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The Key to Implementing Innovative and Dynamic Recruitment

The world of recruitment continues to evolve at break neck speed, and shows no signs of slowing down. This webinar will discuss how recruiters are responding to change and using innovation to ensure that they can stay ahead of the competition in the war for talent.

We will talk about how a change of thinking in recruitment is promoting a collaborative and consumer-focused approach, bridging the gap between traditional recruiting channels and the apps we use every single day. As the conversation about chat bots and artificial intelligence (AI) continues, HR guru peter Gold will elaborate on what this means for recruiters and the way they work, now and into the future.

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Recorded Mar 16 2017 58 mins
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Presented by
James Marsh, HRreview; Przemyslaw Przybylski, Lumesse; Peter Gold, Storyfyd
Presentation preview: The Key to Implementing Innovative and Dynamic Recruitment

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  • Mind the Trust Gap – Insights on Recruitment in 2021 Jun 17 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    James Marsh, HRreview; Matt Johns, Product Marketing Manager, Thomas International
    Recent research conducted by Thomas International suggests that improving the quality of hires is the top priority for organisations in 2021.

    But how can you achieve this?

    In spring 2021, we spoke to HR and talent leaders across sectors to find out how they hire, the common challenges they face, what works in the hiring process – and what doesn’t. We also took a look at their use of advanced recruitment technologies, readiness for smarter ways of working, and psychometric testing.

    Join our panel as we share our research findings, how to fix recruitment and real-world lessons.

    Key takeaways:

    · Recruitment is on the rise after a slow 2020, so getting things right is vital – we'll show you how
    · Using predictive hiring and psychometric testing can bring innovation to recruitment
    · Enhance your candidate differentiation, eliminating bias, and screening for more successful hiring
  • Building a Sustainable DE&I Talent Strategy Jun 10 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    James Marsh, HRr; Shazeaa Ingar, Aon; Caroline Courtin, BNPP Global; Claire Harvey, Vodafone
    We all know greater workforce diversity leads to new ideas and fresh perspectives which boost creativity, whilst inclusion at work enhances workforce productivity and wellbeing. However, organisations who have implemented DE&I initiatives have trouble evaluating outcomes, so how do you move beyond those targets and realise the full benefits of a truly inclusive workforce?

    Join us on the 10th June at 11:00AM with key speakers from HRreview and Aon who will discuss:

    - Rethinking Potential: Using an inclusive definition and methodology
    - Building lasting DE&I strategies: Creating a holistic solution and exploring use cases
    - Fostering a culture of Inclusivity: Creating lasting workplace change and evaluating outcomes

    We look forward to meeting you on the 10th June at 11:00AM
  • Humanize your brand and transform your hiring May 27 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    David Wilson, Fosway Group; Alykhan Rehmatullah, iCIMS; Nicole Tucker, iCIMS
    Join us for a recorded roundtable discussion where David Wilson (Founder & CEO of Fosway, Europe's #1 HR Industry Analyst), Alykhan Rehmatullah (Former founder and CEO of Altru) and Nicole Tucker (Talent Acquisition Manager, iCIMS) deep dive into Talent Attraction and share their learnings and insights on the following topics:

    - Talent as the ultimate competitive advantage
    - Candidates now behave like customers - your candidate acquisition strategy needs innovation
    - What role employee-generated content plays within your TA strategy and best practices
  • Reinventing HR: The flexible work revolution May 20 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    James Marsh, HRr; Join Colette Philp, HR Director, SD Worx; Bob Rehill, Founder of Bob Rehill & Associates
    One-size-fits-all permanent contracts are relics of the past. Embracing flexible contracts and work assignments means that both businesses and employees gain unprecedented agility – but this can also create complexity for payroll and HR teams.

    With Covid-19, employers have a new challenge on their plates. Will their current skill needs look different tomorrow? Fluctuations in demands make it difficult to plan ahead and companies are increasingly being forced to rethink their talent management strategies.

    As companies recover from the pandemic, more flexibility in the workforce is an appealing prospect for organisations fighting the war against talent. Employee experience should also stay front of mind – but after months of lockdown, how much flexibility do employees really want?

    Organisations who opt for a flexible talent management strategy need the right tech in place to allow this flexibility to be possible and to create one consistent user experience for their people. They must also ensure tight legal compliance across their payroll and HR processes.

