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Modernizing NAS: increase agility & reduce cost by 80%

Network Attached Storage (NAS) has become a standard storage solution for enterprises across the globe. While NAS does an effective job of solving specific use-cases in file sharing, collaboration and more - studies have shown that up to 90% of data on NAS is never accessed. This cold and dormant data is costing users a fortune, by imposing management costs, data protection costs and by tying up expensive storage that can be used for more active data. In this session, Scality describes paths for modernizing NAS to scale-out file and object storage and for transparent offload and archiving of dormant NAS data to reap TCO savings of 80% and beyond, while preserving online access to this file data.
Recorded Aug 17 2021 21 mins
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Presented by
Greg DiFraia, GM Americas, Scality; Paul Speciale, CPO, Scality
Presentation preview: Modernizing NAS: increase agility & reduce cost by 80%

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  • Advancements in Cloud Data Management with Scality Recorded: Oct 7 2021 33 mins
    Scality Chief Product Officer, Paul Speciale, and Scality Co-Founder & CTO, Giorgio Regni
    Over the last few years, concepts around hybrid and multi-cloud data management have received increasing attention from customers and solutions providers. In its early forms, cloud data management has focused on solving discrete use-cases such as cloud data archiving (moving cold/dormant data to cloud storage), bursting data to the public cloud for processing, or mirroring data to the cloud for business continuance (D/R solutions). A new set of requirements is now emerging that creates a need for more custom cloud data management policies, to help solve data-centric problems in areas such as edge computing, AI/ML and to ensure that data sovereignty rules are enforced.

    In this session, Scality Chief Product Officer, Paul Speciale, and Scality Co-Founder & CTO, Giorgio Regni, we will discuss and demonstrate a new visual data management policy UI and engine that promises to deliver a solution for these new requirements.

    Recorded as part of Cloud Field Day 10 on March 10, 2021. Watch the entire presentation at techfieldday.com/appearance/scality-presents-at-cloud-field-day-10/ or visit TechFieldDay.com/event/cfd10/ or Scality.com for more information.
  • Scality at Solutions Review's Data Protection Demo Day Recorded: Oct 5 2021 44 mins
    Wally MacDermid, VP of Strategic Alliances at Scality, and Candida Valois, Field CTO, Scality
    In April 2021, Scality announced ARTESCA, a lightweight, cloud-native object storage software solution. This session provides a live demonstration of the ARTESCA user interface (UI), and how it can simplify storage management for these new workloads.

    Applications are modernizing as containerized services on Kubernetes. In addition, new application workloads in AI/Machine Learning, big data analytics and edge computing are driving new demands for data storage. Scality’s session will focus on the emerging data challenges in this new world of cloud-native and edge computing. Our session will introduce Scality ARTESCA, a new lightweight, cloud-native, object-storage solution that is designed to solve these challenges. As part of our session, we will provide a live demonstration of the ARTESCA user interface (UI), and how it can simplify storage management for these new workloads.

    - Application modernization to cloud native and Kubernetes is driving new requirements for data storage.
    - Object storage is becoming increasingly embraced for these new workloads, specifically in big data analytics, AI/ML and on the edge.
    - This demands new solutions for managing data across core data centers, clouds and for edge deployments.
  • Modernizing NAS: increase agility & reduce cost by 80% Recorded: Aug 17 2021 21 mins
    Greg DiFraia, GM Americas, Scality; Paul Speciale, CPO, Scality
    Network Attached Storage (NAS) has become a standard storage solution for enterprises across the globe. While NAS does an effective job of solving specific use-cases in file sharing, collaboration and more - studies have shown that up to 90% of data on NAS is never accessed. This cold and dormant data is costing users a fortune, by imposing management costs, data protection costs and by tying up expensive storage that can be used for more active data. In this session, Scality describes paths for modernizing NAS to scale-out file and object storage and for transparent offload and archiving of dormant NAS data to reap TCO savings of 80% and beyond, while preserving online access to this file data.
  • Lock Your Backup Repository with Scality & Veeam for Ultimate Ransomware Protect Recorded: Aug 3 2021 37 mins
    Maziar Tamadon, Scality; Steve Firmes, Veeam; David Davis, ActualTech Media
    Your backup data is your last line of defense against ransomware, which is why it has become a prime target for malicious attacks. To mitigate ransomware threats, you need to keep your recovery path open, so protecting your backup repository is paramount.

