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GDPR Panel: What May 2018 Means to Your Business

A global survey on the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) commissioned by SonicWALL in September 2016, reveals that surveyed organizations ‒ both SMBs and large enterprises ‒ lack general awareness of the requirements of the new regulation, how to prepare for it, and the final impact of non-compliance on data security and business outcomes.

Don’t wait until it is too late: join Kristian Norsgaard Rieper-Holm from Globalsequr, Florian Malecki from SonicWALL, Jonathan Armstrong from Cordery and moderated by First Base Technologies’ Peter Wood as they shed some light on the ins and outs of the new GDPR requirements and how to increase your overall data security posture to minimise the cyber risks and potential financial fines.
Recorded Nov 10 2016 60 mins
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Presented by
Peter Wood, First Base Technologies; Florian Malecki, Dell; Jonathan Armstrong, Cordery & Kristian Norsgaard Rieper-Holm
Presentation preview: GDPR Panel: What May 2018 Means to Your Business

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  • Identificare e bloccare il malware nel modo più veloce e accurato possibile Jun 27 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Claudio Dell'Ali
    Ascolta gli esperti di sicurezza di SonicWall in questo webinar esclusivo dal titolo “Identificare e bloccare il malware nel modo più veloce e accurato possibile”.
    Scopri come la tecnologia Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™) di SonicWall consente a SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection di:
    •Rilevare più malware in modo più veloce rispetto ai metodi di sandboxing basati sul comportamento, con un tasso più basso di falsi positivi
    •Bloccare gli attacchi sofisticati estraendo il codice compresso nella memoria in un ambiente sandbox sicuro
    •Arrestare velocemente le minacce incorporate in file Microsoft Office e Adobe PDF
  • So können Sie Ihre Daten optimal schützen Jun 26 2018 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Sven Janssen-Regional Director Central Europe,SonicWall and Ivonne Ehle-Sales Engineer, SCME, Certified Trainer, StorageCraft
    Laut dem SonicWall Cyber Threat Report 2018 haben Ransomware-Angriffe im Jahresvergleich insgesamt deutlich abgenommen. Allerdings geht der Trend bei der Anzahl der Ransomware-Varianten konstant nach oben und ist 2017 um 101,2 % gestiegen. Damit ist Ransomware nach wie vor eine große Bedrohung für kleine und große Unternehmen!
    Nehmen Sie an diesem gemeinsamen, exklusiven Webcast von SonicWall und StorageCraft teil und lernen Sie effiziente Methoden kennen, um diese gefährliche und potenziell kostspielige Bedrohung zu bekämpfen. Erfahren Sie

