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The Data Revolution Will Be Televised. Storage Options for M&E

The data revolution will be televised. It’s an exciting time in media & entertainment as the digitalization of film and higher densities enable new opportunities like 3D and 8K film to VR and AR. However, these changing workflows and production requirements are placing a growing demand on existing storage solutions.

Join Erik Weaver, Global Director, M&E Market Development & Strategy at Western Digital as he discusses the 5 latest trends within media & entertainment, the challenges they present on underlying storage, and what next-generation technologies the industry is adopting in order to successfully adapt to these new media workloads - whether on-premises or in the cloud.
Recorded Dec 13 2016 16 mins
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Presented by
Erik Weaver, Global Director, M&E Market Development & Strategy, Western Digital
Presentation preview: The Data Revolution Will Be Televised. Storage Options for M&E

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  • Storage as the Driver of Change: Rethinking Data Infrastructure Recorded: Nov 24 2020 30 mins
    Dr. Siva Sivaram, President of Technology and Strategy, Western Digital
    Gain insights for cloud-native data center architectures to scale digital transformation initiatives. From the Flash Memory Summit 2020, Western Digital leaders discuss the storage trends for 2021 for data-intensive and compute-intensive workloads. They will also discuss the finer points on data movement and cloud infrastructure TCO.
  • Easy Planning for Software-Defined Storage with OSNEXUS and Western Digital Recorded: Nov 18 2020 34 mins
    Steven Umbehocker, Founder & CEO, OSNEXUS & Steve Wilkins, Data Center Infrastructure Product Marketing, Western Digital
    Join us as we discuss the developments in modern SDS deployments and how OSNEXUS and Western Digital have collaborated to simplify design and deployment of both scale-up and scale-out architectures.
  • Open Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure Overview Recorded: Oct 14 2020 20 mins
    Mark Miquelon - Director of Partner Alliances at Western Digital
    While the value of composing hardware into variable sized virtual servers is appealing, current HCI solutions are limited to the hardware resources available from the vendor who sells the chassis. Open Composable Disaggregated infrastructure provides the value of disaggregating compute, storage, and even memory resources plus the benefit of enabling multiple vendors to compete for your business.
  • VMware Disaster Recovery: Tiered NAS and Storage Solution Recorded: Oct 6 2020 69 mins
    Vidushi Jain - Technical Product Marketing Manager, Western Digital & Cody Hall - Product Manager, Synology
    Any downtime in your business (or homelab) can spell disaster. In this webcast we will take a deep dive into different Synology and WDC solutions for backing up and storing your virtual machine data. You will learn how to integrate VMware with Synology’s high availability cluster, set up Synology license-free backup software, select right storage from Western Digital’s NAS optimized portfolio, and implement a complete recovery strategy. Please join our webinar on VMware Disaster Recovery: Tiered NAS and Storage Solution.
  • Safer Cities Multi Petabyte Smart Video Projects Recorded: Aug 13 2020 55 mins
    Gene Leyzarovich, Sr. Storage Architect IP Video, JetStor & Brian Mallari, Director - Technical Product Marketing, WD
    Technology advancements are helping build smarter cities and evolve with the best solutions and services to give you a peace of mind. With QSAN and JetStor Petabyte surveillance solutions, learn how major smart city trends have influenced the success of many applications from mult-unit retirement homes, schools, to correctional facilities and more.

    Join QSAN, JetStor, and Western Digital webinar on “Safer Cities Multi Petabyte Smart Video Projects”
  • How Hybrid Cloud Storage Enables Remote Work Recorded: Jul 23 2020 47 mins
    Chris Alden - Senior Sales Manager, Synology & Ryan Roach - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Western Digital
    With the shift to working from home, IT managers must adapt their strategies for file sharing and endpoint protection to cope with the needs of employees scatted across various locations. In this webinar, we will examine how Synology and WD products can help teams share files securely, sync data across sites, and enhance uptime to reduce IT effort. One attendee during the webinar will be selected to receive a Synology DS220J NAS and two WD Red Pro 4TB hard drives.**Only valid for US residents. Terms and Conditions apply: https://events.mywd.com/LP=7396
  • Safely and Securely Re-open Schools through Smart Video Recorded: Jul 15 2020 60 mins
    Brian Mallari - Director, Technical Product Marketing, Western Digital & David Wise - National Sales Director, Tyco Cloud
    Empty school facilities create opportunities for integrators to use Tyco Cloud solutions in reopening plans. With new challenges presented by COVID-19, school districts need trusted solutions that can help them deploy improved security and safety solutions for the coming years.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - Convenient AI features like crowd formations and suspicious objects detections
    - How to protect privacy of students and teachers
    - How to manage access points remotely
    - How to easily manage health of the solution, including cameras

