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The Power To Be Free: Migrate, Recover, Protect And Deduplicate Data

Managing data has entered a higher realm. Enterprises are looking for a flexible approach to data management to move, store, protect, and recover data – without tying their business to specific hardware, network or interconnect protocols. Migrating data from old legacy platforms to new ones and having too many complex incompatible tools present challenges. Businesses need converged data services that work horizontally as well as modernizing data storage without “rip and replace.” FreeStor is the new paradigm in data services. With the brilliance of a single, software-defined platform that works across legacy, modern and virtual environments, IT managers can tap the smartest data solutions from one pane of glass.

Peter McCallum from FalconStor will discuss the following topics on April 28th at 3:00pm:

 True Software Defined Storage and its impact on a hybrid datacenter

 How Intelligent Abstraction merges legacy and modern infrastructure for optimized IT processes

 Rethinking how we provision, protect, and recover data resources, and how that impacts your


 FalconStor in the modern datacenter: meeting you where you are, and getting you to where you

want to be.
Recorded Apr 28 2015 47 mins
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Presented by
Peter McCallum, FalconStor
Presentation preview: The Power To Be Free: Migrate, Recover, Protect And Deduplicate Data

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  • FalconStor: A State of the Business Recorded: Dec 8 2017 24 mins
    Todd Brooks, CEO, Carter McCrary, VP Global Revenue
    An Update on Current and Future FalconStor Business
  • FalconStor: A State of the Business Recorded: Dec 7 2017 25 mins
    Todd Brooks, CEO, Carter McCrary, VP, Global Revenue
    An Update on Current and Future FalconStor Business
  • How To Actually Leverage The New World of Low-Cost Commodity Storage Recorded: Apr 4 2017 33 mins
    Peter McCallum & Gavin McLaughlin
    Join Peter McCallum and Gavin McLaughlin as they reconvene for part two in their discussion series on the state of the modern storage industry. For this segment, Gavin and Pete will discuss the convoluted reality of white-box or commodity storage hardware, and how it couples with software to provide real storage services for businesses. Ultimately, this overview should arm you with the concepts to look for as you shop across build-it-yourself, packaged open-source, decoupled heterogeneous, and proprietary storage paradigms. We’ll look at cost factors, gotchas, and key considerations as we review the incumbent and new players in our industry.
  • Why Storage Vendors Are Feeling The Squeeze Recorded: Mar 7 2017 32 mins
    Peter McCallum & Gavin McLaughlin
    The storage industry is going through a welcome change. With the increased commoditization of storage hardware, coupled with the increased pricing competitiveness of public cloud services, many storage buyers are now realizing the flexibility and new options available to them. This webcast with Peter McCallum, VP Datacenter Solution Architecture, joined by Gavin McLaughlin, a 30 year veteran of the storage industry, discusses the change in the industry and provides recommendations on how storage buyers can take advantage of this new world.
  • “The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It.” Recorded: Jan 24 2017 46 mins
    Peter McCallum
    More so than ever before, businesses are requiring IT to become less about infrastructure and more about availability and mobility of data. Yesterday’s IT shops were defined by the technology they chose to use rather than capabilities they could deliver to the business and its workforce. End users have become more savvy and less willing to accept limitations of traditional, static services. Technology has to adapt to timing, location and value of data on a global basis without restrictions. Based on these trends, FreeStor grew from roots in static infrastructure to now support the widest interoperability across storage platforms, protocols, hypervisors, clouds, and applications in the industry. See how FreeStor is helping to drive the goal of “infrastructure anywhere” for seamless delivery of data anywhere users need to be.
  • Freedom To Choose The Right Storage Destination Recorded: Nov 22 2016 58 mins
    Peter McCallum
    How do IT organizations manage data and control costs across paradigms in a way that does not restrict or prohibit portability? How do IT organizations provide consistent core-to-edge insight, capabilities and data services regardless of the location, vendor or platform?
    When users put content into the cloud, they lose insight and control. Sure they can see capacity consumed, but what about the data services and performance? Working across clouds or moving from cloud to cloud further perpetuates the existing problems - lack of common tools and potential vendor lock-in.
    FreeStor gives customers total choice to build the right destination, on the right storage paradigm for the right price and service level.
  • The Economics of Storage Recorded: Nov 17 2016 61 mins
    Alan Komet and Peter McCallum
    Let’s explore the cost of storage in the 1990’s, 2000’s, and today. How has the impact of technology changed the cost of storage? Are you considering moving to the Cloud? Are you looking to modernize your datacenter? The industry is constantly introducing new terms, such as Software Defined Storage, that make you wonder if you are protecting your data with the best possible solution. We will discuss new technology that can help you lower costs and get more out of your infrastructure investment. Choose the right storage for your environment that results in a cost savings.

