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Migrating to the Cloud Safely & Securely - Imperva Part 3

Data capture, storage, and usage continues to grow at exponential rates. As a result, and in an effort to obtain operational efficiencies, many new organizations are “born in the cloud”, while for others, the migration of data and data driven business processes to cloud environments continues to escalate rapidly. The use of third party database and related cloud service offerings to support cloud and hybrid environments is also growing and evolving. However, security teams consistently report concerns with respect to the lack visibility and oversight of their data in the cloud. Typical questions being asked by CISOs are complex and not easy to answer. Join Imperva and (ISC)2 on May, 23, 2019 at 1:00PM Eastern for an examination of these questions and how to address them effectively.
Recorded May 23 2019 58 mins
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Presented by
Shawn Ryan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Imperva; Brandon Dunlap (Moderator)
Presentation preview: Migrating to the Cloud Safely & Securely - Imperva Part 3

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  • Schützen Sie Ihr Unternehmen vor DDoS-Angriffen May 27 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Walo Weber, Sales Engineering Manager
    2019 wurde der größte jemals aufgezeichnete DDoS-Angriff verzeichnet. In diesem Webinar lernen Sie die verschiedenen Arten von DDoS-Angriffen kennen, auf welche Branchen und Regionen abgezielt wird und warum Beharrlichkeit zur neuen Norm wird.

    Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil um sicherzustellen, dass Sie bereit sind mit den Arten von DDoS-Angriffen umzugehen, die wir 2019 erlebt haben.
  • Cloud Database Best Practices: Secure and Audit Ready Recorded: May 20 2020 59 mins
    Terry Ray, SVP and Imperva Fellow and Noel Yuhanna, Author and VP Principal Analyst of Enterprise Architecture, Forrester
    Cloud providers streamline their database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offerings to make adoption as frictionless as possible. But for your programs operating under regulatory mandates, the challenge comes in protecting the privacy and clearing compliance audits. Unfortunately, DBaaS only takes you part of the way. The rest is on you. Join our expert database and compliance panel to learn actionable best practices to ensure DBaaS program success:

    •Analyst insight on what works and doesn't
    •Growing regulatory challenges
    •Controls you need to implement above access and encryption
    •Auditing and reporting considerations

    All attendees will receive free 30-day use of Imperva's new Cloud Data Security (CDS) monitoring SaaS application.
  • FinServ Compliance: How to be compliant and resilient in times of disruption Recorded: May 12 2020 50 mins
    Terry Ray, SVP and Imperva Fellow
    Disruption exposes vulnerabilities and increases the risk for businesses. COVID-19 is causing major disruption for organizations around the world, not least for financial institutions that are likely to have more at stake in terms of critical assets. Data Privacy compliance is still a requirement however and the recent health crisis has thrown up a number of data protection challenges for financial services organizations including;

    •Making it more difficult to protect sensitive data with employees relying on software applications for business continuity
    •Having to manage the surge in the number of threat alerts with dispersed security teams who were already overloaded
    •Mitigating the increased risk of a data breach with multiple users accessing data remotely and with reduced security measures and testing

    In this webinar Terry Ray, SVP and Imperva Fellow for Imperva will share his thoughts on how adopting a data-centric approach to security helps you ensure compliance while at the same time increasing your resilience to mitigate the risk of a breach and ensuing long term damage to the reputation of your business.
  • Bad Bots are Striking Back and Ruining the Internet Recorded: May 5 2020 55 mins
    Edward Roberts, Director, Product Marketing, Imperva and Amy DeMartine, VP, Research Director, Forrester
    One in every four web requests is a bad bot looking to hurt your business. From price scraping to credential stuffing, bots are all over your website and mobile app. In today's environment, bad bots are also trying to legitimize their behavior. Data from Imperva's annual “Bad Bot Report,” prepared by its threat researchers, will explain what bots are doing and why you should be concerned.

    Join Imperva and a leading Forrester Analyst to learn more about the bot problem and understand the latest data from the Bad Bot Report 2020.