    Join Tyco Cloud and Western Digital webinar on Safely and Securely Re-open Schools through Smart Video
  • Keeping Up with Business Change Requires a New IT Approach Recorded: Jun 30 2020 29 mins
    Mark Miquelon, Partner Alliance Director, Western Digital Platforms & George Wagner, Product Marketing Director, Liqid
    Explore a new approach that allows on-prem IT to gracefully support the rapid rate of change in today’s frenetic business world – Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI). CDI is the new way to unlock the full value of IT resources with the ability to compose and re-compose infrastructure based on continually changing business needs. Learn how Western Digital and Liqid built a composable disaggregated storage solution that takes time-to-value, IT agility, and efficiency to levels never realized before.

    What you’ll learn:
    - What is Composable Disaggregated Storage – what problems does it solve?
    - The role of orchestration in Composable Disaggregated Storage – how does it work?
    - How to push the current boundaries on time-to-value, IT agility, and efficiency – beyond current data center strategies and technologies.
  • OpenFlex™ Data24 NVMe-oF™ Storage Platform Announcement Recorded: Jun 25 2020 23 mins
    Erik Ottem, Sr. director of Marketing and Steve Wilkins Sr. Manager of Marketing, Western Digital
    Announcement webinar for the OpenFlex Data24 and guest video from ESG Global embedded in the webinar.
  • Digital Advantage: A Modern Storage Infrastructure Recorded: Jun 17 2020 22 mins
    Jim Malone, Senior Content Strategist, IDG & Steve Wilkins, Data Center Infrastructure Marketing, Western Digital
    Jim Malone from IDG and Steve Wilkins from Western Digital discuss digital transformation and how data centers are being modernized through innovations in storage technology. They cover trends in data center spending and how storage innovation can drive improvements in cost, reliability and performance.
  • Top 5 Reasons for IT Professionals to Migrate to Cloud Video Surveillance Recorded: Jun 16 2020 58 mins
    Hila Shprecher - Western Digital, Product Marketing Specialist & David Wise - Tyco Cloud, National Sales
    As companies are seeing an increase in demands for security, the need to keep data scalable and flexible becomes more critical. Enable your business to achieve the value of cloud security. From reducing costs to the convenience and reliability, thousands of businesses are moving their security solution into the cloud effortlessly and cost effectively.

