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How Metal Bulletin assesses Asian base metal premiums

How and why Metal Bulletin assesses base metal premiums: an introduction to our price assessment methodology in Asia

Join our webinar to find out more about Metal Bulletin’s pricing assessment methodology in Asia including:
- Metal Bulletin’s history and organisation.
-The price assessment process and methodology.
- Metal Bulletin’s coverage of Japanese Aluminium Premiums, Shanghai Copper Premiums and Base Metals Premiums in Asia.
- Metal Bulletin’s compliance and technology.
Recorded Apr 2 2015 61 mins
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Presented by
Alex Harrison, Shivani Singh, Deepali Sharma, Paolo Sorze
Presentation preview: How Metal Bulletin assesses Asian base metal premiums

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  • Metal Bulletin Shanghai copper premiums – moving to an exchange traded contract Recorded: Nov 16 2017 46 mins
    Archie Hunter, Kiki Kang, Shahnawaz Islam
    Join us to discuss CME Group introducing a new copper premium grade A cif Shanghai futures contract based on Metal Bulletin’s assessment.

    This new copper contract will provide the first, financial settled, exchange-traded futures production to enable customers and market participants to hedge their exposure to the China copper premium.

    The webinar will discuss:
    - Metal Bulletin Copper coverage and pricing
    - Shanghai copper pricing and trends
    - Introduction to the CME copper contract
  • Manganese ore pricing developments and market trends Recorded: Nov 14 2017 61 mins
    Fleur Ritzema, Inaki Villanueva, Ellie Wang
    Join our team to discuss:

    - The Manganese ore FOT market and new indices

    - How they relate to inventories

    - Spread with the CIF indices

    - CIF indices volatility

    - CIF indices indicators

    - Stocks/price analysis
  • New reference prices for the tungsten industry? Addressing the debate on pricing Recorded: Oct 4 2017 57 mins
    Charlotte Radford, Chris Kavanagh
    Join our global reporting team as they discuss:

    - The findings from Metal Bulletin’s tungsten pricing consultation

    - Conclusions on the feasibility of new reference prices for the tungsten industry, including tungsten concentrates, tungsten scrap, and an APT production cost.

    - Next steps in tungsten pricing and the role of the price reporting agency

    - Tungsten pricing compliance and methodology
  • How Metal Bulletin prices illiquid markets: Minors and alloys Recorded: Sep 12 2017 61 mins
    Fleur Ritzema, Shivani Singh, Charlotte Radford
    Join our reporters to discuss:

    - How transactions, bids, offers and assessments influence price assessments in illiquid markets

    - Case studies: cobalt, vanadium and tellurium

    - Regional variations in vanadium prices: Europe and China
  • What next for the Brazilian steel market? Recorded: Jul 19 2017 44 mins
    Ana Paula Camargo, Felipe Peroni, Alex Harrison
    Trends and pricing developments explained

    Join our steel team to discuss:

    - The Brazilian steel domestic market and what to expect in the coming months

    - The export market as an escape valve to a weak local market

    - Metal Bulletin's Brazilian steel prices
  • Scrapping Stability Recorded: May 16 2017 61 mins
    Viral Shah, Lee Allen, Jim Lawrence, Mei Toh
    Why the ferrous and stainless scrap markets have become so volatile

    Join our global team to discuss:
    - What are the reasons behind the volatility in Turkish, Indian and US scrap prices?

    - What are the reasons behind the volatility in stainless scrap prices

    - What ferrous and stainless scrap prices Metal Bulletin offers and how we ensure our prices truly reflect the market
  • Minor Metals Pricing and Trends Explained Recorded: May 9 2017 51 mins
    Charlotte Radford, James Heywood, Ewa Manthey and Anna Xu
    Join our global reporting team as they discuss:
    - Key market drivers in the market over the past few months
    - Outlook for the market in the coming months
    - How Metal Bulletin prices minor metals
  • Metal Bulletin’s Seaborne Coking Coal Indices: What’s in it for me? Recorded: Apr 21 2017 50 mins
    Sophie Zhao, Peter Hannah, Deepali Sharma
    Join our global team to discuss:

    Overview of seaborne coking coal market
    Chinese domestic coking coal market and its impact on seaborne market
    Index methodology
    Uses of the index for market participants
  • What next for the global chrome market? Recorded: Apr 19 2017 60 mins
    Alex Harrison, Fleur Ritzema, Chris Kavanagh, Inaki Villanueva
    Trends and pricing developments explained.

    Join our global team to discuss:

    Price movements across chrome markets over last 6 months.

    What chrome prices are available from Metal Bulletin?

    Our pricing process explained for both assessments

    Outline latest developments in pricing and the chrome market
  • Managing price risk and volatility in the bauxite and alumina markets Recorded: Mar 28 2017 44 mins
    Alex Harrison, Fleur Ritzema, Jon Mulcahy, Charlotte Radford
    Join Metal Bulletin’s bauxite and alumina team for:

    - An analysis of the latest trends in the aluminium raw material markets, including a review of the near 50% increase in prices in the fourth quarter of 2016

    - An introduction to Metal Bulletin’s suite of alumina prices, including the fob Australia benchmark

    - An overview of hedging mechanisms and the application of Metal Bulletin’s prices

    - A look at the latest developments in the bauxite market and reference pricing
  • How Metal Bulletin’s tungsten pricing reflects the market Recorded: Jan 31 2017 54 mins
    Alex Harrison, Fleur Ritzema, Charlotte Radford
    Methodology, market trends and next steps

    Market participants indicated that prices could come down further in the coming weeks, thanks to the recent depreciation of the Chinese yuan.

