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Legal & General Mortgage Club Second Charges Loans Engine

Legal & General Mortgage Club Second Charges Loans Engine
Recorded Aug 17 2016 9 mins
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Presented by
Jeremy Duncombe, Director, Legal & General Mortgage Club
Presentation preview: Legal & General Mortgage Club Second Charges Loans Engine

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  • Holiday Buy To Let’s from The Melton Jul 28 2021 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Jasmine Smith, Business Development Manager
    This webinar will focus on the Holiday BTL Market, why the demand has increased significantly, the difference between Holiday BTL’s & Holiday Homes and The Melton’s Holiday BTL niches and criteria.
  • Understanding misconceptions of adverse credit & the opportunities for advisers Recorded: Jul 21 2021 23 mins
    Caroline Mirakian, Head of National Accounts
    Pepper Money recently launched the fourth edition of their Adverse Credit Study, which shares key insights into the current state of the nation and the scale of the customer knowledge gap. Over the last 18 months, Specialist mortgages have become increasingly important, and Caroline Mirakian will share the areas of specialist mortgage opportunity for advisers in the next 12 months.
  • Supporting Vulnerability Throughout the Mortgage Journey Recorded: Jul 14 2021 30 mins
    James Enos – National Account Manager, Emma Graham - Director of Business Development and Hodge Compliance
    The webinar focuses on how Hodge Bank looks to support vulnerability throughout the mortgage journey. Assisting brokers and Hodge employees to identify vulnerability and what best practices should be taken when supporting potentially vulnerable clients.
  • Food, Glorious, Food – an L&G Mortgage Club culinary extravaganza! Recorded: Jul 7 2021 46 mins
    Host: Danny Belton - Head of Lender Relationships and Resident team MasterChef
    Our conference was brought to a close with something a little bit different for our members. Join Danny Belton, our Head of lender Relationships and resident team MasterChef, as he shows you how to cook a perfectly delicious summertime dish.

    Direct from his home, Danny provides a live demonstration of how to cook this mouth-watering dish, perfect for the entire family.

    Sponsored by Masthaven
  • Compliance Manager Q&A – The current and future outlook Recorded: Jul 7 2021 40 mins
    Host: Paul Hopton - Key Relationship Manager, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    Join our panel of Broker & Lender compliance managers as they share their key practical insights on the issues affecting their businesses practices and how they are building operational resilience to address them.

    Our panel assess the current compliance environment in the aftermath of both Brexit and COVID, and how they will look to future proof their businesses from a risk and compliance perspective. The Q&A covers a range of specific topics such as lenders case packaging, FCA requirements and fraud concerns, to help other advisers understand the key areas of focus they need to be mindful of.

    Kay Leslie - Compliance Director, HL Partnership
    Ben Allen - Compliance Director, The Right Mortgage Network
    Michael Lea-Smith - Fraud Customer and Colleague Education Specialist, Virgin Money
  • Cyber Risk - Understanding the threat landscape Recorded: Jul 7 2021 30 mins
    Host: Danny Belton - Head Of Lender Relationships, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    The financial sector is synonymous with cybercrime, which has grown into a huge global business in itself. The infrastructure of financial services is of critical importance and as such represents a prime target for cybercriminals. Fraud, bank account theft, money laundering, personal data breaches and even terrorist financing are some of the illegal activities undertaken by such criminals. Tackling cyber-crime is the responsibility of all - effective partnerships across government, law enforcement and the finance industry are critical to addressing the ongoing and ever-evolving threats.

    Join our session where you can find out more about what the current concerns and risks are around cyber-crime, what technologies are being exploited and also used to defend, and how to remain vigilant in your own business practices to protect your firm against such criminal activities.