    Key takeaways will include:
    •How Forrester sees the bot problem and the solutions available to you.
    •The current state of the bot landscape supported by data from Imperva’s annual “Bad Bot Report 2020”
    •Why bot operators are actively trying to rebrand
    •How to enhance security and protect against bad bots with an Advanced Bot Protection solution
  • Financial Services: Actionable Practices to Ramp Up Security in Disruptive Times Recorded: Apr 28 2020 36 mins
    Grainne McKeever, Sr. Security Product Marketing Manager, Imperva
    The COVID19 environment is causing business disruption on a global scale, forcing industries to quickly adapt to the changing market, which is creating a hotbed of opportunity for cybercrime. The Financial Services sector has always been a prime target for attackers, and many large banks and financial institutions are looking for ways to ramp up security to ensure their operations and critical data are protected.

    In this webinar, hear from Imperva leaders as they present the latest industry trends and offer immediate and actionable best practices you can put in place to protect your valuable data and applications in turbulent times.
  • Movement to the cloud and security attacks are on the rise Recorded: Apr 16 2020 64 mins
    Steve Piper, CEO of CyberEdge Group and Kim Lambert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Imperva
    Insights from the 2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report

    Enterprises today are challenged with securing data and applications as they are migrating to the cloud. At the same time, attacks are increasing, IT is understaffed and they are looking for the tools and solutions to help them enable the business. In this live webinar, CyberEdge and Imperva will discuss the challenge and solution for organizations to undergo a digital transformation securely and with confidence as they explore the many findings from the 2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report.

    Please join CEO of CyberEdge Group, Steve Piper & Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Imperva, Kim Lambert
  • Global DDoS Threat Landscape Recorded: Mar 25 2020 60 mins
    David Elmaleh, Product Manager & Johnathan Azaria, Data Scientist at Imperva
    2019 saw the biggest DDoS attack ever recorded. In this webinar you will learn about the different types of DDoS attacks, which industries and geographies are being targeted, and why persistence is becoming the new 'norm'.
  • Top CISO Priorities for 2020 Recorded: Feb 26 2020 54 mins
    Chris Roberts, Kunal Anand, Jim Hansen & Hank Thomas
    What are the key areas CISOs are focusing on in 2020 and beyond? From identity management in a multi-cloud world, to protecting assets with encryption and zero trust, to educating DevOps and other teams on security rather than control, to dealing with alert fatigue and an ever-changing threat landscape - how are CISOs coping and what are their key initiatives for 2020? 
    Join this panel of security leaders and experts as they discuss:
    - The NIST model and how it applies to what's currently on the CISO's plate
    - Security strategies for preventing and responding to breaches 
    - Workforce challenges and opportunities
    - CISO to CISO advice
    - Key initiatives to focus on in 2020
    This panel will be broadcast LIVE during RSA Conference in San Francisco.

    Chris Roberts, Chief Security Strategist, Attivo Networks (Moderator)
    Kunal Anand, CTO, Imperva
    Jim Hansen, President & COO, Swimlane
    Hank Thomas, CEO, Strategic Cyber Ventures
  • How Security Enables Business Growth Recorded: Feb 25 2020 26 mins
    Kunal Anand, Chief Technology Officer, Imperva & Rick Moy, Head of Marketing, Acalvio Technologies
    As more data is created and collected every day, more users within and outside of your organization are accessing it to create business value. Identifying the security risks without compromising the agility of your business is critical.

    Join this exclusive video interview with Kunal Anand, Chief Technology Officer of Imperva, to learn more about how organizations should use cybersecurity as a business differentiator to enable scale and growth.

    Viewers will have an opportunity to learn more about:
    - Why managing your digital transformation is key to protecting data wherever it lives, on-premise or in the cloud in the age of breaches
    - Understanding your users and the attack vectors to your web application to identify malicious activity that puts your business at risk
    - How security can enable business growth and serve your customers better.