    Alan Komet and Peter McCallum have spoken worldwide discussing storage issues, helping businesses make intelligent decisions.
  • The Intelligent Approach to Storage & Virtualization Recorded: Oct 20 2016 56 mins
    Peter McCallum
    How do IT organizations manage data and control costs across paradigms in a way that does not restrict or prohibit portability? How do IT organizations provide consistent core-to-edge insight, capabilities and data services regardless of the location, vendor or platform? As organizations move to Software-Defined Data Centers, new approaches are required to address long-standing challenges, such as the need for interoperability, insight, and common tools. Modernizing existing infrastructure results in IT organizations needing to achieve greater efficiencies, reduced downtime, lower costs, and improved simplicity in a way that only a software-defined approach can deliver.

    Addressing These Challenges With A Unique Architecture

    -Choose the right storage paradigm
    -For the right service-level
    -With the right performance and economic benefit

    It's time to break the cycle of vendor lock-in
  • Roundtable - Challenges and Successes with Service Providers Recorded: Oct 19 2016 63 mins
    Peter McCallum, Moderator
    Join Peter McCallum as he hosts several partners and service providers in a roundtable discussion. Hear what is happening in their business, challenges they are facing and successes. If you’re an Enterprise or Service Provider, you’ll want to participate in this conversation and learn how to be a market differentiator, how to create new revenue streams and offer richer services.
    The ability to match service-level performance to economic performance results in decisions many enterprise customers and service providers are faced with making today due to the ongoing transformation of storage environments. How do xSPs offer customer monitoring, reporting, and notification at all levels which are isolated to specific tenants, users, and clients? Digitalization and cloud technology have resulted in better economic performance for enterprise customers and service providers.
    Don’t miss an exciting hour of candid conversation between colleagues discussing issues important to you and your business. Get some new ideas, learn new things and ask questions to help solve your business needs.
  • Delivering Upon The FreeStor Vision Recorded: Oct 17 2016 49 mins
    Gary Quinn, President and CEO
    Digitalization and cloud technology have resulted in better economic performance for enterprise customers and service providers. Workloads can now be located in proper storage destinations - in the cloud, at a hosted provider or on-premise.

    Enterprise customers are not only evaluating the storage destination and type but the appropriate hypervisors and operating systems to match the service levels and economic costs of the workloads they need to support.

    FreeStor, on its third iteration in less than 18 months, is 100% focused on delivering high-performance block-based storage services that customers need - at public cloud prices. Customers have been in need of such services but have been unable to achieve this level of service with traditional branded suppliers. FreeStor gives customers total choice to build the right destination, on the right storage paradigm for the right price and service level.
  • An Intelligent Approach to Cloud Storage Recorded: Sep 21 2016 60 mins
    Alan Komet, EVP Worldwide Field Operations & Peter McCallum, VP Datacenter Solutions
    FreeStor is the most comprehensive and truly agnostic software-defined storage management platform on the market today. Delivering end to end management, features include Intelligent Abstraction, Intelligent Predictive Analytics, Intelligent Action and Intelligent Pricing.

    Join this session to stay on top of the latest software-defined storage and cloud storage trends and features, including:
    Cloud Enablement
    New Data Analytics and Reporting
    Secure Multi Tenancy
    Client Management
    Linux 7 Support

