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Modern Flash Storage for Best of Breed IoT Projects

Customers who are deploying IoT platforms sometimes are forced to make difficult and limiting decisions for their infrastructure. Most application workloads are not consistent in their performance and capacity requirements, further compounding the difficulty on the infrastructure decision. A series of misleading choices often leads to over-engineering and thus overspending, or running systems that cannot meet the application demands. This webinar illustrates an approach for designing and configuring the compute and storage infrastructure for IoT. An ideal compute and storage infrastructure for IoT would have great agility and more than meet all of the technical requirements. It would have a variety of compute, and network personalities that were easy to change, and a storage layer that would support several storage protocols, contain multiple inline space saving technologies, and optimize the use of flash technology from a performance, capacity, and cost perspective.

Modern flash optimized arrays are an ideal and unique storage infrastructure to meet these ever-changing requirements. In this webinar, we will examine the importance of:

- Storage optimized along both the performance and capacity vectors of flash drive technologies providing great performance as well as extreme capacities.
- Fully flexible infrastructure providing several storage configurations allowing for an increase of raw performance with the addition of flash modules or increased capacity by adding cost effective dense storage (flash and/or HDD).
- Multi-pool internal architecture that is so in line with the “pooling” methodology internal to many IoT architectures that design and administration complexities are lessened or completely eliminated.
Recorded Jun 13 2017 26 mins
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Presented by
Rob Commins, VP, Marketing, Tegile Systems
Presentation preview: Modern Flash Storage for Best of Breed IoT Projects

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  • DeepStorage Test Drive: Tegile IntelliFlash T4000AFA Jun 19 2018 5:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Howard Marks Founder and Chief Scientist Deepstorage; Gokul Sathiacama, Director, Product Marketing, Data Center Systems
    DeepStorage Labs is known in the storage industry for pushing equipment to its limits, and for reporting what really happens at the edge of a system’s performance. Tegile’s IntelliFlash T4000, unlike a few previous occupants of the DeepStorage Labs ThunderDome, stood up to our testing and delivered high IOPS at a maximum of 1MS latency.

    DeepStorage subjected the InteliFlash T4000 workloads from the usual 4KB “hero number” random read to workloads that simulate OLTP and OLAP database servers, a file server and an Exchange server. We determined the systems performance individually and in combination finally determining the system’s ability to support the kind of mixed workload environment

    In this webinar we will:
    - Introduce the IntelliFlash array
    - Describe the testing process
    - Present the results
    - Review the test environment
    - Provide links to the test workload VDbench configurations
  • Case Study: Open, Scalable, Shared Storage for Geospatial Data Jun 12 2018 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEAI; Janusz Bak, CTO of Open-E
    Join Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA at Western Digital and Janusz Bak, CTO of Open-E for this webinar. They will discuss the challenges that Aviation Accounting Center LLC, an engineering company in Geospatial data processing was facing when planning for expansion of their IT infrastructure. Their existing standalone servers did not
    provide the capacity, availability and performance needed for storing and accessing its geospatial data. Esther and Janusz will walk you through the proposed solution and how it met the customer’s needs on scalability, capacity, throughput, connectivity and high-availability requirements.
  • Performance Databases with Container-Native Storage for OpenShift on SSD & HDD Jun 6 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Earle Philhower III, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Western Digital; Daniel Messer, Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat
    After the initial release of Red Hat’s container-native storage (CNS) solution for OpenShift, a large number of customers had one question: "Can I run a LAMP-stack database on this?" In this webinar, you will find the answer to this question in a first-of-its-kind performance benchmark on hardware provided by Western Digital. The goal is to investigate whether OpenShift, running on VMware, integrated with Gluster as container-ready storage could run MySQL databases, typically found on web application stacks in containers, at sufficient speed. And if so, what is the best storage hardware to use? How much can we push either the storage or container cluster to its limits? We'll share the findings and discuss designing an OpenShift solution suited for such workloads.
  • HGST Ultrastar® Serv24-HA NVMe Storage Server Recorded: Apr 25 2018 39 mins
    Manfred Berger, HGST - Sr. Mgr. Business Development Platforms EMEAI
    In this webinar Manfred Berger introduces the latest addition to the HGST platform portfolio, the high availability Ultrastar® Serv24-HA NVMe all-flash storage server.

    Combining high performance NVMe™ SSDs and two redundant blade servers based on Intel®’s Purley architecture into one tried and tested unit, the Serv24-HA enables customers to come to market quickly with a multitude of dependable software defined storage solutions or data base servers optimized for high speed search operations, catering to a multitude of industry verticals.
  • NVMe in Modern Storage Facts, Myths, and Answers to your NVMe Questions Recorded: Mar 29 2018 50 mins
    Gokul Sathiacama, Director, Product Marketing, Data Center Systems, Tegile
    What You Need To Know:

    NVMe: the protocol, the myth, the legend! There's all kinds of misinformation and misunderstanding out there about what NVMe is and what it isn't.

