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Lifesize India: Lifesize Cloud Product Overview & Global Business Update

Lifesize has made an impression all over the world with over 3,500 organizations logging millions of meeting minutes in our cloud-based service and connecting face to face from their laptops, tablets, phones and meeting room video systems.

It's our pleasure to cordially invite you to join the Lifesize India webinar on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. Please join Michael Helmbrecht, Lifesize Chief Product and Operations Officer, for a Lifesize product overview and global business update.

Together, we'll explore best practices for expanding your business using the award-winning Lifesize app and conference room systems.
Recorded Sep 27 2016 61 mins
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Presented by
Michael Helmbrecht, Chief Product and Operations Officer, Lifesize
Presentation preview: Lifesize India: Lifesize Cloud Product Overview & Global Business Update

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  • The Future of Meetings: Mini Breakout Rooms Create Big Productivity Recorded: Nov 13 2018 31 mins
    How and where people meet has fundamentally changed. While traditional conference rooms continue to satisfy large, recurring meetings, more teams are turning to huddle and mini breakout rooms to make better use of collaboration technologies designed to facilitate more productive meetings. Mini, huddle, dash, sync — whatever you call them, those small, multipurpose breakout rooms are creating a huge impact on team communication and collaboration.

    Join Lifesize Chief Product and Operations Officer Michael Helmbrecht and Lifesize Sr. Product Manager Whitney Doyle as they outline the future of meeting trends driving mini huddle room adoption.

    During this webinar, we’ll cover:

    • Workplace trends leading to exponential growth in mini meeting rooms
    • The misuse of traditional meeting rooms for small breakout sessions
    • Shifting trends in “video-first” communication cultures
    • What users truly look for in meeting room productivity tools
    • How to outfit your huddle rooms with simple-to-use, affordable meeting room technology
  • The Future of Meetings: AI, Machine Learning and Team Productivity Recorded: Sep 12 2018 31 mins
    Five years ago, cloud architecture emerged as the biggest industry disruptor since the conception of HD. Today, companies offering a cloud-based video solution are taking advantage of new technologies to completely transform the way teams communicate.

    Join Lifesize CTO Bobby Beckmann and Lifesize Product Manager Amanda Etheridge as they share key findings from the new 2018 Future of Video Communication and Meeting Productivity industry report. Get an insider look at the trends and technologies shared at InfoComm 2018 that are shaping the future of work to give us smarter, more productive meetings than ever before.

    During this webinar, we’ll cover:

    • The evolution of video from business advantage to business necessity
    • What users truly look for in meeting productivity tools
    • Shifting trends in video-first cultures
    • The balancing of quality and mobility
    • The convergence of meeting room technologies
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in video communication
    • Where enterprise video communication is headed in the next 12 months
  • Frost & Sullivan: Create a Connected Workplace with Cloud Video Conferencing Recorded: Aug 9 2018 49 mins
    Rajarshi Dhar, Industry Analyst Frost & Sullivan, Clayton Reed, SVP, Global Sales Lifesize
    Lifesize has been recognized with the 2018 Cloud Video Conferencing Vendor of the Year Award by global research and consulting organization Frost & Sullivan India. We are delighted to have Frost & Sullivan on this webinar giving an overview of industry trends on collaboration and video conferencing, outlining the benefits and value proposition of Cloud / SaaS model over legacy platform. In addition, they will highlight the process, research methodology, parameters and criteria for deciding the award winner. You will also learn about the 5 key benefits of the Lifesize solution, which organisations should consider, when choosing a collaboration vendor.
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Collaborative Organizations Recorded: Apr 26 2018 49 mins
    Tim Lindsey, Amanda Etheridge, Laura Brown; Lifesize
    Seven out of ten IT professionals rated improving collaboration as a high priority in their organization; and whatever your job role, we think you’d agree that organizations that collaborate effectively have happier employees and are more successful.

