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theCUBE interview of Scality’s Paul Speciale at the HPE Discover Conference 2020

Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer at Scality, spoke with Lisa Martin, host of #theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio, during the HPE Discover Virtual Experience, June 2020 event. They discussed healthcare and specific use cases for data storage and management. Scality Inc, a company that provides storage software with capabilities within the cloud through products like Ring and Zenko, is helping healthcare organizations rapidly pivot during an unprecedented time. In this short 15 minute interview Paul will talk about how Scality is helping healthcare organizations embrace the cloud for data management, storage and scalability.
Recorded Jul 3 2020 17 mins
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Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality
Presentation preview: theCUBE interview of Scality’s Paul Speciale at the HPE Discover Conference 2020

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  • Love your NAS. Set it free. (DACH) Oct 29 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Niels Leowensen - Head Engineer DACH - Scality. Frank Roesner - Brand Czar - Scality
    Aktuelle Studien zeigen, dass auf einen Großteil der Daten auf Premium NAS Systemen nicht oder sehr selten zugegriffen wird. Damit verlieren Sie Performance und müssen teuren Premium-Speicher früher als notwendig erweitern.
    Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie diese Daten identifizieren, automatisch auf Scality RING migrieren und
    damit Kosten für Backup, Betrieb, sowie Systemkosten insgesamt massiv reduzieren.
    Gleichzeitig gewinnen Sie Flexibilität, System-Performance und Sicherheit.
  • How to build a scalable&versatile data platform to unlock your data’s potential Oct 28 2020 9:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Ray Gurvitz -EMEA Director of Cloud Service Providers and Alexander Mikoyan - Large Enterprises UK&I Team Leader at HPE
    Object and file storage in the HPE portfolio for Service Providers. Overview of the data warehouse based on Scality Ring Software.

    Service Providers, IT leaders who can turn on a dime to transform zetabytes of data into insights will win the future. Unstructured, distributed data proliferation is our new norm. Your multi-cloud infrastructures must have the agility and versatility to pivot at machine speed with smart storage solutions that can scale.

    We’ll show you how to get ahead of the game. Join the HPE/Scality team to learn practical tips on getting more out of your data. You’ll learn how to build a data storage platform that delivers what you need to win:
    1. Unlimited scale and performance
    2. Long-term data durability with high integrity and availability
    3. Freedom of choice with no vendor lock-in to future-proof your investment
    4. Simple, yet versatile data storage infrastructures with affordable economics
    5. Efficient data mobility in multi-cloud environments and support for geo-distribution
  • [Panel] Data Center Modernization in 2020 Recorded: Oct 22 2020 44 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono | Chris Gatch, DC BLOX | Brad King, Scality | Dan Pitt, Palo Alto Innovation Advisors
    The need for IT organizations to partner with business stakeholders to meet new requirements - including business innovation, delivering new apps to market and transforming customer experience - has never been more pressing. As the beating heart of IT Infrastructure and as the digital economy becomes a reality, how is the data center meeting the demands of 2020?

    Join this expert panel to see how data centers are modernizing to keep pace with the highly competitive, fast-paced world of 2020. Topics of discussion will include:

    - Why the modern data center needs to be software‐defined, highly virtualized and automated
    - How to overcome the challenge of managing both private and public clouds
    - What you must consider to ensure your data center is secure and compliance
    - How to support both cloud-native and traditional applications
    - Why your data center needs to be able to deliver infrastructure as code

    Panel moderated by:
    Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist, Ensono
    Panelists include:
    Chris Gatch, Chief Technology Officer, DC BLOX
    Brad King, Co-Founder and Field CTO, Scality
    Dan Pitt, President, Palo Alto Innovation Advisors; Senior VP (retired), MEF Forum
  • Keeping Your Data Center Relevant in 2021 and Beyond Recorded: Oct 20 2020 50 mins
    Brad King, Co-Founder & Field CTO, Scality
    In 2003 Nicolas Carr wrote a provocative article in Harvard Business Review entitled “IT Doesn’t Matter,” followed by additional articles and his 2008 book “The Big Switch,” which chronicled the growth of utility computing. Today, the reality of utility and cloud computing is everywhere. If you are operating a corporate data center, it must be able to demonstrate reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness that can compete with the giant public clouds offering infrastructure-as-a-service and a rich pallet of applications, including databases, AI and machine learning to name a few.

