    • Leverage operational data, cash movement data and customer experience data to quickly fix performance issues, analyze the customer experience and identify new revenue streams
    • Determine customers’ wants and preferences through on-demand analytics
  • The 3T’s of Payments Modernization: Tracking, Troubleshooting and Tactics Recorded: Nov 18 2015 59 mins
    Marc Borbas
    Adopting a progressive transaction monitoring strategy helps financial organizations to continually improve time-to-resolution, minimize unplanned operations downtime and optimize service levels to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Join INETCO for this 45 minute webinar, and explore how the three core
    elements of transaction monitoring fit into your payments modernization roadmap:

    - Tracking – proactively monitor end-to-end banking activities and payment transactions

    - Troubleshooting – isolate performance issues from the transaction stream down to the underlying applications and networks

    - Tactics – access transaction data streams on demand and utilize rich customer intelligence to acquire new customers, deliver more value to existing ones, and enhance profitability
  • THE FAVORITE 5: INETCO’s Top Ranked Dashboards for Customer Analytics Recorded: Sep 9 2015 57 mins
    Kambiz Asrar-Haghighi
    Join INETCO® as we unveil the “fan favorite” data visualization dashboards as ranked by ATM channel managers, regional managers and operations teams around the globe. Learn how these various teams are utilizing transaction data and on-demand data visualization techniques to improve internal processes such as:

    ATM placement and profitability

    Managing regional performance and customer experience

    Cash management and utilization

    Your opinion matters! During this interactive session, you will also have the opportunity to vote for your favorite dashboard. Register now, and help recognize the “People’s Choice” in transaction data visualization.
  • BECU shares how they use ATM and customer banking analytics Recorded: Aug 25 2015 3 mins
    INETCO Systems Limited
    BECU discusses internal process improvements experienced with the INETCO Analytics self-serve analytics software. Learn how on-demand access to rich customer transaction data improves ATM placement, cash utilization and consumer banking engagement.
  • How do electronic or digital transactions relate to Big Data? Recorded: Aug 25 2015 2 mins
    INETCO Systems Limited
    For any bank, payment processor or other financial institution concerned about the end customer experience, transaction data is your goldmine. Each transaction that travels across an ATM, POS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Branch, Core Banking or Messaging Middleware environment can provide powerful answers to questions such as:

    - What are customers experiencing?

    - How are my networks, applications and third party service providers responding?

    - What is the business value of each consumer transaction from a revenue or service perspective?

    In today’s complex networks, electronic transaction volumes continue to increase, leading to some Big Data challenges. One transaction is often made up of sub transactions – many moving parts between a start point such as the ATM, and the end point, such as a host authorization. These moving parts could include things such as transaction switches, firewalls, service applications or host security models. When INETCO talks about transactions, we talk about all the Big Data collected on an end-to-end transaction path, correlated into one, complete transaction.
  • What is INETCO Insight Transaction Monitoring Software? Recorded: Aug 10 2015 3 mins
    INETCO Systems Limited
    INETCO Insight is a network-based, real-time transaction monitoring software platform used by IT operations and applications support teams looking to understand how customer transactions performing?
  • Why Transaction Monitoring, Why Now? Recorded: May 27 2015 41 mins
    Stacy Gorkoff, VP of Marketing and Marc Borbas, VP of Product Marketing at INETCO
    Transaction data is a goldmine, both to operations teams and channel banking managers. If you are tasked with delivering an amazing consumer experience, transforming this data into valuable insights has never been easier than NOW.

    Join NCR and INETCO to learn about best practices for transaction management. Explore how the latest in Fintech innovation has made it exponentially easier to collect, correlate and visualize valuable transaction data across your complex banking environment. Leave this webinar knowing how you can harness the game-changing knowledge of where, when and how consumers interact within your multi-channel banking environment.