    •wie Cyberkriminelle Schwachstellen in Ihrem Netzwerk ausnutzen.
    •wie Sie Ransomware verhindern und stoppen können.
    •wie Sie Ihre wertvollsten Daten optimal schützen können.
  • Cómo identificar y bloquear “Malware” de la forma más rápida y precisa posible Jun 26 2018 9:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Maria Garcia
    Escuche a los expertos en seguridad de SonicWall en nuestro seminario virtual exclusivo “Cómo identificar y bloquear malware de la forma más rápida y precisa posible”.
    Descubra cómo la tecnología de Inspección de memoria profunda en tiempo real (RTDMI) de SonicWall permite a nuestra plataforma Cloud “Capture Advanced Threat Protection”:
    •Detectar más ataques de malware con mayor rapidez que otros métodos de sandboxing de la competencia, basados en comportamiento, y ratio de falsos positivos inferior.
    •Bloquear ataques sofisticados desempaquetando el código comprimido en memoria en un entorno seguro de sandboxing
    •Detener de forma inmediata las amenazas incrustadas en archivos de Microsoft Office y Adobe PDF
  • Identifizieren und stoppen Sie Malware so schnell und präzise wie möglich Jun 26 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Sven Janssen
    Nehmen Sie an unserem exklusiven Webinar „Identifizieren und stoppen Sie Malware so schnell und präzise wie möglich“ teil.
    Erfahren Sie von unseren Sicherheitsexperten, wie SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection mit SonicWall Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection(RTDMI™)-Technologie:
    •mehr Malware erfasst als verhaltensbasierte Sandboxing-Methoden und dabei schneller ist und eine geringere Falsch-Positiv-Rate erzielt.
    •raffinierte Angriffe blockiert, indem im Speicher komprimierter Code in einer sicheren Sandbox-Umgebung entpackt wird.
    •in Microsoft Office- und Adobe PDF-Dateien eingebettete Bedrohungen schnell stoppt.
  • Identifiez et stoppez les logiciels malveillants rapidement et efficacement Jun 25 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Sylvain Stahl
    Rejoignez les experts en sécurité de SonicWall à l’occasion d’un webinaire exclusif, « Identifiez et stoppez les logiciels malveillants rapidement et efficacement ».
    Découvrez comment la technologie RTDMI™ (Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection) de SonicWall permet à la solution SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection de :
    •capturer davantage de logiciels malveillants plus rapidement que les stratégies de sandboxing reposant sur les comportements, avec un nombre limité de fausses alertes
    •bloquer des attaques très élaborées en étudiant le code empaqueté dans la mémoire au sein d’un environnement sécurisé de sandbox
    •stopper rapidement les menaces embarquées dans les documents Microsoft Office et les fichiers PDF Adobe
  • Identify and Stop Malware in the Quickest and Most Accurate Way Possible Jun 21 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Bob Honour - EMEA Marketing Director; John Aarsen - Solutions Architect
    Join SonicWall security experts for an exclusive webinar, “Identify and Stop Malware in the Quickest and Most Accurate Way Possible.”
    Learn how SonicWall Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™) technology enables SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection to:
    •Catch more malware faster than behavior-based sandboxing methods, with a lower false positive rate
    •Block sophisticated attacks by unpacking compressed code in memory in a secure sandbox environment
    •Quickly stop threats embedded in Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files
  • Comment protéger au mieux vos données des cybermenaces Recorded: Jun 8 2018 60 mins
    Stephane Julhes-Presales Engineer France-SonicWall, Florian Malecki-International Product Marketing Director-StorageCraft
    Selon le Rapport SonicWall 2018 sur les cybermenaces, le volume total des attaques par ransomware a considérablement baissé par rapport à l’année dernière. Toutefois, le nombre de variantes de ransomwares créées poursuit sa tendance à la hausse et a augmenté de 101,2 % en 2017. Les ransomwares restent donc une menace importante pour les entreprises de toute taille !

    Rejoignez SonicWall et StorageCraft pour un webcast commun exclusif afin de découvrir des moyens efficaces de lutte contre cette menace dangereuse qui risque d’engendrer des coûts importants.

    •Comment les cybercriminels exploitent les vulnérabilités réseau
    •Les mesures à mettre en place pour éviter et bloquer les ransomwares
    •Comment protéger au mieux vos données les plus importantes
  • How to Best Protect Your Data from Cyber Threats Recorded: Jun 7 2018 69 mins
    John Aarsen - Solutions Architect – SonicWall, Florian Malecki – International Product Marketing Director - StorageCraft
    According to the 2018 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, the total volume of ransomware attacks was down significantly year over year. However, the number of ransomware variants created continues an upward trend since 2015, and did increase by 101.2% in 2017: this leaves ransomware a major threat to businesses of all size!

    Attend our live webcast to learn effective ways to combat this dangerous and potentially costly threat.