    Public clouds are not without challenges, but for today's corporate data centers to survive, they must be ready to offer strategic benefits to the organizations that invest in them. In this presentation, we will discuss how Scality’s storage solution can provide a key component of future-proof data center strategy.
  • Genomics Analysis at Cloud Speed Recorded: Oct 12 2020 17 mins
    Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality
    Originally presented at Bio-IT World, October 8, 2020. Biotechnology companies are facing new challenges in the amount of data that needs processing for genomics analysis. What used to be Terabytes of data is now petabytes of data and beyond. This data needs to be collected, analyzed, processed and then ultimately retained for compliance and research purposes - resulting in massive data storage and management challenges, unsolvable by legacy technology solutions.

    Our session will explain how to leverage new all-flash storage and hybrid-cloud solutions to make genomics analysis run quantum leaps faster than before.
  • Harness Data for Any Application at Any Scale Recorded: Oct 8 2020 42 mins
    Paul Mcleod, Product Director at Supermicro & Wally MacDermid, Vice President of Strategic Alliances & BD at Scality
    Today’s applications are creating and consuming data at a faster rate than ever before. In their latest 2020 Global DataSphere forecast, IDC states that more than 59 zettabytes (ZB) of data will be created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world this year alone. Does your organization have a data storage and protection strategy to meet the expanding needs of your business in the face of such a data tsunami?

    Join Supermicro and Scality to learn how you can harness data at any scale, from 100s of TB to 100s of PB, for any of today’s fastest growing use cases including Big Data, cloud native applications, imaging, video surveillance, backup, archive, disaster recovery, and more.

    In this webinar, Supermicro and Scality will discuss real-world customer deployments and how a single storage platform can help you meet your ever growing and increasingly demanding data management requirements.
  • Love your NAS. Set it free. Recorded: Sep 23 2020 36 mins
    Adam Carr - SE Director EMEA (Scality) & Richard Feltham- UKI Director (Scality)
    Do you wonder how often you access data from your expensive NAS?

    Studies show that most of data is inactive. How much space on your NAS is occupied by dormant data?

    Find out how Scality NAS Archiver makes it easy to identify and migrate inactive

    data automatically and transparently to Scality RING, freeing-up

    premium primary storage capacity while cutting down overall

    backup and operating costs.
  • Why You Are Losing Money Without a Proper Hybrid Cloud Data Strategy Recorded: Sep 16 2020 27 mins
    Paul Speciale, CPO, Scality, and Giorgio Regni, CTO, Scality
    The promise of the cloud is to make IT simpler and more agile, through on-demand access to essentially limitless resources. The cloud model can also be leveraged for your enterprise data, with solutions to key business problems such as assured data protection, data sovereignty, business continuity, and to speed-up data-driven decision making

    This session will focus on:
    - Practical ways businesses can save significant money
    - Implementing hybrid-cloud data solutions to eliminate second data centers
    - Eliminating wasted capital through intelligent use of on-demand resources
    - Making time and money-saving decisions based on your data
  • DEMO: Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity with HPE Apollo 4000, Scality RING, Azure Recorded: Aug 25 2020 14 mins
    Wally MacDermid, VP Strategic Alliances, Scality; Marc Villemade, Chief Architect & Dir. Sales Engineers, Scality
    This demo was delivered during HPE Discover Virtual 2020:
    Business Continuity is an important topic for many organizations. Maintaining multiple physical data centers, however, can be a complicated and costly approach to disaster recovery. In this session, Scality will demonstrate how enterprises can store data on-premises with Scality RING and HPE Apollo 4000 servers while automatically replicating data to the public cloud. Scality experts will demonstrate how easy it is to configure on-premises and cloud storage locations and data policies using RING eXtended Data Management or XDM.
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage With HPE Apollo 4000 Systems and Scality RING Recorded: Aug 24 2020 14 mins
    Wally MacDermid, VP Strategic Alliances, Scality
    This presentation was delivered during HPE Discover Virtual 2020