    Join our webinar to gain detailed insight into how Metal Bulletin prices the tungsten market, as well as the market trends and factors driving price moves.

    • Recent market trends in tungsten and factors driving price moves
    • How Metal Bulletin prices the tungsten market, including the benchmark European APT
    • Pricing governance, compliance and technology
    • Next steps for tungsten pricing, including research into new quotations
  • Where physical & financing meet: increasing confidence in the off-warrant market Recorded: Oct 12 2016 53 mins
    Ms. Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Metal Bulletin
    It has become increasingly important in recent times to improve trust, confidence and transparency in the off-warrant commodities market. This dynamic sector, formed by the interaction of banks, traders, commodity owners and warehouses, expects the assurance that stored inventory actually exists, has proven ownership and is of the expected grade and quality.

    Our panel will discuss the need to develop secure and effective tools to manage, transfer and finance commodities, to help mitigate operational risks and unlock new opportunities across the commodity value chain.

    - Ms. Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Metal Bulletin [Moderator]
    - Mr. Matthew Chamberlain, Head of Business Development, LME
    - Mr. Graham Hawkins, Group General Manager, Henry Bath & Son Ltd.
    - Mr. Charles Bucknall, Group Managing Director, ACE Warehousing and Logistics Co. Ltd.
    - Mr. Mitchel Fowler, Director, Commodities, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Trading CME Group’s fob Australia (Metal Bulletin) alumina futures Recorded: Sep 20 2016 43 mins
    Shan Islam , CME Group, Charlotte Radford, Metal Bulletin
    Join CME Group's Shan Islam and Metal Bulletin's Charlotte Radford, as they discuss the Metal Bulletin-based Alumina FOB Australia futures contract, launching for the first time on-exchange on September 26.

    Learn about this new, more direct contract , providing a transparent solution for hedging price risk.

    - Recent trends in the alumina market and the challenges facing market players
    - How Metal Bulletin calculates its benchmark alumina price
    - Key contract features and useful applications
    - How the new futures complement CME Group's existing aluminium risk-management toolset
    - Insights the market can gain from the new contract
  • How Metal Bulletin’s copper TC/RC index reflects the market Recorded: Jul 28 2016 64 mins
    Mark Burton: copper editor, Kiki Kang: senior copper analyst, Inaki Villanueva: senior index analyst
    - An introduction to Metal Bulletin’s Copper Concentrates Index, focusing on specification and methodology

    - How MB’s brand coefficients can be used by smelters, traders and miners

    - Data review covering volumes, number of contributors and brands, and HHI evaluation

    - Market review covering movements in spot TCs, the impact of blending and high-arsenic concs
  • Metal Bulletin alumina indices: Methodology and market trends explained Recorded: Apr 7 2016 59 mins
    Inaki Villanueva, Paolo Sorze, Peter Hannnah, Charlotte Radford
    Join our free webinar to discuss:
    -The current trends in the alumina market and factors driving price moves
    -Metal Bulletin’s indices and how we calculate alumina prices, including the new fob Brazil adjustment
    -Pricing governance, compliance and technology
  • Coking coal market and index-linked pricing – what are the latest developments? Recorded: Mar 17 2016 41 mins
    Daisy Tseng, Raw Materials Team Leader and Peter Hannah, Index Analyst
    Steel First (A Metal Bulletin Product) invites you to our insightful free webinar investigating the coking coal market, asking challenging questions about the current market conditions and explaining how Steel First calculates its coking coal indicies.
  • Launch of the CME duty-paid aluminium premium contract Recorded: Mar 15 2016 31 mins
    Jethro Wookey, Metal Bulletin, Shahnawaz Islam, CME Group
    What is the Metal Bulletin aluminium duty-paid premium?
    Why trade CME Aluminium premium contracts?
    How to trade and clear CME Aluminium premium contracts
  • How to navigate China’s copper market in 2016 Recorded: Mar 2 2016 53 mins
    Alex Harrison, Kiki Kang and Shivani Singh
    - Understanding the latest import and export figures: real demand, financing and arbitrage
    - What MB’s TC/RC index tells us about the concentrates market
    - Mapping production in China
    - The tools MB provides for copper market professionals
    - Opportunity to ask questions of MB’s China copper specialist Kiki Kang and MB editor Alex Harrison
  • What next for global metals in 2016? - Q & A Recorded: Feb 2 2016 60 mins
    Alex Harrison, Mark Burton and Janie Davies
    An interactive webinar discussing the metals market in 2015 and what to expect in 2016. To find out more, download The Metal Bulletin 2016 survival kit here: http://metalbulletin.com/2016_survival_kit

    Please send us your questions in advance to subs@metalbulletin.com
  • How Metal Bulletin assesses ferro-chrome prices Recorded: Dec 10 2015 64 mins
    Fleur Ritzema, Janie Davies, Paolo Sorze
    Understanding Metal Bulletin's chrome pricing methodology with :

    - Fleur Ritzema, deputy editor
    - Janie Davies, ores and alloys editor
    - Paolo Sorze, market data & compliance manager


    - Metal Bulletin’s history and organisation
    - The price discovery process and methodology
    - Metal Bulletin’s coverage of Ferro-Chrome
    - Metal Bulletin’s compliance and technology
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  • Title: How Metal Bulletin assesses Asian base metal premiums
  • Live at: Apr 2 2015 6:00 am
  • Presented by: Alex Harrison, Shivani Singh, Deepali Sharma, Paolo Sorze
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