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Defining Next Generation Endpoint Protection

VP and Gartner Fellow, Neil MacDonald, and SentinelOne CMO and SVP Marketing, Scott Gainey look at the top security challenges organizations face, the steps to take to secure your enterprise, and SentinelOne's next-generation approach to defending endpoints.
Recorded Sep 8 2016 35 mins
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Presented by
Neil MacDonald, Gartner VP and Fellow, and Scott Gainey, CMO SentinelOne
Presentation preview: Defining Next Generation Endpoint Protection

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  • Stories from the frontlines of Cybersecurity- told by two cyber researchers Recorded: Mar 3 2021 51 mins
    Ophir Harpaz - Researcher, Guardicore, Igor Glick - Vigilance team lead, SentinelOne
    In this session, Ophir (Guardicore) and Igor (SentinelOne) will dive into the attack campaigns and targeted threats they witness in their day-to-day job. In response to the latest attack and persistence techniques, they will provide what they believe are some practical tips to prevent and handle these threats.
    Key takeaways: Understanding the current threat landscape, providing practical tips for improving security at the enterprise.
  • מסכמים את ״שנת הקורונה״ בסייבר Recorded: Dec 30 2020 50 mins
    איגור גליק- ראש צוות שירותי סייבר מנוהלים, מתן רודיס- ראש צוות מודיעין סייבר
    בשנה רווית הפתעות- הדבר היחיד שלא הפתיע איש הוא התגברות פעילות במרחב הסייבר. קיימת בשנים האחרונות מגמה יציבה של עליה בפעילות סייבר עולמית (מכל הסוגים- מדינתית, פשיעה וכו׳) ו-2020 לא הייתה שונה מבחינה זו.
    אולם, עקב האופי המיוחד של השנה הזו חלו מספר שינויים (חלקם עמוקים וחלקם אבולוציה של מגמות קיימות) ששווה להתעמק בהן על מנת להבין טוב יותר מה בעצם קרה לנו השנה.
    בוובינר הזה נסקור את הטרנדים הבולטים של שנת 2020 בסייבר ונרחיב על שני האירועים האחרונים שהם גם המהותים ביותר בארץ ובעולם- הפריצה לשירביט והמתקפה על Solarwinds
    ראשי צוותי מודיעין ושירותי סייבר יספקו תובנות על הטרנדים המרכזיים של השנה ויתנו טיפים להתגוננות מפני איומים אלו.
  • Communicating With Your Team & Leadership - FireEye in the News Recorded: Dec 15 2020 56 mins
    Jared Phipps, Brian Hussey, Jim Jaeger
    With FireEye’s breach in the news, you’re likely being asked by your team, leadership, and even board about the FireEye attack and how your organization could be impacted. “What does this mean for our company?” Communication is critical in times of uncertainty.
    Key takeaways:
    - Breach overview so you’re informed and ready to answer questions
    - Communications playbook for executive and board updates
    - Remediation planning to ensure your organization is unaffected
  • What You Can't See Can Hurt You (Threat Hunting)? Recorded: Dec 14 2020 17 mins
    Lucas Chumley, Solution Engineer, SentinelOne,
    Lucas Chumley, SentinelOne, Solution Engineer, explains what is threat hunting and how to conduct it in an efficient manner.
  • What Does A Security First Organization Look Like? Recorded: Nov 24 2020 29 mins
    Steven Overko, SentinelOne, Solution Engineer
    Steven Overko, SentinelOne, Solution Engineer, security best practices and provides useful tips for improving security in the organisation. Key Takeways:
    - Security best practices
    - Simple, asy to implement tips for improving security
  • Time to Containment Recorded: Nov 17 2020 28 mins
    Jan Tietze, Director Security Strategy EMEA at SentinelOne
    Jan Tietze, Director Security Strategy, talks about the metrics of incident response and minimising cyber risk.
    Key Takeaways:
    - Quantifying risk
    - Decomposing "Time to containment"
    - Identifying key metrics in incident response
  • Latest Trends in EPP, EDR, & IoT featuring Forrester Recorded: Nov 10 2020 55 mins
    Chris Sherman, Mike Petronaci, Grant Moerschel
    Join SentinelOne’s upcoming webinar as we discuss the evolution of enterprise endpoint security. Forrester analyst Christopher Sherman shares his insights on market trends and factors shaping desired solution capabilities and Mike Petronaci discusses SentinelOne’s vision and how the Singularity™ XDR Platform maps to the present and future of endpoint security.
    Key takeaways: understanding of current EPP, EDR and IoT security technologies.
  • Countdown to 2020 Elections : How to Prepare for Cyber Threats Recorded: Oct 26 2020 63 mins
    Morgan Wright
    The 2020 election season is in full swing at the national, state and local level. Have we learned our lessons from 2016 so that all governments are better prepared?
    Morgan Wright
    Allan Liska
    Tab Bradshow
    Chris Bates
    Jim Jaeger
  • אל תתנו לגל השני של מתקפות הסייבר להטביע את העסק שלכם Recorded: Oct 19 2020 42 mins
    איגור גליק, אופיר הרפז
    מאז התפרצות מגיפת הקורונה חווים עסקים רבים עליה בכמות מתקפות סייבר. מתקפות אלו אגרסיביות, מתוחכמות והרסניות יותר מאי פעם, וגורמות לנזקים כלכליים ישירים ועקיפים.
    מומחים מחברות Guardicore ו- SentinelOne יסבירו על הטרנדים העכשווים בעולמות הסייבר, האימפקט על עסקים וכיצד ניתן להתגונן מפני איומים אלו. זהו וובינר לימודי שיתמקד במתן כלים מעשיים ויציג דוגמאות קונקרטיות ממקרים שארעו בחודשים האחרונים.