    Thanks to the partnership between Veeam and Scality, you can make your backup data immune from ransomware attacks. When you leverage Scality RING8 with S3 Object Lock as your backup repository for Veeam Backup & Replication, you render your backup data immutable, so you can rest assured that you can always recover from an attack by restoring from that backup data, which means you have an insurance policy against ransomware!

    To learn more about how you can implement the ultimate ransomware protection and see it in action, join us on this upcoming webinar!

    On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover:

    - Learn how ransomware is the greatest threat to your company's data

    - Discover how easy it is to ensure your backup repo is immutable and ransomware-proof

    - Find out how Veeam and Scality work together to provide high speed, scalable, and ransomware-immune data protection
  • How cloud-native data storage can add value to your new application workloads Recorded: Jul 29 2021 29 mins
    Paul Speciale, CPO, Scality
    This presentation originally aired on July 27, 2021 as part of Cloud Native Data Management Day's monthly webinar series, hosted on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCADnutGdT2AuSJXsaGWEkgg/featured

    Webinar Description: Over the last few years we have seen enterprise customers increasingly leverage the hybrid-cloud model for data management to enable new use-cases. On top of this trend, new cloud-native services deployed in Kubernetes are changing the way applications provision, access and manage data storage. This session will explore how these new workloads can use data storage designed specifically for cloud-native environments, while also leveraging smart “cloud aware” data management policies across on-premises and public cloud data storage.
  • Accelerating Cryo-EM & Genomic Workflows - Busting Myths with Scality & WekaIO Recorded: Jul 29 2021 24 mins
    Greg DiFraia, General Manager Scality; Andrew Perry, Vice President, WekaIO
    Legacy storage systems fall short with today's modern life science workflows, thus a modern storage system is VITAL. On this webinar our experts will demonstrate the POWER of modern storage in accelerating research and innovation in life sciences while controlling costs.

    You’ll also hear how real-world life science organizations TRANSFORMED their data infrastructure to deliver faster insights from large-scale research projects. You’ll learn how three major life sciences organizations overcame the limitations of legacy architectures to deliver a modern data platform to speed results.
  • How To Multi-Cloud: A Platform for Burst, Disaster Recovery, and Repatriation Recorded: Jul 28 2021 33 mins
    Wally MacDermid - VP Cloud, and Giorgio Regni - CTO
    If you’re looking to extract more value from the data you store, this TechTalk will show you how. 87% of enterprises utilize Hybrid-Cloud (public and private) and 93% are building a multi-cloud strategy now. Finding secure solutions with lower TCO can be tricky. Is your business keeping up? We’ll help viewers select the right hybrid and multi-cloud use case for your business. Burst to the Cloud, Optimize Disaster Recovery, and Repatriate data at lightning speed.

    Join Scality to learn how to solve your hybrid and multi-cloud challenges with a single platform in just a few clicks. We will give a live demo to show how you can unlock the potential of your data while managing it securely and cost effectively.

    Attendees will learn best data management techniques for the following use cases:

    On-premises to public cloud
    Public cloud to on-premises
    Public cloud to public cloud
    On-premises to on-premises to public cloud
    Edge to core or edge to public cloud
  • How IT Pros Save Millions Modernizing with Software-Defined Storage Recorded: Jul 22 2021 46 mins
    Paul Speciale - Scality Chief Product Officer, Amita Potnis - IDC Senior Analyst
    Welcome to SOLVED TechTalks. A series of conversations with IT pros about solving today’s most pressing challenges on their digital transformation journey. You’ll walk away from these conversations with practical insights to create efficient IT infrastructures built for the future.

    Join our first conversation with Amita Potnis, IDC Research Director. Hosted by Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer for Scality, Amita will share her latest research on the business value of scale-out storage. Focused on two of the most data intensive industries (healthcare services and genomics) you’ll learn how your IT peers are coping with relentless data growth and ever increasing compliance regulations. And more importantly, how they are saving millions while keeping data secure.

    Amita and Paul will also discuss industry trends with the path toward hybrid and multi-cloud data management. Join the conversation to learn how you can succeed with the same agility, scalability, and significantly lower TCO that these IT leaders now enjoy.