    Jonathan Buckle - Strategic and Key Account Development Specialist, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Re-imagining how we can support vulnerable customers Recorded: Jul 7 2021 41 mins
    Host: Kirsty Button - Customer Experience & Insight Director, L&G Insurance
    Join Kirsty Button, Customer Experience & Insight Director for Legal & General Insurance, as she sets the scene for what the regulator is saying about vulnerable customers and what is expected of financial services in response. Kirsty showcases how Legal & General is implementing best practice to support vulnerable customers and to ensure we are doing our upmost to deliver our duty of care to them.

    Advisers should tune in to understand what constitutes a vulnerable customer and the types of support they may need from a business to help them make the appropriate decisions and actions regarding their finances. Advisers will be able to gain invaluable insight to help them assess their own business practices and how they can evolve to ensure they offer as much support as possible to their own vulnerable customers.

    Jodie White - Mortgage Transformation Product Owner, L&G Mortgage Club
  • Social Media Breakdown - What should you be posting where? Recorded: Jul 7 2021 46 mins
    Host: Adam Sheldon - Key Relationship Manager, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    Following on from the success of our recent Social Media Masterclass in partnership with Punch, this new session zooms in on the world of social media channel-by-channel. Exploring this often complicated realm of likes, comments and retweets, our Social Media Breakdown session will tell you:

    • What each channel is best for (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
    • What kind of content works best on each
    • How often you should be posting and when
    • Who you are talking to
    • Length of captions and formatting
    • Best practice for imagery

    Bryn Foweather - Head of Social Media, Punch Communications
    Nikita Hall - Account Director, Punch Communications
  • SmartrFit Spotlight – What is it and what’s new? Recorded: Jul 7 2021 51 mins
    Hosts: Jodie White & Shane Perry, Mortgage Transformation Product Owners, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    Our latest innovation, which combines our mortgage search criteria tool with an affordability calculator, is helping advisers to work smarter every day. The L&G Mortgage Club is on a digital transformation journey and SmartrFit is no different. We have now incorporated Products into the system which represents a huge enhancement of what’s available, plus we’ll soon be launching Buy-to-Let to sit alongside our existing Residential offering.

    If your new to SmartrFit and want to learn more about how it can help you, or you’re are an existing user wanting to find out more about what new developments are on the horizon, then make sure you join our session, hosted by Jodie White and Shane Perry, SmartrFit product owners.
  • Being Gender Smart Recorded: Jul 7 2021 47 mins
    Host: Clare Beardmore, Head of Digital Transformation & Operations, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    Building upon our panel session earlier this year to mark International Women’s Day, this follow-up session, again hosted by Clare Beardmore, our Head of Digital Transformation & Operations, furthers the discussion on the importance of embedding gender diversity across financial services, which has been slow to address the balance. Our panellists share their own experiences and perceptions of gender diversity in the industry, discuss what more needs to be done, the challenges that still exist and how firms can commit to working towards greater diversity at all levels. They also discuss the importance of allyship within the industry, and how men can empower and support their female colleagues.

    Clare Singleton - Chief Executive Officer, Legal & General Home Finance
    Jane Benjamin - Head of Intermediary Acquisition, Mortgage Brain
    Andrew Montlake - Managing Director, Coreco
    Dr Marie-Claude Gervais - Research Director, Versiti
  • Taking the Next Steps towards Working Smarter: Submission & Beyond Recorded: Jul 7 2021 42 mins
    Host: Clare Beardmore - Head of Digital Transformation & Operations, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    Building on the previous session, we now look at ways of working smarter through digital adoption across the application process and beyond. Join Clare Beardmore, Head of Digital Transformation & Operations, and our panellists as they discuss how investing in technology can introduce time-saving efficiencies to your operations though straight through processing to Lenders, and the conveyancing process running in parallel with the application.

    Dale Jannels - Chief Executive Officer, One Mortgage System
    Mario Pitzioris - National Sales Director, Simplify
    Stuart Cheetham - Co-founder & CEO, Mqube
  • Diversity – so what? Recorded: Jul 7 2021 50 mins
    Host: Ali Crossley - Managing Director, Distribution, Legal & General Insurance
    Diversity should be embedded throughout any organisation and data has shown that diversity of thinking can generate better business outcomes, as well as empowering and motivating employees when they recognise their working environment recognises, respects and values them.