    Please join our webinar on Top 5 Reasons for IT Professionals to Migrate to Cloud Video Surveillance
  • Indispensable – Understanding Storage for the Industrial Internet of Things Recorded: May 28 2020 15 mins
    Yaniv Iarovici, Marketing Director for IoT and Edge, Western Digital
    Purpose-built solutions with storage, networking and compute – either in sensors, gateways, at the edge, in the cloud or on-premise – need to be architected in ways that are optimized for their part in the IIoT ecosystem. To support the promises to bring innovative use cases to light and new efficiencies to operations in this more connected world, you must take storage into considerations early when designing industrial applications. In this session, you will hear about the Industry 4.0 trends that are driving the need to think about storage earlier and what unique considerations you must take into account when designing industrial applications.
  • COVID-19 Has Changed Transit Forever: Overcoming Fears With Video & Analytics Recorded: May 27 2020 37 mins
    Stefaan Vervaet, Western Digital, Senior Director, Partner Alliance Engineer & Eddie Dixon, AngelTrax, National Sales Manager
    In this new world mid and post pandemic, learn how to ensure a safe and secure environment for your public transit employees and passengers. AngelTrax sets the standard for in-vehicle video monitoring of social distancing, decontamination, sanitization and safe driving behaviors. Don’t get caught off guard! Learn how to leverage video and analytics to ensure your passengers are safe and your organization is prepared for the challenges coming your way.
  • Improving Safety & Security of Multi-Use Buildings & Tenants During Hard Times Recorded: May 12 2020 60 mins
    Brian Mallari, Director, Technical Product Marketing & David Wise, National Sales
    Simplify your security and save money by moving video surveillance and access control to the cloud with Tyco Cloud, which utilizes WD Purple microSD cards and WD Purple HDDs from Western Digital. Tyco Cloud backed by Johnson Controls has been providing cloud security services for 20 years and is a trusted partner for thousands of businesses. In difficult times, meeting ever-increasing expectations and demands of a security system requires field proven reliability and capabilities like crowd formation detection.
  • Overcome Storage Performance Challenges in Video Production and Management Recorded: Oct 9 2019 17 mins
    Dave Montgomery, Director of Platforms, Western Digital
    From surveillance cameras to movie production, high-definition video is used everywhere, and the file sizes, production, and management challenges can quickly become major issues. As requirements for video production or management become even more demanding – both in performance and capacity requirments – standard “whitebox” configurations can quickly become overwhelmed. To overcome today’s challenge and ensure your infrastructure is “futureproofed” for the inevitable advancements in high-def video, organizations must pay close attention to how its infrastructure, including the data center and edge, is designed to meet the ever-evolving performance, scalability, and density demands.

    We invite you to join us for this upcoming webinar where you will learn:
    >Why standard “whitebox” configurations can quickly be overwhelmed
    >How flexible and scalable storage servers can improve production and management of the most demanding Media & Entertainment applications
    >How Western Digital is bringing new levels of performance, scalability, and density for cost-sensitive data center and edge environments
  • Data Center 2.0: The Move to a Data @ the Center Architecture Recorded: Oct 2 2019 17 mins
    Erik Ottem, Senior Director, Data Center Systems
    In traditional thinking, the data center is a site where the collection of servers, storage, networking, and applications reside to provide IT services to the entire company. A sophisticated infrastructure has been developed to protect system availability with standards for data protection and new application introduction and testing; however, this model is increasingly outmoded as new types of data, such as sensor, log, IOT, audio, and video provide the opportunity for improving operations, customer interaction, and market understanding.

    Business departments have long created their own IT capabilities to meet their business objectives, resulting in siloes of isolated IT infrastructure where data is trapped and almost impossible for the company to fully leverage. As a result, the data center, ironically, no longer serves as the central repository of business data. But, there is a better way! Data Center infrastructure is the focus, but it’s time to return to the data center’s roots – the data. Data is the key element for business success, but to drive true competitive differentiation – and ultimately business success – we need to put Data @ the Center of decision making.

    Join Erik Ottem, senior director, Data Center Systems at Western Digital Corporation, as he shares tips on how to get the most from IT by focusing on the data and ensuring your organization is truly putting Data @ the Center of its decision making process.
  • SAP HANA® Memory Expansion - On-Premises and Cloud at a Better TCO Recorded: Sep 10 2019 31 mins
    Chris Marsh, Product & Solution Marketer @ Western Digital & Nir Paikowsky
    SAP HANA data sets are growing to multiple terabytes. But growing SAP HANA data sets doesn't have to mean a significant increase in computing infrastructure costs to scale HANA for cloud or on-premises deployments.