    What do you want to know about NVMe, the next generation protocol that is poised to be among the biggest revolutions in storage this decade? During this webinar, we’ll answer your most burning questions about NVMe. What is it? What isn’t it? What are its magic powers? Most importantly, you will discover answers that may help put the NVMe hype into context.

    Learn about NVMe’s architecture so that you can see why it’s able to do what it can do. And, you will also learn about how other’s feel about this emerging technology as we share the results of the latest ActualTech Media survey with you.

    Join us for this cornerstone educational event and learn everything you ever wanted to know about NVMe!

    During This Event:

    Learn why NVMe is enjoying so much press and what it can bring to the data center

    Discover the revolutionary architecture that allows NVMe to work its magic
    Find out how your peers feel about NVMe as we share survey results with you
  • SSD Technology and Features Recorded: Mar 29 2018 42 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA
    Join Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA for this webinar if you are interested in understanding more about SSD technologies and how they are implemented in the Western Digital Enterprise Grade SSD product line. She will discuss topics such as flash endurance, data integrity, power fail protection, security features, and reliable operation. Furthermore, she will clarify how to best interpret SSD performance specs and how SSD manufacturers are testing drives for different workload scenarios. For those of you that want to know of what’s going on “under the hood” in an Enterprise Grade SSD will find this webinar informative and educational.
  • How to Solve Backup Appliance Sprawl Recorded: Mar 27 2018 23 mins
    Vanessa Wilson, CEO, StorReduce; Victor Nemechek, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Western Digital
    Your first backup appliance was great, but how did you feel about your fifth? As data sets explode into the realm of petabytes, most backup appliances can’t scale to meet the capacity needs of a digital company. The lack of scalability forces companies to buy multiple backup appliances, creating the ‘backup appliance sprawl’. The more backup systems companies have to manage, the more time it takes to balance, monitor and maintain.

    Join members of Western Digital and StorReduce to learn about a scale-out deduplication software that enables primary backups to be stored directly on object storage based private or hybrid cloud, eliminating backup appliance sprawl. In this webinar you’ll learn how this technology allows you to:

    •Save up to 70% or more for backup environment TCO while retaining your existing backup applications
    •Reduce hardware refresh cycle for backup appliances
    •Scale as you need without migrations or rip-n-replace hardware changes
    •Build a “Data Forever” environment with extreme data durability

    Just because Easter is around the corner doesn’t mean your backup appliances should be multiplying like rabbits. Register today!
  • ATM EcoCast "Storage, Flash and NVMe EcoCast!" Recorded: Mar 22 2018 31 mins
    Gokul Sathiacama, Director, Product Marketing, Data Center Systems, Tegile
    What You Need To Know

    The storage market has transformed in recent years, with the standalone storage array being attacked from all sides by ambitious rivals vying for customer attention in a world demand more and more from beleaguered IT departments. Today, storage comes in all kinds of forms, from the aforementioned standalone arrays to systems built atop powerful software platforms to fully integrated offerings. We now live in a brave new world in which “buying storage” carries with it far more nuance than in days past. On top of the new choices available in form factor come new choices in media. Flash is now almost a requirement for many products, but that’s not enough for many, either. NVMe is now here to stay and promises to reimagine the data interface in a way that hasn’t been done in a generation.

    With both current and emerging flash storage systems, companies are gaining benefits that were only dreams in the days of the disk-based SAN. Far beyond just providing crazy levels of performance, flash storage systems have the potential to help IT organizations focus on the business and less on technology. After all, when you have IOPS to spare, other metrics can take center stage. These can include latency, cost per gig, power consumption, gig per rack unit, and many more.

    There are a whole lot of vendors in this burgeoning space, with more jumping in every day. Do you truly understand what each of them brings to the table and how they differ? This ActualTech Media 2018 Storage Flash, and NVMe Storage EcoCast is your opportunity to get deep understanding of this technology and gain knowledge about the leading vendors in this transformational market.

    Don’t miss this special event hosted by David Davis and Scott D Lowe!
  • Accelerating Research Innovation with Next-Gen Storage Infrastructure Recorded: Mar 22 2018 41 mins
    Vas Vasiliadis, Chief Customer Officer, Globus
    For research data to be truly useful, it must be easy to access, share and manage without requiring expensive, custom infrastructure. What organizations need is turnkey storage that won't break the bank, with a unified interface for fast, reliable data transfer and sharing.