    Join Ali Crossley, Managing Director, Distribution, Legal & General Insurance, as she hosts a panel session focused upon why a diverse and inclusive workplace is so important to all firms and the value it can provide at both a business and personal level.

    Dominic Scott - Managing Director, Alexander Hall
    Richard Thomas - Events Consultant, Legal & General
    Bharat Sagar - Ambassador @ Large, Ae3 Media
    Michelle Golunska - Chief Executive Officer, Sesame Bankhall Group
  • Is home ownership for single parent families out of reach? Recorded: Jul 7 2021 34 mins
    Host: Clare Beardmore - Head of Digital Transformation & Operations, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    There are 2.9 million single parent families in the UK representing nearly 15% of all families*

    Making sure children grow up in a secure home is an important consideration for any parent, but if you’re a single parent, parental responsibilities and relaying on one income/benefits, can often make either staying in your home after separation/divorce/bereavement or getting on the housing ladder out of reach.

    The objective of this webinar is raise awareness amongst our industry of this underserved customer group, looking at:
    • Dispelling some of the myths and stereotypes around single parent families
    • The challenges single parent families often face with getting a mortgage
    • Whether existing first-time buyer products consider or meet the needs of single parent families

    Finishing off with a discussion on what more could be done by our industry to help single parent families either remain as or become homeowners.


    Marie Catch - Strategic Partnership Manager, Legal & General Home Finance
    Liz Syms, Chief Executive Officer, Connect Mortgages
    Rachel Geddes - Managing Director, Mortgage Advice Bureau
    Steve Hewitt - National Key Account Manager – Residential Mortgages, Aldermore Bank
  • The First Steps towards Working Smarter: Pre-Submission Recorded: Jul 7 2021 48 mins
    Host: Zara Bray - Key Relationship Manager, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    In this session, we explore ways in which brokers can work smarter across the entire pre-submission journey, from the acquisition of new customers right through to completing a Fact Find and making recommendations to the customer. Join Zara Bray, Key Relationship Manager, as she hosts a panel that discusses practical ways to generate efficiencies across this entire journey, to help advisers work more effectively. The panel also look at what tools are available to help you qualify your customers, source the appropriate product and the usage of ID&V to confirm the customers identity. It’s all about embracing change across ways of working to make your time and resource work as effectively as possible for you.

    James Adams - Head of Network and Club Relationships, My Simple Mortgages
    Stephen Nobes - Head of Network and Club Relationships, Smartr365
    Jonathan Evans - UK Business Development Manager, Digidentity
  • What are consumers telling us? Recorded: Jul 6 2021 44 mins
    Host: Kevin Roberts - Director, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    Following on from our consumer insight session at the outset of the 1st lockdown, Kevin Roberts is joined by Charlotte May, Group Head of Customer Research at Legal & General and Richard Donnell, Research and Insight Director at Zoopla, to look at how consumer attitudes have shifted over a year into the pandemic, and what that broadly means for the business world. The panel is also joined by Ian Larkin, CEO at Trussle who offers his own consumer insight into the mortgage market and the current mind-set of both new and existing borrowers. The panel also explore what macro concerns are affecting consumer opinion, and how consumer finances are being impacted.

    Charlotte May - Group Head of Customer Research, Legal & General
    Richard Donnell - Research and Insight Director, Zoopla
    Ian Larkin - CEO, Trussle
  • Advisers advise, lenders lend, platforms platform = Borrowers borrow Recorded: Jul 6 2021 47 mins
    Host: Clare Beardmore - Head of Digital Transformation & Operations, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    How can there be more collaboration across the industry to deliver a seamless, individual mortgage journey by driving efficiencies for brokers and lenders, under pinned by tech? Join Clare Beardmore, our Head of Digital Transformation & Operations, as she hosts a panel session that looks at the role of technology in removing friction and inefficiency in the mortgage process.

