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Security Architecture Best Practices for SaaS Applications

Gartner has predicted 18-20% growth in SaaS market, and expects it to hit US $22.1 billion by the year 2015. They have also measured that SaaS adoption rate has increased many fold in the last few years (almost 71% of enterprises use SaaS solutions).

SaaS has come a long way from “hype” to “norm”. The key to this change is the confidence that has been built by the cloud/SaaS community by providing enterprise class security. Since, SaaS model of delivery has become a defacto standard of delivering products it’s critical for software providers to ensure that their SaaS product meets the required industry security standards. In this webinar, we will address the security aspects related to architecture, deployment and management of SaaS solutions.

Key Takeaways:
• Security considerations in each of the architecture layers
• Data isolation risks and mitigation plans
• Overview of CWE/SANS and OWASP Security threats
• Data retention and termination policies
• Infrastructure and cloud related security risks and solutions
Recorded Mar 24 2015 64 mins
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Presented by
Jothi Rengarajan - Principal Architect – SaaS Solutions, Janakiraman Jayachandran - Cloud Architect
Presentation preview: Security Architecture Best Practices for SaaS Applications

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  • Migrating from any Oracle Retail version to the latest V16 Recorded: Jul 13 2017 56 mins
    Yamini Chitturi, Merchandising Solutions Architect and Chetan Singh, Store Solutions Architect
    Current Omnichannel scenario demands retailers to stay abreast with the latest developments in Oracle Retail V16. This webcast focuses on educating them about:

    1.What's New in V16?
    2.Identifying the right BOM
    3.What should you focus on during Implementation?
  • Digitizing legacy POS for Omni-channel Integration Recorded: Jun 22 2017 55 mins
    Hariharan Ganesh - Head of Enterprise Integration, Aspire Systems
    Since its advent in 1974, POS has managed almost 100% of transaction processing with utmost efficiency. Even though modern Cloud POS helps to establish digital experience, traditional legacy POS systems cannot meet digital requirements and diminish the customer experience, online reachability as it lacks real-time access, inventory management & Omni-channel capabilities.

    Learn how you can make your existing legacy POS more powerful & connected with your digital strategy to meet modern customers.
  • Managing Digital Applications for rapid growth: CIO’s nightmare Recorded: Jun 21 2017 58 mins
    Janaki Jayachandran: Technology Director, Jothi Rengarajan: Principle Architect
    Almost every Enterprise is in the middle of digital transformation wave spanning across the landscape of social media, mobility, Analytics and Cloud. However, Enterprises have a big challenge in managing the digital applications built across this landscape comprising of both custom built and out of box solutions. While the number of applications grows rapidly there is also an increasing demand from the business which puts Enterprise IT under constant pressure to improve their agility and provide faster response times to meet market demands. Therefore, Enterprises are in dire need of a solution to simplify the development and management of digital applications with little to no operational overhead.
    In this webinar, we will be focusing on how to address the challenges of managing multiple digital applications and bring in standardization in the way they are built and managed.

    Join the webinar and learn how effectively you can improve business agility and achieve faster time to market through simplifying management of Digital Applications.

    Key Takeaways:
    •Challenges in managing diversified applications
    •Features of a Digital Management Platform
    •Building blocks for rapid development of new digital applications
    •Digital Management Journey of a Fortune 400 company
  • API Integration - The Key Accelerator for Digital Transformation Recorded: Apr 26 2017 59 mins
    Hariharan Ganesh - Head of Enterprise Integration, Aspire Systems & Sid Lasley - Global Director, Dell Boomi
    There is a growing realization that to succeed today and going forward, the stakes to remain competitive are directly related to the ability to be a digital business. As organizations move to modernize IT in order to become digitalized businesses for better customer experience, they realize that their traditional architecture aren’t built to support rapid change & innovation in this new digital business environment.

    Join the webinar and learn how Dell Boomi platform and Aspire's Unified Reference Architecture Solution (AURAS - Cloud) can help enterprises to accelerate business agility & achieve digital transformation.

