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Data quality remains a daunting challenge as poor data quality is sadly still the norm in many companies and organisations. This webinar explores why data quality is so hard to get right and outlines an effective approach to identifying, prioritising and tackling data quality problems. The approach also applies some of the artefacts of systems thinking to help demonstrate the multi-dimensionality of data quality and the need for holistic solutions.
Recorded Nov 27 2020 44 mins
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Presented by
Nigel Turner, Mark Humphries

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  • Demystifying Data Management Recorded: Oct 22 2021 47 mins
    Abel Aboh
    There is a clarion call to demystify what data management is about. Data management leaders, experts and practitioners need not to ignore this call. For CDO to have a place and voice in the board room, we have to do better explaining what data management is without data jargons.This session is to share my personal curated pillars of data management with data professionals and business users. Finally, if we want to help any business unlock their business value, data value, improve data maturity and literacy, you need to attend this session to help you articulate what is data management.
  • The role data can play in fighting climate change and regenerating biodiversity Recorded: Oct 1 2021 39 mins
    Walid Al Saqqaf
    The fight against climate change has been hampered by the lack of standardised trusted data. This has also impacted our ability for science to unlock the value of biodiversity and for multi-stakeholders to collaborate together. Walid Al Saqqaf the CEO of Rebalance Earth will walk you through the important role data can play in fighting climate change and regenerating biodiversity. Rebalance Earth a global ecosystems services platform for valuing and funding a living nature to combat climate change, biodiversity loss and lifting communities out of poverty.
  • An introduction to DAMA – a global network of data management professionals Recorded: Oct 1 2021 32 mins
    Mark Humphries, Chairman of @dama_uk and Dr James Tucker Head of health and life events analysis @ONS. Founder of @DQHubUKGov
    We nurture a community of data professionals in the UK, to manage data and information as a key asset. Our members have access to a range of materials to support their professional development. In this webinar we will introduce you to DAMA and how we can help you to develop your data management career. James Tucker will explain why the ONS joined DAMA and explain how the Govt Data Quality Framework is an example of the symbiotic relationship between DAMA and the ONS.
  • A Case Study in implementing a Data Governance Hub Recorded: Aug 18 2021 44 mins
    Mary Drabble
    Implementing a Data Governance Framework within a large company is never easy, but when trying to achieve this during an intense period of change, resulting from the merger of Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Investments, is it possible to succeed? Add to that the fact the person responsible for embedding data governance into the culture of the organisation has just joined the firm and is new to Investment Management – what could go wrong?
    This is a case study, covering 3 years of data governance implementation at Standard Life Aberdeen, set against a background of:
    • Merger and Divestiture and issues with heritage
    • Continuous organisation restructures within IT
    • A technology set for which there are few skills in the market
    • Funding and cost challenges
  • 7 “Must Have” Metrics to Assess the Quality of your Data Recorded: Jul 9 2021 43 mins
    Marco de Jong, Data Quality Director at Precisely
    There are lots of good strategies that you can use to improve the quality of your data and build data best practices into your company’s DNA. But what are the key measurements you should be using to ensure the effectiveness of your efforts, and avoid investing time and money in a data quality strategy that may or may not be paying off?

    Join DAMA UK and Marco de Jong, Data Quality Director at Precisely, as we rank the top 7 metrics for measuring the success of your data quality strategy.
  • Data Means Business Recorded: Jun 11 2021 48 mins
    Jason Foster and Barry Green
    In this session DAMA UK will talk to authors Jason Foster and Barry Green about their best-selling book, Data Means Business. Hear from them about creating and embedding a data guided culture into any organisation and the proven framework and method.
  • Fireside chat about first steps to data transformation Recorded: May 11 2021 35 mins
    Lisa Allen, Deborah Yates, Nicola Askham
    A chat with Lisa Allen and Deborah Yates, DAMA UK committee members and authors of ‘the little book of data’ - a new bite sized guide for those leading or working in data transformation.
  • The Business Intelligence Journey in Compare the Market Recorded: Apr 30 2021 40 mins
    Ketan Patel, Reporting Manager
    In this talk we will cover what challenges we face in Business Intelligence and our approach to tackle them. From the first stage of understanding what our purpose and goals are before we begin our journey of engaging with the business. We will also discuss how we bring in data experts and those with little data knowledge together to better enhance the BI in the business. Lastly looking at Story Telling with Data where we impact and influence decision making in the organisation and the importance of simplification.
  • A Data Quality Culture in Government: What is it and how do we get there? Recorded: Apr 16 2021 44 mins
    James Tucker
    The Government Data Quality Framework sets out the principles for building a data quality culture across government, but how will this work in practice across so many large organisations and so many data sources? The Government Data Quality Hub (DQHub) at the Office for National Statistics has recently been established to address these challenges, through setting direction and build data quality capability across government. James Tucker, Head of the DQHub, will take us through the ambitions for data quality in government, and the need to work across organisations in government and wider to achieve them.
  • Data Governance Interview with Lisa Allen Recorded: Jan 15 2021 42 mins
    Lisa Allen, Nicola Askham
    Join this interview with Lisa to gain some insights into Data Governance and to find out what it takes to become Head of Data at Britain's Mapping Agency.
  • Designing Data Audits to Build Trust Recorded: Jan 8 2021 44 mins
    Fionntán O'Donnell
    Fionntán O’Donnell, Senior Data Technologist at the ODI is part of a research project on Building trust through audit and certification. We're researching the different mechanisms used to build trust between organisations as they create, use and share data.
    As part of this research, we're looking into ideas around co-design of data audits. Which is based on two propositions. 1. If people in a data ecosystem come together and discuss their concerns and needs around data it can build trust between them. 2. The design of audits holds the right questions to help that conversation.
    This work is currently available as an annotated slidedeck. However, it is by no means complete. We hope to talk to others to learn if there are values in these ideas and where we should take them next.
  • Why & How to Monitor People? Using IoT to Encourage Independent Living Recorded: Dec 4 2020 45 mins
    Dr Fernando Loizides
    Internet of Things (IoT) involves the interconnection of multiple devices able to capture and share data autonomously. The decrease in technology cost, availability of internet and rise in the need for sustainable ways for independent living of an aging population has given opportunity to home monitoring of individuals through smart home sensors. Information recording and transmission from these sensors, carry legal, ethical and intrusive factors but also permit a path to independent living capabilities. We will be presenting our R&D work undertaken to integrate sensors to create a smart home experience, including communication between the sensors and a bespoke home assistant for increasing interaction between the home user and the technology and access to friends and loved ones. We will discuss what the data tells us, what capabilities the future holds and how scalability means migrating from manual to automatic (machine / deep learning) pattern recognition. In the talk we will also be introducing the Cardiff University’s newly established Data Science Academy and identify opportunities for collaboration with industry partners.
    Nigel Turner, Mark Humphries
    Data quality remains a daunting challenge as poor data quality is sadly still the norm in many companies and organisations. This webinar explores why data quality is so hard to get right and outlines an effective approach to identifying, prioritising and tackling data quality problems. The approach also applies some of the artefacts of systems thinking to help demonstrate the multi-dimensionality of data quality and the need for holistic solutions.
  • Common Data Environments and Digital Twins: what are they all about? Recorded: Oct 30 2020 45 mins
    David Hodgson
    David will bring his experience as both client and contractor, working in three industries, about what these things are, what they aren’t, what opportunities they provide, and what perhaps they could be.