    “62% of financial institutions in a recent Celent survey strongly believe that customer analytics offers significant competitive advantages and 53% strongly feel they need a granular, holistic and forward-looking view of customers to be competitive. One key to understanding customers and improving banking channel efficiencies lies in making rich transaction data accessible for actionable customer analytics.” - Bob Meara, Senior Banking Analyst at Celent
  • INETCO featuring Celent: Driving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics Recorded: Feb 11 2015 48 mins
    Bob Meara - Senior Analyst, Celent Banking Practice; Kambiz Asrar Haghighi - VP of Product Management, INETCO
    Join Bob Meara, senior analyst with Celent’s Banking practice, and Kambiz Asrar Haghighi, INETCO's VP of Product Management, for a 45 minute webinar to learn how to tap into your existing transaction data and access the rich customer analytics you need to drive banking engagement, adopt data-driven banking strategies, and speed up your profitability reporting cycles.

    According to a recent Celent study, “62% of financial institutions strongly believe that customer analytics offers significant competitive advantages and 53% strongly feel they need a granular, holistic and forward-looking view of customers to be competitive." - Bob Meara, Senior Analyst, Celent’s Banking practice.

    Key webinar takeaways:
    * How transaction data plays a key role in helping you understand the customer experience

    * How to move from Big Data talk to Big Data action with customer analytics

    * Live data use case demonstration of the new INETCO Analytics for ATM solutions pack

    All those who register for the webinar will receive a copy of its recording as well the corresponding whitepaper: Improving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics
  • INETCO Analytics for ATM Recorded: Jan 29 2015 3 mins
    INETCO Systems Limited
    Managing big data is a challenge for anyone responsible for an ATM channel. Just how do you make sense of the seemingly infinite stream of information to gain much needed banking analytics and customer analytics?

    Rather than spending days ‘mining’ data from sprawling, multi-vendor network infrastructures, ATM channel managers and data analysts can now use INETCO Analytics for ATM to see who is using which ATM, what kind of interactions they perform, and the quality of service they experience, all within a few clicks.
  • Ready. Get Set. Know! 3 critical conditions that impact your consumers Recorded: Oct 7 2014 57 mins
    Robin Angus
    Lisa Kellermeyer – Providing Exceptional Consumer Experience Through Device Performance Monitoring

    - We know consumer experience matters most to you and your business. But with so many self-service devices producing data, how can you possibly understand what it all means? Learn how we can help you make sure your self-service channels are meeting the needs of your consumers, all of the time.

    - Q&A

    Stacey Gorkoff – Inetco - Improving consumer experience through better transaction completion rates

    - Application, network and third party service issues that affect critical consumer banking interactions are becoming more difficult to isolate in a timely manner. Learn how a real-time transaction monitoring and analytics solution will help you avert availability issues and quickly fix transaction slowdowns or failures anywhere within your ATM, POS or other self-service environment.

    - Q&A

    Robin Angus – Improving consumer experience through cash availability awareness

    - Cash remains central to the consumer banking experience and ensuring the right amount is in the right place at the right time is critical. Learn how to automate and optimize cash planning and in the process release millions of dollars of efficiencies to the bottom line.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to Transaction Monitoring and Analytics Recorded: Sep 10 2014 44 mins
    INETCO Systems Limited
    A webinar to help you navigate the galaxy of real-time transaction monitoring and analytics solutions.

    Learn how to:

    - Build a business case that will successfully free up IT budget

    - Define your business and technical requirements for managing critical consumer interactions within ATM, POS and other self-service banking channels

    - Evaluate and determine which transaction monitoring solution best fits your needs
  • WEBINAR: What's the ROI? Building Your Case for ATM Transaction Recorded: Jul 23 2014 39 mins
    Marc Borbas
    Key webinar takeaways:

    - Creating a business impact model for enhanced ATM management

    - Examples of positive ROI from ATM transaction monitoring & analytics

    - How to improve ATM profitability AND customer experience
Every transaction tells a story
INETCO Systems Limited provides real-time transaction monitoring and analytics solutions that helps C-level executives, channel managers and IT operations teams access the transaction data and customer experience analytics they need to improve profitability, reduce operational costs and deliver an amazing omnichannel customer experience. INETCO’s proven software solutions are currently deployed in over 50 different countries. Happy INETCO partners and customers include some of the world’s largest global companies spanning the banking, ATM, retail, telecommunications and payment processing markets. https://www.inetco.com

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  • Title: Celent & INETCO: Is Real Time Data Necessary in Retail Banking?
  • Live at: Mar 28 2017 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Daniel Latimore, Senior Vice President - CELENT and Stacy Gorkoff - INETCO
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