    Digital technologies such as AI and ML unlock the value of data and enable businesses to serve customers better, faster and at a lower cost. But what is the best approach to transform legacy storage into an intelligent data platform that can take advantage of these technologies? In this session, Scality will cover real-world customers using Scality RING (available from HPE) to power hybrid cloud storage use cases including disaster recovery and archive as well as big data and AI use cases.
  • Scality and Cisco TechTalk – Broadcast Media Asset Storage. Always available. Recorded: Aug 12 2020 41 mins
    Dave Desroches, Cisco Technical Solutions Architect, and Greg DiFraia, Scality General Manager
    Is your media asset storage meeting the needs of your business? Register for this webinar to gain practical knowledge on how to make media assets accessible from anywhere at anytime. Dave Desroches, Cisco Technical Solutions Architect andGreg Difraia, Scality General Manager will share: -Why object storage is better than LTO for media archives -Simple steps to follow to determine the approach that meets your requirements -How to integrate object storage with media asset management (MAM) -How you can benefit from a Scality + Cisco solution for media storage -Gain the guidance you need to leverage object storage to better utilize archived assets.
  • HPE Apollo and Scality – A Seamlessly Scalable Secure & Modern Data Platform For Recorded: Aug 4 2020 29 mins
    Carol Bassett - WW Product Manager HPE Apollo - Scality, HPE; Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality
    Healthcare and medical imaging are at the cusp of a data-driven transformation. But it can result in ballooning of IT budget if this transformation doesn’t include a massively scalable data platform. Join this webinar and learn more about HPE Apollo 4000 storage server and Scality, an HPE partner, have come together to address this challenge. A software-defined storage solution based on Scality products on density-optimized Apollo 4000 hardware is the ideal data platform that hospitals and healthcare companies would want.
  • How To Multi-Cloud: A Platform for Burst, Disaster Recovery, and Repatriation Recorded: Jul 30 2020 33 mins
    Wally MacDermid - VP Cloud, and Giorgio Regni - CTO
    If you’re looking to extract more value from the data you store, this TechTalk will show you how. 87% of enterprises utilize Hybrid-Cloud (public and private) and 93% are building a multi-cloud strategy now. Finding secure solutions with lower TCO can be tricky. Is your business keeping up? We’ll help viewers select the right hybrid and multi-cloud use case for your business. Burst to the Cloud, Optimize Disaster Recovery, and Repatriate data at lightning speed.

    Join Scality to learn how to solve your hybrid and multi-cloud challenges with a single platform in just a few clicks. We will give a live demo to show how you can unlock the potential of your data while managing it securely and cost effectively.

    Attendees will learn best data management techniques for the following use cases:

    On-premises to public cloud
    Public cloud to on-premises
    Public cloud to public cloud
    On-premises to on-premises to public cloud
    Edge to core or edge to public cloud
  • Scality & Veeam: Long term Data Retention with Veeam Cloud Tier and Scality RING Recorded: Jul 23 2020 33 mins
    Stephen Firmes, Solution Architect, Global Alliances, Veeam ; Greg DiFraia, General Manager NA, Scality
    Webinar held October 10, 2019. For more information about Scality RING, please visit http://www.scality.com
  • EL ENTORNO IT EN REMOTO - Afrontando los desafíos del teletrabajo Recorded: Jul 22 2020 60 mins
    Gerardo San José, Scality Tech Lead | Pablo Pérez, CTERA Tech Lead
    Únase a nosotros y descubra cómo el uso integrado de Scality RING Distributed File & Object Storage y CTERA Global File System pueden ayudarlo a:
    • Construir una arquitectura de almacenamiento de escalabilidad distribuida de alto rendimiento
    • Eliminar los silos de almacenamiento con una plataforma de múltiples usos con la mayor durabilidad y disponibilidad
    • Reemplazar su NAS anticuada y reducir los costos hasta en un 80 por ciento
    • Proporcionar acceso seguro a archivos a los teletrabajadores y usuarios remotos
    • Optimizar la experiencia de acceso a archivo de los usuarios a través de WAN
    • Habilitar la colaboración remota entre sucursales distribuidas y oficinas domésticas
    • Proteger los datos del punto final
  • Remotify Your IT Recorded: Jul 9 2020 59 mins
    Niels Leowensen - Head Engineer DACH - Scality. Dirk Neumann - Cloud Director - Ctera
    Wie Unternehmen die Herausforderungen von Remote-Arbeit und Home-Office meistern

