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Cloud Service Provider Goes All Flash to Offer Next Generation Services

GleSYS, a next-generation global cloud platform, was experiencing performance issues with its legacy storage system. By deploying a software-defined all-flash storage solution from Nexenta and SanDisk®, GleSYS was able to significantly decrease latency while achieving higher IOPS and decreased server footprint. In addition, since the implementation, the GleSYS team has spent a tiny fraction of their time on administration, allowing them to focus on other business and technology issues, such as providing enhanced services to customers.

Join members from GleSYS, Nexenta, SanDisk, and Layer 8 to hear the real world testimonial and deep dive into how the NexentaStor and SanDisk® Flash solution delivers the industry’s best value solution for high performance mature unified block and file services, scaling up to four petabyte (PB) configurations.
Recorded May 11 2016 50 mins
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Presented by
Andreas Bergman, Engineer, GleSYS; Dave Montgomery, Product Marketing, SanDisk; Mike Letschin, Field CTO, Nexenta
Presentation preview: Cloud Service Provider Goes All Flash to Offer Next Generation Services

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  • Innovative Storage for Smart Security Mar 6 2019 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Brian Mallari, Director Surveillance Marketing
    The security video market continues to see tremendous growth, driven by heightened concerns over terrorism, broader availability of more advanced imaging technology, and potential leverage of security cameras for improving operational efficiencies. Hear how smart security video not only assists security personnel in maintaining public safety but can also be used to ultimately improve infrastructure, driving in part the emergence and growth of smart cities. The so-called smart security edge requires innovative, dynamic storage technology to deliver the performance, capacity and endurance needed for real-time artificial intelligence and video analytics. Please join us as we discuss the broadest portfolio of edge-to-core storage solutions for smart security video, only from Western Digital.
  • The Changing Requirements for Automotive NAND Flash Storage Feb 28 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Russell Ruben, Director, Automotive Marketing
    NAND flash storage is moving from infotainment to many key applications as the automotive industries drives to autonomous vehicles. As the applications change, so does the usage from single storage systems to domain, shared storage. With these additional use cases come additional challenges and requirements for NAND flash.
  • Composable Infrastructure - An Evolutionary Tale Recorded: Jan 31 2019 42 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA
    Datacenter storage infrastructure has come a long way since the days of bare metal and one application per server. Once we found a way to share data across the network in the form of NAS and SAN, the industry has worked on many different fronts to improve CPU utilization, performance and cost and reduce complexity and maintenance. Virtualization, converged and hyper-converged technologies, all added incremental improvements in managing datacenter storage. But modern datacenter managers still deal with problems such as SKU growth, stranded capacity and the need to be flexible enough to adapt to unpredictable growth. The right solution for this is Composable Infrastructure, the ability to disaggregate HW resources and compose them through software.

    Join us for a LIVE webinar where we will discuss the historical evolution of datacenter storage infrastructure and explain how we will move towards Composable Infrastructure in the future.

    Main topics will include:
    1. The evolution from bare metal deployments to current modern infrastructure of scale-out, converged/hyperconverged architectures
    2. What is Composable Infrastructure and what are its benefits?
    3. Western Digital’s offering for Composable Infrastructure
  • Western Digital ActiveScale™ Hadoop Use Case Recorded: Jan 30 2019 18 mins
    Mike McWhorter, Senior Technologist, DCS Field Applications Engineering
    Mike McWhorter, Senior Technologist, reviews how Western Digital IT leverages the new S3A feature in Hadoop to create a second tier of seamless storage for analytics. Hadoop S3A allows you to connect your Hadoop cluster to any on-premises or hybrid S3™-compliant object store -- achieving massive scale at substantially lower overall cost.
  • Top Reasons for Considering NVMe Recorded: Jan 24 2019 32 mins
    Clay Ryder, Data Center Systems Marketing
    Is the latent value of your vast data resources being fully leveraged for your maximum success? Odds are, it’s probably not. Ironically, the growth and commercial success you are experiencing due to your data infrastructure, may grind it to a halt, unable to support the burgeoning info glut. “But, how can this be?” you may ask. The answer is simple, your digital business deserves better storage.

