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Get in control of your customer data! Data quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Poor data quality is a primary reason why nearly half of all CRM business initiatives fail to achieve their target. Every interaction with your customers – from sales and marketing to customer service and retention – depends on easy access to both trusted and complete customer data. But how do you get in control and maintain data quality? Join us to learn how you can trust and rely on your data with an integrated data quality solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Recorded Mar 8 2019 35 mins
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Presented by
Marco de Jong, Product Management Director, Syncsort
Presentation preview: Get in control of your customer data! Data quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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  • Raus aus dem Datensumpf – Bringen Sie Qualität in Ihren Data Lake Sep 18 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Marco Kopp, Senior Sales Engineer, Syncsort GmbH
    Daten sind der Treibstoff für Big Data, KI und maschinelles Lernen. Zum Schlüsselfaktor des wirtschaftlichen Erfolgs solcher Unternehmensinitiativen werden aber erst qualitätsgesicherte Daten.

    Nur qualitativ hochwertige Daten können die Versprechen von Big Data, KI und maschinellem Lernen wahrmachen. Falsche Daten führen dazu, dass viele Data Lake-Projekte in einem unwirtlichen Datensumpf enden.

    Was Sie tun können, um dies zu verhindern und wie Sie sicherstellen, dass Ihre Daten sauber, vollständig, präzise und hochwertig bleiben, zeigt Ihnen unser Experte Marco Kopp in unserem Webcast am 18. September 2019 um 10:00 Uhr.

    Sie erhalten alle wichtigen Informationen über
    •die Herausforderungen bei der Sicherstellung qualitativ hochwertiger Daten für KI und maschinelles Lernen.
    •Verzerrungen und andere Probleme durch minderwertige Daten.
    •die Maßnahmen zum Debugging von Daten, die dem maschinellen Lernen zugrunde liegen.

    Jetzt teilnehmen!
  • Minimieren Sie die Kosten und Risiken Ihrer IT mit Elevate Capacity Management Sep 4 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Wolfgang Wellnitz, Interchip AG
    Die richtige Nutzung Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur trägt maßgeblich zum wirtschaftlichen Erfolg Ihres Unternehmens bei. Eine zu hohe, aber auch eine zu niedrige Auslastung Ihrer Kapazitäten birgt Risiken und verursacht unnötige Kosten, egal ob vor Ort oder in der Cloud.

    Mit Elevate Capacity Management erhalten Sie einen 360°-Blick auf Ihre gesamte IT-Landschaft und wissen jederzeit, wie es um Ihre Ressourcen bestellt ist und wo Steuerungsmaßnahmen erforderlich sind. Intelligente Trending-Funktionen zeigen Ihnen, wo zukünftig Handlungsbedarf besteht, bevor es zu akuten Problemen kommt. Analytisches Modelling gibt Ihnen dann die Möglichkeit, die Auswirkungen von Änderungen abzuschätzen, bevor sie umgesetzt werden.

    In unserem Webcast am 04. September 2019 um 10:00 Uhr führt Sie Wolfgang Wellnitz, Experte unseres Partnerunternehmens Interchip AG, in unsere Software-Lösung Elevate Capacity Management ein und informiert Sie u. a. über
    •die interaktive Visualisierung von kurz-, mittel- und langfristigen Leistungs- und Kapazitätsproblemen.
    •die Bereitstellung detaillierter, hochwertiger Daten für Analysten und Planer.
    •die Erstellung von Szenarien durch Trendermittlung und analytische Modellierung.
    •die automatisierte Bereitstellung von Reports zum bisherigen und aktuellen Stand sowie zu zukünftigen Entwicklungen.
    •die Einrichtung individueller Schwellenwerte für Warnmeldungen und Alerts.
  • Connect CDC – Share Your Data Everywhere – Different Databases? No Problem! Aug 30 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Mariusz Gieparda, Manager Sales Engineering
    Data fuels the economic success of organizations globally. But how do you make sure all your databases are in sync and how do you provide access to current information across the business in real-time? (Polish Version)

    In this webinar in Polish our expert Mariusz Gieparda, Manager Sales Engineering at Syncsort, will introduce you to the easy way of automating data sharing for queries, reports, business intelligence, data warehousing and data lakes using our Connect CDC solution.

    Connect CDC captures data changes in real-time, replicates them between different databases and ensures data integrity across your whole organization. To demonstrate how easily data can be replicated, we will bring to you a live demo executing data replication between Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases.

