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What's new in ONAP Beijing Release?

Are you worried about orchestrating your NFV/SDN network services and edge computing applications? The Linux Foundation Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) promised to be a key component of next generation networks to orchestrate, configure, monitor and automatically manage complex services and applications. With the recent Beijing release, the ONAP community has fortified software stability, harmonized northbound APIs with standard bodies, improved ONAP deployment using Kubernetes, added important functional features and created two new projects. If you have not followed the release too closely, join us for this webinar and learn all about it. In this webinar, you will learn:
•What is ONAP?
•How can ONAP help you?
•What is new in the Beijing release?
•How can you get involved?
Recorded Jul 24 2018 45 mins
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Presented by
Amar Kapadia, Co-founder Aarna Networks, Inc.
Presentation preview: What's new in ONAP Beijing Release?

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  • 4G and 5G virtual RAN, from LAN to WAN Nov 19 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eran Bello, GM at ASOCS Inc.
    In this webinar ASOCS will present the benefits of full RAN virtualization in both 4G and 5G networks. Leveraging modern open interfaces such as the ORAN Ethernet Fronthaul and open management interfaces will allow network orchestration and automation for use cases spanning from local area network (LAN) to wide area network (WAN).
  • Second-Generation SD-WAN Nov 5 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Amir Zmora, CEO, flexiWAN; Karl Mörner, VP Product Mgmt, Enea; Sarabjit Gosal, Channel Mgmt, Comm Infrastructure, Intel
    How to Deliver on Promises of Cost Optimization, Flexibility, and New Service Opportunities with Open Source

    Enterprises and service providers are looking at open source as a way to optimize costs, and provide a more flexible SD-WAN architecture compared to proprietary solutions. The goal for enterprises is to align their network architectures with evolving business needs, and for service providers to differentiate with new services.

    In this webinar Enea, flexiWAN, and Intel will show a complete uCPE solution with open source SD-WAN and security applications, taking SD-WAN to a new level. The webinar will highlight how open and flexible components contribute to a more agile and efficient enterprise network.

    This webinar will cover:
    •The white box uCPE
    •Virtualization and uCPE management
    •Open architecture, modular SD-WAN for reducing cost and enhancing flexibility
    •SD-WAN and firewall applications in service chains
    •Managing and integrating multi-vendor solutions
  • Enhancing Subscriber QoE with Network Policy Automation and Machine Learning Oct 29 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kamakshi Sridhar, PhD & Ncolas St-Pierre from Sandvine
    Learn how Sandvine leverages network policy automation and machine learning to enhance subscriber QoE (Quality of Experience) via dynamic bandwidth allocation across service categories, in near-real time, by analyzing operator-expressed ‘intent’.
  • Connecting Vehicle to Everything - C-V2X: Stepping Stone Tech for Future Cities Oct 24 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mamtha Singam: Architect C-V2X and Anurag Agarwal: Solution Architect - CoE Wireless Technologies
    For a smart city, sensors based technologies like Internet of Things and communication technologies like 4G/5G and/or 802.11p help connect infrastructure and manage them remotely. To make a true smart city, vehicles has to be connected with other vehicles and infrastructure. V2X promises direct communications between vehicles and infrastructure as well as other road units/users exchanging the in-vehicle sensor data with surrounding. This webinar will talk about TCS's Cellular V2X reference framework built on Intel's x86 architecture which can be integrated with thirdparty ADAS system and helps create and end-to-end ecosystem for connected vehicles. It will also cover comparison study of CV2X and 802.11p and how this technology can be a stepping stone towards future connected and/or autonomous vehicles and smart cities.
  • Critical NFVI Performance - KPIs to Validate Recorded: Oct 3 2019 54 mins
    Thomas Lindquist CTO of VoerEir
    VoerEir focus on helping operators be successful with their NFV transformation. A cornerstone in our strategy is our list of NFVI performance-KPIs, which determine the performance of VNFs deployed on top of a specific NFVI. There are two prime use cases of these KPIs; First, for a VNF vendor to be able to commit to a performance SLA, the vendor must know the characteristics of the infrastructure on which his VNF shall be deployed. Second, if a VNF does not fulfill his performance SLAs, the operator must be able to sort out where the responsibility lays, on the VNF or the NFVI vendor. The tricky part is to find the KPIs which are essential for different types of VNFs' performance. This webinar describes VoerEir’s way of reasoning when creating the list of performance-KPIs and gives examples of detailed definitions for different kinds of KPIs. It also talks about how VoerEir is working with this in industry forums, and how our test system Touchstone can is used to perform VoerEir’s NFVI evaluation service.
  • Delivering Network-as-a-Service and Hybrid Cloud Visibility with Cloud-First Recorded: Sep 26 2019 60 mins
    Prashant Gandhi, VP and CPO, Big Switch Networks Bala Ramachandran, Sr. Dir. of Product Mgmt, Big Switch Networks
    In this webinar you will learn about how a fully automated switch fabric built ground-up leveraging cloud design principles enables VPC/VNET constructs on-prem to deliver cloud-style network-as-a-service operational model. Big Switch's Big Cloud Fabric automates networking for multiple private cloud platforms, enabling the network to operate at the speed of VMs and Containers. With built in analytics and telemetry, BCF provides real-time contextual visibility across the fabric as well as one-click troubleshooting workflows. NetOps, DevOps and CloudOps. You will also learn about how Big Switch's Big Monitoring Fabric enables pervasive and consistent visibility for security and application performance monitoring across on-prem data centers and public cloud deployments. In addition, we will look into how Big Switch's Multi-Cloud Director offers a single dashboard enabling global management and policy control across multiple enterprise and public cloud deployments of Big Cloud Fabric and Big Monitoring Fabric to provide a simplified and consistent hybrid cloud management experience.
  • Reimagining Service Assurance Recorded: Sep 24 2019 52 mins
    Mats Nordlund, CEO, Co-founder & Jonas Krogell, CTO at Netrounds
    In order to stay competitive and profitable, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are embracing software, virtualization and automation to streamline their businesses. In order to ensure customer satisfaction through this transition, there is an increased focus on service assurance. Emerging use cases require new capabilities of service assurance platforms, so that CSPs are able to:
    - Automatically test that services have been properly activated.
    - Augment network automation with real-time feedback from real-time active service assurance
    - Efficiently monitor business-critical services such as SD-WAN and 5G network slices to ensure that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met
    - Gain a real-time understanding of the service levels experienced by customers.
    - Efficiently troubleshoot service chains established over complex, multi-layered, multi-domain networks, composed of physical and ritualized network functions.
  • Mobile Network Performance Problems Are About to Get Worse: Now What? Recorded: Sep 10 2019 36 mins
    Diego Lozano de Fournas, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Spirent and Ram Garapaty, Sr. Product Manager, Spirent
    Major outages and service disruptions in mobile networks are already too common. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar fine for a public safety outage, viral news coverage of poor performance at a major sporting event or lost revenue due to a national network outage – the consequences of major network performance issues are severe. Today’s approach to managing performance simply isn’t working and guess what? 5G is going to make it much more challenging. We need a new approach to validating and assuring performance. A unified approach that helps engineering and operations teams work together more effectively to proactively avoid and rapidly resolve issues.

