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Taming data: How marketers turn data into real ROI

Increasingly, companies have turned to customer data platforms (CDPs) to help them run more relevant marketing campaigns using the large volume of customer data at their fingertips. Customer-focused software company Atlassian will discuss how they made that decision and the types of complex marketing campaigns that they can now run as a result. Research analyst David Raab will also be on hand to discuss how other companies can use CDPs to harness customer data to increase sales and loyalty.

In this webinar, you will learn:
* Key considerations when deciding to build versus buy a customer data platform
* How companies are taking advantage of CDPs for more relevant communications
* How data science can improve marketing efficacy
* The trends and market factors driving the need for customer data platforms

Speaker Panel:
* Jeff Sinclair, Product Manager, Engagement Platform, Atlassian
* David Raab, Analyst and Founder at The Customer Data Platform Institute
* Jeff Hardison, VP of Marketing at Lytics
* Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat

Sponsored by: Lytics
Recorded Oct 18 2017 61 mins
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Presented by
Jeff Sinclair, Product Manager, Engagement Platform, Atlassian
Presentation preview: Taming data: How marketers turn data into real ROI

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  • 4 key HR strategies to navigate the new “normal” as employees return to work Sep 17 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    VentureBeat x TriNet
    As companies start to look toward the future where workers are returning to the office in varying forms, managers will need to prepare for the complex changes that will have to be negotiated. This will include everything from flexible work situations -- including virtual, socially distant, and remote employee behaviors -- to the new rules that keep employees safe, such as mask wearing and social distancing.

    There are four key strategies HR managers need to embrace. Planning -- how are you taking into consideration all relevant and required changes and factors? Productivity -- what does it look like now, in new working environments? Pivoting -- what should remain consistent, and where should you pivot? And Policies -- what policies and processes need to be re-examined or created in order to adapt to and be compliant with requirements for the new workplace normal?

    Being prepared with the right HR strategies in place before workers return to the new workplace normal will help ensure that your company is compliant and your employees will be safe and productive.

    Register now for this VB Live event to learn from HR experts on what the ongoing COVID-19 landscape could mean for small- to mid-size business owners, and how to effectively transition your employees from traditional workplace environments and habits to the pandemic world.

    You'll learn about:

    ● The 4 P’s: Planning, Productivity, Pivoting, and Policy
    ● Getting HR systems in place
    ● Communicating and enforcing new HR rules
    ● Impacts on compensation and benefits


    - Darby Starnes, Manager, HR Strategy & Content, TriNet
    - More to come!
  • COVID benchmarks on ARR, churn, and more from 2020 Key Banc SaaS survey Sep 9 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    VentureBeat x Sage Intacct
    The post-COVID world is a volatile one, which makes data-informed business planning more important than ever. This year's Key Banc Capital Markets annual private SaaS company Survey focused on the essential post-COVID questions that CFOs, RevOps, and finance leaders need to know to guide their scenario planning, and get more efficient in cost structure, churn, CMRR, and CAC, to plan their cash and fundraising.

    See where you stand when you join this VB Live event. Industry experts will take a deep dive into the Key Banc Capital Markets survey, and share the metrics you need to compare against, and the most important process improvements you can make to guide your cash-flow, revenue, billing, and forecasting.

    You'll learn about:

    - COVID benchmarks on ARR, churn, CAC, and capital efficiency
    - How to gauge relative success in terms of growth and cash flow profitability
    - Comparisons across funding stages, go-to-market models, type of product and primary buyer
    - Operational adjustments companies are making in the wake of the changing environment


    - David Spitz, Managing Director, Key Banc Capital Markets
    - David Appel, Head SaaS Vertical, Sage Intacct
    - Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat
  • As the world resets, how do you retain players & create lifelong relationships? Aug 13 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    VentureBeat x Xsolla
    Gamers are very passionate about their entertainment. When the global community went into quarantine, the number of at-home gamers rose to new levels in the first half of 2020. As we all reset how we live and operate, the question becomes: How do you retain your new and loyal users, and keep them happy in your gaming ecosystem?

    In this webinar, you will hear insights and learn:

    - Why is it important to build loyalty programs through subscriptions with players now?
    - How has consumer mind shift led to subscription-based gaming experiences?
    - What does it take to keep new players loyal?


    - Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat
    - Berkley Egenes, Vice President of Marketing, Xsolla focusing on Subscriptions & Monetization
    - Raph Koster, CEO, Playable Worlds
    - Deepthi Menon, SVP, Words With Friends, Zynga
  • Open banking in the US: What it is and how to prepare Recorded: Aug 12 2020 62 mins
    VentureBeat x Envestnet | Yodlee
    While there currently isn’t a national regulatory framework in the U.S. for open banking, there can be no doubt that this global trend is about to change the way financial data is accessed and shared in our country. This new and growing open banking ecosystem offers numerous benefits for those who are positioned to leverage it to create innovative apps and solutions.

    In our webinar, we’ll discuss the open banking movement in the U.S. and how to prepare with thought leaders from FinGoal and Envestnet | Yodlee. Learn about best practices for sharing data via APIs and how to set up your technology so that you’ll be ready when open banking becomes the standard for data sharing.

    Attendees will learn about:

    - The current open banking movement in the U.S.
    - How open banking enables innovation
    - Ways to manage data security, privacy, and risk
    - The benefits of API-based data-sharing
    - How to assess your technology for open banking-readiness


    - Susan French, SVP, Head of Product and Client Operations, BBVA Open Platform
    - David Nohe, CEO, FinGoal
    - Brian Costello, VP, Data Strategy and Strategic Initiatives, Envestnet | Yodlee
    - Evan Schuman, VentureBeat (moderator)
  • The urgency to defeat ACH transfer fraud Recorded: Jul 22 2020 62 mins
    VentureBeat x Envestnet | Yodlee
    Fraudsters are bolder than ever. In March, attempted fraud transactional value was up 13% year over year. With it, phishing schemes, application scams, mule recruitment, stimulus payment and loan fraud, and more are ramping up. They're following the money: For the first time ever the number of ACH debit transfers has exceeded the number of check payments.

    To combat fraud, Nacha has launched new account validation requirements. Along with it comes important new opportunities for financial services companies: By staying on top of fraud intel, you’ll protect your reputation, reduce fraud costs, and introduce operational improvements that save money while increasing consumer satisfaction.

    Join this VB Live event to learn how to leverage fraud safety measures into consumer satisfaction, where to find the best sources of fraud intelligence, plus an overview of the online payment landscape, tips on getting compliant with the new account validation requirements, and more.

    Attendees will take away:

    - An in-depth look at the Nacha WEB Debit Account Validation Rule
    - A broad overview of the current and future online payment landscape
    - Lessons from the financial services companies in the fray
    - And more


    Jason Carone, Director of Product Management, Silicon Valley Bank
    Eric Jamison, VP, Product Management, Envestnet | Yodlee
    Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • 5 ways to keep your small business moving forward Recorded: Apr 22 2020 59 mins
    VentureBeat x DocuSign
    Digital innovations are more critical than ever for small businesses pivoting to address new challenges in a time when resources are limited and streamlined online communication becomes critical. Digital agreements, for example, can streamline current processes, so that you can focus on your employee and customer experience.

    And in the long-term, digital solutions and business processes that speed up agreements, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies across every facet of a company will become embedded in doing business for greater efficiency. You'll ensure your small business strategy remains on the right track, and you can scale quickly once the economy rebounds.

    To learn more about how these technologies are helping SMBs tackle challenges now and prepare for the future, don't miss this VB Live event.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - How technology can help small businesses pivot their strategies
    - Ways digital innovation is evolving business processes now and in the future
    - How to transform the way you prepare, sign, act, and manage agreements
    - How the right technology can help grow your business during uncertainty


    - Leo Rodriguez, Director, Small Business Partner Marketing, DocuSign Inc.
    - Laurie McCabe, Cofounder & Partner, SMB Group Inc.
    - Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat
  • 5 steps to scale your SaaS model from early- to growth-stage Recorded: Apr 21 2020 60 mins
    Sage Intacct x VentureBeat
    How do SaaS companies scale? Automation is the key. It can significantly speed up quote-to-cash cycles and shorten your close cycles, free up cash to make investments, and help increase your valuation with more accurate forecasting. Plus, with cash flow improved, you can accelerate hiring, create and test new products, and more.