    איגור גליק- ראש צוות שירותי סייבר מנוהלים בחברת SentinelOne. איגור והצוות שלו מנהלים מיליוני נקודות קצה בישראל ועל פני הגלובוס ומספקים ללקוחות מענה של 24/7 לאיומי סייבר.
    אופיר הרפז- Guardicore, חוקרת סייבר
  • Ask Me Anything | MITRE ATT&CK Round 2 Results 2020 Recorded: Oct 7 2020 59 mins
    Grant Moerschel, Jared Phipps, Yonni Shelmerdine
    We have the 3-day MITRE attack emulation results. You have questions. We can go high-level, and dive into the details.

    Please join our technical panel of experts as we summarize the results from the MITRE ATT&CK Round 2 attack emulation, and answer your questions on SentinelOne’s performance against APT29 so that your SOC can:

    - Reduce risk
    - Suppress alert noise, and amplify EDR signal
    - Increase SOC productivity and ROI
  • Aston Martin's Road to Zero Threats: SentinelOne's Vigilance MDR Recorded: Sep 30 2020 39 mins
    Chris Coulter, SentinelOne Sr. Director Threat Services, Steve O'Connor, Director of IT, Aston-Martin, Eran Ashkenazi
    Watch to hear from Steve O’Connor of Aston Martin, a SentinelOne customer, on how Vigilance MDR helps:
    - Empower existing employees to do more while reducing operational overhead
    - Access threat experts for customized analysis and actioning of every alert
    - Complement internal security operations with 24/7/365 coverage Key Key Takeaways:
    - How does an MDR services operates?
    - How to evaluate and choose your MDR provider?
    - Tips for MDR enabled SOCs
  • MITRE 2020 ATT&CK Evaluation | What the Results Really Mean to the CISO & SOC Recorded: Sep 24 2020 57 mins
    Grant Moerschel VP Product Marketing, Chris Bates, CISO, Jared Phipps VP WW Sales Engineering
    Join our MITRE webinar to see SentinelOne’s victorious performance against APT29.
    MITRE has become the common language of EDR and is the de facto way to evaluate a product’s ability to provide actionable information to the SOC. MITRE ATT&CK’s use of APT29, the notorious threat actor that evaded the DNC, shows us that many of today’s EDR tools fail to cope with advanced techniques. CISOs should carefully evaluate which technologies capture the most information and provide context at each stage in MITRE’s simulation.
    Key Takeaways:
    -Understanding What is MITRE ATT&CK and Why Does It Matter?
    -Understanding How Does MITRE ATT&CK Evaluate Security Products?
    -Review SentinelOne performance at MITRE 2020 ATT&CK Evaluation
  • What’s on your network?Leveraging SentinelOne Ranger for IoT discovery & control Recorded: Sep 17 2020 38 mins
    Grant Moerschel, Mike Petronaci
    SentinelOne Ranger is a capability of the SentinelOne Singularity XDR Platform. Ranger provides IoT device discovery and rogue device isolation all accomplished without adding agents, without network changes, and without additional network gear.
  • Psychological Mechanisms Used in Ransomware Splash Screens Recorded: Sep 26 2017 45 mins
    Jeremiah Grossman, Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne
    SentinelOne recently released a report with De Montfort University to examines the differing levels of sophistication on the part of the attackers and trends and tactics use to commission a payment from organizations.

    Join this session as we discuss the common trends highlighted in the report including:
    - Time criticality and deadline sensitivity
    - Consequences for not paying or missing the demand
    - The Customer Service Approach on how to pay the ransom
    - The use of a variety of imagery
    - Preferred mechanism for payment

    About the presenter:
    Jeremiah’s InfoSec career spans nearly 20 years and has lived a literal lifetime in computer security to become one of the industry’s biggest names. At SentinelOne, Jeremiah is responsible for designing effective defense strategies against ever-evolving attacks including ransomware. Prior to joining, Jeremiah was the Founder & CEO of WhiteHat Security, specializing in website risk management.
  • SentinelOne: Deep Visibility Recorded: Sep 20 2017 51 mins
    Tomer Weingarten, CEO
    The average volume of encrypted web traffic has now crossed the 50% mark. Gartner expects more than 80% of enterprise web traffic to be encrypted by 2019. Protecting against attacks hidden in this traffic is going to be increasingly critical for organizations to safeguard their information and their customers. And you've got to be able to achieve that without complicating your networks or impacting your user-experience.