    Join Colette Philp, HR Director at SD Worx, and Bob Rehill, Founder of Bob Rehill & Associates, to discover:

    • What flexibility looks like to the post-Covid workforce
    • One size doesn’t fit all – creating different flexible working policies for different employees
    • Brand culture vs flexible working – how to strike the perfect balance
    • How to ensure watertight compliance with a flexible workforce
  • What’s Next in Work-Life Balance? May 13 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    James Marsh, HRreview; Jennifer Liston-Smith, Bright Horizons; Denise Priest, Bright Horizons; Oliver Black, Bright Horizons
    For employers and employees, Q2 means a series of tentative steps out of self-preservation and into new ways of working. Innovation is much discussed. Employers have taken turns to announce plans for their version of hybrid working with difference emphases on office, remote, hub-based or blended work patterns.

    Meanwhile, as we experiment with new normals, the summer holidays loom large and working parents face the annual juggle. Employers have been much more involved in care provision and also in supporting wellbeing and mental health.
    In this lively discussion, senior leaders from Bright Horizons share lived experience from working with over 300 of the UK’s leading employers to support work and family. Their client partnerships span top law firms and banks through to tech giants, NHS and fast-moving consumer goods.

    Through their just-launched research and their day-to-day conversations they have granular insights into what works and what’s next. Join us to hear from these leading thinkers as we discuss the trends. Has work-life balance taken on a whole new meaning? Will employers continue to play a strong role in enabling ‘life’ through benefits, programmes and greater choice? Or will remote working deliver an always-on, work-first culture?
  • Address the skills gap and futureproof your L&D strategy! Recorded: Apr 29 2021 64 mins
    James Marsh, HRreview; Agata Nowakowska, Skillsoft; David Wilson, Fosway Group; Caroline Ford, AstraZeneca
    With the global workplace in a fractious state for the last 12 months, many companies transitioned employees to working from home. This created new challenges for HR leaders from providing clear guidance to reinforcing HR policies.

    To add further complexity to the situation, Government figures reveal that the existing digital skills gap saw the UK lose out on £63 billion in 2016-2017 alone with evidence showing that the skills gap continues to widen.

    It's clear that many organisations do not have all of the right skills to fill the continually shifting demands they face today. With increased digitalisation across even traditional sectors, the pressure is on organisations to actively address the challenge both now and post-pandemic.

    So, what can organisations do to address and close the skills gap?

    Register now to hear expert advice from Skillsoft’s Area VP for EMEA, insights from the CEO of The Fosway Group, alongside special guest pharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca where they will discuss:

    • The breadth and depth of the challenge ahead
    • How to identify the roles and individuals who can be reskilled and repurposed
    • The importance of communication between HR, L&D and business leaders
    • How to plan your skills strategy to suit your business
    • How to scale and optimise your L&D function
  • Reinventing HR: Workforce management in the age of fluidity Recorded: Apr 22 2021 63 mins
    James Marsh, HRr; Bob Rehill, Bob Rehill and Associates; Cathy Geerts, Chief HR officer, SD Worx
    The switch to mobile, remote and flexible working, combined with a mix of permanent and contingent talent, presents challenges to effective workforce management. From tracking time and attendance, measuring performance and productivity, ensuring accurate remuneration and aligning talent to objectives, modern workforce management demands a smart, real-time solution.

    By integrating payroll with the entire people suite, including talent and workforce management, organisations have a single source of truth for seamless data sharing between departments. This enables greater insights and control over operations which leads to more accurate, efficient and agile ways of working.

    Without complications, HR can focus on strategic initiatives for the fluid workforce, such as embracing talent mobility and developing a strong company culture that embraces both permanent and contingent workers.

    Join Bob Rehill, from Bob Rehill and Associates, and Cathy Geerts, Chief HR officer at SD Worx, for this webinar, where you’ll discover:

    • The benefits of fluid workforce management and how this can be achieved
    • Payroll’s impact on fluid workforce management and how to get the foundations right
    • How to adapt your talent management strategy to focus on fluid capabilities
  • Rethinking Workplace Diversity: Cultivating an inclusive workforce Recorded: Apr 8 2021 60 mins
    James Marsh, HRreview; Mollie Tatlow, Thomas International; Neal Verman, Chestertons
    85% of CEOs whose organisations have a D&I strategy say it has enhanced business performance.
    (PwC, 2015)

    Workplace diversity is far more than just a moral issue. Organisations can harness the difference in people to help them become more successful, more innovative, more skilled and better able to cater to their diverse clients’ needs. However, putting the right steps in place to build a diverse workforce can be challenging. So, what can you do?

