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Intel Network Platforms Group Strategy Overview Part 2

Join leaders from Intel’s Network Platforms Group as they discuss technology trends and strategy from edge to cloud. This Part 2 will focus on Wireless Access and Radio, Visual Cloud, Core Network, Wireline and Converged Access, and Cable.

- Xiaojun (Shawn) Li, Sales Director, Next Wave OEM & eODM, Network & Communications Sales Org (NCS), Intel Corporation
- Alix McDonald,  Chief of Staff and Business Manager, Intel Network Platforms Group (NPG), Wireless Access Network Division (WAND)
- Mike Downs, Visual Cloud Manager - Partner Enablement and Strategy, Intel Network Platforms Group (NPG), Visual Infrastructure Division & NPG Strategy (VIDS)
- Thuy Nguyen,  Segment Manager – Cable, Intel Network Platforms Group (NPG), Wireline & Core Network Division (WCND)
Recorded Jan 21 2021 56 mins
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Presented by
Xiaojun Li, Alix McDonald, Mike Downs, and Thuy Nguyen from Intel Corporation
Presentation preview: Intel Network Platforms Group Strategy Overview Part 2

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  • Monetizing Enterprise Services with Private 5G, LTE and IoT Dec 15 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Tang Kit, Microsoft; Hans Chuang, Intel; Andrew Tang, Intel
    In this session we will present an introduction to the Microsoft 5G cloud native functions and solution suite for modern networks, discuss how the Microsoft 5G solution benefits both the operator and the enterprises in their digital transformation forward, and review the use case deployments.

    - Tang Kit, Regional Pre-sales Leader, APAC, Azure for Operators
    - Hans Chuang, VP, SMG & Director for Greater Asia, Intel
    - Moderator: Andrew Tang, Regional Alliance Lead, Team Microsoft, Intel
  • Finding New Paths to Enterprise Growth in the Disrupted Communications Landscape Nov 17 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Jon Ortiz de Zarate, Accenture; Eric Levander, Intel; Harish Gopinath, Intel
    The Telecommunications industry is facing the most significant transformation challenge in history. Service revenues used to come from connectivity and mobility services. Telcos owned the assets and made 50-70% of margins by providing and managing connectivity. However, globalization, competition, and technology evolution have eaten into those margins – and the industry is facing the biggest disruption in the last 20 years.

    In days past, enterprise customers required these products to collaborate, grow and scale their businesses. And it is HERE. Cloud, SDN and SD-WAN have transformed the industry landscape. Hyperscalers, smaller and more agile service providers – even technology vendors – can access enterprise customers directly, providing a digital, Over-The-Top service that fits well with their demands. In this new universe, telco-provided connectivity has been reduced to a commodity.

    Now telcos are fighting back, hoping to power the next connected industrial revolution through a mesh of 5G, cloud and edge computing. This will involve the telco network becoming an extension of the cloud, with the industry discovering new use cases that expand Industrial IOT for digital manufacturing, smart cities, smart buildings and beyond. This battle is complex, where only 29 out of 101 private network implementations have telco involvement.

    The implications are exciting, but change has been slow because capturing the enormous potential of orchestration requires the industry to transform in different dimensions. This session will share perspectives on five identified areas of transformation that can pave the way for the connected industry revolution.

    - Jon Ortiz de Zarate, Managing Director – Communications & Media, Accenture Australia & New Zealand
    - Eric Levander, General Manager Global Solutions and Scale, Network and Communications Sales, Intel
    - Moderator: Harish Gopinath, Partner Alliance Sales, APJ Territory, Intel
  • Trends for Private Networking Oct 20 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Michael Tadault, RedHat; Thomas Sennhauser, Intel; Christopher J. Tan, Intel
    Everyone is talking about 5G Private Network but what is it? How can Enterprise leverage this technology? What are the business benefits and why should I look into this?
    Join us to learn how Red Hat hybrid cloud technologies can help in this domain and support customer in there 5G Private Network journey. Then stick around for a fireside chat with Red Hat hybrid cloud technologies and Intel on the industry trends and Q&A.