    Key Takeaways:

    * Seven mistakes to avoid when building an agile B2B subscription billing model
    * Five steps required to align the team on your subscription financial processes
    * Three tips for choosing the technology stack that will help you grow


    * Mike Etheridge, VP Finance, Arena Solutions
    * David Appel, Head of Software & SaaS, Sage Intacct
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst At Large, VentureBeat
  • How personalized experiences are helping financial firms advocate for customers Recorded: Apr 16 2020 62 mins
    Yodlee x VentureBeat
    Right now, banks, credit card issuers, insurers, and wealth management firms have a unique opportunity to go head-to-head with digital disruptors by offering personalized insights and superior customer experiences. As we’re all too aware, many Americans are struggling to find their footing in uncertain times. And the financial firms that put customer advocacy first through hyper-personalized digital financial experiences are paving the way for greater customer loyalty and engagement in times ahead.

    Attend this live webinar and hear from guest speaker Alyson Clarke, Principal Analyst at Forrester, as she highlights some key findings from her recent report on customer advocacy in the financial services sector. Then during our panel discussion, you will learn of customer advocacy at leading financial service firms and why improving customer perceptions is not only good for your brand but good for your bottom line.

    Attend the webinar to discover:

    • How advocating for customers drives a sustainable competitive advantage

    • Why the wealth management sector scored highest for customer advocacy in a recent Forrester survey

    • How customer advocacy is linked to increased future purchase intent

    • How to improve customer engagement through hyper-personalized digital banking experiences

    Guest speakers:

    Alyson Clarke, Principal Analyst, Forrester
    Dustin Walsey, Co-founder and CEO, Buckle
    Jim Del Favero, Chief Product Officer, Personal Capital
    Katy Gibson, VP, Application Products, Envestnet | Yodlee
    Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Make employees your biggest cybersecurity asset, not your biggest risk Recorded: Mar 25 2020 62 mins
    Tessian x VentureBeat
    Despite the thousands of cybersecurity products available today, data breaches are at an all-time high. That’s because businesses have been focusing exclusively on securing their networks, devices, and cloud applications. But, what about their people?

    Employees can accidentally transfer thousands of dollars to a bank account or send 50,000 patient records in a single Excel file in one click of a mouse. In fact, misdirected emails were the leading cause of data breaches in 2019.

    Traditional cyber security methods simply aren’t equipped to account for the complexities of human relationships because human behavior can’t be codified into "if-this-then-that" logic. Individual relationships change over time which necessitates a solution that can learn and evolve in tandem with the threats it detects without impeding on the productivity of users.

    Stateful machine learning does just that.

    Learn about developing a robust, people-centric approach to cybersecurity, the technologies that detect and prevent threats caused by human error, and more, when you join this VB Live event!

    Attendees will learn:

    - How stateful machine learning can accurately predict behaviors and detect possible human-made threats before they do damage
    - How technology can prevent data breaches caused by people making mistakes, breaking rules, or being hacked
    - How to empower employees to correct damaging mistakes before they make them


    - Ed Bishop, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tessian
    - Joe Maglitta, Senior Contributor/Analyst, VentureBeat
  • Subscription strategies to drive your competitive advantage Recorded: Mar 18 2020 61 mins
    Recurly x VentureBeat
    The subscription model has proven to be ideal for our digital, customer-centric economy. It offers sustainable recurring revenue and customer loyalty, plus a wealth of data to enable data-driven insights. But as consumer preferences and buying behaviors continue to shift, subscription businesses must evolve to remain competitive, or risk losing significant market traction.

    It’s time to step up your subscription game in 2020! Real world case studies will show you how it's done. Learn how hybrid commerce helps Urban Outfitters and BarkBox maximize revenue growth and brand value; how Output and Cinemark use machine learning and payments optimization to reduce churn and ensure business continuity; the way Unbounce is using subscription data to keep pricing and packaging competitive, and more, when you join this VB Live event.

    Key Takeaways:

    * How forward-looking businesses are using subscriptions to gain a competitive edge, including real-world case studies
    * The latest subscription trends and technologies to leverage for accelerated growth
    * Ways to build brand value and deepen customer loyalty, including hybrid commerce, alternative payment methods, frictionless trials, delighting customers, and more


    * Emma Clark, Chief of Staff, Recurly
    * Ken Fenyo, Consumer Markets Lead, Fuel, a McKinsey Company

    Emma Clark is Chief of Staff at Recurly. In this role, she focuses on identifying new and emerging trends in subscription commerce as well as advising businesses on effective ways to optimize their subscription model. Emma's background is in data analytics and product management. Prior to Recurly, Emma was an analyst and product manager at JP Morgan Chase.