    This webinar introduces Globus for ActiveScale, a cost-effective solution for on-premise object storage that’s simple to deploy and use. With Globus for ActiveScale, researchers have access to advanced capabilities for managing data across a broad range of systems, while administrators gain a cost-effective, scalable, and durable solution they can deploy quickly to help their researchers innovate faster.

    In this webinar, attendees will:
    - Learn how to deploy and use Globus for ActiveScale
    - See a product demonstration
    - Engage in a live Q&A session with the Globus Chief Customer Officer
  • HGST SVR2U24 NVMe Storage Server Recorded: Feb 27 2018 33 mins
    Manfred Berger, HGST - Sr. Mgr. Business Development Platforms EMEAI
    In this webinar Manfred Berger introduces the latest addition to the HGST platform portfolio, the SVR2U24 NVMe all-flash storage server.

    Combining high performance NVMe SSDs and Intel®’s Purley server architecture into one tried and tested unit, the SVR2U24 enables customers to come to market quickly with a multitude of software defined storage solutions or data base servers optimized for high speed search operations, catering to a multitude of industry verticals.
  • Make your application data come alive with Tegile IntelliFlash Recorded: Feb 20 2018 46 mins
    Harrison Waller - Sr. Manager Technical Marketing, Tegile - A Western Digital Brand
    Are you wondering how to make your storage infrastructure run faster without breaking the bank? Consolidate your application data onto Tegile IntelliFlash storage and deliver blazing throughput and IOPS while delivering significant savings through in-line data reduction.

    You may have heard of Tegile IntelliFlash, but may not be aware of the capabilities of this uniquely differentiated, enterprise flash storage platform.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • About Tegile IntelliFlash, its architecture, and its comprehensive feature set that delivers unparalleled performance and capacity efficiency
    • How to optimize your application (VMware, Exchange, SQL or Oracle) performance and economic needs by deploying the right type of storage - NVMe, Flash SSD and HDD in a system
    • How to achieve stress-free storage operations with proactive data analytics and cloud-based management
  • Building a Data Forever Architecture Recorded: Feb 6 2018 27 mins
    Erik Ottem, Director Product Marketing, Western Digital
    Unstructured data has evolved into a business asset, creating the need to keep more data longer. The growth and diversity of unstructured, in the form of large media files, metadata, and complex business documents have created a strain on traditional storage infrastructures and IT budgets.

    In this webinar, our industry expert Erik Ottem will discuss the expanding role of unstructured data, the shortcomings of traditional storage architectures and the building blocks to capture, store and preserve data at scale and throughout its entire lifecycle.

    Register today and learn how to build a data forever architecture so your data can become a competitive advantage rather than a burden.
  • Introducing Enterprise Grade 3D NAND SATA SSD for Server Boot and Edge Computing Recorded: Feb 1 2018 35 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEA, HGST
    Join Esther Spanjer, Director of Business Development EMEIA and Khushboo Goel, Product Marketing SSD for this webinar where they will introduce you to Western Digital’s first enterprise-grade 3D NAND based SATA SSD. Available in M.2 for blade and 1U servers or 2.5” form factor as a HDD alternative, the Ultrastar® SA210 is a cost-effective solution for read-intensive environments. They will discuss how the Ultrastar SA210 can provide a great alternative to enterprise boot HDDs and how it is positioned to be the optimal storage solution for edge computing application.
  • Using Object Storage to Solve Unstructured Data Problems Recorded: Jan 25 2018 60 mins
    Steven Hill 451 Research, Stefaan Vervaet WD, Molly Presley Quantum
    Business is experiencing an increased dependence on unstructured data, such as complex business documents, work products and large media files. This presents a new and growing set of challenges for IT when it comes to preserving, protecting, monitoring and managing unstructured data at scale; and it’s a problem that affects enterprises and service providers alike. We believe that object storage’s massive scalability and rich metadata capabilities supports the collection of the extended information about the data itself—in the form of metadata—to provide customizable and specific reference points for identifying the contents and automating the management of unstructured data at storage-level throughout its entire lifecycle. To document these challenges, 451 Research – in cooperation with Western Digital’s HGST division – has developed and fielded an annual survey that reaches out to a vetted group of 100 enterprise and 100 service provider customers to evaluate the current nature of the unstructured data problem. This program looks to better establish market perceptions about modern object storage, explore current use cases, and outline customer expectations based on responses to our 2017 poll.
  • HGST-Platforms, the Perfect Homes for Your Storage Devices Recorded: Dec 12 2017 42 mins
    Manfred Berger, HGST - Sr. Mgr. Business Development Platforms EMEA
    In this Webinar Manfred Berger explains why the HGST platforms, also known as JBODs or shelves are the perfect home for HGST hard disk drives and SSDs and how buying that combination as a platform, can look to reduce your integration cycle by up to 3 months. By enabling customers to focus their attention on storage applications rather than the underlying infrastructure, hardware investment turns to revenue sooner. Through proper integration of HGST hard disk drives into dedicated platforms, these hard disk drives can run more reliably and last longer, providing customers with a dependable storage installation they can rely on for their business needs.
  • Are you Down with NVMe? Yeah, You Know Me! Recorded: Dec 7 2017 17 mins
    Rob Commins, Senior Director, Commercial & Enterprise Brand Marketing at Tegile Systems, a Western Digital Brand
    Storage and memory are on a collision course that will change the game in data center infrastructure. Come hear about persistent memory technologies and NVMe. If you like what flash has done to accelerate your applications, you’re going to love this presentation.
  • Modernizing Data Protection with Hybrid Cloud Object Storage Recorded: Dec 5 2017 44 mins
    Erik Zarate, Enterprise Systems Engineer, Commvault; Kurt Esser, Director of Cloud Solutions and Technologies, HGST
    Many organizations are looking for the ability to store, access and analyze data for longer periods of time to gain predictive insights which will help improve their businesses. This significant increase in data retention times is getting to the point where their data basically needs to live forever and IT organizations are struggling to protect this ever increasing amount of data.