    - Michael Tadault, Chief Technologist Telco - Asia Pacific, Redhat
    - Thomas Sennhauser, Chief Technologist and Business Lead, Network and Communication Business APJ, Intel
    - Moderator: Christopher J. Tan, Global ISV Sales Account Manager, APJ, Intel
  • Visual Cloud & Cloud Gaming in 5G Sep 15 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Wesley Kuo, Ubitus K.K.; Lynn Comp, Intel; CB Lee, Intel
    Ubitus is a cloud game technology leader and offers turn-key solutions to help customers build their cloud game businesses.
    Join Wesley Kuo, the CEO of Ubitus and Lynn Comp, VP of Intel NPG Group to understand the successful stories, insights and offering from the partnership ecosystems in powering the 5G cloud gaming solutions for enterprises, game service providers and end users.

    - Wesley Kuo, Founder and CEO, Ubitus K.K.
    - Lynn A. Comp, VP, Data Platforms Group General Manager, Visual Infrastructure Division & NPG Strategy, Intel
    - Moderator: CB Lee, Market Development Director, Intel
  • Intel IPUs Fundamental Role In Your Cloud Strategy Sep 1 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brian Niepoky, Director Connectivity Group Marketing & Sabrina Gomez, Director Programmable Solutions Group Marketing, Intel
    Join Intel leaders as they discuss the recently announced Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU). Attendees will understand how datacenters are evolving, the benefits of an IPU as well as some architectural details of recently announced IPUs.
  • Why Edge & AI Aug 18 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Shane Engle, HCL; Renu Navale, Intel; Shawn Sweeney, Intel
    There is so much talk about AI and Edge, but why does it really matter? The explosion of cloud services has driven the headlines of IT and Technology news over the last 5 years. Now that everyone has made use of these services it is clear to see that in some ways cloud has enabled transformation and in other ways it has become expensive, it is less secure and it has network latency that keeps us from capturing the full value. Edge and AI work together to solve these problems by putting the compute power much closer to the place where the action is happening. Please join us for a discussion about how Edge and AI will transform manufacturing industries, and other industries that choose to embrace it.

    - Shane Engle, Executive Go-to-Market Expert​, HCL
    - Renu Navale, VP, Data Platforms Group General Manager, Intel
    - Moderator: Shawn Sweeney, Business Development: Re-Imagineering the Edge, Intel
  • Paradigm Shift in Edge to Core Security with 5G Aug 4 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kapil Sood, Principal Engineer & Network Security Architect and Chandresh Ruparel, Director, 5G/Wireless Core Segment, Intel
    As CoSPs transition from 4G to 5G with Cloud Native, with a highly distributed architecture and bring in great multi-vendor solutions, security is a pivotal concern. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and impactful. A single NF hack can expose entire core. There is need for consistency in security framework across Edge, Core and Cloud to manage upgrades, respond quickly to threats and attacks. This session will discuss the types of security risks associated with 5G infrastructure deployments, 5G specific use cases and the capabilities required for a robust and resilient security framework from edge to core.
  • Retail Banking: How Edge Networking Can Help Accelerate Innovation Jul 29 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Saleem Muhammad, Product Mgmt Dir, Dell; Bob Laliberte, Sr. Analyst, ESG & Kathy Crumley, Global Banking Strategist, Intel
    The retail banking industry is driving new and innovative digital services to its customers, requiring access to cloud-based applications and additional network bandwidth with high availability at the edge. Banking technology leaders are tasked with enabling the transformation to both digital and physical customer experiences. However, because retail banks don’t have skilled IT resources in every branch, the solutions need to be simple to deploy and provision, yet also secure and powerful enough to drive innovation.

    The Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) configured to deliver SD-WAN and more offers the necessary levels of bandwidth, security, and agility. These technology building blocks enable retail banks to drive operational efficiencies and deliver differentiated customer experiences. Join this webinar to learn how retail banking organizations can reduce costs, improve availability, ensure compliance, and, most importantly, deliver innovative new services with Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform.