    In this webinar we’ll explore the top reasons you should considering deploying NVMe-based storage in your enterprise. You’ll learn how NVMe can not only shift the current data bottleneck, but eliminate it all together while laying the groundwork for a future of highly-decentralized high-performance storage. More importantly, we’ll look beyond the speeds and feeds to envision how NVMe can act as a change agent to drive innovation and success in your business. Discover how NVMe can unlock the latent value of your data by delivering data to your fingertips while changing the fundamental economics of your storage and retrieval of data forever.
  • Western Digital IntelliFlash Operating Environment Recorded: Jan 22 2019 15 mins
    Harrison Waller - Sr. Manager Technical Marketing, Western Digital
    Get an overview of the IntelliFlash user interface and visualize simple workflows for storage administration. Explore the various features and widgets, plus gain insights into storage performance and capacity management on an Western Digital IntelliFlash storage array.
  • Western Digital’s Composable Infrastructure Vision Recorded: Jan 15 2019 33 mins
    Dave Montgomery, Director, Storage Platforms Marketing
    The ‘general-purpose’ architectures that have served so well in the past are reaching their limits of scalability, performance and efficiency, typically using a uniform ratio of resources to address all compute processing, storage and network bandwidth requirements. As a result, the ‘one size fits all’ approach is no longer effective for data-intensive workloads. What is required for today’s data-centric architectures that address such diverse applications as big data, fast data, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), are capabilities that enable more control over the blend of resources that each application needs so that optimized levels of processing, storage and network bandwidth can be scaled independent of one another, enabling both flexibility and composability.

    Composable Disaggregated Infrastructures (CDIs) are becoming a popular solution – delivering greatly improved TCO and addressing the inflexible nature of many current IT architectures. With a total market CAGR of 58.2% (forecasted from 2017 to 2022), CDIs treat physical compute, storage and network fabric resources as services and use an API to create a virtual application environment that provides whatever resources the application needs in real-time to meet workload demands.

    This webinar will cover the current economic pain-points of today’s IT infrastructures and introduce Western Digital’s OpenFlex™ line of composable infrastructure, fabric-attached storage products.
  • In-Memory Computing at Scale – The Next Computing Frontier Recorded: Dec 13 2018 37 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA
    The heavy demands of safe city initiatives, IoT workloads, and other time-sensitive data sets are hitting memory constraints at scale. New datacenter architectures become more and more memory-centric to address the pursuit of greater data processing at lower latency. But IT managers are confronted with cost of high capacity DIMM modules, limited amount of DIMM slots available within the server and low CPU utilization.

    In this webinar, Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEAI will discuss the technical constraints of memory-intensive applications, and how they can be solved by Western Digital’s newly announced Ultrastar DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive. You will learn more about:

    1. Market trends and challenges for memory-intensive applications
    2. Technical implementation of the Ultrastar DC ME200 inside a server, enabling up to 24TiB of byte-addressable memory in a 1U server
    3. Real test data on applications, such as Memcached, Redis, MySQL and SAP Hana
  • Persistent Memory’s Role in Storage Solutions Recorded: Nov 28 2018 49 mins
    Clay Ryder, Data Center Systems Marketing
    Persistent Memory such as Non-volatile DIMMs (NVDIMMs) is finding its way into enterprise storage solutions that were formerly the domain of HDDs and SSDs. The promise of running your applications and workloads at the speed of memory, but at a lower cost and with better durability is certainly alluring. But does this mean that persistent memory will replace ubiquitous HDD and SSD solutions? Will it be right for you? And how will it impact the rest of the storage market?

    Join us for a Video Meetup where we’ll walk you through an introduction to persistent memory, and how to think about incorporating it into your storage infrastructure either now or in the future. We’ll be talking with an IT pro from the Spiceworks Community as well as an expert from Western Digital.

    What we'll discuss:
    -What is persistent memory and how is it different from SSDs and HDDs?
    - How persistent memory works and how it could fit into storage solutions
    - How your data can travel between varying tiers of storage performance Comparison of cost and performance with traditional storage solutions
    - Determining whether the investment is worth it and making the business case
  • Is the "Do-it-yourself" Datacenter the Future? Recorded: Nov 28 2018 39 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMAEI
    The way datacenters are purchasing and building their infrastructure is changing rapidly. The days of general purpose servers for all computing tasks are slowly dwindling, and the days of "software-defined" everything is rising. More and more IT managers are buying off-the-shelf components/systems and putting together it together with the management software of their choice to create purpose-built infrastructure.

