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DMBoK Discipline: Data Quality Management

Chris Bradley continues to lead us through the DAMA DMBoK 'wheel' - this time concentrating on Data Quality Management
Recorded Aug 18 2015 46 mins
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Presented by
Chris Bradley
Presentation preview: DMBoK Discipline: Data Quality Management

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  • Building the case for data governance Recorded: Jun 5 2020 60 mins
    Stijn Christiaens, Kim Woodward, Tariq Bhatiti, Nicola Askham
    To fully capitalise on the power of data, it needs to be put at the heart of the business. This requires a strong data-centric culture that focuses on understanding data at every level of the organisation.

    Join Kim Woodward, Head of Information Operations at AstraZeneca Digital Health R&D, with Stijn Christiaens, Co-founder and head of Collibra’s data office, and Tariq Bhatti, Head of Data and Analytics Resources and Technology Services at the Nursing & Midwifery Council, to hear how an organisation can transform how data is governed and managed to drive change and generate value. The panel will provide insights and best practices on:
    building the case for data
    navigating the organisation to drive change
    how to get the organisation to commit to success
    And of course, pivoting in the time of a pandemic to keep data relevant and the investments in data and digital transformation.
  • Transforming your Customer Experiences – Do you have the DATA to back it up? Recorded: Mar 6 2020 46 mins
    Scott Taylor
    Every enterprise is focused on creating a transformative customer and user experience. Building a responsive organization to manage concurrent shifts toward Relationship Centricity, Direct-to-consumer, Hyper-personalization, and As-a-Service while respecting Privacy and Consent is a top strategic mandate. Investments in technology, analytics, data science and storytelling are important, BUT do you have the DATA to back it up? In this session we will explore:

    Where to start: Defining Customer, Brand, Location and Media
    Matching your CX/UX to Growing Expectations
    Keeping up with evolving business models
    BONUS: Why Taylor Swift ❤️s meta-data
  • Becoming Data Centric ? … Building a Data Strategy Part 1 Recorded: Feb 14 2020 45 mins
    Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley takes a look at building a data strategy to help your organisation become more data centric.
  • The dangers of dirty data…and how to spot it Recorded: Feb 7 2020 38 mins
    Susan Walsh, Nicola Askham
    We all know what bad data looks like, but what are the consequences? Susan Walsh, The Classification Guru has spent 8 years classifying spend data and will share with you some examples from the perspective of the end user in terms of supplier normalisation and data classification, and will show you how to make quick spot checks of your data to find these.
  • The all new DAMA Certified Data Management Professional certification Recorded: Dec 3 2019 48 mins
    Chris Bradley
    Join this webinar to get an overview of the DAMA Professional Certification and learn of the recent changes that make taking the specialist exams more flexible.
  • Automating data management for quality and compliance – the business case Recorded: Oct 18 2019 44 mins
    Mark Hobart, Nicola Askham
    IDC forecast a ten-fold increase on business data processed compared to today. Combine this with increasing regulatory compliance and demand for quality data, then it is perhaps not a surprise to find that many are feeling somewhat over-whelmed by the enormity of the data management and governance task. Don’t despair, there is a compelling business case, both in terms of efficiency gains and tangible financial savings in adopting a strategy for centralising information governance and automating the management of your data.
    This presentation will explore the emerging problem domain of data and look at the business case for use of automated data management tools to better prepare your organisation for the tsunami of data coming its way.
  • Using AI & Machine Learning to understand, manage & control document content Recorded: Sep 6 2019 38 mins
    Richard Porter
    Unstructured data is a growing threat to corporate compliance and budgets.
    The exponential expansion and distribution of unstructured documents and data, impacts the security of sensitive data and organisational efficiency. Word, PDF, PowerPoint, CAD, OCR, etc. documents may contain PII data, company IP or other sensitive details. Unstructured data makes up 80%+ of enterprise data and is growing at over 55% per annum. At least half that data is “dark” data outside the corporate document management systems. The Inforeye solution enables you to understand your unstructured document landscape. If you do not know what you have or where it is, you cannot find it or protect it.
    Applying AI and ML to unstructured documents enables you teach a machine to think like a human (only faster and more accurately). It understands the essence of a document – not only what it contains, but what it is. Without programming, it finds hidden content (PII, etc.) or document types (contracts, HR evaluations, etc.).
    Cloud Migrations, GDPR & Libor Transition are just three of the topics demanding smarter, repeatable document analysis.
  • Uncovering Data Governance Maturity models Recorded: Aug 23 2019 45 mins
    George Firican, Nicola Askham
    Are you planning to start a data governance program or have started one and want to know how to evolve it? A data governance maturity model might provide you with solutions. Join this session to gain an understanding into what maturity models are and how they can be used, while understanding their shortcomings and benefits
  • Creating a Data Strategy Recorded: Aug 9 2019 34 mins
    Suzanne Coumbaros
    If you have ever been asked to write up a data strategy and wondered where to begin, this is the webinar for you. Suzanne will share with you, her tips on how to kick start this process as well as some rules to follow to create a data strategy that will impress your organisation.
  • How Nurture is helping businesses to grow their data science capability Recorded: Jul 12 2019 29 mins
    Lucy Lynch
    Lucy runs an education programme called Nurture which bridges the gap between academia and industry. This year she worked with 11 universities and 80 students all studying Data Science. As part of their study they need to complete a live project which forms the basis of their dissertation. Lucy facilitates the projects and help the students get the internships and coaches them along the way.
    We are very passionate about education here at Eden Smith and so much so we are building an education platform which will encompass an academy, Technical Training, Outreach and online learning. We feel by taking the time today to help the next generation, we are building up a fantastic network of people that we will want to collaborate with in the future.
    We will hear from 2 MSc students that have now been placed with LGIM and JustPark. They will talk about how the internship helped them succeed, what they learnt and what they wish to pass onto the next generation coming through.
  • EDM Council's Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) Recorded: Jun 19 2019 44 mins
    Nicola Askham, Mark Humphries, Pete Youngs, Mark McQueen
    Pete Youngs and Mark McQueen from Ortecha ( https://ortecha.com/services/dcam/) walk you through the EDM Council's Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM), describing the structure of the model and how it is used to benefit your organisation.
  • Data Governance in Higher Education. The size of prize & the pain to achieve it Recorded: May 29 2019 38 mins
    Alex Leigh, Nicola Askham
    Introducing Data Governance in any sector is challenging. in UK Higher Education, it is especially challenging. In this webinar, Alex Leigh will discuss why universities have different kinds of problems to other sectors, how data governance can help to resolve them, and what strategies can be successful for deployment and sustainability of a light touch framework and approach
  • MDM and Data Governance Recorded: Mar 25 2019 39 mins
    Josiah kimani, Nicola Askham
    The next Master Data Management (MDM) webinar will focus on the effect that MDM has in ensuring that a Data Governance (DG) strategy comes to life. Many organizations have a great Data Governance strategy but struggle with buy in. Equally, many organizations have a great desire to resolve Data Quality issues, harmonize data across the enterprise, de-duplicate data and drive data ownership using technology. Could the two, DG and MDM, be the perfect combination to deliver the necessary solution that meets the business strategies? Josiah Kimani of Profisee will be answering this question
  • Getting Organised For Data Management - Views On The Roles And Organisation Recorded: Feb 26 2019 42 mins
    Mark Humphries, Suzanne Coumbaros, Colin McGuire, Charles Joseph
    This webinar is a panel debate with experts sharing their thoughts on the Roles and Organisation you need to support Data Management successfully.
  • Building Professional Competencies for Information Management Practitioners Recorded: Dec 7 2018 44 mins
    Chris Bradley
    Considering a career in Information Management?
    Already well established in the field?
    Want to build up information management capabilities in your organisation?