    Attendees will learn how to:
    - save millions with the best ratio of cost per TB
    - orchestrate petabytes of unstructured and structured data
    - consolidate storage to manage a unified backup system
    - get time back by reducing storage operation, deployment, and maintenance
    - optimize long-term storage archival to maximize resources and stretch investments
    - future proof with hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Explosion des volumes de données de sante Recorded: Jul 20 2021 57 mins
    Alexis Wedrychowski - Scality, Clément Mirlocca - Jaguar Network, Radu Calin - Jaguar Network
    Explosion des volumes de données de sante : contrôlez l’imprévu et renforcez l’agilité !

    Saviez-vous que le volume mondial des données d’e-santé double tous les 73 jours ? Que ce soit pour l’imagerie HD, la vidéosurveillance ou l’anatomie pathologique, le stockage des données préoccupe les responsables IT !

    Comment gérer un tel afflux, optimiser l’infrastructure, garantir les performances et l’accès rapide aux données ?

    Vous pensez qu’un hébergement HDS, en France sur 3 sites est un privilège de grands groupes?

    Scality et Jaguar Network l’ont rendu accessible avec un accompagnement d'experts, à partir de 10 Go ! Pour découvrir comment, suivez notre webinar !

    Dans ce webinar, vous découvrirez comment transformer votre stockage avec 3 cas d’usage :

    Fournir des services gourmands en stockage avec élasticité
    Maîtriser les données de santé avec un Cloud souverain certifié
    Préserver le patrimoine numérique avec une copie coffre-fort
  • Datensicherung – optimieren Sie Ihre Backup-Strategie - Webinar Recorded: Jul 16 2021 64 mins
    Katja Zurkirchen, Theo Basler, Christoph Storzum, Steve herzig
    HPE Alletra 6000, Veeam & Scality Webinar

    Laut IDC wurden weltweit bereits über 1 Milliarde Menschen und Unternehmen Opfer von Daten- oder gar Identitätsdiebstahl.

    Mit exponentiell zunehmenden Datenmengen steigen auch die Herausforderungen für Unternehmen, die Sicherheit dieser Daten zu gewährleisten. Dabei stehen laut IDC die folgenden Fragen im Vordergrund:

    • Wie kann ich meine sensiblen Daten schützen?
    • Welche Schritte kann ich unternehmen, um neue Bedrohungen vorherzusehen/zu bekämpfen und die Datensicherheit zu verbessern?
    • Welche innovativen Produkte und Ansätze zur Datensicherheit können langfristig wirksam sein?
    • Wie gehe ich im Hinblick auf die fortschreitende Cloud-Nutzung im Zusammenhang mit dem Thema Sicherheit um?
    • Wie gehe ich mit dem Thema Access Management für sensible Daten um?

    Im Webinar von HPE, Veeam und Scality erhalten Sie Antworten auf diese Fragen.

    Erfahren Sie mehr zum neuen Storage Announcement von HPE in Kombination mit der neuen V11 von Veeam und dem software-defined Datenarchivierungsansatz von Scality.
  • Scality creating value with healthcare data while reducing TCO Recorded: Jul 6 2021 31 mins
    Brad King Field CTO, Scality
    Scality creating value with healthcare data while reducing TCO

    Digital transformation is driving massive advances in healthcare. Medical imaging, personalised medicine and innovations in genomics are producing new sources of high-volume data.
    These realities are reshaping healthcare, and yet, while data is increasingly valuable, its growth is a serious concern for IT departments charged with storing, preserving, and managing that data.

    We would like to invite you to join our Field CTO Brad King, where he will share his thoughts on how health organisations across the world can bring efficiency and costs savings to their data management. He will explain how customers benefit from:

    • reduction in cost to deploy storage
    • reduction in staff time to manage the storage platform
    • faster deployment of additional storage
    • faster initial storage

    Click here to join Brad and other peers from the healthcare industry for this informal and informative session.
  • Why You Are Losing Money Without a Proper Hybrid Cloud Data Strategy Recorded: Jun 24 2021 27 mins
    Paul Speciale, CPO, Scality, and Giorgio Regni, CTO, Scality
    The promise of the cloud is to make IT simpler and more agile, through on-demand access to essentially limitless resources. The cloud model can also be leveraged for your enterprise data, with solutions to key business problems such as assured data protection, data sovereignty, business continuity, and to speed-up data-driven decision making

    This session will focus on:
    - Practical ways businesses can save significant money
    - Implementing hybrid-cloud data solutions to eliminate second data centers
    - Eliminating wasted capital through intelligent use of on-demand resources
    - Making time and money-saving decisions based on your data
  • Fake news, ransomware, and grey hair; addressing world problems Recorded: Jun 17 2021 35 mins
    Stuart Lewis, Associate Director of Digital & Alastair Sommerville, IT Infrastructure Manager from NLS
    Libraries are not typically known to be innovators when it comes to new technology however the National Library of Scotland became trail blazers when they looked for a new solution to the storage and archiving of valuable national cultural collections.