    Cloud Architects, SAP HANA managers, SAP BASIS Admins and “HANA-as-a-Service” providers should join this webinar to learn:

    - How to scale TBs of system memory for SAP HANA data sets at a better TCO
    - How to manage HANA On-Premises deployments and HANA Cloud Infrastructure/Services
    - How to expand HANA server memory in a cost-effective manner vs. DRAM configurations
    - How a better HANA compute infrastructure TCO can be achieved using Ultrastar® DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive to scale HANA memory pools with fewer nodes and at a reduced DRAM costs
    - An overview on HANA system memory configurations for single instance, multi-tenancy, non-production environments, etc.
  • How to Manage Your Data Growth with Oracle® or SQL Server® Recorded: Sep 4 2019 17 mins
    Matthew Morris, Sr. Solutions Manager, Data Center Systems, Western Digital
    There is no slowing down the amount of data that companies are collecting, managing, and trying to decipher to understand how to shape their business, both today and for the future. With all of this data, there are growing constraints on how it can be stored and leveraged for actionable insights, and there are a number of technology considerations and questions, including, for example:

    >Is it better to store in the cloud or deploy a hybrid cloud initiative?
    >What’s the difference between scaling out and scaling up? Which should we consider?
    >How do you manage your data growth Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server?

    In this webinar, we will answer those questions while also sharing how IntelliFlash NVMe™ simplifies data management challenges. We will dive into the traditional infrastructure elements, such as capacity, performance, and consumption of data, and how Oracle and SQL Server databases have developed scale-out and scale-up approaches. We will provide guidance on how to work with these topologies. Through various use-cases, we will share the impact that these architectures can have on infrastructures, specifically how NVMe and/or all-flash arrays enable a flexible, scalable infrastructure that accelerates time to insights.
  • How to Modernize Your Data Protection with Flash and Cloud Recorded: Aug 28 2019 25 mins
    Director, Data Protection Solutions
    Massive data growth, increasing application density, and compliance requirements are driving organizations to deploy more efficient data protection solutions. As a result, backup and storage admins are leveraging snapshots, in-line deduplication, and new NVMe Flash technology to drive 24x7 operations, continuous data protection, and improve RTOs and increase the RPO SLAs with an on-premises cloud.

    We invite you to join us for this webinar to learn how:
    >Modernizing your backup and recovery operations for virtual and physical infrastructure can transform your business
    >NVMe unlocks the true potential of solid-state flash technology
    >Flash and Cloud Object Storage Systems from Western Digital integrate with Veeam and Rubrik stacks to accelerate your storage and data protection services
  • How to Create a Data Strategy for Virtualization Recorded: Aug 7 2019 28 mins
    Erik Ottem, Sr. Director, Data Center Systems at Western Digital Corporation
    Virtualization has been around for quite a while. Now might be a good time to review what you’re doing from a data perspective. Classic hardware virtualization has been the key to consolidation efficiencies and savings. Now data virtualization can provide similar benefits in a different way. A modern data strategy should consider the benefits and costs of data virtualization. Some people are surprised to find out that hardware virtualization is not the end of the story, that there is data virtualization as well. In this webinar we’ll take a look at how having the right data strategy can improve the way you provide value to business operations by making data more available by reducing siloes and reducing the amount of management required.

    Join Erik Ottem, Senior Director, Data Center Systems at Western Digital Corporation, as he shares tips on how to get the most from a virtualized environment from a data perspective.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:

    - Data Strategy: Why organizations must start with a data strategy; the business value of building a
    data strategy and aligning infrastructure planning with that strategy

    - Shifting from Hardware Virtualization to Data Virtualization: Why viewing your virtualization strategy
    from a different lens is imperative to driving a competitive business advantage

    - Cost Savings: How implementing a data strategy can help you spend less on both building and
    managing data infrastructure

    - Virtualization-Worthy Data: How to identify what data is better housed in a virtual environment;
    including identifying the single source of truth (Golden Copy) and managing data quality

    - Case Study: we’ll take a look at how data virtualization can work in the real world and the benefits that
    have been realized.
Trends and best-practices for data at scale
Western Digital Corporation is an industry-leading provider of storage technologies and solutions that enable people to create, leverage, experience and preserve data. The company addresses ever-changing market needs by providing a full portfolio of compelling, high-quality storage solutions with customer-focused innovation, high efficiency, flexibility and speed. Our products are marketed under the HGST, SanDisk and WD brands to OEMs, distributors, resellers, cloud infrastructure providers and consumers.

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  • Title: The Data Revolution Will Be Televised. Storage Options for M&E
  • Live at: Dec 13 2016 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Erik Weaver, Global Director, M&E Market Development & Strategy, Western Digital
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