    Join Organisational Psychologist, Mollie Tatlow & Neal Verman, HR Director at Chestertons as they discuss the importance of having a D&I strategy in your recruitment and people processes, how to cultivate an inclusive workforce and the challenges you may come across.

    Key takeaways:
    • Why is diversity important in the workplace?
    • Useful statistics on bias, diversity and inclusion
    • How you can cultivate diversity in the workplace

    This webinar is for HR professionals, leaders and managers looking to improve their diversity and inclusion strategy by addressing unconscious bias in the workplace.
  • Driving employee growth and development through negative feedback Recorded: Mar 25 2021 63 mins
    James Marsh, HRreview; Charlotte Mosley, Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp
    One of the top drivers of employee engagement and retention is access to continuous learning and development, but this requires quality feedback that includes a plan for improvement and achievement. The trouble? It can be awkward or uncomfortable to give this kind of negative feedback to others, and recipients are often resistant to hearing it.

    Join Charlotte Mosley, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp for this webinar highlighting the hurdles to delivering negative feedback, and showing ways in which successful organisations leverage its power to motivate performance and engagement.

    You’ll learn:
    - The hurdles to delivering negative feedback
    - How companies have found success with frequent feedback
    - How performance feedback can be used to motivate good performance and increase engagement
    - How continuous learning and development impacts employee engagement and retention
  • Reinventing HR: Built. For Transformation Recorded: Mar 18 2021 62 mins
    James Marsh, HRr; Bob Rehill, Bob Rehill and Associates; Georgina Hendley, SD Worx; Stephen Ousley, SD Worx
    The pandemic has created challenges that none of us anticipated. For many businesses, it has accelerated digital transformation projects and highlighted the need for more agile and fluid ways of working.

    The rise of digital transformation in HR makes fluid workforce management possible. Tools that unlock digital HR processes, boost efficiency, enhance collaboration, reduce workloads and facilitate accurate information flows are shaping workforces around the globe.

    Digital HR and an employee centred mindset are no longer optional if you wish to thrive in the ‘new normal’. Both domains are heavily intertwined: a workplace with lots of digital and mobile options is exactly what employees want. Yet this can create more challenges for HR and Payroll departments.

    This notion immediately raises some questions. Just how digitally mature are companies today? Are they satisfied with the way things are going or are they planning new projects?

    Join Bob Rehill, from Bob Rehill and Associates, and Georgina Hendley, Transformation Programme Manager from SD Worx, for this webinar, where you’ll discover:

    • How can you achieve high digital HR maturity and what are the benefits?
    • What type of digital transformation projects are businesses prioritising?
    • What impact does automation/integration of HR and payroll processes/systems have on employee experience?
  • Building your winning workforce through diversity and inclusion Recorded: Mar 11 2021 62 mins
    James Marsh, HRreview; Chinor Lee, Associate Director, iCIMS; Amber Brown, Product Solutions Manager, iCIMS
    Diversity is a proven investment in a company’s success. International research argues that diversity is an important driver of business performance and a key factor to boost employee engagement and satisfaction. How can organizations craft better inclusion & diversity strategies for a competitive edge?

    This webinar will provide a clear and practical understanding of what Diversity & Inclusion really means, why it matters and what you can do as a company to leverage its full potential within your hiring strategy.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • The power of diversity as a catalyst for business-critical initiatives
    • Ways to embrace diversity and inclusion within your hiring so that your organization can attract, engage and hire the best talent to build a winning workforce
    • How you can leverage iCIMS D&I technology solutions for more inclusive talent practices
  • Early Careers in 2021: The Future of Next Gen Talent Recorded: Mar 4 2021 62 mins
    James Marsh, HRreview; Della Rath, Aon; Joanne Zadro, Schroders; Lauren Hillier, Schroders
    In the current COVID-19 world, where physical interactions are limited and the entire recruitment journey has moved online, only the most future-focussed organisations will hire the best quality talent. As recruiting leaders we need to think more broadly about how we assess, select and retain early career talent in our organisations.