    During this webinar, Intel® Network Builders partner Spirent will cover the following topics:
    •Today’s network performance challenge and the implications of 5G
    •How to head off issues with performance validation in the lab
    •The limitations of traditional passive monitoring approaches for assuring 5G performance
    •Techniques for proactive detection and fast isolation of performance issues that complement passive monitoring weaknesses
    •How a unified approach to validation and assurance helps engineering and operations to work together to improve performance and save millions/yr
  • Building a Better vRAN with Open Source Infrastructure Recorded: Sep 5 2019 55 mins
    Paul Miller, VP Telecom Market Segment, Wind River and Bejoy Pankajakshan, EVP CSO, Mavenir
    In this web seminar we will focus on the software infrastructure that provides the foundation for success in vRAN and the open source communities ready to help.

    We will discuss:
    •Specific requirements for successful vRAN deployments
    •Some of the key technology drivers and trends such as containers, cloud native and VMs
    •Real Time operating system extensions unique to the vRAN
    •Some of the open source communities, consortia, and projects that are shaping the future of vRAN like Kubernetes, O-RAN, TIP, FlexRAN
    •The unique attributes of the OpenStack StarlingX project and Yocto Linux, and why these open source projects are uniquely designed for success at the network edge
    •MEC, vRAN, and the open source network edge projects
  • 2nd Gen. SD-WAN – open & flexible infrastructure for the enterprise network Recorded: Sep 3 2019 55 mins
    Andreas Wallberg and Tomas Hedqvist, ENEA
    This webinar will cover:
    •First generation (grey box) vs second generation (uCPE white box) SD-WAN
    •The enterprise uCPE/SD-WAN use case
    •Key considerations for SD-WAN
    •Migrating to a second generation SD-WAN
    •Multivendor uCPE/SD-WAN integration project
    •How provisioning is made effortless
  • Kick Starting Virtualization with Mettle 2vBNG Recorded: Aug 29 2019 59 mins
    Rajkumar Sukumaran, Head of Technology, Mettle Networks and Abraham K. Jacob, Vice President, IP Networking Products
    Mettle 2vBNG: Intel based high performance virtual BNG from Mettle Networks. Mettle 2vBNG has a forwarding looking architecture with centralized control plane. This is a quick to setup, easy to integrate, micro services based design that run on Intel CPU.
    This webinar will cover the following:
    •Why Mettle 2vBNG is a good starting point towards building a virtualized infrastructure.
    •How it can coexist with legacy appliances to start with.
    •Roadmap and future position of Mettle 2vBNG in the ONF SEBA architecture.
    •How it can help moving towards a fully virtualized, cloud-native architecture.
    •Common deployment usecases will be discussed.
  • PREMIER uCPE Solutions Recorded: Aug 27 2019 41 mins
    Mike Neff, AVP Virtualized Solutions & Biz Dev., KGPCo and Pate Prayson CTO of Edge Cloud at ADVA
    While service providers understand the benefits of virtualized products and services, few have experienced it. It is clear to them that they must evolve their network rather than continue the status quo. As the effort to transform legacy network services increases, service providers will seek the most efficient and cost-effective means in which to do so. KGPCo will be the catalyst for such an evolution.
  • Micro Detail. Macro Intelligence. Recorded: Aug 20 2019 36 mins
    Tom Foottit, Senior Director, Product Management, Accedian
    Why granular, high quality data is critical for optimal end-user experience in the 5G era.
  • The Evolution of Open Network Switch Designs by Edgecore Networks Recorded: Aug 13 2019 36 mins
    Matt Roman, VP of Marketing and Product Management, Edgecore Networks
    New innovations are occurring in Open Networking switch design to support next generation cloud first architectures and the coming rollout of 5G mobile networks. The status quo of closed proprietary vendor designs is quickly being replaced with open devices that include high performance packet processors as well as powerful multicore CPU systems that not only support the switch Network Operating System but also support containerized value-added functions such as application analytics, network telemetry and packet shaping. This webinar will provide insights into the evolution of data center switches, core routers, mobile backhaul and FTTX network devices.