    Join Tomer Weingarten, CEO of SentinelOne, to learn the best strategies to protect against the world of encrypted threats:

    How to architect a solution that accelerates time to detection
    How IOC search and threat hunting done right can help maximize the benefits of these security pursuits
    Insights into the best response strategies to minimize business impact of threats
  • SentinelOne & Forrester: How to Build Your Endpoint Security Blueprint Recorded: Aug 23 2017 61 mins
    Rajiv Raghunarayan
    We've all heard of traditional endpoint models failing. And there is an overwhelming number of next generation technologies. As a customer how do you identify the right technology, the right approach to invest in?

    Hear Guest Speaker Chris Sherman, Forrester Senior Security Analyst, and Rajiv Raghunarayan, SentinelOne VP of Product Marketing, talk about the top trends and approaches to safe guard your endpoints, users, and organization against the continued evolution of threat and business landscapes.
  • A Closer Look at SentinelOne Recorded: Jul 21 2017 63 mins
    Rajiv Raghunarayan, SentinelOne Vice President, Product Marketing, Raj Rajamani, SentinelOne Vice President, Product
    Our R&D teams have had a busy year thus far and we would like to invite you to learn more about recent releases and updates made to the SentinelOne platform.

    Rajiv, our VP of Product Marketing, will lead you through the changing threat landscape and provide an overall platform update. Including:
    VDI - full memory protection, threat visibility on decommissioned devices, and more
    Updates to On-Premise Appliance for Fed, Gov, and GDPR use cases
    A brief demo of SentinelOne with AWS workspaces
    Highlights about recent ransomware attacks and our new executive team
  • NSS TCO - Is your Security Worth it? Recorded: Jun 15 2017 42 mins
    Mike Spanbauer, NSS VP Research Strategy, Robert Zamani, SentinelOne Executive Director, WW Solutions Engineers
    NSS Labs, a leading independent solution testing provider, recently pitted next-generation endpoint protection solutions against real-world threat scenarios to determine which faired the best in performance and in TCO. SentinelOne led the pack in both categories, achieving the HIGHEST ROI score of all the vendors:
  • SANS: Ready, Aim, Protect With Total Endpoint Protection Recorded: Apr 18 2017 60 mins
    SANS expert, G.W. Ray Davidson, PhD and SentinelOne VP of Services and Field Operations, Eran Ashkenazi
    A recent SANS survey reported that over half of IT respondents admitted to an endpoint security breach. That statistic didn't cover those who may have been compromised and just didn't know it.
  • Beyond Files: The Full Spectrum of Attacks Recorded: Mar 14 2017 60 mins
    Eran Ashkenazi, VP of Services & Field Operations, SentinelOne
    We’ve all seen the bake-offs - vendor against vendor, the ‘latest’ malware samples run raw and then packed, and who apparently wins the race against hackers. But there is one major flaw in these tests - they’re only covering a fraction of attacks that occur in the wild. What about exploits? What about script-based attacks, including powershell and VMI? What about attacks that leave no file indicators - how does your security stop them?

    Join SentinelOne’s Eran Ashkenazi, VP of Field Services and Support, as he discusses the full spectrum of attacks that are currently out in the wild and what you can do to protect against them.

    What you’ll learn:
    - The types of attacks, or attack vectors, you should include in your evaluation testing
    - Real-world attacks that utilize methods that leave no file-based indicators
    - How SentinelOne’s next generation endpoint protection protects against a file-less attack in a live demo
SentinelOne was founded in 2013 by an elite team of cyber security and defense experts who developed a fundamentally new, groundbreaking approach to endpoint protection.

SentinelOne is a pioneer in delivering autonomous security for the endpoint, datacenter and cloud environments to help organizations secure their assets with speed and simplicity. SentinelOne unifies prevention, detection, response, remediation and forensics in a single platform powered by artificial intelligence. With SentinelOne, organizations can detect malicious behavior across multiple vectors, rapidly eliminate threats with fully-automated integrated response and to adapt their defenses against the most advanced cyberattacks. SentinelOne has offices in Mountain View, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo. The company is recognized by Gartner as a Visionary for Endpoint Protection and has enterprise customers in North America, Europe, and Japan.

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  • Title: Defining Next Generation Endpoint Protection
  • Live at: Sep 8 2016 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Neil MacDonald, Gartner VP and Fellow, and Scott Gainey, CMO SentinelOne
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