    Mark Arnold - Chief Executive Officer, Kensington Mortgages
    Michelle Niziol - Founder, IMS Independent Mortgage Solutions
    Conor Murphy - Founder & CEO, Smartr365
    Maria Harris - Director, Digital Cat Consultancy
  • Keeping pace with regulatory change: ensuring business resilience Recorded: Jul 6 2021 46 mins
    Host: Kevin Roberts - Director, L&G Mortgage Club
    Join Kevin Roberts, Director of L&G Mortgage Club, as he discusses the need for advisers to assess the key regulatory considerations to ensure they remain fit for purpose in a climate vastly reshaped by the pandemic. Our panel of guests cover regulatory change and the rising costs, the challenges with professional indemnity insurance, systems and processes, directly authorised versus appointed representative.

    Robert Sinclair - Chief Executive, Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI)
    Sharon Trinder - Compliance Director, Mortgage Advice Bureau
    Trevor Quinn-Thomas - Director, HQ Mortgage & Finance Ltd
    Paul Fenn - Director of Business Development, Skipton Building Society
  • The Evolution of Lending Post-COVID Recorded: Jul 6 2021 45 mins
    Host: Danny Belton - Head of Lender Relationships, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    Join Danny Belton, our Head of Lender Relationships, as he discusses the future of lending in a world turned upside down by the pandemic. As the UK emerges from lockdown and the lifting of restrictions gradually inches us towards some semblance of normality, our panel of lenders discuss the continuing impact of COVID on their lending approaches, across both the short and long-term. Specific topics include the current state of high LTV lending and its impact upon affordability, the needs of self-employed borrowers, and where the challenges and opportunities lie for lenders and the wider marketplace.

    Steve Hughes - Chief Executive Officer, Coventry Building Society
    Chris Pearson - Head of Intermediary Mortgages, HSBC
    Mike Regnier - Chief Executive, Accord Mortgages
  • The View from the Top: Assessing the impact of recent events and change to come Recorded: Jul 6 2021 60 mins
    Host: Kevin Roberts - Director, Legal & General Mortgage Club
    Join Kevin Roberts, Director, L&G Mortgage Club for a 2-way conversation with Esther Dijkstra, Managing Director, Intermediaries at Lloyds Banking Group.

    Kevin & Esther discuss the impact of the pandemic upon both Lloyds and the Club, what changes have been experienced and what next for our industry. It’s also been 6 months plus since Esther took over from Mike Jones as MD for Intermediaries at Lloyds, and what a 6 months to choose! Kevin finds out what it has been like and more importantly what next for Esther, Lloyds and the market. An informal look back with a chance to reflect on what has happened in their businesses and in line with the forward-looking theme of the conference, where things may be heading.

    Panelist: Esther Dijkstra - Managing Director, Intermediaries at Lloyds Banking Group
  • How can equity release help the next generation climb the property ladder Recorded: Jun 30 2021 30 mins
    Jason Ruse, Business Development Director, Key Group
    Later life lending continues to grow; back in 2013 the market was writing just over £1 billion per year, now it’s over £1 billion per quarter. Comparing Q1 2020 to Q1 2021, the average loan amount is up 25% to £103,710, according to the latest Key Group Market Monitor. In Q1 2021 just over a fifth of all equity release loans were gifted. One of the main reasons for gifting was to help the next generation onto the property ladder with an average of £56,917 used towards a deposit for a house. Increased demand for mortgages, mainly driven by the stamp duty holiday, have been supported more than ever before with equity release.

    This webinar is a must attend for advisers who are wanting to grow their business further in 2021 using equity release. During the webinar Jason Ruse, Business Development Director at Key Group will be giving an overview of the housing market, the challenges your later life clients may have, the uses of equity release including helping the next generation climb the property ladder, the later life lending opportunities within your client base and support for growing these. This will include tools you have available at your fingertips to help your client conversations and efficiently embed equity release into your proposition and grow your business. Jason looks forward to seeing you there.
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