    Here at Lifesize, we have some incredibly effective, collaborative customers. Join us as we take their real-word examples and dive into the seven habits they share in their successful collaboration programs.
  • A Fond Farewell to Web Conferencing Recorded: Mar 29 2018 31 mins
    Amanda Etheridge, Product Marketing Manager
    Where is web conferencing going?

    Well, to put it simply: Web conferencing tools are being replaced by more modern, feature-rich video conferencing solutions that emphasize true face-to-face connections.

    We’ll explain to you why adopting video conferencing tools and bidding farewell to audio- and web-only tools will increase meeting efficiency, employee engagement and overall profitability for your company.

    •The evolution of web conferencing
    •How to maximize the technologies you already have in place
    •Why your company should prioritize video conferencing moving forwarding
    •How to video-enable your company without breaking the bank

    See you there!
  • Who are you gonna call? Creating and supporting successful video communication Recorded: Feb 22 2018 47 mins
    Tim Lindsey, Customer Success, Lifesize & Amanda Etheridge, Product, Lifesize
    How many times in the last year have you cancelled a meeting or submitted a support ticket because of a conference room problem?

    Whether it was ghost-related or just bad tech, we’re here to bust the issue with the answer to everyone’s favorite 80s theme song question: “Who you gonna call?”

    In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    •The tipping point where free services fail to deliver business-level reliability
    •Top tips for a successful video-first communication culture
    •How to address the support requirements of your mission-critical communication needs
  • Optimizing the Places Where Meetings Happen Recorded: Feb 21 2018 47 mins
    Amanda Etheridge, Product Marketing; Steve Allen, Sales Engineering
    What makes a good video conferencing solution good, and what makes it a good fit for your meeting room? Well, first and foremost, it all starts with how the solution is designed.

    Join us as we discuss what makes Lifesize the ultimate solution for your conference room — from hardware to software and every customizable option in between. Get the inside scoop on what makes the best video conferencing experience truly the best, and walk away with tips for increasing adoption and overall success with your organization’s collaboration solution.

    Almost every organization has too many communication tools, which is ironic because the purpose of communication technology is to improve and simplify communication in the workplace.
  • Lifesize Deep Dive: A look at the engine that powers collaboration. Recorded: Dec 19 2017 44 mins
    Scott Rankin, Global Director of Sales Engineering, Lifesize & Amanda Etheridge, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Lifesize
    In this unique webinar we’ll cover:

    -The Lifesize Portfolio: what it does and why it matters
    -The Lifesize Icon 450: a zoomed in view of camera quality, smart framing, specs and more
    -The Lifesize Phone HD: a close up look at sound quality, ports and all.
    -The Brand New App: Take a tour of the interface

    Plus we’ll have time for Q&A from our product experts.
  • RE: A Fix for Dropped Conference Calls Recorded: Nov 16 2017 31 mins
    Scott Rankin & Amanda Etheridge
    RE: A Fix for Dropped Conference Calls
    The Rise of the Connected Conference Room System

    The connected conference room is essential to modern meetings. We've all been on shoddy calls with snaps, crackles, pops, flashes...you get the idea.

    The good news is that the team here at Lifesize has cracked the code on eliminating meetings that suck, and it all comes down to a connected conference room. Global Director of Sales Engineering Scott Rankin, and Sr. Product Marketing Manager Amanda Etheridge will share some insight on how to adapt your conference room strategy to eliminate dropped calls and the constant reliance on IT to fix what's broken.

    We'll cover:

    •What you need in your conference room
    •Why you need it
    •How to solve the problem

    We'll keep this thing to 45 minutes or less because we know you are perhaps the busiest person in the building. See you there!
  • 3 Tips for Creating a Collaboration Culture (and how IT can lead the charge) Recorded: Oct 26 2017 42 mins
    Scott Rankin, Global Director of Sales Engineering, Lifesize & Amanda Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Lifesize
    Collaborative working is something we all strive towards – we’re all looking to make our teams work together more openly, efficiently and enjoyably.

    Join us and hear our 3 tips for encouraging teams to work together, however complex or disparate they may be. What’s more, we’ll discuss how IT can be the leaders in creating, shaping and supporting a collaborative strategy that’s popular throughout the organization.