    During the webinar you'll learn about:

    - Why Digital Transformation is challenging and time consuming
    - How API & Integration plays major role in Digital Transformation program
    - Capabilities of Dell Boomi Platform to drive Digital Transformation
    - Role of AURAS in the Digital Transformation initiative
    - How AURAS & Dell Boomi combination helps to accelerate Digital Transformation
    - Success Story of Dell Boomi and AURAS
  • Unite people, processes and products through TFS DevOps Recorded: Feb 16 2017 44 mins
    Yogesh Vangada MCP, CSM, CSPO, SAFe Agilist, TFS DevOps Consultant
    Do you think disintegrated teams and tools are delaying your delivery timeline and causes business slow down? Then, you should definitely learn about Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), an integrated suite of developer tools that simplifies enterprise ALM.
    Aspire Systems, a Microsoft Gold DevOps and Application Development partner, has helped many enterprises implement and integrate TFS in their environment, and leverage its benefits. As a trusted partner for enterprises and ISVs, we are hosting a webinar to help businesses understand how TFS can unite people, processes and products to improve product delivery and accelerate productivity.
  • Why your Digital CX Story is Incomplete without Architecture Modernization? Recorded: Nov 17 2016 53 mins
    Prakash Nagaswamy-Chief Architect, Sridhar Prabhakar-Sr Technical Consultant
    In this webinar we will look at how architecture modernization brings software agility and influences the way software engages with the customer and provides superior digital experience. We will also look at a sample modern architecture blue print.

    Join the webinar to gain practitioners’ view on:
    •The various aspects of architecture that affects Digital CX
    •Modernization Considerations for Digital CX :DevOps, Software Architecture, Data Storage, Security Architecture, Content Delivery & Multi-tenancy
    •Technology Suggestions
    •Architecture Modernization Approaches
    •Incremental Approach - A Case Scenario
    •A Sample Digital Architecture Blueprint
    P.S: If the timing doesn’t suit you, register anyway and you will get a recorded copy
  • Why is CONSUMER Analytics not working for you? Recorded: Oct 27 2016 29 mins
    Jayakanthan Chidambaram, Practice Head - Analytics & Adarsh Nellika, Principal Solutions Architect
    Ease and Multitude of information to consumers leads to evolving patterns. Now, Businesses need to change far more frequently. Ability of moulding your ecosystem to adapt the constant change is primordial for survival. Mere flashy data dashboards will not suffice.

    Businesses need a plethora of analytics solutions well-integrated with legacy systems. A good Consumer analytics solution will enable faster turnaround in decision implementing and getting the most out of the complex Consumer Engagement. Is your consumer analytics good enough for combating change?

    Join this webinar to learn more about:

    1. Why you should align Business goals with Customer Analytics?
    2. How to improve Customer Experience?
    3. Leverage value from Customer Data
    4. Understanding Customer Life-cycle analytics
    5. Use-cases of successfully implemented Customer Analytics
  • Getting in sync with ServiceNow Helsinki Recorded: Oct 20 2016 56 mins
    Jade Schneider, Sr. Solution Consultant – ServiceNow, Ravi Rajamani, Senior ServiceNow Consultant, Aspire Systems,
    Join this Webinar to learn everything you need to know about ServiceNow® upgrades, release cycle, how to upgrade to the latest versions, and benefits of upgrading. ServiceNow releases newer versions to deliver exciting new features to help its users quickly address problems in IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, Business Management, Application Development, Security Operations, and so on.

    Aspire Systems, ServiceNow registered solutions partner, is hosting this webinar to help you realize the full potential of the ServiceNow upgrades, maximize its efficiency in your organization and boost productivity

    Key topics covered in the webinar include:
    - Understanding ServiceNow Upgrades, Patch and Hotfix releases.
    - Timeline/ Pattern of ServiceNow upgrades.
    - Creating an upgrade and testing checklist.
    - Sample scenarios where upgrade might cause issues.
    - Upgrade best practices.
    - Helsinki – an overview on the latest release
    - A quick sneak-peek on ServiceNow roadmap and what’s next.
  • Cloud Agility – Your development infrastructure is just a click away! Recorded: Oct 12 2016 47 mins
    Janakiraman Jayachandran- Director – SaaS and Cloud, Aspire Systems, Jothi Lakshmi- Principal Architect, Aspire Systems
    According to Statistica’s recent study, in 2016, spending on public cloud ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ hardware and software is forecast to reach $38B, growing to $173B in 2026. The increasing adoption of cloud infrastructure as a service alters the common perception ‘only startups will go cloud’. Today, large enterprises from every conceivable industry are transitioning their entire infrastructure into the cloud.

    ‘Cloud Agility’ is the term coined for rapid provisioning of hardware and software resources on the cloud to support faster time to market and delivery. Join us for this informative 45 mins discussion to learn more about cloud agility and how you can transform development infrastructure to meet today’s fast-paced business needs.