    Ken Fenyo is a senior executive and advisor at companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. He has deep expertise in loyalty, e-commerce, digital marketing, and customer analytics in the retail, consumer goods, and technology industries.
  • 3 keys to moving toward white-box, explainable AI Recorded: Jan 29 2020 61 mins
    Dataiku x VentureBeat
    With black-box AI, people are refused or given loans, accepted or denied university admission, offered a lower or higher price on car insurance, and more, all at the hands of AI systems that usually offer no explanations. In many cases, humans who work for those companies can’t even explain the decisions.
    That’s why white-box AI is now getting heaps of attention. But what does it mean in practice? And how can businesses start moving away from black-box systems to more explainable AI? 
    We’ll delve into the three key components needed for white-box AI success: more collaborative data science, involving all teams from lines of business through IT; trust in data at all levels, including tools that
    can be used to increase transparency in data processes; and the role of education and the democratization of data. 
    And we’ll address why white-box AI brings business value in the first place and how it’s a necessary evolution for AI. Not only do customers care about explainable results of AI systems, but internally, white-
    box AI is less risky. Don’t miss this VB Live event on how to move towards explainable AI. 


    Key Takeaways:
    + How to make the data science process collaborative across the organization 
    + How to establish trust from the data all the way through the model
    + How to move your business toward data democratization


    + Triveni Gandhi, Data Scientist, Dataiku
    + David Fagnan, Director, Applied Science, Zillow Offers
    + Rumman Chowdhury, Global Lead for Responsible AI, Accenture Applied Intelligence
    + Seth Colaner, AI Editor, VentureBeat
  • The event marketing opportunities you’re probably missing Recorded: Dec 17 2019 60 mins
    Cvent x VentureBeat
    Your live events, the ones you host, and the ones you sponsor, can do so much more. How do you know the marketing spend you’re investing is reaping sufficient ROI? And how do you measure the gains you're making over time?

    Event marketing technology can help demystify the whole process — and they're the key to event marketing success. When you integrate your events into your overall marketing mix, each one becomes an opportunity to reach, engage, and convert new customers. They'll play a central role in driving adoption, boosting customer loyalty, and opening up brand new ways to upsell and cross-sell across your company.

    To learn more about how to make event marketing a meaningful portion of your overall marketing budget, the event tools and tech that work with the marketing automation platform and CRM you already have, and how to win demonstrable results with every event, don't miss this VB Live event!

    Register for free!

    You'll learn how to:

    -Pitch events as an important part of a holistic marketing strategy to leadership
    -Run an integrated event marketing program and optimize it for success
    -Capture the data that uncovers attendee behavior at events


    -Patrick Smith, CMO, Cvent
    -Sharon Summers, Director, Global Events, CPA Global
    -Ivo Lukas, CEO/Founder, 24Notion

    More speakers coming soon!
  • End user computing trends, predictions, and best practices for 2020 Recorded: Dec 12 2019 59 mins
    Ruben Spruijt, Senior Technologist at Nutanix and former CTO at Frame
    Nowadays business consumers expect a modern workspace to get work done, recruiting and retaining new talent has become a bigger challenge, and keeping employees engaged and productive has become more difficult than ever. IT departments are faced with an increasingly mobile workforce with devices that need to be updated, optimized, and secured no matter where they are in the world.

    That's why Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is disrupting end user computing and virtual desktop infrastructure, and companies like Google and Microsoft are getting into the mix. They're partnering with end user computing firms to create solutions that can run remote applications and desktops on any device, vastly improving the user experience and making the lives of your business consumers and IT department so much easier.

    Data is centralized and infinitely more secure, the IT department can manage thousands of workspaces anywhere in the world from one console, and the end user's device, whether it's their own or corporate-owned is optimized, making the experience faster and easier to use than ever.

    For a look at the latest developments in End User Computing (EUC), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and DaaS, the pros and cons of VDI versus DaaS, unique use cases and more, don't miss this VB Live event!

    Registration is free here!

    Key takeaways:

    + Tips and advice for VDI and DaaS success in 2020
    + How DaaS and VDI is evolving, and how to prepare your IT department
    + Pros and cons for Desktop-as-a-Service vs. VDI
    + Best practice for DaaS in public clouds and on-premises

    + Ruben Spruijt, Senior Technologist at Nutanix and former CTO at Frame
    + Stewart Rogers, Analyst at Large, VentureBeat
  • The 3 product experimentation pitfalls & how to avoid them Recorded: Dec 11 2019 53 mins
    Jon Noronha, Director of Product Management at Optimizely
    To make the most of the products they design, product teams need to keep iterating, time and again. Experimentation is an incredibly powerful technique — the trick is choosing the right metrics to measure. Choose the wrong ones and you've A/B tested yourself into a hole, and sent your product in exactly the wrong direction. It's time wasted, opportunities wasted, and a big hit to your budget.