    Join us for this brand new webinar, followed by live Q&A
  • CDW & Lifesize Present: Stop, Collaborate and Listen... Recorded: Sep 21 2017 45 mins
    Josh Duncan, Senior Product Director; Scott Rankin, Sr. Director, Product Marketing
    ...because you might be using 4.4 of the wrong collaboration tools and have no idea. Fear not, we’re connecting with CDW to dig in to some new stats on shadow IT and the collaboration inefficiencies that come from deploying “way, way, way too many tools.”

    We’ll also share some best practices for selecting and on boarding IT-driven business collaboration tech that can help you stop paying for feature overlap and get on with your life.

    RSVP today to reserve your spot.
  • 5 Reasons Businesses Crave Video Conferencing Recorded: Aug 30 2017 45 mins
    Amanda Anderson, Product Marketing Manager; Josh Duncan, Sr. Director, Product
    Utilizing a simple, unified video conferencing solution within your company not only enables you to communicate just like being there in person (minus the travel expenses), but it also enhances the face-to-face communication necessary for productive, authentic collaboration.

    In this webinar, we’ll share the top five reasons businesses deploy video conferencing and why IT should be involved in the entire process.

    Bring your colleagues, questions and clever banter and join us.

    Here is the full guide on which this webinar is based. We hope you enjoy it!

  • The Ultimate Guide to Conferencing Technology Recorded: Jul 12 2017 40 mins
    Mitch Holt, Steve Allen, Lifesize
    Let’s face it – most of us don’t know the extent of the communication tools being used across our organization and their associated costs, security implications and other business effects. Enterprise collaboration technology should be owned by IT, but most of the time, it’s not. This webinar will cover ways to take back control of web conferencing, audio conferencing, video conferencing and chat technologies, while increasing security, lowering cost and everything in between.

    All attendees will receive our "Ultimate Guide to Cloud Video Conferencing" guide.

    Here's what we'll cover:

    -How to determine what your organization needs re:conferencing technologies
    -How to onboard the right conferencing technologies
    -How to lower cost, reduce shadow IT and increase security
    -How Lifesize addresses each of these issues
  • Stop, Collaborate and Listen Recorded: Jun 8 2017 51 mins
    Scott Rankin, Global Director of Sales Engineering
    Lifesize is back with a brand new … webinar. Because you might be using 4.4 of the wrong collaboration tools and have no idea. Fear not, we’re connecting with Spiceworks to dig in to some new stats on shadow IT and the collaboration inefficiencies that come from deploying “way, way, way too many tools.”

    We’ll also share some best practices for selecting and on boarding IT-driven business collaboration tech that can help you stop paying for feature overlap and get on with your life.
  • Connect This: How to Build an IT-Driven Collaboration Ecosystem Recorded: Apr 26 2017 51 mins
    Josh Duncan, Senior Product Director, Lifesize
    We all know which enterprise collaboration tools do what, but are we paying attention to where they overlap in functionality and cost? Is our collaboration ecosystem beautiful and strategic like an original Van Gogh, or ad hoc and whimsical like a child’s splatter paint project?

    During this webinar, you’ll hear from Lifesizers Josh Duncan, Sr. Director of Product, and Tim Lindsey, Sr. Manager of Customer Success, discuss the intersection of video, web and audio conferencing; how to cure the ailment of ‘too many tools’; and easy next steps you can take to turn your collaboration stack in a Van Gogh.

    Reserve your seat today!
  • Easy Does IT: Business Collaboration Made Simple Recorded: Mar 8 2017 47 mins
    Josh Duncan, Senior Product Director, Lifesize
    We all know business is better when we can collaborate efficiently and build relationships effectively. So how easy are you to do business with?

    In this webinar we look at ways your IT collaboration stack can not only help your internal operations run smoother but actually make your company attractive to do business with!