    In this presentation, Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMAEI from Western Digital will discuss three market trends that will bring the idea of the "do-it-yourself" datacenter closer to reality:

    Trend #1 - Purpose-built Infrastructure
    Trend #2 - Software Defined Storage
    Trend #3 - Disaggregation of Storage
  • Get off Your Lazy NAS by Transforming Your Data Management Strategy Recorded: Oct 30 2018 25 mins
    Stefaan Vervaet, Sr. Director, DCS Solutions & Alliances, Western Digital; Krishna Subramanian, COO, Komprise
    NAS is essential to your IT environment, but a lazy NAS can hurt performance, cause you extra work and bust your budget.

    Join experts from Western Digital and Komprise to learn how to transform your data management strategy by gaining visibility and an understanding of your data, automating the movement of inactive data to less expensive storage and optimizing your storage environment.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to:
    •Increase NAS performance
    •Free up NAS capacity
    •Reduce costs by up to 50% or more
    •Reduce backup times by up to 60 percent or more

    A small investment of time can deliver BIG cost savings!
  • Western Digital’s Compelling New Enterprise HDD/SSD Portfolio Recorded: Oct 24 2018 34 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA
    Join Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA, for this webinar where she will explain the latest developments in Western Digital’s enterprise SSD/HDD product offering. First, she will explain to you the transition from WD Gold™ to Western Digital Ultrastar® HDDs and how you can best migrate to the new offering. Furthermore, she will introduce you to 2 newly released enterprise SSDs, enabling the latest flash technology in your datacenter. The new Ultrastar DC SS530 SAS SSD is the offers best in class performance among current dual-port 12Gb/s SAS SSDs offerings in the market, and can help to drive faster data analytics, drive higher productivity, and power business decision-making. The Ultrastar SN620 NVMe™ SSD completes Western Digital’s NVMe portfolio, by delivering an essential NVMe drive that performs at 3x the bandwidth of enterprise SATA SSDs, providing a path to server consolidation.
  • Know Thy Storage: Why Object Storage Matters to Your Data Recorded: Oct 2 2018 50 mins
    Clay Ryder, Data Center Systems Marketing
    For the bulk of enterprise data, the answer for cost-effective data storage is not always high-performance primary storage, meant for real-time applications, but rather a more-than-adequate-performance afforded by object-based storage.

    If you're involved with enterprise storage, even on the periphery, you've probably heard someone talk about Object Storage. If you feel you don't actually know what object storage is, what the buzz is all about and if, and where, it would be appropriate to deploy in your organization - you're not alone.

    Join us to learn why object storage matters, the limitations it solves within the data center, why it's become so prevalent in the age of Big Data, and how customers are using object storage today.
  • Tiered Datacenter in a Box – the Benefits of Hybrid Storage Servers Recorded: Sep 26 2018 41 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEA
    Join Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA, for this webinar where she will introduce you to Western Digital’s newly released Ultrastar Serv60+8 hybrid storage server platform. With up to 780TB in a 4U enclosure, the Ultrastar Serv60+8 hybrid server is designed for capacity hungry environments and balances high density, compute and performance with low cost in Software-Defined Storage (SDS) environments. With the ability to mix both HDD and SSDs in the same compute platform, and a choice of CPUs and memory configurations, the Ultrastar® Serv60+8 hybrid storage server is targeted at backup, archive, private cloud and surveillance environments. We will share with you the benefits of this type of high density compute platform in various use case scenarios.
  • IntelliFlash, NVMe, and the Storage Landscape Recorded: Aug 27 2018 23 mins
    Scott Lowe, CEO of ActualTech Media and Narayan Venkat, VP of Data Center Systems at Western Digital
    Join ActualTech Media CEO, Scott Lowe and Narayan Venkat, VP of Data Center Systems at Western Digital as they discuss IntelliFlash, NVMe and the current overall storage landscape.

    In this webcast you will learn:

    -Why All-Flash right now?
    -The advantages or NVMe and when and why you might need it
    -The economic value of IntelliFlash and the “silicon to system” Western Digital architecture

    If you are interested in learning more about IntelliFlash, industry knowledge on the current state of NVMe or hearing more about our perspectives on NVMe make sure to check out the resources in the attachments.
  • The Value of Blockchain in Media & Entertainment Recorded: Jul 19 2018 32 mins
    Erik Weaver, Global Director Media & Entertainment, Western Digital ; Steve Wong, Dir. Business Development, DXC Technology
    Hollywood business models are built on a centralized trust where most intellectual properties flow through the control of a few studios. This impacts content creators who do not know what, when, and how their content is consumed. Imagine the impact if all stakeholders had visibility and access to the same facts – Guilds, Unions, Studios, Record Labels, Publishers, Distributors, and Viewers.