    Join this VB Live event now and come away with a blueprint for avoiding the experimentation mistakes and faulty A/B testing habits that can lead product teams down the wrong path, the common errors product teams encounter, tips to avoid pitfalls, and more.

    Registration is free here!

    You'll learn about:

    - The most common mistakes product teams make when running experiments
    - Which metrics correlate best with your business’s success
    - Strategies to scale experimentation across multiple teams and squads
    - How the world’s top technology companies are able to experiment on all product decisions


    -Jon Noronha, Director of Product Management at Optimizely
  • How AI is transforming customer reviews into crucial business intelligence Recorded: Dec 3 2019 61 mins
    Getting a ton of customer reviews is great. But if you don't have a way to analyze them for patterns and trends, you're missing out on some business-changing data. Artificial intelligence now offers a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to unlock insights from your reviews, highlighting trends and customer pains automatically. That means you can focus your time on solving customer issues instead of chasing them down, and learn what it takes to delight, surprise, and keep your customers coming back.

    Join this VB Live event to learn how AI, natural language processing, and machine learning can help you become more customer-focused, turn good feedback into great product, improve the areas that need your attention, uncover what really matter to your customers, and more.

    Registration is free!

    You'll learn:

    * How to find themes in your customer reviews so that you can fix the real pain points instead of putting "band-aids" on each unhappy customer

    * Steps to guide your business decisions around what your customers say they want, not what you think they want

    * The importance of addressing your most common negative issues first to see an immediate change in your customer satisfaction level

    * The concept of always improving your customer experience -- searching for trends in your good reviews to turn them into great reviews


    * Ramin Vatanparast, Chief Product Officer, Trustpilot
    * Chris Hausler, Senior Data Science Manager, ZenDesk
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst at Large, VentureBeat
  • Startup strategies to win the war for talent Recorded: Nov 20 2019 61 mins
    TriNet USA
    Fast-growing companies need to scale, but that takes competing in the talent wars for highly specialized employees with tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. There's no shortcut — you can win that war, but it requires strategic thinking and planning across multiple facets of the company, from the interview process, to your company culture, to technology platforms for HR, and more.

    Join this VB Live event to learn how to ensure that your recruits never doubt that while the tech giants might have the brand recognition, they can't come close to what you offer in culture, quality of work, and more.

    Key takeaways:

    + How to manage your company's explosive growth from the HR front
    + Actionable recruiting strategies to effectively hire the right talent
    + How to attract and retain a diverse and digitally skilled talent pool
    + What premium benefits potential employees want

    The Speakers:

    Joseph Furnari: CEO for HyreCar, Inc., a car-sharing for ridesharing marketplace that allows car owners to rent their idle cars to Uber and LYFT drivers safely, securely, and reliably. Prior to that, Furnari served as HyreCar’s Chief Financial Officer. Previous to HyreCar, Mr. Furnari served as Vice President of Portfolio Management at The Palisades Group, LLC, where he managed a $5.2 billion portfolio of single-family residential whole loan pools. From October 2009 to April 2014, he served as Assistant Vice President of Securitized Products Valuation at Morgan Stanley, where he coordinated monthly independent valuations of securitized products. From April 2006 to October 2009, Mr. Furnari served as a Senior Analytics Analyst at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

    David Hughson: As VP for the Technology Sector at TriNet USA, Dave helps tech startups get the HR services they need to manage their payroll and benefits, mitigate risk, and attract and retain a high-quality workforce.
  • How criminals are playing the gaming industry and what you can do about it Recorded: Nov 19 2019 61 mins
    Akamai Technologies
    Online security threats are more pervasive than ever, and games have become a primary target for attackers. And why wouldn't they be? These days, there’s real money to be stolen in the virtual world of gaming. Hackers reportedly stole 218 million personal player records from a major gaming company recently.

    Game developers have to think about security from the start to go beyond the cat-and-mouse game with hackers. How do you protect your game and users from the wide variety of threats today? How will this be different in the future? And how do you integrate this security with the rest of the game to ensure good performance?

    To learn how to avoid becoming the next victim in online security threats with gaming, don’t miss this VB Live event.