    Having set themselves an ambitious goal for the digitization of their collections NLS needed a new approach to holding, protecting and making their vast amounts of data accessible to the public. Their story is both interesting and inspirational and we would like to share it with you.
    Join our discussion on 4th March at 11.00 GMT to hear how National Library of Scotland embraced new technology to address the problems in their world of valuable data.

    During the session you will have the opportunity to ask questions to our panel. You will also hear how:

    • NLS broke tradition and ‘fake news’ with their innovative approach to data archiving and providing storage as a service to revolutionize libraries across the UK
    • In an environment where there is large volumes of valuable data they needed a backup solution that was easy and quick to implement (to avoid any grey hair!). A solution capable of scaling up as data volumes and use cases increased
    • NLS needed a system in place that protected them from the ever growing number ransomware attacks
    Register today to secure your place at the table!
  • Take your file services to the edge - German Presentation Recorded: Jun 16 2021 42 mins
    Christoph Storzum - Scality / Dirk Neumann - Ctera / Daniel Kastl - HPE
    HPE, Scality & Ctera helfen Ihnen bei der Bereitstellung von File Services in Remote-Standorten - und bei der Erarbeitung Ihrer File Services Konsolidierungs-Strategie!

    Was versteht man unter EDGE Workloads? Wie kann man möglichst effizient ein modernes File-System auch in Außenstellen bereitstellen, bei gleichzeitiger zentraler Datenhaltung und optimierter Absicherung? Wenn Sie mehr erfahren wollen, wie Sie Ihre kritischen Daten möglichst einfach und zentral verwalten können, bei gleichzeitiger lokaler Verfügbarkeit in Remote-Büros, dann registrieren Sie sich für diesen Webcast mit Scality, Ctera und HPE!
  • Scality ARTESCA launch: theCUBE interview with Scality and HPE Recorded: Jun 3 2021 29 mins
    Jerome Lecat, CEO, Scality, and Chris Tinker, Distinguished Technologist, HPE
    In this theCUBE interview, Scality and Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveil ARTESCA: lightweight, true enterprise-grade object storage software for Kubernetes

    SAN FRANCISCO – April 27, 2021 – Scality® today introduced ARTESCA, the lightweight, true enterprise-grade, cloud-native object storage solution designed for the needs of the Kubernetes era. ARTESCA’s modern approach, built on Scality’s 10 years of experience serving the most demanding enterprises on the planet, delivers the speed and reliability required by emerging workloads. Supported immediately on a broad portfolio of HPE all-flash and hybrid intelligent data storage servers, ARTESCA addresses multiple use cases, from the edge to the core to the cloud, especially in cloud-native, AI/ML, big data analytics and in-memory applications.
  • Jak Scality i HPE pomogły cyfryzować zbiory Biblioteki Narodowej Szkocji Recorded: Jun 1 2021 37 mins
    Stuart Lewis, Associate Director of Digital & Alastair Sommerville, IT Infrastructure Manager from NLS
    Biblioteki nie są zazwyczaj kojarzone z innowacjami technologicznymi, jednakże Biblioteka Narodowa Szkocji (NLS) przetarła nieznane szlaki, szukając nowego rozwiązania do przechowywania i archiwizacji cennych zbiorów kultury narodowej.

    Wyznaczywszy sobie ambitny cel cyfryzacji swoich zbiorów, NLS potrzebowała nowego podejścia do przechowywania, ochrony i udostępniania społeczeństwu ogromnych ilości danych. Ich historia jest zarówno interesująca, jak i inspirująca, dlatego chcielibyśmy się nią z Państwem podzielić.

    Dołącz do naszej powtórki webinarium wspieranej polskimi napisami, która będzie się odbywała w formie transmisji na żywo. W jej trakcie dowiesz się, w jaki sposób Biblioteka Narodowa Szkocji wykorzystała nowe technologie w celu rozwiązania problemów związanych z magazynowaniem swoich cennych danych.

    Na koniec sesji Piotr Drąg, HPE Storage Category Manager, odpowie na wszelkie pytania.