    This video interview will be broadcast LIVE from San Francisco during the 2020 RSA Conference.
  • 2020 Trends in Cybersecurity Recorded: Feb 20 2020 40 mins
    Kunal Anand, CTO, Imperva & David Gee, CMO, Imperva
    Join us for a fireside chat with Imperva CTO Kunal Anand and CMO David Gee as they share with you the cybersecurity trends and things to watch for in 2020.
  • 2020 Trends in Cybersecurity Recorded: Dec 11 2019 41 mins
    Kunal Anand, CTO, Imperva & David Gee, CMO, Imperva
    Join us for a fireside chat with Imperva CTO Kunal Anand and CMO David Gee as they share with you the cybersecurity trends and things to watch for in 2020.
  • How RASP can easily secure your legacy apps Recorded: Dec 5 2019 37 mins
    Drew Roy, Product Management, Runtime Security at Imperva and Andrew Johnson, AppSec Product Marketing at Imperva
    While your enterprise is undergoing a digital transformation, your team’s still on the hook for securing legacy apps, as well as apps built with open source and third-party libraries and frameworks. But a problem arises when the resources who wrote the code have left your organization or when your team cannot modify 3rd-party code. At the same time, new vulnerabilities are being uncovered daily in open source components which further buries your development teams who are already trying to remediate flaws uncovered by code scanning tools while attempting to hit their deadlines for new feature development.

    Don’t let securing your legacy and 3rd party apps take away from your digital transformation efforts! Join Drew Roy, Product Management, Runtime Security at Imperva and Andrew Johnson, AppSec Product Marketing at Imperva to learn how Imperva Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) embeds security into legacy apps by default, enabling companies to focus on innovation.
  • How RASP can save a struggling Secure SDLC Recorded: Nov 19 2019 57 mins
    Chris Prevost, Head of Runtime Solution Architecture at Imperva and Andrew Johnson, AppSec Product Marketing at Imperva
    Despite countless hours of effort and billions of dollars spent, companies are struggling mightily under their SDLC programs. Prioritizing ever increasing vulnerability backlogs and release delays due to critical security bugs found in the eleventh hour are only made worse by faster deployment cadences and the move to microservices and the cloud.

    Don’t let your SDLC negate the benefits of DevOps and your digital transformation efforts! Join Chris Prevost, Head of Runtime Solution Architecture at Imperva and Andrew Johnson, AppSec Product Marketing at Imperva to learn how Imperva Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) secure apps by default, enabling companies to innovate rapidly with apps that protect themselves.
  • How FinServ can Balance Digital Transformation, Risk and Compliance Recorded: Nov 14 2019 52 mins
    Terry Ray, SVP and Imperva Fellow, Imperva
    Market fragmentation, the influx of modern digital solutions by fintechs, and the foray into the banking world by tech giants, are all intensifying competition for financial firms, placing them under immense pressure to adopt cloud technology and transform their businesses.

    However, digital transformation also creates new levels of risk as there are now more users interacting with more apps and data that resides everywhere. Moreover, firms continue to face the challenges of complying with increasingly complex regulation and maintaining operational performance while protecting their assets from internal and external threats.

    This webinar explores how you can maintain the balance between risk mitigation, compliance and business transformation.

    What you will learn from this webinar:
    What are the common challenges faced by financial services firms as they embrace digital transformation?
    Why do breaches still happen? – The shortcomings of relying on traditional perimeter-based and identity-based security.
    What is the right approach to assess risk? Why is this recommended by leading analyst firms?
  • Web Application Firewalls – Critical Trends and Requirements Recorded: Nov 12 2019 55 mins
    Terry Ray, SVP and Imperva Fellow
    As the web application landscape changes, so do the threats, as well as the tools used for application security and critical data protection. Join Terry Ray, SVP and Imperva Fellow, as we analyze the key insights from the new 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls.

    From this session you will understand:

    • Trends in the consideration of on-premises and cloud deployments
    • How your security requirements should adapt to the changing web application and API threat landscape
    • The role of WAF services in your overall security strategy
  • RASP has your WAF's back: Protect against zero days by default Recorded: Nov 5 2019 44 mins
    Drew Roy, Imperva AppSec Product Manager and Andrew Johnson, Imperva RASP Product Manager
    With nefarious actors constantly evolving their tactics, leading companies should adopt a layered defense approach to mitigate their risk of exploitations. On the edge, WAFs provide the first line of defense against things like bot attacks, DDoS, ATOs and known technical attacks. RASP sits within your app protecting against known and zero day vulnerabilities in your code - with no signatures and no learning mode.