    You’ll learn:

    - How to protect your game and players from a growing amount of online security threats
    - The latest trends in credential abuse and account hacks in gaming
    - How web attacks are evolving and where they are headed in the future
    - How to integrate security best practices with the rest of the game for best performance


    - Jonathan Singer, Sr. Manager, Global Games Industry, Akamai Technologies
    -Scott Adams, Founder & CEO, FraudPVP
    -Lonnye Bower, COO, ProbablyMonsters
    -Steve Ragan, Sr. Technical Writer, Akamai Technologies
    -Dean Takahashi, Lead Gaming Writer, VentureBeat
  • Stop chasing payments and increase your cash flow Recorded: Nov 14 2019 59 mins
    It goes without saying that small businesses are more successful and confident when they get paid. Unfortunately, when it takes multiple steps to collect payments, you're simply adding friction that works against this. Multi-step, unintegrated processes can be error prone, leave you waiting for payments longer than you should have to, interrupt your cash flow, and impede the rest of your processes. It's old-fashioned, too.

    Technology innovations today let you integrate your payments workflow into your customer funnel from start to finish. You can accelerate your agreement and collection processes, request payments easily from your customers, and get paid instantly.

    Learn how to stand out from the crowd with better customer service by removing boundaries and friction in the payment process, eliminate clunky customer interactions, and spend more time servicing customers rather than collecting payments when you join this VB Live event!

    You'll learn how to:

    * Accelerate sales from quote to cash and eliminate the risk of nonpayment
    * Provide the kind of customer service that helps you stand out from the crowd
    * Connect payments and agreements into a single workflow
    * Eliminate payment delays or failure to collect and the 10+ hours it takes to chase payments


    * Chris Davey, Senior Director, SMB Marketing and Strategy, DocuSign
    * Meghan Grady, Business Development, Product Partnerships, Stripe
  • VentureBeat Live: 5 predictions for AI’s impact on customer experience in 2020 Recorded: Nov 12 2019 60 mins
    VentureBeat & Bold360 by LogMeIn
    As 2020 closes in, it's time to learn our lessons from the best and worst of 2019's customer experience trends, and then brace ourselves for the impact that AI and chatbot technology will have on customer experience next year and beyond.

    So join us for a tour of the most under- and over-hyped customer experience trends of the year, plus the best examples of how AI and CX/customer engagement made an impact in 2019. Then we’ll take a look at the future: How AI and machine learning technology will make chatbots more sophisticated, change how brands and customers interact, impact the customer service journey from start to finish, and more.

    Help us make some wild predictions about the future of AI-powered customer service, learn why Gartner thinks now is the time to start investing in chatbot technology, get a perfect line of sight into the biggest challenges and opportunities for CX in 2020, and more when you register now for this VB Live event.

    Registration for free!

    You'll learn about:

    -The future of customer engagement
    -The challenges, opportunities, and trends in universal accessibility
    -How digital technology and AI impacts in-store experiences
    -Finding the happy medium of personalization
    -Why privacy and security is a customer service issue


    -Katherine Hird, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bold360 by LogMeIn
    -Ken Dodelin, VP Conversational AI Products, CapitalOne
    -Prince Arora, Director Product Management, Albertsons Companies

    More speakers coming soon!
  • How AI-powered search is boosting efficiency for the digital workplace Recorded: Oct 29 2019 61 mins
    Your employees have a full spectrum of content and data both sourced within and external to the enterprise. It can be an overwhelming amount of information, easy to get lost in. And that can slow down the process of making profitable business decisions. AI-powered smart search is the key to harnessing that data. Machine learning can connect employees to the info they need right when they need it, eliminate unproductive, dead-end hunts by surfacing more valuable, more relevant data, and let employees and teams in every department combine those new capabilities into real-world, high-value solutions for complex problems of every size.

    With data eating the world, search will surround everything we do. User needs and expectations are evolving fast, so enterprise search technologies need to keep pace and stay robust. Join this VB Live event to learn how machine learning and search combine to complement traditional workflows and boost efficient data discovery and insight, what operationalized AI means, and how it applies to search and machine learning, and more.

    You'll learn:

    * What operationalized AI means
    * How search and machine learning align to drive efficiency and Opex (operational expenditure) savings
    * How search and machine learning can create revenue opportunities
    * Success factors for operationalized AI and top lessons learned


    * Simon Taylor, Vice President Worldwide Channels & Alliances, Lucidworks
    * JP Sherman, Enterprise Search & Findability Expert, Red Hat
    * Richard Isaac, CEO, RealDecoy
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