    Key topics that we will cover in the webinar are:

    - How to build an agile IT landscape with cloud computing?
    - Pros and cons in using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions.
    - What is ‘AWS DevFarm’?
    - ROI analysis between on-premises and Cloud models.
  • Improve Customer Experience using Omni-channel Integration Recorded: Sep 15 2016 47 mins
    Hariharan Ganesarethinam, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Integration
    If you're in the consumer business, you will know how challenging it is today to retain a single customer and making them to buy from you. With the digitization, shopping has become a 24/7 experience and customers are now expecting seamless experience across all your sales channels - web, mobile, in-store, kiosk, call center and marketplace.

    Today many organizations have gone into digital to meet their customer’s expectations but later face the challenge of integrating their legacy/IT systems with the digital platform; leading to slower product or promotion rollouts, data sync issues, lack of operational visibility and all leads into unsatisfied customers.

    This session will show how you can establish a unified integration platform across all your sales channels and provide an accurate data, shopping experience and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Phygital Retail: Merging Online & In-store Customer Experience Recorded: Sep 8 2016 30 mins
    Sunil Bajaj Director & Unit Head – Retail & CPG Practice,Kamal Chandramohan Practice Head – Mobility
    You are a Retailer trying to figure out smooth transformation of physical stores into new age customer engagement hubs.You see it happening around you, but you want the best fit scalable solution for your business. Unsure, where to start. Attend this webinar, to learn the following:

    What will you learn?
    - What are the main challenges faced in merging physical stores with the online?
    - How adoption of a phygital retail solution can enable delivery of Personalized services to your customers?
    - Enhance customer engagement by empowering store associates
    - How to optimize the customer interaction at every point in the purchase journey?
    - Guided in-store navigation of your customers using beacons

    Who should attend?
    - Retail CEO, CTO & CIOs
    - VP/Director, IT & Omnichannel
    - Digital Strategists
    - CX Advisors
  • What can Insurers learn from Uber’s Customer Experience? Recorded: Aug 24 2016 28 mins
    Finny Chellakumar, Head, Aspire Systems Digital
    Insurance companies today are soon to witness their own version of Uberization. In this webcast you will learn...

    •The kind of experiences that can stir instant customer love and loyalty
    •With customer data everywhere, how can you wisely give your customers the power of decision making?
    •Best CX practices to prevent customer break ups

    To get an overview on how you can uber-revolutionize your CX, join Finny, Head, Aspire Systems Digital on this webcast.
  • Test Automation for POS – Are you doing it right? Recorded: Jul 28 2016 35 mins
    Chetan Singh, Solution Architect Retail Store Solutions SME, Divya Madaan, Senior Test Automation Consultant
    Although Test Automation is not a new concept anymore, many retailers are struggling to test POS systems successfully. Testing a POS software package manually can lead to many challenges like:

    •Increased Time to Market since the complete test cycle of integrated POS may take months
    •Poor Quality of builds due to high chances of defect leakages in manually tested builds
    •Complexity as the POS systems come with multiple integration points and complex business scenarios
    •Increased cost due to the huge efforts involved in manual testing
    Our speakers, having worked with several retailers understand deeply the challenges in POS testing and the factors that need to be considered while automating the test process.

    Key takeaways:
    •Challenges faced in testing POS systems
    •How Test automation is beneficial for retailers
    •The know-how – Test automation framework suitable for testing a POS
    •How Test Automation looks like in reality while testing a POS– A case scenario

    Register now to join the industry leaders!
  • Digital sans Continuous Testing – Are you ready to pay the price? Recorded: Jul 20 2016 49 mins
    Vasu Swaminathan, Jayanth Krishnan, Sujatha Sugumaran,
    It goes without saying that the technology world is completely undergoing a major change what industry experts term as “Digital Transformation”. There are two aspects, which businesses give importance to in this digital economy - superior user experience followed by the speed of software delivery and practices like Continuous Delivery can help achieve it.
    One of the key components on the path to Continuous Delivery is “Continuous Testing”. Without the right Continuous Testing strategy, organizations can never succeed in elating users with the best software experience and in today’s competitive market lack of user adoption can have a huge impact on an organization’s reputation and revenue plans.
    In this webinar, you will learn how Continuous Testing helps in providing Superior User Experience and Faster Software Delivery.