    Join Aon, Schroders and Inside HR’s Virtual Forum that will cover:

    Case Study: How Schroders tackled diversity with their Early Careers Talent programme
    Hiring for skills: What skills does our workforce need today and in the future?
    How remote working and location strategy is impacting Early Careers Recruitment

    We look forward to meeting you on the 4th March at 11:00AM,
  • Hybrid Working 2021: Family-Friendly Blended Working for Parents & Carers Recorded: Feb 4 2021 62 mins
    James Marsh,HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, Bright Horizons; Siri Nomme, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP; Fiona Daniel, FD2i
    As we embrace a new world of hybrid work styles, what do employers need to do, to ensure success? Paying practical attention to working parents and carers is one important piece of the puzzle.

    We have a greater awareness than ever of the challenges in balancing careers with home life as the pandemic quite literally revealed the backdrop to our employees’ lives.

    We’ve learned that employees can be trusted to deliver remotely and that there are work-life gains without a commute. On the other hand, people need people and some people’s homes are not ideal workspaces. Bright Horizons’ research with working parents and carers suggests most will favour a blend of workplace in the future – onsite and offsite – where their roles allow.

    What are the quick wins and the strategic moves in this area that support wellbeing, work-life balance and deliverables ongoing?

    Hear from leading thinkers and employers on what works in managing hybrid working in inclusive high-performance cultures. Gain practical insights to help you weave support for working parents and carers (whatever their gender) into your Gender Pay Gap action plan.

    Speaker details:

    - Siri Nomme, Head of Talent & Diversity, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
    - Fiona Daniel, Founder & CEO FD2i, Former UK Head of D&I at HSBC
    - Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions
  • How to refine your learning strategy during times of disruption Recorded: Dec 10 2020 61 mins
    James Marsh,HRr; Ollie Browning, Head of Sales, Go1; Simon Gibson; Lucy Cornwall, Learning Experience Specialist, City Fibre
    More pressure is on HR and L&D leaders to validate their current learning and training strategy during the current disruption.

    The spotlight is on removing the things that aren't working and clearly demonstrating the value of positive initiatives. To discover how HR and L&D leaders are pivoting join Go1's Oliver Browning, industry expert, Simon Gibson, Industry L&D Leader and City Fibre Learning Experience Specialist, Lucy Cornwall for this free live webinar on how to refine your learning strategy during times of uncertainty and disruption.

    The key discussion points will be;

    - What are the high performing HR/L&D teams doing vs low performing HR/L&D teams?
    - How are high performing companies maximising their learning budgets?
    - Real initiatives City Fibre use to drive learning engagement to over 700 employees
  • Empowering your workforce for 2021 and beyond Recorded: Dec 3 2020 61 mins
    James Marsh,HRr; John McLaughlin, Aon; Marius Grindemann, Aon
    Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, calls for greater diversity and inclusion, and unprecedented technology disruption, businesses can play a major role in addressing the challenges and opportunities our world faces.

    But how can you accelerate your workforce into the future?

    In this HR expert forum we will look at:

    - How to create workforces prepared to withstand future disruptions and stresses

    - How to use data intelligently whilst balancing people risk and optimising people spend.

    - How to empower workforce agility and resilience

    Please register to attend this free webinar, where you will also have the opportunity to ask questions to our panel of specialists.
  • Insights to boost employee re-engagement post Covid-19 Recorded: Nov 26 2020 62 mins
    James Marsh,HRr; Alistair Dornan, Gallagher
    Research conducted by Gallagher has highlighted that prioritising wellbeing is central to re-engaging employees as organisation’s emerge from COVID-19 disruptions.

    Now, as recovery gets into full swing, there are a whole load of new decisions to make. There’s no playbook for a pandemic. So how do you redefine a thoughtful, affordable and visible reward and benefits strategy – one that will fully reengage your people – while, at the same time, balancing the short-term need to reduce outgoings and the long-term impact these decisions can have?

    Gallagher’s 2020 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey report provides the benchmarking data and insights you need, helping your workplace work better so that you can face your future with confidence. Hear the analysis from Gallagher’s experts across the full spectrum of organisational wellbeing: financial, career, physical and emotional.
  • Insights for a resilient HR strategy in 2021 - latest survey results Recorded: Nov 19 2020 62 mins
    James Marsh, HRr; Fiona McKee, SD Worx; Simon Parsons, SD Worx; Lou Gray, EY Absolute
    New research by leading HR & Payroll provider, SD Worx, reveals that nearly half of European companies believe that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on their businesses, and that we will have to radically change the way they work.