    Dowiesz się również jak:

    - NLS swoim innowacyjnym podejściem do archiwizacji danych i dostarczania pamięci masowej jako usługi poradziło sobie z "fałszywymi wiadomościami" (ang. fake news), pomagając zrewolucjonizować biblioteki w całej Wielkiej Brytanii

    - Zbudować rozwiązanie dające swobodę rozbudowy w miarę wzrostu ilości danych i przypadków użycia. W środowisku, w którym znajdują się duże ilości cennych danych, potrzebne było rozwiązanie do tworzenia kopii zapasowych, które byłoby łatwe i szybkie do wdrożenia (co pozwoliło uniknąć niepotrzebnego stresu!).

    - NLS potrzebowało systemu, który chroniłby ich przed stale rosnącą liczbą ataków „ransomware”.

    Zarejestruj się już dziś!
  • Keeping Your Data Center Relevant in 2021 and Beyond Recorded: May 27 2021 50 mins
    Brad King, Co-Founder & Field CTO, Scality
    In 2003 Nicolas Carr wrote a provocative article in Harvard Business Review entitled “IT Doesn’t Matter,” followed by additional articles and his 2008 book “The Big Switch,” which chronicled the growth of utility computing. Today, the reality of utility and cloud computing is everywhere. If you are operating a corporate data center, it must be able to demonstrate reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness that can compete with the giant public clouds offering infrastructure-as-a-service and a rich pallet of applications, including databases, AI and machine learning to name a few.

    Public clouds are not without challenges, but for today's corporate data centers to survive, they must be ready to offer strategic benefits to the organizations that invest in them. In this presentation, we will discuss how Scality’s storage solution can provide a key component of future-proof data center strategy.
  • Take your file services to the edge Recorded: May 25 2021 45 mins
    Brad King - Field CTO Scality & Richard Francis - SE Director EMEA, CTERA
    The pandemic has created new IT challenges for companies, including extending fast and secure access to corporate data from any location over a single namespace with consistent access control.

    In this webinar, Scality and CTERA experts will provide more information on how organizations can:

    - Centralize data access and deliver an HQ-grade experience from any edge location or device
    - Enable remote collaboration across distributed branch and home offices
    - Eliminate storage silos with a multi-use case platform with high durability and availability
    - Reduce legacy file infrastructure costs by up to 80 percent

    Edge can mean so many things that may get lost in industry jargon, but we can all agree that, modern, lightweight, easy to manage, secure and familiar filesystem storage in remote branch offices and sites is a great place to start.
  • Genomics Analysis at Cloud Speed Recorded: May 20 2021 17 mins
    Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality
    Originally presented at Bio-IT World, October 8, 2020. Biotechnology companies are facing new challenges in the amount of data that needs processing for genomics analysis. What used to be Terabytes of data is now petabytes of data and beyond. This data needs to be collected, analyzed, processed and then ultimately retained for compliance and research purposes - resulting in massive data storage and management challenges, unsolvable by legacy technology solutions.

    Our session will explain how to leverage new all-flash storage and hybrid-cloud solutions to make genomics analysis run quantum leaps faster than before.
  • AI is Just an Acronym Unless You Can Scale Recorded: Apr 28 2021 39 mins
    Andrea Fabrizi, Sr. PM, Big Data & Analytics Solutions, HPE; Brad King, Co-Founder & Field CTO, Scality
    We've all heard the buzz: data growth is exponential, AI and machine learning are turning data into the new gold, the digital revolution is putting your traditional businesses at risk, etc. At some level, we recognize the reality of these statements' validity; at another, truly successful digital transformations are not so commonplace and require correct technology choices, especially on the data side.

    In this webinar, HPE and Scality will discuss a real-world AI use case: An environment where petabytes of data are used to effectively conducting business, thereby providing valuable insights. The importance of scalability and data reliability in successfully curating a massive dataset to truly create value using modern object storage, will be discussed.
File and object storage software for data management at scale
Scality builds the most powerful storage tools to make data easy to protect, search and manage anytime, on any cloud. We give customers the freedom and control necessary to be competitive in a data driven economy. Recognized as a leader in distributed file and object storage by Gartner and IDC, we help you to be ready for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

For more information or to book a free demo today, please visit www.scality.com/contactus/

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  • Title: Modernizing NAS: increase agility & reduce cost by 80%
  • Live at: Aug 17 2021 2:53 am
  • Presented by: Greg DiFraia, GM Americas, Scality; Paul Speciale, CPO, Scality
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