    Presented by:
    Saleem Muhammad, Product Management Director – Dell Technologies
    Bob Laliberte, Sr. Analyst – ESG
    Kathy Crumley, Global Banking Strategist - Intel
  • Harnessing Business Values with Private Networks Jul 28 2021 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Aniruddho Basu, Mavenir; Caroline Chan, Intel; Richard Piper, Intel
    Mavenir and Intel have been working closely for over 5 years building a relationship forged with the concepts of breaking away from legacy and proprietary hardware centric products, providing simple flexible OpenRAN cellular based solutions for private networks. For Consumers, Enterprises, and demands of Industry 4.0, Mavenir’s disruptive approach and easy deployment options accelerates the availability for all sectors of the market to transform their businesses with the security, trust, reliability, and quality expected from any carrier-class solution bringing the world directly to you.

    - Aniruddho Basu , SVP and GM Emerging Business, Mavenir
    - Caroline Chan, VP Data Platforms Group, GM Network Business Incubator Division, Intel
    - Moderator: Richard Piper, Account Executive, Sales Channel Scale Partners, Intel
  • Intel SoC Products for Emerging Edge and vRAN Applications. Recorded: Jul 14 2021 55 mins
    Venkataraman Prasannan (VP), SoC Product Line Director, Network Platform Group, Intel
    Join Intel architects and business leaders to learn about how Intel SoC products (Intel® Xeon® D Processors & Intel Atom® Processors) help accelerate development and deployment solutions for the emerging Edge and vRAN use cases along with other applications in SD/WAN, uCPE, Security and other network infrastructure appliances. The session will focus on specific use cases that are already deployed and how these enable new revenue growth opportunities. Technical discussion will include key performance and value that Intel SoCs bring to indoor and outdoor deployments.
  • Building next-gen CDNs for tomorrow’s critical streaming workloads Recorded: Jul 13 2021 49 mins
    Pål Johansen, Varnish Software; Asad Ahmed, Varnish Software; Nash Kleppan, Intel and Tushar Gohad, Intel.
    Join Intel and Varnish Software as they describe their experiences optimizing next-gen CDN deployments and their work to push the limit of raw edge performance with near line rate performance. This webinar will discuss hardware and software considerations when building CDNs capable of handling the high-quality video experiences demanded by consumers at scale, while keeping TCO low. Combining low-latency, high-capacity edge caching with accelerated, CDN-optimized hardware, high-speed TLS termination, NUMA balancing and fast I/O will future-proof CDNs against emerging demands.

    We’ll cover:
    • Hardware considerations for CDN environments
    • Delivering video content to 100,000 viewers per edge cache
    • Accelerating deployment of CDNs to keep costs and complexity low
    • Pushing the limit of edge performance: how we approached 400Gbps
  • Network Disaggregation & Quality Assurance Recorded: Jun 29 2021 51 mins
    Jason Chandralal, General Manager and Laxman Patil, Senior Architect, Happiest Minds Technologies
    With the advent and deployment of NFV solutions by Telco’s and Enterprises alike, NFV has provided much greater flexibility in addressing changing requirements. It also provides added control over both current and future functionality while reducing operational expenses and eliminating vendor lock-in. NFV is part of a larger trend towards Network disaggregation enabling the Telecommunications industry towards agile networks.
    While Disaggregation has become standard in data centers and cloud networks, it is yet to fully penetrate the network edge. There has been a separation of hardware and software vendors, leading to the usage of white box edge switches but the complete evolution in disaggregating the hardware is still under progress.
    However, advances in both software and hardware have created a robust ecosystem of networking applications that can be used as building blocks to create an industry-standard NOS for telco networks.
    In such a scenario, it is crucial to have a differentiated testing and validation strategy to account for application and hardware options from multiple vendors that are all supported by a single standardized NOS with standardized interfaces running on bare metal or fully virtualized deployments models.
    This webinar intends to provide technical insights about the importance of formulating a testing program tailored specifically for a DANOS (Disaggregated Network Operation System) Platform based on an Open Architecture. We would provide an overview of disaggregated systems, its associated layers, specific testing methodologies and explore test scenarios to validate DANOS using Intel hardware.