    It’s not only the “Information” skills that are essential, but the wider business and soft skills are vital for effective Data Management roles.

    This seminar will introduce the key issues of:
    • What key capabilities are necessary (and desirable) for IM professionals
    • What behaviours and attitudes should be exhibited
    • What are the roles necessary in a successful Information Management practice
    • What are the skills and skill levels required to fulfil those roles; and
    • Does Data Management certification help?
  • Mind Your Language Recorded: Nov 30 2018 45 mins
    Nigel Turner, Becky Russel
    Join Nigel Turner of Global Data Strategy and Becky Russell of the Environment Agency in this webinar which looks at the criticality of common data definitions in managing complex data in the Environment Agency
  • Data Governance Interview with Mark Humphries Recorded: Oct 9 2018 29 mins
    Nicola Askham, Mark Humphries
    Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach, interviews Mark Humphries, Chairman of DAMA UK and Information Management Consultant for Civica Digital to get his advice on doing Data Governance.
  • How To Successfully Deliver A Data Management Program - Top 10 Tips Recorded: Aug 31 2018 44 mins
    Abel Aboh
    “I have never used a tool with clients that has been so universally and successfully adopted” Silos, Politics & Turf Wars by Patrick Lencioni.

    Data is an asset is no longer a cliché. However, business data needs to be owned, managed, secured and fit for purpose within the context of organisational challenges, complexities, culture, politics and operational priorities which can define if any Data Management team succeed or fail.

    Years in the trenches delivering Data Management as a business capability into a multi-billion pound programme with organisational complexities - there are ten tips I would like to share with you which are fundamental in the successful delivery of any data management program.

    I do profoundly believe they are simple but very important and it is worth knowing - probably not universally and successfully adopted in any organisations.

    They are not in any particular order but for any Data Management team and program to be successful – I strongly recommend their consideration with a clear strategy to develop and embed them within the organisation.
  • Enhancing the Data Management Skills Base: The role of professional mentoring – Recorded: Jul 4 2018 42 mins
    Lisa Allen, Suzanne Coumbaros & Nigel Turner
    New to data management? Or already a data professional but want to extend your data skills and knowledge? We can help; hear about DAMA UK's mentoring scheme. Developing partnerships between data professionals to share knowledge, skills, information to foster your personal and professional development and growth.
  • Data Integration & Interoperability Recorded: May 11 2018 46 mins
    Chris Bradley
    This is a new discipline introduced into DMBoK 2.0.
    DI&I covers addresses the different types of Data Integration approaches ranging from P2P through ETL to DV and EAI.
    The webinar will describe the different approaches, together with the applicability of the different approaches.
    The issues and implications of each will be discussed together with an outline of the technologies available that support these styles of integration.
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  • Title: DMBoK Discipline: Data Quality Management
  • Live at: Aug 18 2015 11:15 am
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