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TDC Global - Prof. Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent) - Brexit

Brexit: Where are we now, why does it matter?

In this recorded session from TDC GLobal, Professor Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent/Chatham House) considers the current status and direction of the Brexit negotiations, the state of public opinion and the longer-term currents that are reshaping British politics.
Recorded Mar 25 2019 23 mins
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Presented by
Prof. Matthew J. Goodwin (University of Kent/Chatham House)
Presentation preview: TDC Global - Prof. Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent) - Brexit

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  • TDC Global - John Clem (MetaPack) - Closing Remarks Recorded: Mar 25 2019 10 mins
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  • TDC Global - Panel Discussion - Who Owns the Relationship with the Customer? Recorded: Mar 25 2019 29 mins
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    In this recorded panel session from TDC Global, we ask who should own the customer relationship: the brand, the retailer or the marketplace?

    And what is the role of the carrier: should they be building direct customer relationships?


    Philippe Hemard, Founder, PHC
    Tim Jones, Director of Marketing, DPD
    Martijn de Lange, CEO, Hermes
    Klaus Goeldenbot, Chief Executive, Nisbets PLC
    Alex Vassiliev, Chief International Officer, Yandex Market
  • TDC Global - Julia Bindley (NOTHS) - Connecting Small Business with the World Recorded: Mar 25 2019 18 mins
    Julia Bindley (Not on the High Street)
    Not on the High Street is the leading curated marketplace, connecting the best small creative businesses with the world, offering customers unique designs, high-quality craftsmanship and inspiring stories about the people who make them.

    In her talk from TDC Global, Julia invites you to learn more about the challenges of smaller shippers - as well as ways the industry can overcome those.
  • TDC Global - Duncan Licence (MetaPack) - Keep Your Customers Coming Back Recorded: Mar 25 2019 31 mins
    Duncan Licence (MetaPack)
    Retailers and brands need to reconsider the transactional relationships they have with their customers if they are to keep those customers coming back. Figuring out how to use post-purchase engagement to meet customers expectations and to create loyal customers is critical for creating a sustainable business.

    In this recorded session from TDC Global, Join Duncan Licence for insight into post-purchase loyalty, original research on consumer expectations and MetaPack’s plans in this space.
  • TDC Global - Steve Oliver (musicMagpie) - From the Converted Garage to... Recorded: Mar 25 2019 23 mins
    Steve Oliver (musicMagpie)
    Steve Oliver, the co-Founder and Group CEO of musicMagpie (UK) and Decluttr (US) shares his story of how a business that was started in his garage, trading a few boxes of old CD’s and DVD’s, became the biggest seller in the world on both of the major global platforms of Amazon Marketplace and eBay.com and the focus that has been required on providing the consumer with world-class logistics, both inbound as they buy product from consumers and outbound as they resell it.

    In this recorded session from TDC Global, Steve also discusses the reinvention of the business from purely trading in CD’s and DVD’s to now being the UK’s biggest and best mobile phone recycler (which is now more than 50% of the business), the growth of the direct online musicMagpie store and the rapid growth of the group’s US brand, Decluttr.com, which in less than 5 years has become a $50m turnover business and the different challenges that operating consumer logistics in the US has presented to the ones faced in the UK.
  • TDC Global - Neil McLauchlan (eBay) - Empowering British Business Recorded: Mar 25 2019 16 mins
    Neil McLauchlan (eBay)
    The UK retail landscape is going through a radical shift, driven by customer behaviour and the changing role of technology. As further consolidation occurs across the retail landscape, there will be fewer but larger shopping destinations that will be customer-centric, technology-forward and global in nature.

    In this recorded session from TDC Global, Neil McLauchlan explains how eBay will continue to be one of those destinations by embracing disruptive technology, innovating on behalf of customers and driving business growth around the world.
  • TDC Global - Emma Mead (Holland and Barrett) - Customer Delivery Experience Recorded: Mar 25 2019 20 mins
    Emma Mead (Holland and Barrett)
    In this recorded session from TDC Global, Holland and Barrett’s Emma Mead talked us through their approach to the customer delivery experience. Emma described the retailer’s approach to segmenting customers to ensure the customer journey and delivery is suitable for all.

    Finally, Emma gives some useful insights into providing a consistent customer delivery experience across different geographies.
  • TDC Global - Bruce Harryman (John Lewis) - Online Demand Planning Recorded: Mar 25 2019 20 mins
    Bruce Harryman (John Lewis)
    When planning fulfilment there is no such thing as a typical day. The type of product, day of the week or year, the purchasing device used and even the weather can all influence the shape of customer purchasing decisions, and some are also factors in the returns journey.

    In this recorded session from TDC Global, Bruce Harryman from John Lewis takes a look behind the average in-day profile, explores the impact that these various components have on the pattern of online demand and considers what this means from a planning perspective.
  • TDC Global - Graeme Carter (Avon) - Making Over A Beauty Icon Recorded: Mar 25 2019 16 mins
    Graeme Carter (Avon)
    Avon has been delivering beauty products to doors for over a century – selling through millions of Avon Representatives to customers across the world. It’s a 130-year business model that is undergoing a huge transformation.

    Supply chain evolution (and revolution) is core to Avon’s transformation strategy. The ultimate aim – to delight HER – the Beauty Entrepreneur at the centre of the business, selling through her social networks.