    Presented by Jason Chandralal, General Manager, Network and Embedded Systems Testing and Laxman Patil, Senior Architect, Network Testing, Happiest Minds Technologies
  • Introduction to Multifunctional Server Switch and Load Balancer for Data Centers Recorded: Jun 23 2021 46 mins
    Milson Liu, Sales Manager, Caswell & Petr Kastovsky, Product Line Manager, Intel
    The CASwell CAR-5056 is a sophisticated and programmable server system for load balancing and use as application delivery controller or broadband network gateway. It's a high-end network server with two Gen 2 Intel® Xeon® SP processors, Intel® Tofino™ switch and Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGA modules. This webinar shows possible use cases and how the combination of these powerful Intel solutions leverages the CASwell CAR-5056 to one of the best server switches for cloud and communication service providers as well as data centers.
  • How Edge Networking Can Add Value to Your Business Recorded: Jun 16 2021 45 mins
    Dell Technologies, ESG and Intel
    Communication service providers are under pressure to provide quality of service against increased bandwidth requirements while adding new edge services quickly to meet their customers' needs.

    Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) allows many virtual network functions (VNFs) to run on a single x86 physical device. It also helps reduce both CapEx and OpEx by decreasing hardware expenses, power, operations, and management expenses. Join us to learn how the communication services providers can add more value to their business and their customers by taking advantage of the Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform.

    • Raghupathy N - Systems Engineering Director, EMEA Networking, Dell
    • Bob Laliberte - Sr. Analyst, ESG
    • Bill Mcdonald - Segment Manager for the Enterprise Edge, Intel
  • Service Enablement at the Edge with Ericsson and Intel Recorded: Jun 15 2021 50 mins
    Martin Bäckström, Ericsson VP, Head of Strategy in Market Area North America and Hassnaa Moustafa, Principal Engineer, Intel.
    Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are faced with vast business opportunities to support their enterprise customers’ digitalization journey. The high bandwidth and low latency demanding applications increasingly sought after by industry verticals like healthcare, retail and manufacturing will benefit from the cloud native and distributed architecture of 5G technology to thrive at the service provider edge.
    OpenNESS (Open Network Edge Services Software) is an open source distribution software toolkit that enables highly optimized and performance edge platforms to onboard and manage applications and network functions with cloud-like agility across any type of network, accelerating 5G Network and On-Premise Edge solution development.
    Ericsson Cloud Container Distribution (CCD) is a Kubernetes based, CNCF certified, telco optimized and workload agnostic CaaS offering validated with Ericsson cloud-native network functions.
    With the endeavor to support CSPs in their efforts to develop new revenue streams while at the same time streamlining their end-customers' operations, Intel and Ericsson run a technical collaboration that enables support in CCD of a set of microservices from OpenNESS, that in turn allows CCD to on-board cloud-native applications within a solution defined by the OpenNESS toolkit.
  • Upgrading 5G & AIoT Performance with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Recorded: Jun 8 2021 35 mins
    Bryan Butters, Product Manager, Intel; Ben Shen, Director; Barry Chang, Manager and Vincent Yen, Manager, Advantech
    The combination of 5G and AIoT has the potential to transform businesses across industries becoming one of the main drivers for the fourth industrial revolution. To accelerate this transformation, Advantech has upgraded its telecom, industrial and enterprise server and appliance range enabling seamless infrastructure solutions that reliably execute business critical workloads anywhere in the network. The new designs based on 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors range from 11” deep Open RAN servers to high-throughput network security appliances and multi-node servers, integrating enhanced security, flexibility and acceleration features into optimized platforms that help cloud and communications service and solution providers build a competitive and intelligent edge to thrive in the new 5G and AIoT economy.