    We’ll discuss:

    · How effective communication can be a competitive advantage

    · Overcoming interoperability challenges

    · Making guests welcome with one click, no download meetings

    · Becoming truly global by bridging the international gap

    · Effective use of video for productivity gains

    · Best use cases for meeting recording and streaming
  • The IT Manager Who Shattered Shadow IT Recorded: Jan 18 2017 39 mins
    Josh Duncan, Senior Product Director, Lifesize
    Join us Wednesday, January 18, at 10 a.m. CST as we tell the story of the IT pro who found, fought and defeated Shadow IT across his company.

    We'll dive into the planning process and step-by-step techniques you can start using tomorrow to combat Shadow IT ops within your organization.

    Josh Duncan, Senior Director of Product Management, and Mitch Holt, Manager of Demand Generation, will engage in a Q&A-style conversation, telling the story of an IT manager who strategically eliminated Shadow IT where needed and leveraged it in other areas.

    We’ll have you in and out in less than an hour…we promise.

  • How to Cut Down Enterprise Conferencing Chaos Recorded: Nov 16 2016 41 mins
    Robert Maloney, Product Manager, Lifesize
    We recently teamed up with Spiceworks to survey the IT community and gain a little insight into what was working and what was painfully broken with their current collaboration conglomerations. What we discovered was a hectic mess of UNinteroperability, costly feature overlap and an abundance of rogue IT implementations

    Join us Wednesday, November 16, at 10 a.m. CDT for a Lifesize worldwide webinar that will deep dive into how to eliminate the noise, get more efficient and stay connected with a scattered workforce using the right collaboration and conferencing technology.

    Robert Maloney, Product Manager, Lifesize
    Mitch Holt, Demand Generation Manager, Lifesize
  • A Smart Person's Guide to Adopting Video Conferencing for Dummies Recorded: Oct 26 2016 45 mins
    Josh Duncan, Senior Product Director, Lifesize
    If you understand the title of this webinar, you’re one of the smart ones.

    Join us on Wednesday, October 26, as we discuss key considerations for the process of selecting a video communication tool.

    We'll discuss:

    -Security – What makes a video conferencing solution secure and why it matters to the well-being of your company.

    -Interoperability – The importance of adopting a tool that is standards-based and not a "walled garden" – especially for connecting with guests outside of your network.

    -Scalability – Why a tool needs to scale with company growth and work seamlessly across every department in your organization.

    -Rogue IT – The benefits and process of selecting a video conferencing tool that allows IT admins to take back control and standardize across large organizations.

    -Too Many Tools! – Why having too many tools is a business efficiency killer and limits the control that IT has over programs and processes.

    Join us, won’t you?
  • Lifesize India: Lifesize Cloud Update & New Product Launch Lifesize Icon 450 Recorded: Oct 20 2016 59 mins
    Michael Helmbrecht, Chief Product and Operations Officer, Lifesize
    Starting a meeting over video should be effortless. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a huddle room and feel confident that everyone in the room is visible and centered in the picture?

    It’s our pleasure to cordially invite you to join the Lifesize India Webinar on Thursday, October 20, 2016. Please join Michael Helmbrecht, Lifesize Chief Product and Operations Officer, for an exclusive insight on the new Lifesize products.

    Together, we'll explore how to expand your business opportunities using the award-winning Lifesize Cloud.
About Lifesize
At Lifesize, we understand the power of connecting people to make the workplace great. For more than a decade, Lifesize has been at the forefront of video collaboration, delivering high-quality solutions designed to bring people together. We combine a best-in-class, cloud-based video conferencing experience, with award-winning, easy-to-use devices that are designed for any conference room so you can connect to anyone, anywhere. It’s a meeting experience like no other. Our video conferencing solutions are designed for the demands of today’s modern enterprise, yet fully accessible to businesses of any size. For more information, visit www.lifesize.com or follow the company @LifesizeHD.

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  • Title: Lifesize India: Lifesize Cloud Product Overview & Global Business Update
  • Live at: Sep 27 2016 11:00 am
  • Presented by: Michael Helmbrecht, Chief Product and Operations Officer, Lifesize
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