    When it comes to managing your data center, choosing a cloud storage option and optimizing your data analytics, the waters can get muddy. Save your seat to help sort through the clutter!
  • SDS Is The Way To Go For Modern Storage Recorded: Aug 17 2016 59 mins
    Farid Yavari, VP Technology and Peter McCallum, VP Datacenter Solutions
    It’s time to let your storage infrastructure work for you, not the other way around. Lower the cost of storage hardware, modernize existing infrastructure and take less time to manage and monitor one of your company's most valuable assets: data.
    1. Age is GOOD in software
    2. Decoupling controller software from the controller is GOOD
    3. The same challenges in deploying and maintaining software also exist in HW deployments… so why not use the same methods (i.e. devops!)
    4. Drive down storage costs with an integrated, predictive and proactive approach to analytics for an “always-on” storage infrastructure that supports business growth and stability
  • All Flash. Noch ein Datensilo? Nicht mit FreeStor als SDS-Layer Recorded: Jun 29 2016 25 mins
    Manfred Wania, Denis Jovic - Storage Architects
    Wie man All-Flash Systeme in bestehende Umgebungen einbindet, diese hochverfügbar macht, und Anwendungen wie Virtual Desktop Umgebungen beschleunigen kann.
  • FreeStor Use Case: SDS der Turbo für Datensicherung & Wiederherstellung Recorded: Jun 22 2016 24 mins
    Manfred Wania and Michael Struwe
    Wie lange darf ein Geschäftsprozess ausfallen? Darf ein Datenverlust in Kauf genommen werden? Wie können Datendienste von FreeStor Sie dabei unterstützen Ihre Datensicherungs- bzw. Wiederherstellungsanforderungen zu gewährleisten
  • Everything Old Is NOT New Again: How The NEW Is Reshaping Storage Recorded: May 18 2016 57 mins
    Peter McCallum, VP Datacenter Solutions
    Pete McCallum will discuss the impact of platform convergence in today’s storage and infrastructure marketplace. In this discussion, we will explore the evolution of distributed computing, and how the hardware-defined era has been a stagnating force. We will discuss the deep impact of the Software-Defined everything and how platforms like Containers, Software-Defined Storage, Openstack, and Analytics are shaping the new world of massive Data-Defined infrastructure.
  • FreeStor Use Case: Application Aware Data Placement Recorded: May 11 2016 19 mins
    Peter Streich, Denis Jovic
    Speicher-Silos um den Anforderungen für bestimmte Anwendungen zu genügen sind passé.
    Die Abstraktion verschiedenster Medien gepaart mit Intelligenter Analyse ermöglichen die optimale und flexible Platzierung Ihrer Daten – Für jeden Fall.
  • FreeStor - Die "Software Defined Data Services" Plattform Recorded: Apr 13 2016 40 mins
    Peter Streich, Denis Jovic
    "Die Zukunft ist Jetzt! Erleben Sie, wie FreeStor die Zukuft der Software Defined Datacenter mitgestaltet. Intelligent Abstraction - Intelligent Analytics - Intelligent Action!"
  • Heterogeneous Data Management: Improved Business Value With FreeStor Analytics Recorded: Apr 12 2016 54 mins
    Tim Sheets, VP Corporate Marketing
    In the modern business world, data has become as important as capital and people. But the traditional approach of managing data silo by silo is complex and expensive. It’s time to rethink how data is managed.

    The latest release of FreeStor takes a comprehensive approach to real-world data management challenges through intelligent abstraction, predictive analytics and intelligent action across your storage infrastructure. Our all new FreeStor Analytics improves business value through heterogeneous data management. See how FreeStor is empowering the Enterprise customer looking to become an Internal Service Provider and helping Managed Service Providers achieve an economic edge.

    Isn’t time you set your storage infrastructure free?
  • The Reality Of Software Defined Storage Recorded: Mar 24 2016 58 mins
    Peter McCallum, VP Datacenter Solutions
    Are you looking for freedom to choose or leverage the right storage infrastructure to match your business, operations, and budget?
    Would you like to be free to innovate and focus on driving business?
    Are you interested in being free to do business in a way that makes sense for your business - not dictated by vendors?

    Join us to see how FreeStor gives customers the Power To Be Free!
  • 2016 Vision - Live From Spiceworks! Recorded: Mar 9 2016 63 mins
    Peter McCallum, Alan Komet, Mark Bichlmeier
    FreeStor helps IT organizations realize more economic value out of existing environments and any future storage investments.
    Reducing complexity, maximizing flexibility and improving operational efficiency - FreeStor sets your data free. Join Peter McCallum and Alan Komet as they discuss SDS and the 2016 FreeStor Vision - with Mark Bichlmeier from Spiceworks moderating!
Software Defined Storage
FreeStor's unique horizontal architecture opens up a new world of storage opportunities, allowing IT managers to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs. Take advantage of cloud, hybrid/cloud, SDS and Flash storage — without having to invest in new technology or rip and replace.

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  • Title: The Power To Be Free: Migrate, Recover, Protect And Deduplicate Data
  • Live at: Apr 28 2015 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Peter McCallum, FalconStor
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