    Presented by:
    Bryan Butters, Product Manager, Network Platforms Group, Intel;
    Ben Shen, Product Director, Advantech;
    Barry Chang, Product Manager, Advantech;
    Vincent Yen, Product Manager, Advantech.
  • Introduction to a Cloud Native Approach for Packet Processing w/ Kubernetes CNI Recorded: Jun 2 2021 54 mins
    Brian Skerry, Principal Engineer, Intel
    The needs for packet processing in a Kubernetes environment continue to evolve, and we have seen that many Cloud Native Functions require higher performance than offered by conventional networking solutions. To achieve the performance needs of these applications while continuing to support abstraction from the physical network interfaces, an interface called AF_XDP (Address Family - Express Data Path) is described along with potential use cases. A key part of this is to support the existing Kubernetes abstractions such as CNI (Container Network Interface), and to be based off of Linux network driver interfaces. Comparisons to existing alternatives will also be addressed.
  • Creating Visual Cloud Solutions Using Open Visual Cloud Reference Pipelines Recorded: May 11 2021 54 mins
    Craig Hurst, Director & Xintian Wu, Engineer, Intel; Moloti Nakampe, Africa Business Intg, and Sudhir Kshirsagar, HydroTrek
    Intel is committed to open source development because we’ve witnessed how it accelerates innovation and enables companies to easily adopt new technologies. With the onset of the pandemic, we are witnessing an insatiable appetite, by a global audience for video consumption. Intel’s Open Visual Cloud platform addresses the needs of developers for an Open Source resource to develop visual media applications. Hear from Intel engineers as well as a developer on the capabilities and applications of Open Visual Cloud.
    The Intel Open Visual Cloud leverages software across Intel platforms including CPUs, GPUs, and visual cloud workload accelerators. It embraces a plug-in architecture and is interoperable with popular open source projects and frameworks, including FFMPEG and gstreamer for media, and TensorFlow, MXNet, and Caffé for deep learning and several different sample reference pipelines for visual cloud services are provided as Docker files and images.

    Presented by:
    - Xinatian Wu, Principle Engineer and Software Architect, Data Platform Group, Network Platforms Group Software
    - Moloti Nakampe, Chief Executive Officer, Africa Business Integration
    - Craig Hurst, Director of Business Operations and Ecosystem Enabling, Data Platform Group, Visual Infrastructure Division
    - Sudhir Kshirsagar, President, HydroTrek
  • Innovation Through Open Source and Collaborative Communities Recorded: May 5 2021 37 mins
    Bob Monkman, Director, Networking Open Source Strategy
    Join us as we discuss Intel's efforts and investments around innovation through open source and collaborative communities.
  • Cloud Native Edge Computing, Private 5G Using Intel OpenNESS Recorded: Apr 27 2021 59 mins
    Srinivasa Addepalli, Intel; Amar Kapadia, Aarna Networks; Prabhjot Singh Sethi, Aarna Networks
    Enterprises have started to see an increased need for edge computing, related security, and local connectivity via private 5G in addition to Wi-Fi and SD-WAN across their offices. General purpose servers (similar to uCPE) with Kubernetes orchestration seem to be the cloud of choice for the Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) environment. Enterprises expect to use a comprehensive solution that can orchestrate and automate all the components across multiple enterprise locations (K8s clusters). In this webinar, we will present the deployment architectures for a few industries, various open source components addressing these needs, and an integrated solution to solve the problem. We will also show a demo of the OpenNESS Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestration Platform (EMCO) orchestrating Free5GC 5G Core network functions, a sample Edge-computing application, across multiple Kubernetes clusters running OpenNESS 20.12. We will also show a gNB simulator passing traffic through the 5G Core to a sample edge application. For the demo, EMCO will be demonstrated as part of the Aarna Network Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform product.
    This talk is presented by Srinivasa Addepalli, Chief Principal Engineer, Intel; Amar Kapadia, Co-founder, Aarna Networks; Prabhjot Singh Sethi, Software Engineer, Aarna Networks
Intel Network Builders
The Intel® Network Builders webinar program is a recurring webcast series in which ecosystem members and Intel technology experts delve into the technologies, topics, and issues facing the networking industry. Presenters delve into the network transformation taking place through the adoption of software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) across telecommunication and enterprise organizations.

Intel Network Builders also offers a comprehensive NFV and 5G training program through the Intel Network Builders University, which offers a broad collection of online content for technical professionals in the network industry. Learn more at http://networkbuilders.intel.com/university.

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  • Title: Intel Network Platforms Group Strategy Overview Part 2
  • Live at: Jan 21 2021 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Xiaojun Li, Alix McDonald, Mike Downs, and Thuy Nguyen from Intel Corporation
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