    Learn more about
    - Connecting different databases in your organization with just a couple of mouse clicks.
    - Migrating your databases without a downtime
    - Sharing, distributing, consolidating and transforming your databases
  • Data Quality in Banking:Turning Regulatory Compliance into Business Value Aug 20 2019 9:00 am UTC 53 mins
    David Burk, Financial Services Expert & Steve Shissler, Syncsort
    Regulatory compliance – and avoiding the stringent fines for noncompliance – is a top concern for banks around the world. Yet, the fast pace of change, and the complexity of regulations, make adhering to these mandates harder than ever. The prerequisite to comply with all these regulations is high-quality, trusted data to ensure effective governance and reporting. By adopting robust data quality practices, not only does your bank benefit by staying compliant, it also reaps the rewards of better business decisions, higher operational efficiency, better customer service and more.

    Join us with Financial Services expert David Burk for a discussion on:
    • The background for regulatory reporting and key financial regulations
    • Understanding how data quality helps institutions succeed with regulatory reporting compliance
    • How regulatory reporting improves data for other business decisions
    • How financial institutions leverage Trillium DQ to deliver quality data
  • IBM i Security - Best Practices Recorded: Aug 15 2019 59 mins
    Jeff Uehling - Product Management Director, Syncsort
    Security best practices and regulatory compliance for IBM i (AS/400) are a constantly moving target. In this webinar, security expert Jeff Uehling shares what he’s learned over the past 30 years regarding IBM i security best practices.

    Key topics include:

    - Why you need to run at security level 50 – and the exposures of running at lower levels
    - How to detect and prevent programs that could compromise system security
    - How Syncsort’s security solutions can help you achieve best practice within your organization
    - Security considerations for mobile deployments
  • Do you have Blind Spots in your ServiceNow Environment? Recorded: Jul 23 2019 27 mins
    Bill Hammond & Trent Gregory - Syncsort
    Many companies need to create an accurate, up‑to‑date, single system of record for their IT infrastructure. ServiceNow® Discovery provides IT with visibility it needs, and it keeps track of changes as they occur, and plays a critical role in eliminating service outages. However, for most of the world’s largest corporations, IBM z and IBM i systems continue to play a vital role in their IT infrastructure, and they are not discovered by ServiceNow Discovery by default. In this webcast, we look at how Syncsort's Ironstream for ServiceNow can help provide a complete single system of record to include these important IT assets.
  • Data Quality: Foundation for High-Value, Trusted Analytics in Financial Services Recorded: Jul 18 2019 48 mins
    Aisan Baird, Senior Director, Sales Engineering - Syncsort
    Whether to address compliance and fraud, improve customer experience, or increase innovation, high quality data is a critical foundation for advanced analytics. Yet, incorporating data quality at the scale required to support these initiatives can be a significant barrier to achieving high-value, trusted results.

    This session looks at five common Data Quality challenges Financial Services organizations face in delivering trusted analytics and deriving business value from Big Data.
  • Could your IBM zIIP Engines be doing more for your Bottom Line? Recorded: Jul 9 2019 24 mins
    Bill Hammond & Alissa Margulies - Syncsort
    With today’s increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, mainframe customers need to find innovative solutions that are cost-effective. Ideally, customers want to know how much impact a new solution will have on their personal bottom line. However, everyone’s computing environment is different, and one customer’s impact may be different than other customers. What if you could know, before you buy, what the impact of a solution would be on your environment?

    Syncsort’s Elevate ZPSaver reduces CPU costs by transferring as much sort processing as possible to zIIP processors. It's a sophisticated tool to help you to understand your sorting operations and calculate the potential ROI for your environment.

    View this webcast to:

    - Learn what information is included in the Elevate ZPSaver analysis including charts and tables with important data
    - Understand how to interpret the results and identify your savings potential
    - Review some real-world sample reports
  • Capacity Management in a Digital and Agile World Recorded: Jun 25 2019 59 mins
    Jamie Baker, Senior Product Manager, Syncsort
    Jamie Baker discusses common misconceptions and how important a mature capacity management process is – especially when it comes to DevOps and agile environments underpinned by elastic infrastructure, whether hybrid and/or public Cloud.