    In this recorded session from TDC Global, Graeme Carter (Group Vice President, Avon) will share more about Avon’s plan to open up the business to future growth – through digitisation, through partnerships and through new and innovative ways of working.
  • TDC Global - Mike Richmond (Doddle) - CX in the Last Mile Recorded: Mar 25 2019 20 mins
    Mike Richmond (Doddle)
    In today’s ultra-competitive e-commerce space, a retailer’s delivery proposition is fast becoming THE defining characteristic of success, and with that businesses are increasingly focusing their online strategy around their delivery proposition.

    For those calling the shots on delivery, that means amazing opportunity, but also greater analysis of the impact delivery can have on the brand, CX and NPS.

    In this recorded session from TDC Global, join Mike Richmond (Chief Commercial Officer, Doddle) as we take a whistlestop tour through this world in which logistics and brand are fused.

    Find out which retailers are getting it right and discover a few easy wins to transform delivery from a necessary function into a memorable experience with the power to attract new customers, create differentiation and win loyalty.
  • TDC Global - Prof. Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent) - Brexit Recorded: Mar 25 2019 23 mins
    Prof. Matthew J. Goodwin (University of Kent/Chatham House)
    Brexit: Where are we now, why does it matter?

    In this recorded session from TDC GLobal, Professor Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent/Chatham House) considers the current status and direction of the Brexit negotiations, the state of public opinion and the longer-term currents that are reshaping British politics.
  • TDC Global - Martijn Bertisen (Google) - Sustainable Growth in an Unstable Time Recorded: Mar 25 2019 34 mins
    Martijn Bertisen (Google)
    In this session from TDC Global, Martijn Bertisen, UK Sales Director, Google, talks about what is required to compete in the maturing digital ecosystem and how partnering along the retail value chain is setting up businesses for profitable growth into the future.

    He takes us through practical ways in which adopting data and technology throughout the retail organisation is delivering growth and commercial efficiencies back to Google’s partners.
  • TDC Global - Xuan Jin (Alibaba) - Revisiting the High Street Recorded: Mar 25 2019 22 mins
    Xuan Jin (Alibaba)
    Alibaba Group’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival generated $30.8 billion GMV in a single day. In this recorded session from TDC Global, Xuan Jin, Lead Solutions Architect of Alibaba, gives us a behind the scenes view on what it takes to manage such influx in transactions and deliveries.

    Xuan also explores the rise of the connected store and the evolution of retail, including some tangible case studies.
  • TDC Global - Patrick Wall (MetaPack) - Welcome to TDC Global 2019 Recorded: Mar 25 2019 20 mins
    Patrick Wall (MetaPack)
    In this recorded session from TDC Global, MetaPack Founder Patrick Wall opens The Delivery Conference, now in its 10th year.

    Patrick takes us through the 2018/19 peak performance and highlights major year-on-year trends in eCommerce delivery. He features key conclusions from MetaPack’s recent consumer research and gives MetaPack’s view of noteworthy eCommerce trends over the next three years.
  • TDC Global - Howard Saunders (22nd&5th) - Brands on the Run Recorded: Mar 25 2019 31 mins
    Howard Saunders (22nd&5th)
    Retail brands across the globe are rightly worried. The High Street is severely wounded: much-loved brands are shutting up shop, department stores are closing and even the mighty supermarkets are losing market share.

    At the same time, AI and robotics threaten to change the way we live, work and consume forever. One thing is certain: the age of disruption has just begun.

    In this recorded session from TDC Global, Retail Futurist, Howard Saunders, takes us on a high-energy, jargon-free journey into the future to spell out how we can best prepare for this unprecedented consumer landscape.
  • The Delivery Conference 2019 Live - Opportunities and Challenges Recorded: Feb 26 2019 49 mins
    For the first time, MetaPack will be live streaming from The Delivery Conference 2019 (TDC Global), the number one event for eCommerce delivery. Our focus will be on the eCommerce and Customer Experience Stream, where you can enjoy 4 different sessions.

    Taking place in London on Tuesday 26th February 2019, TDC Global will bring together 1300+ attendees – 70% of which are from the leading retailers and brands.

    You can join an unrivalled gathering of senior eCommerce executives at TDC Global, simply by registering for the session below.

    Live Session 3 - eCommerce & Customer Experience: Opportunities and Challenges - introduced by Maria Canton, Global Marketing Director, MetaPack

    (14:40-15:25 GMT)


    14:40 - 14:55 - Connecting small businesses with the world - Julia Bindley, Not on the High Street

    14:55 - 15:25 - Creating loyalty through the post-purchase engagement - Duncan Licence, MetaPack

    For the full agenda visit https://www.thedeliveryconference.com/tdc-global/agenda/

Better Choice, More Freedom
MetaPack’s mission is to make eCommerce delivery more cost effective, convenient and enjoyable, wherever an order is made, wherever stock is held and wherever the delivery is required. Our channel will explore challenges and possibilities in maximising eCommerce delivery for the retail industry.

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  • Title: TDC Global - Prof. Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent) - Brexit
  • Live at: Mar 25 2019 2:30 pm
  • Presented by: Prof. Matthew J. Goodwin (University of Kent/Chatham House)
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