    Blockchain technology offers this opportunity. In this webinar Erik Weaver speaks with Steve Wong about what blockchain is, and how it can impact Hollywood - enabling accountability in pre-production, production, post-production, distribution, and consumption.
  • Performance Databases with Container-Native Storage for OpenShift on SSD & HDD Recorded: Jul 11 2018 47 mins
    Earle Philhower III, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Western Digital; Daniel Messer, Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat
    After the initial release of Red Hat’s container-native storage (CNS) solution for OpenShift, a large number of customers had one question: "Can I run a LAMP-stack database on this?" In this webinar, you will find the answer to this question in a first-of-its-kind performance benchmark on hardware provided by Western Digital. The goal is to investigate whether OpenShift, running on VMware, integrated with Gluster as container-ready storage could run MySQL databases, typically found on web application stacks in containers, at sufficient speed. And if so, what is the best storage hardware to use? How much can we push either the storage or container cluster to its limits? We'll share the findings and discuss designing an OpenShift solution suited for such workloads.
  • Object Storage. What it Solves & Why it’s Better for Your Data at Scale. Recorded: Jul 10 2018 25 mins
    Mike McWhorter, Senior Technologist, Western Digital
    Most have heard about object storage, but what problem is it solving, and how does it compare to other storage solutions like SAN or NAS? If these are questions you’ve asked yourself this webinar is for you! (Hint: The problem Object Storage solves is scalability.)

    Join Senior Technologist Mike McWhorter as he explains how Object Storage differs from SAN, NAS and distributed file systems, the unique technological features which make object storage ideal for archiving, accessing or protecting data (especially unstructured data), and how different industries are using Object Storage today.

    Register today to watch live or for the on-demand recording.
  • NFS? VMFS? Which Should You Use? Recorded: Jul 3 2018 49 mins
    Clay Ryder - Sr. Manager Product Marketing; Harrison Waller - Sr. Manager Technical Marketing
    Are you waiting on your storage team to provision storage for your VMs? Is your storage infrastructure holding back your productivity?

    Western Digital IntelliFlash™ storage arrays gives you simplicity and flexibility to utilize NFS and/or VMFS datastores across All-NVMe, All-Flash and Hybrid Flash storage. Compromise NOTHING! When you have the right storage solution you can enhance your end-users' application experience - without breaking the bank. Our deep integration with vSphere, and the entire VMware stack, allows VM Admins to quickly provision, monitor and optimize with a few clicks. Our machine learning IntelliCare™ lets you set it and forget it.

    Join us for 45 minutes and we will show you how to manage a massive storage and VM footprint at a fraction of your current cost and effort.
  • Beyond Object Storage – Facilitating a Data-Forever Architecture (APAC) Recorded: Jun 29 2018 34 mins
    Phil Bullinger and Stefaan Vervaet of Western Digital and Mark Peters of ESG
    More and more, companies are unlocking the value of data by treating it as a business asset. Enterprises looking to increase their competitiveness and gain valuable insights face challenges in managing, scaling, storing, and analyzing these massive amounts of data. Learn how the next generation of ActiveScale delivers new features and capabilities to help you realize the potential of your unstructured data.

    Join this live webinar on June 29, 2018 at 9:30am India Standard Time with Phil Bullinger and Stefaan Vervaet of Western Digital and Mark Peters of ESG to learn:

    - How ActiveScale can help you build a data-forever architecture
    - How your company can realize the potential of your unstructured data
    - How to get the scale and economics you need to take control of your data
Trends and best-practices for data at scale
Western Digital Corporation is an industry-leading provider of storage technologies and solutions that enable people to create, leverage, experience and preserve data. The company addresses ever-changing market needs by providing a full portfolio of compelling, high-quality storage solutions with customer-focused innovation, high efficiency, flexibility and speed. Our products are marketed under the HGST, SanDisk and WD brands to OEMs, distributors, resellers, cloud infrastructure providers and consumers.

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  • Title: Cloud Service Provider Goes All Flash to Offer Next Generation Services
  • Live at: May 11 2016 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Andreas Bergman, Engineer, GleSYS; Dave Montgomery, Product Marketing, SanDisk; Mike Letschin, Field CTO, Nexenta
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