    Key takeaways:
    •Importance of Digital Quality Assurance – Challenges and Test Priorities
    •Common Test Automation pitfalls during digital transformation
    •Success Factors of Continuous Testing
    •An ideal Test Automation framework for Digital Assurance

    Register now to join the industry leaders!
  • How can Xstore POS enable Omnichannel Retailing? Recorded: Mar 10 2016 46 mins
    Franklin Vanjour & Chetan Singh
    This webcast focuses on getting the audience acquainted with:
    1.Xstore POS Overview and Key features
    2.Enabling Omnichannel through Xstore
    3.Aspire Systems POS Accelerate framework for Xstore implementation
    4.Test Automation Overview & Demo
  • Retail Xstore POS: Top Benefits and a rapid Implementation Approach Recorded: Feb 18 2016 57 mins
    Chetan Singh, Franklin Vanjour
    Retail Xstore POS leading POS Software for Hardgoods and Softgoods reveals latest IHL market study. This webcast focuses on educating the audience about:

    1.Key features and advantages of Xstore through a product demo
    2.Introduction to Aspire Systems POS Accelerate framework for Xstore implementation
    3.How to achieve 40% faster time-to-market using pre-built components?
    4.How to achieve upto 80% test automation, showcase live automation demo.
  • Collaboration in ServiceNow : ServiceNow and Lync Integration Recorded: Nov 18 2015 36 mins
    Ravi Rajamani - Senior ServiceNow Consultant - Aspire Systems
    Enterprise Collaboration System (ECS) facilitates efficient sharing of Information between teams and individuals in an enterprise. While ServiceNow is a software platform that supports IT service management and automates common business processes, the integration of "ServiceNow" and "Skype for Business / Lync" can give "Enterprise Collaboration" an added dimension.

    With the integration, an organization can deliver solution faster, respond to real-time responses and build a more powerful presence. Every stake holder can hence feel a sense of assured support.

    Key Takeaways:
    1. Collabration in ServiceNow
    2. Integration Options
    3. Brigning IT Support closer
  • A primer on Continuous Delivery tools – Know your choices Recorded: Nov 12 2015 40 mins
    Divya Madaan Project Manager - Aspire Systems, Vasanth Manickam Project Lead - Aspire Systems
    1.Continuous Delivery – Let’s try and understand it one more time
    2.The Tool Conundrum
    3.The Practitioner’s Dilemma
  • AWS vs Azure: Key parameters for decision making Recorded: Sep 2 2015 64 mins
    Janakiraman Jayachandran - Cloud Architect, Jothi Rengarajan - Principal Architect
    AWS and Azure are the only 2 cloud providers that appeared in the “Leaders” quadrant published by Gartner. But, how similar or different are they? Join our webinar to take a closer look at AWS and Azure in terms of their offerings and their fitment for various industry use cases.

    Key Takeaways

    Key takeaways
    •How latest cloud services are simplifying IT processes?
    •Closer look at the pros and cons of AWS and Azure
    •Industry best practices and key things to keep in mind while selecting AWS or Azure
  • How to Scale Continuous Delivery in the Cloud? Recorded: Jun 11 2015 51 mins
    Elango Kanakaraji, Head – Product Engineering , Aspire Systems. Prakash Nagaswamy, Director - Technology , Aspire Systems
    Organizations have started to realize the benefits of “developing and deploying software quickly” through the concept of Continuous Delivery. Although this process enables quick delivery of developed features it does not address the productivity issues like lack of historical knowledge, complicated configuration management, remote access to developer workspace, poor collaboration due to desktop IDEs and so on.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to optimize your complete software development lifecycle through cloud-based agile process.

    Key takeaways:
    •How to scale up development in the cloud for distributed teams
    •How to enhance developer productivity efficiency
    •How to effectively manage code and releases in the cloud
    •How to continuously monitor and measure the quality of software development
    •Agile + CI/CD+ CLOUD - A case scenario
End-to-End IT Services: ITSM,SaaS,SMAC,Test Automation,Retail,BigData
Aspire Systems is a global technology services firm serving as a trusted technology partner for its customers. The company works with some of the world's most innovative enterprises and independent software vendors, helping them leverage technology and outsourcing in Aspire’s specific areas of expertise. Aspire System’s services include Product Engineering, Enterprise Solutions, Independent Testing Services and IT Infrastructure & Application Support Services. The company currently has over 1,400 employees and over 100 customers globally. The company has a growing presence in the US, UK, APAC, Middle East and Europe. For the 6th time in a row, Aspire has been selected as one of India’s ‘Best Companies to Work For’ by the Great Place to Work® Institute, in partnership with The Economic Times.

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  • Title: Security Architecture Best Practices for SaaS Applications
  • Live at: Mar 24 2015 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jothi Rengarajan - Principal Architect – SaaS Solutions, Janakiraman Jayachandran - Cloud Architect
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