  • Building Assurance into Automated Systems Recorded: Aug 6 2019 26 mins
    Jean-Marius Antonica, Product Manager NFV and 5G at Anritsu
    The Future of Service Assurance
  • Building a scalable SD-WAN infrastructure with room to grow Recorded: Jul 30 2019 39 mins
    Sven Freudenfeld, Chief Technology Officer Telecom Application, Lanner Electronics
    Ultimately, SD-WAN has been the highest growing segment in the transition from the traditional business model to a virtualized Software Defined infrastructure. The trend of disaggregation in the network continues but ultimately, it is still in its early adoption stage in deployments. Considering the predicted growth in the SD-WAN market, several factors are to be considered when adopting the strategy of disaggregation and virtualization with Whitebox Solutions.
    Deployments are rolling out now as we speak and what will the network look like in about five years from now when early adoption is hitting mainstream.
  • Transforming Experiences in the Media & Entertainment Industry with 5G Edge Arch Recorded: Jul 9 2019 60 mins
    Subhas Mondal, Chief Architect – 5G at Wipro and L. Ganesh Kumar, Principal Consultant at Wipro
    As 5G networks find their way into real deployments, there are number of opportunities in the industries to leverage the 5G capabilities. The software-based architecture (SBA), edge computing capabilities and network programmability will enable innovation in products & services and provide opportunities to reimagine experiences which 5G-enabled applications will offer.

    In this webinar, we will discuss how 5G architecture with edge computing will enable real-time processing of information to enable context-based hyper-personalization and thus transforming the industry applications.
  • HCL BluGenie Solution Overview Recorded: Jun 25 2019 32 mins
    Ramesh Sriraman, Head – Telecom Center of Excellence, HCL Technologies Ltd.
    Engineering the Intelligent Connected Ecosystem
  • Open Source for the 4th Industrial Revolution Recorded: Jun 21 2019 57 mins
    Shane Dewing, Snr. Director SW Strategy and Open Source, Industrial Solutions Division, Internet of Things, Intel
    This session will focus on the transformation to software defined at the Industrial Edge, along with introducing some new and relevant open source projects - LF Edge as an umbrella along with the anchor projects EdgeX Foundry and Akraino Edge Stack including the new Time-Critical Edge Compute blueprint.
  • Turning the 5G Network into an Agile Monetization Platform Recorded: Jun 20 2019 59 mins
    Alla Goldner & Ofer Farkash - Amdocs
    5G promises a world of unprecedented speed and differentiated quality of service that has the potential to unleash a wide array of new services and business models.
    But, in order to maximize 5G monetization, service providers need to be fast to deploy, open to drive innovation, smart to efficiently orchestrate a dynamic network, and quick to capture every revenue opportunity. In this presentation we will explore how service providers will utilize NFV and SDN technologies and principles to achieve dynamic programmability, agility and control for 5G use-cases monetization and what is done in ONAP for managing the lifecycle of 5G network services.
Intel Network Builders
The Intel® Network Builders webinar program is a recurring webcast series in which ecosystem members and Intel technology experts delve into the technologies, topics, and issues facing the networking industry. Presenters delve into the network transformation taking place through the adoption of software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) across telecommunication and enterprise organizations.

Intel Network Builders also offers a comprehensive NFV and SDN training program through the Intel Network Builders University, which offers a broad collection of online content for technical professionals in the network industry. Learn more at http://networkbuilders.intel.com/university.

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  • Title: What's new in ONAP Beijing Release?
  • Live at: Jul 24 2018 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Amar Kapadia, Co-founder Aarna Networks, Inc.
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