    Join this webinar with Western Digital’s Kurt Esser and Commvault’s Erik Zarate to learn the answers to these questions:

    - What forces are driving transformation in data protection today?
    - What are the latest technologies being used in modern data protection environments?
    - How can my data protection systems keep pace with explosive data growth?
    - Can I implement a “Data Forever” strategy without busting my budget?
    - What are the benefits of using highly scalable, durable object storage for Disaster Recovery?
  • Optimizing Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct configurations with SSDs and HDDs Recorded: Nov 22 2017 46 mins
    Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEA, HGST
    Join Esther Spanjer, Director, Enterprise Business Development EMEA, and Peter Plamondon, Director, Microsoft Partner Marketing for this webinar where they will discuss how HGST branded HDDs and SSDs can be used to optimize Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct environments. They will discuss the basic operations and advantages of Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct for Hyper-converged infrastructures, and how a tiered storage approach can provide the optimal configuration for your workload. They will share some sample configurations to highlight how they impact performance, capacity and TCO.
  • How to Create A Two Tier Enterprise With All-Flash and Object Storage Recorded: Nov 9 2017 54 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Tegile Systems
    The only problem with the all-flash data center is most of the data (as much as 85%) organizations store is not accessed in more than a year. Assuming there is a more cost effective way to store that data it should be stored on something else. Object storage seems like an obvious choice. Object storage is very cost effective and has features designed for long-term retention. Instead of a single-tier data center, organizations should look to create a two-tier enterprise, and in this webinar we will show you how.
  • Data-Forever Architecture: How to Future-Proof your Storage Infrastructure Recorded: Nov 1 2017 32 mins
    Mark Peters, Sr Analyst, ESG Global; Steve Phillpott, CIO, Western Digital; Tanya DeAngelis, Archivist, Sundance Institute
    More data are being generated every day. The ability to store, access and analyze all that data, to use the predictive insights from big data analytics to transform business, and have an infrastructure that’s designed to grow and scale with the data growth has become a strategic imperative for many companies.

    Join this webinar with Western Digital’s Phil Bullinger, SVP & GM, Joan Wrabetz, VP, and special guest speakers:
    - Mark Peters, ESG Analyst
    - Justin Simmons, Director of Technology Services, Sundance Institute
    - Tanya De Angelis, Associate Director of Archives & Collection, Sundance Institute
    - Steve Phillpott, CIO, Western Digital

    Our panel will discuss:
    - The importance of a data strategy that facilitates a data-forever strategy
    - The latest storage technology and the Dynamic Data Placement technology
    - A highly scalable, durable object storage and its impact on business
    - Perspective on the impact of this storage technology
    - Why it’s time for every CIO to look into this technology
Trends and best-practices for data at scale
Western Digital Corporation is an industry-leading provider of storage technologies and solutions that enable people to create, leverage, experience and preserve data. The company addresses ever-changing market needs by providing a full portfolio of compelling, high-quality storage solutions with customer-focused innovation, high efficiency, flexibility and speed. Our products are marketed under the HGST, SanDisk and WD brands to OEMs, distributors, resellers, cloud infrastructure providers and consumers.

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  • Title: Modern Flash Storage for Best of Breed IoT Projects
  • Live at: Jun 13 2017 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Rob Commins, VP, Marketing, Tegile Systems
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