    During this webinar you will learn more about:

    - How the DevOps process provides the agility and speed of deployments for new IT services
    - How and why the cloud fits into this model
    - How to counter the perceptions that cloud capacity is infinite
    - How AI and machine learning perceive to offer control over capacity and performance on-demand
  • Mainframe Capacity Management: Time to come out of the Silo Recorded: Jun 25 2019 47 mins
    Charles Johnson, Senior Solution Consultant - Syncsort
    The mainframe has traditionally adhered to its own set of procedures, processes and reporting as it was a mature discipline within an organization. That maturity has led to a silo mentality in many cases not considering the new technologies outside it’s purview. These new technologies are Cloud, Hyper-Convergence computing and Big Data. Capacity Management for the mainframe, to be successful, needs to stretch out its arms and embrace those new platforms.

    View this webcast with CMG where we discuss:

    - The good aspects of mainframe Capacity Management
    - The bad aspects needing resolution
    - New architectures affecting the mainframe
    - The changing organization
    - How will Capacity Management evolve over the next few years?
    - How does mainframe Capacity Management fit into the new world?
  • De-Mystifying Capacity Management in the Digital World Recorded: Jun 25 2019 55 mins
    Jamie Baker, Senior Product Manager, Syncsort
    Capacity management is an integral function of organizations running multi-domain complex IT environments. However, the shift over the years from physical to virtual to Cloud and DevOps/Microservices has inevitably changed the perception of capacity management and whether it is still needed.

    View this webinar to learn why it’s necessary to invest in a capacity management solution to deliver business and service assurance, but also control costs and meet SLAs. In this webinar we cover:

    •How capacity management has evolved and why it’s as important for the Cloud
    •How capacity management can encompass but differ from real-time monitoring
    •What benefits can be realized from implementing and maturing a capacity management process
    •Why a mature capacity management process should co-exist with your load and performance testing activities
  • Effective Capacity Management for your IT Infrastructure Recorded: May 15 2019 43 mins
    Phil Bell, Sales Engineer
    Implementing or maturing a Capacity Management process takes executive buy-in, proper planning and the tools to make it possible – plus it helps when you get to enjoy a significant return on investment from the process! View this webcast to get an understanding of how Syncsort Athene™ can help you improve continuity and optimise performance of critical business services, and reduce costs.
  • How to Strengthen Enterprise Data Governance with Data Quality Recorded: May 9 2019 60 mins
    Harald Smith and Davinity Powis - Syncsort
    If your organization is in a highly-regulated industry – or relies on data for competitive advantage – data governance is undoubtedly a top priority. Whether you’re focused on “defensive” data governance (supporting regulatory compliance and risk management) or “offensive” data governance (extracting the maximum value from your data assets, and minimizing the cost of bad data), data quality plays a critical role in ensuring success.

    Learn how enterprise data quality drives stronger data governance, including:

    - The overlaps between data governance and data quality
    - The “data” dependencies of data governance – and how data quality addresses them
    - Key considerations for deploying data quality for data governance
  • Drive ROI from your Business Applications with Embedded Real-time Data Quality Recorded: May 2 2019 29 mins
    Harald Smith, Product Marketing Director, Syncsort
    Learn how you to ensure your business applications are always working with the most accurate, up-to-date data to drive your sales, marketing, partner, loyalty and customer service programs. We’ll cover how to:

    - Seamlessly integrate robust data quality, global address validation and geocoding into virtually any business application

    - Get a single view of your customers by embedding the most powerful, flexible data quality right in Microsoft Dynamics or SAP (now with support for S/4HANA)
  • Building an Enterprise Data Marketplace Recorded: May 2 2019 28 mins
    Jennifer Cheplick, Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Syncsort
    Data marketplaces, often provided as Data as a Service, have taken off over recent years. But most organizations already own the data most relevant to their business, and have started to create their own enterprise data marketplaces, where users can easily find and access data from across the company that is clean, trustworthy and auditable.