    The research found that UK companies value wellbeing by a large margin; only payroll scores higher. In line with that observation, diversity and inclusion are top priorities. Surprisingly, wage costs have fallen to the bottom of the list since the pandemic started. 

    Join Fiona McKee, HR Director at SD Worx, Simon Parsons, Director of UK Compliance Strategies at SD Worx and Lou Gray, Head of Transitions & Operations at EY Absolute – we’ll to delve into the findings of the research in greater detail, and explore how you can use these insights to develop a more resilient HR strategy for 2021.  

    Below are some of the key issues arising from the research and the focal points of this webinar: 

    · Should digital transformation and automation be put on hold amid the crisis? 

    · How HR can deliver personalised employee experiences 

    · How HR leaders can increase digital maturity

    · Why Payroll is the top priority for HR leaders in the UK  

    · Why and how we should adapt to flexible working practices post-COVID-19 
  • Work+Family Reimagined in COVID times: New Best Practice for Employers Recorded: Oct 8 2020 63 mins
    James Marsh, HRreview; Jennifer Liston-Smith, Bright Horizons; Clare Scott, Sky; John Howkins, Business Adviser and Author
    During Lockdown, the role of childcare as part of the infrastructure became obvious. At the same time, the resilience and determination of working parents and carers became more visible than ever.

    Some employers have led the field in enabling their teams to keep going, juggling work and life, while others have been aware of playing catch-up amid changing guidance.

    This Autumn is a key moment to take stock, share the positive lessons and practical solutions, identify the ongoing challenges, and imagine the future possibilities. We will see furlough schemes ending, with redundancies and restructures across many sectors. Schools and care resume have resumed, and we'll see a new appetite for fresh ways of working. Employers and employees may be exploring a blend of remote and workplace-based working and measuring work contributions in better ways as teams collaborate.

    In this webinar we'll be framing up the lessons and the onward roadmap, examining what’s happening now and what the future will hold. Join us for an insightful and lively discussion hosted by James Marsh who'll be joined by our panel of experts, employers and thought leaders including:

    - Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Work+Family Solutions, Bright Horizons

    - Clare Scott, Head of Employee Benefits, Sky

    - John Howkins, Business adviser and author, specialising in creativity and innovation in culture
  • Recruitment and Assessment strategies in a post Pandemic world Recorded: Sep 17 2020 62 mins
    James Marsh,HRr; Alison Fishlock, Account Director, Aon; Jane Crane, Serco; Rob Ryan, Serco
    COVID-19 forced organisations to rethink how they hire and develop their people. It propelled us all into the ‘future of work’ at a pace we had never thought possible. But what now? How can we build on what we have learned and move forward? And what is the impact on how we select talent?

    Join experts from Aon and Serco on our virtual forum where we will discuss the trends, disruptors and drivers that are shaping the future of virtual assessment.

    In the session we’ll discuss:

    - How Serco fully virtualised their graduate recruitment programme end to end
    - How to optimise technologies to support selecting and onboarding a remote workforce.
    - How to identify and develop virtual working and management skills in your employees and leaders.

    We look forward to meeting you on the 17th September at 11AM.
  • The Science of a Successful Return to Work Recorded: Jul 9 2020 63 mins
    James Marsh, HRr; Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, Achievers
    As organisations plan to return to work following a long period of work from home or shut down, it’s crucial to find the right approach to support workers and ensure a successful return to work.

    From the right communication to official manager support. Achievers Workforce Institute has looked at the Science of crisis recovery to help guide your return to work processes. Learn what the latest research and experts are saying about finding a new normal so you can keep your teams engaged and productive.

    Dr. Natalie Baumgartner is an engagement and culture thought leader and evangelist. She has spent over a decade focused on driving the translation of engagement / culture research and theory into SaaS based software, working to help make it possible for organisations to solve problems and achieve goals that advance their performance.
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  • Title: The Key to Implementing Innovative and Dynamic Recruitment
  • Live at: Mar 16 2017 11:00 am
  • Presented by: James Marsh, HRreview; Przemyslaw Przybylski, Lumesse; Peter Gold, Storyfyd
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