    David is currently Head of IT/IM for the Sellafield Project-Programme Partnership (PPP), working for Kellogg Brown and Root. David started his career as a structural engineer but moved into project information management about 25 years ago on his way to project management, but has somehow stayed in the “Digital” domain ever since then. He has worked in oil and gas, rail and now nuclear. David is motivated by using the opportunities of “Digital” to drive up value and improve people’s lives.
  • Managing Data Quality – A Practical Guide Recorded: Sep 11 2020 45 mins
    Tim King, Julian Schwarzenbach
    Data is an increasingly important business asset and enabler for organisational activities. With growth in data sets and data volumes, it's becoming ever harder to manage. Data quality - the fitness for purpose of data - is a key aspect of data management and failure to understand it increases organisational risk and decreases efficiency and profitability.
    The book "Managing Data Quality" was published on 4th May 2020 and explains data quality management in practical terms, focusing on three key areas - the nature of data in enterprises, the purpose and scope of data quality management, and implementing a data quality management system, in line with ISO 8000-61. This presentation explores some of the themes and concepts in the book and will allow a more general discussion about improving data quality in organisations.

    Dr Tim King is Principal Consultant at Babcock International Group and was convener for ISO 8000.
    Julian Schwarzenbach is Director of specialist consultancy, Data & Process Advantage, and Chair of the BCS Data Management Specialist Group.
  • Sharing data: a strategy for innovation and growth Recorded: Aug 26 2020 36 mins
    Josh D'Addario, The Open Data Institute
    Businesses are starting to embrace data sharing as a business decision, and are seeing tangible benefits for their organisations and across sectors. This webinar will share new insights and tools, drawn from our research and a recent YouGov survey. It will show how sharing data can positively impact your bottom line.
  • Measuring your data program and scaling success Recorded: Jul 24 2020 60 mins
    Lynn Pope, Roberto Maranca, Nicola Askham
    Join Lynn Pope and Roberto Maranca, with Nicola Askham, as they discuss how to measure a data program and scale for success and continued growth. They will provide best practices and insights into the categories that put in place good data management, the right governance for a solid foundation and the right infrastructure to progress on a data journey.
  • Creating the vision: the data strategy Recorded: Jul 10 2020 54 mins
    Caroline Carruthers, Tariq Bhatti, Nicola Askham
    As data has become essential to every organisation to harness new technologies and enable digital transformation, so has the need to have a winning data strategy. Join Peter Jackson, Director - Group Data Science at Legal & General, and Tariq Bhatti, Head of Data and Analytics Resources and Technology Services at the Nursing & Midwifery Council, to hear how they have effectively built, implemented and delivered upon a business-driven data strategy. The panel will provide insights and best practices on:
    defining the vision to create a data strategy
    implementing the data strategy versus Business As Usual
    overcoming the legacy systems and processes
    pitfalls to avoid and keys for success
    delivering immediate business value with both offensive and defensive use cases
  • Innovations in Data Discoverability Recorded: Jun 24 2020 46 mins
    Hugh Phillips (Geospatial Commission), Clara Boyd (Ordnance Survey), Nicole Frith (Ordnance Survey)
    The volume of data is growing faster than ever before. In order to unlock the true potential and value of this data, it is fundamental that users can easily find the data they are looking for. Together with their partner bodies, the UK’s Geospatial Commission have been on a journey seeking to understand the barriers their users face when trying to find and access geospatial data. During this webinar, the project team will explore key insights from this work, and share findings, recommendations and toolkits to help data publishers make their data easier to find.
  • Geospatial practice session Recorded: Jun 23 2020 8 mins
    Hugh Phillips (Geospatial Commission), Clara Boyd (Ordnance Survey), Nicole Frith (Ordnance Survey)
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