    View this webinar on-demand to learn how to build an enterprise data marketplace of your own with Syncsort's DMX-h! We'll cover:

    - Attributes of a successful enterprise data marketplace
    - Potential roadblocks, and how to overcome them
    - Examples of customers who have successfully built data marketplaces with DMX-h
  • Get in control of your customer data! Data quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Recorded: Mar 8 2019 35 mins
    Marco de Jong, Product Management Director, Syncsort
    Poor data quality is a primary reason why nearly half of all CRM business initiatives fail to achieve their target. Every interaction with your customers – from sales and marketing to customer service and retention – depends on easy access to both trusted and complete customer data. But how do you get in control and maintain data quality? Join us to learn how you can trust and rely on your data with an integrated data quality solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • What Does Artificial Intelligence Have to Do with IT Operations? Recorded: Feb 22 2019 27 mins
    Ed Hallock, Director Product Management,Syncsort
    From the early days of IT, organizations have grappled with the challenges of understanding how well their infrastructure is performing in support of the business. They have used a plethora of tools to detect, manage, and resolve problems that are causing disruption of services, but still struggle to achieve a unified, cross-domain understanding of what is happening across their IT infrastructure.

    Fortunately, over the past few years analytics platforms like Splunk, Elastic, and others have emerged to address requirements around IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). Today the buzz is around AIOps – Artificial Intelligence Operations. But what is AIOps, and what can it do to help organizations address IT challenges?

    View this webinar on demand to get a better understanding of:
    •What is Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations
    •What are the required technologies for success at AIOps
    •What challenges exist for achieving AIOPs
  • Wie Datenqualität Machine-Learning und KI unterstützen kann Recorded: Feb 19 2019 43 mins
    Marco Kopp, Senior Consultant Sales Engineer
    Die Implementierung kritischer maschineller lernbasierter Business Applikationen, von Know Your Customer (KYC) über Anti-Geldwäsche (AML) bis hin zur Betrugserkennung, ist schwierig, wenn Daten falsch, unvollständig, schlecht formatiert oder aus vielen verschiedenen Quellen stammen.

    Modelle des Machine Learning benötigen große Mengen an zuverlässigen, aktuellen und sauberen Daten, um ihre Arbeit zu leisten. Der Aufbau von Datenbereinigungs- und Entitätslösungsprozessen auf Big Data Plattformen wie Hadoop und Spark ist kein Kinderspiel. Wenn Modelle endlich in die Praxis umgesetzt werden, sind die Daten schnell veraltet. Wie also halten Sie die Daten in Ihrem Cluster zuverlässig mit den transaktionalen Quellsystemen in der Produktion synchron?

    Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar, wie die wichtigsten Herausforderungen des Machine Learning, selbst in einigen der schwierigsten Anwendungsfälle, durch Echtzeit-Datenintegration und skalierbare Datenqualität bewältigt werden können
  • Enterprise Security in Mainframe-Connected Environments – 15-minute webinar Recorded: Feb 18 2019 15 mins
    Rich Fronheiser, Product Marketing Manager, Syncsort
    Mainframe continues to power critical operations in enterprise IT – making it susceptible to external threats and attacks.

    With Syncsort Ironstream, Splunk users can easily monitor and effectively resolve application, security and network problems on the mainframe, by opening up real-time operational data in Splunk Enterprise.

    View this 15-minute webinar on-demand where we described the security and compliance challenges organizations face and how Ironstream® can work with Splunk to eliminate those security blindspots.
  • IT Service Intelligence for Improved Business Monitoring – 15-minute webinar Recorded: Feb 11 2019 18 mins
    Ian Hartley, Principle Engineer, Syncsort
    View this 15-minute webinar to see how you can broaden the scope of ITSI in Splunk to include mainframe and IBM i log data - achieving end-to-end visibility into application health and performance…

    When an application goes down or IT services are delayed, your business can grind to a halt. It’s important to have a view of operational data from across all of your systems so you can identify and fix problems quickly.

    Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a monitoring and analytics solution that gives visibility across IT infrastructures and business services. By proactively watching streams of machine data it can detect when something starts to step out of line, and more importantly, give you time to correct problems before they have a negative impact.

    But in today’s enterprise IT environments, systems can span multiple technology stacks and platforms. So, what if you have a mainframe or IBM i server? Can you bring this onto the surveillance radar of ITSI? With Syncsort Ironstream® you can.
Optimize, Assure, Integrate and Advance your Data
At Syncsort, we organize data everywhere, to keep the world working. We use our experience so you can quickly extract value from your critical data anytime, anywhere. Our software is used by leading enterprises - on premise and in the cloud - to optimize their data infrastructure, assure the availability and security of critical data, and seamlessly integrate their systems and improve data quality.

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  • Title: Get in control of your customer data! Data quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365
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  • Presented by: Marco de Jong, Product Management Director, Syncsort
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