    Join Drew Roy and Andrew Johnson from the RASP Product team at Imperva to learn how adding RASP to your existing WAF strengthens your security posture and lower your overall risk.
  • Live DDoS Attack: Mitigate then Investigate Recorded: Oct 23 2019 56 mins
    David Elmaleh, Product Manager, Imperva and Andrew Shoemaker, Founder & CEO, NimbusDDOS
    Think DDoS protection is easy? Join Imperva Product Manager David Elmaleh and DDoS attack expert Andrew Shoemaker of NimbusDDOS to understand the challenges that DDoS attacks create from the time an attack happens to the aftermath. Witness a live layer 7 DDoS attack which showcases how these attacks can be the most difficult to mitigate, and get a closer look at real-world DDoS incidents where threat preparedness was overlooked. Plus, you will learn how to investigate and understand the components of a DDoS attack so that when – not if – a DDoS attack hits, you’re prepared to answer any questions that come your way.
  • Gain rapid threat protection with automated DDoS and WAF solutions Recorded: Oct 9 2019 46 mins
    Josh Hammer, AWS Security Architect; Kim Lambert, Imperva Sr. Product Manager; Aaron Blakely, DigiCert Security Director
    Organizations often struggle to protect business-critical applications from ever-increasing threats. Many organizations lack the security staff, and sometimes knowledge, to mitigate the seriousness—and scope—of the attacks they constantly face. APN Security Competency Partner Imperva provides automated security solutions that can help you defend against both known and zero-day attacks and increase visibility across your entire Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, to rapidly stop attacks and quickly identify the real threats that need to be investigated.

    Join our webinar to learn how DigiCert has protected both their AWS and on-premises environments from DDoS attacks and other threats by using Imperva’s SaaS Web Application Security solution. This versatile security offering helps keep application workloads safe across cloud and on-premises environments and can be managed from a single pane of glass, enabling security teams to more effectively and efficiently secure business operations.
  • Bad Bots, Big Business: The impact of malicious bots on e-commerce sites Recorded: Oct 1 2019 57 mins
    Edward Roberts, Director of Product Marketing at Imperva and David Pollitt, Head of IT Services and Ops at Missguided
    E-Commerce businesses are bombarded with specialized bot attacks—more often than you probably realize. Most IT pros have experienced the craziness and utter chaos that ensues as malicious bots attack with persistence. The lack of visibility, the time spent researching the origins and patterns, and the immense time pressure to find a solution all curb your ability to serve your company's needs.

    All industries are under attack from bots. But you need to know the tactics used on e-commerce organizations like yours—tactics like price scraping, sneaker bots, grinch bots, and gift card stuffing and abuse.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss the high-level statistics and key takeaways from our upcoming report on the threat of bad bots toward e-commerce sites, including:

    • The economic impact of
    • Bots that stuff gift cards and scrape the web for investments
    • Bad bots like Grinch bots and Sneaker bots that steal your sales
    • Who’s behind these bad bots
    • There are four primary groups of where bad bots are coming from!
    • The types of attacks they’re using
    • How your customers are affected
    • Hint: bad bots can cause ATOs
    • What you can do about it

    Up your reporting game to beat bad bots. Register now.

    Distil Networks was recently acquired by cyber security software and services company Imperva. Imperva is the industry leader in DDoS, RASP and WAF. With Distil Networks, we now add industry leading Bot Management to the only full stack App Security solution on the market.
  • API Security: Discover Complete Visibility Throughout Your API Endpoints Recorded: Sep 18 2019 27 mins
    Ziv Grinberg, Imperva Principal Product Manager, API Security and Michael Wright, Imperva Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Gartner predicts that by 2022, API abuse will become the most frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications. Join our API Security Principal Product Manager, Ziv Grinberg and Senior Product Marketing Manager Michael Wright as they discuss and showcase how Imperva is leading the fight against cybercriminals and the threat they pose to APIs. During this webinar our team will demonstrate the simplicity of uploading a Swagger file, how our API Security solution automatically enforces a positive security model based on the OpenAPI Specification file and in turn empowers your DevOps teams with the confidence and agility they need to publish and secure their APIs.
Imperva Cyber Security Webinars
Imperva is a leading provider of cyber security solutions that protect business-critical data and applications in the cloud and on-premises.

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  • Title: Migrating to the Cloud Safely & Securely - Imperva Part 3
  • Live at: May 23 2019 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Shawn Ryan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Imperva; Brandon Dunlap (Moderator)
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