    Erleben Sie, wie die Integration von CTERA Global File System und Scality RING Distributed File & Object Storage Ihnen hilft beim:Aufbau einer hoch-performanten, verteilten "Scale-Out" Storage ArchitekturBeseitigen von Storage Silos mit einer hochverfügbaren Plattform, die verschiedenste Anwendungsfälle abdecken kannErsetzen von traditionellen NAS Filern, um bis zu 80% der Storagekosten einzusparenSicheren Dateizugriff für Home Office und Remote Office BenutzerOptimieren der „User Experience" beim Dateizugriff über WAN Zusammenarbeiten an gemeinsamen Daten aus dem Home Office und/oder aus unterschiedlichen Standorten
  • theCUBE interview of Scality’s Paul Speciale at the HPE Discover Conference 2020 Recorded: Jul 3 2020 17 mins
    Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality
    Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer at Scality, spoke with Lisa Martin, host of #theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio, during the HPE Discover Virtual Experience, June 2020 event. They discussed healthcare and specific use cases for data storage and management. Scality Inc, a company that provides storage software with capabilities within the cloud through products like Ring and Zenko, is helping healthcare organizations rapidly pivot during an unprecedented time. In this short 15 minute interview Paul will talk about how Scality is helping healthcare organizations embrace the cloud for data management, storage and scalability.
  • Scality RING8 & Commvault Demo: COMPLETE BACKUP & RECOVERY SOFTWARE Recorded: Jul 3 2020 8 mins
    Narrated Demo
    Eliminate separate data silos associated with traditional backup, archive and reporting products, aggregating them into a single pool leveraging industry standard x86 servers and thereby streamlining infrastructure requirements.
  • Scality RING8 & VEEAM Demo : A HIGH-AVAILABILITY SOLUTION FOR ENTERPRISES Recorded: Jul 3 2020 9 mins
    Narrated Demo
    Combining Veeam’s ground-breaking backup and recovery application software with Scality’s award-winning RING software-defined storage solution that facilitates unlimited linear scale, 14×9’s of durability, 100% availability and a lower TCO.
  • Scality RING8 & Splunk Demo: SCALITY RING AND SPLUNK BACKUP FOR ANALYTICS Recorded: Jul 3 2020 9 mins
    Narrated Demo
    Splunk, a software solution for monitoring and searching machine-generated data via a web interface, syncs perfectly with Scality RING.
Since 2009, Scality has been enabling maximum value from data by solving their cloud-scale data storage and management challenges with our award-winning RING and Zenko technologies. More than 500 million users rely on Scality RING and Zenko™ to store and manage hundreds of petabytes of data--more than one trillion data objects.

A recognized leader in distributed file and object storage by both Gartner® and IDC®, Scality offers solutions for today’s reality of hybrid and multi-cloud data management. RING turns commodity x86 servers into an unlimited storage pool for unstructured data, whether file or object; and the Zenko multi-cloud controller, available in open source and enterprise editions, provides a window into data, no matter where it lives, with orchestration, management and search functionality.

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  • Title: theCUBE interview of Scality’s Paul Speciale at the HPE Discover Conference 2020
  • Live at: Jul 3 2020 5:35 pm
  • Presented by: Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality
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