    •How cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in your network
    •Actions you can take to prevent and stop ransomwares
    •How to best protect your data
  • Technical Deep Dive - Securing Office 365 with SonicWall Email Security Recorded: Jun 4 2018 54 mins
    Bob Honour - EMEA Marketing Director; John Aarsen - Solutions Architect
    Organizations are increasingly adopting Office 365 as part of the “move to the cloud” endeavor. Many organizations are also evaluating a cloud-based email security solution to close security gaps and mitigate risks from migration to the cloud.
    Join this webinar for a live demo on how SonicWall’s Email Security solution secures Office 365. Learn more about:
    • What to consider while guarding your Office 365 email service
    • How SonicWall Email Security offers superior, advanced threat protection, data loss prevention and email continuity for Office 365
  • Análisis técnico–Cómo proteger Office365 con SonicWall Email Security Recorded: May 31 2018 63 mins
    Alex Vazquez
    Cada vez es más frecuente que las organizaciones adopten Office 365 como parte del proceso de “traslado a la nube”. Además, muchas organizaciones están evaluando una solución de seguridad de correo electrónico basada en la nube para cerrar las brechas de seguridad y mitigar los riesgos derivados de la migración a la nube.
    Participe en este seminario virtual y vea una demostración en directo de cómo la solución SonicWall Email Security protege Office 365. Obtenga más información sobre:
    • Qué factores debe tener en cuenta a la hora de proteger su servicio de correo electrónico de Office 365
    • Cómo SonicWall Email Security ofrece una protección superior contra las amenazas avanzadas, prevención de pérdida de datos y continuidad de correo electrónico para Office 365
  • Approfondimento tecnico - Proteggere Office 365 con SonicWall Email Security Recorded: May 29 2018 64 mins
    Luca Pesce & Keith Johnson
    Sempre più organizzazioni adottano Office 365 nell’ambito del loro "passaggio al cloud". Molte aziende stanno anche valutando la scelta di una soluzione di email security basata sul cloud per colmare le lacune di sicurezza e ridurre al minimo i rischi correlati alla migrazione nel cloud.
    Partecipa a questo webinar con una demo live su come la soluzione SonicWall Email Security protegge Office 365. Scopri di più su:
    • Fattori da valutare per garantire la sicurezza del proprio servizio e-mail Office 365
    • Perché SonicWall Email Security offre un livello superiore di protezione contro le minacce avanzate, prevenzione della perdita dei dati e continuità della posta elettronica per Office 365
  • Examen technique détaillé – Sécuriser Office 365 avec SonicWall Email Security Recorded: May 28 2018 46 mins
    Laurent Meimoun
    Les entreprises adoptent de plus en plus Office 365 dans le cadre de leur « migration vers le Cloud ». Elles sont également nombreuses à évaluer une solution Cloud de sécurisation de messagerie afin de combler les lacunes en matière de sécurité et de réduire les risques liés à la migration vers le Cloud.
    Participez à ce webcast pour découvrir une démonstration en direct de ce que peut faire la solution SonicWall Email Security pour sécuriser Office 365. Ce webcast aborde les thèmes suivants :
    • les éléments à considérer pour la protection de votre service de messagerie Office 365
    • comment SonicWall Email Security permet une réelle protection avancée contre les menaces, la prévention contre la perte de données et la continuité de messagerie pour Office 365
  • [Panel] GDPR & Cyber Security Recorded: May 23 2018 60 mins
    Julian Saunders (PORT.im) | Bob Honour (SonicWALL) | Raef Meeuwisse (ISACA)
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a key legislation going into effect in May that it will affect all organizations that handle, store or pass through data of EU citizens.

    Join this panel of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security experts for an interactive Q&A as they discuss the importance of being GDPR-compliant:
    - What GDPR means for cyber security
    - GDPR requirements around data collection and governance, exposure and breach disclosure
    - Evaluating your cyber risk
    - Recommendations for achieving compliance post-deadline day
    - Other regulation on the horizon

    - Julian Saunders, CEO, PORT.im
    - Bob Honour, EMEA Marketing Director, SonicWALL
    - Raef Meeuwisse, CISM, CISA, ISACA Governance Expert & Author “Cybersecurity for Beginners”
  • Technical Deep Dive: Plan & Design Your Wireless Network Recorded: Apr 30 2018 66 mins
    Bob Honour - EMEA Marketing Director; John Aarsen - EMEA SE
    The SonicWall SonicWave access point series features the latest Wave 2 technology. Built with security and user experience in mind, the SonicWave series provides a secure end-to-end solution.

    Learn best practices for planning and deploying your wireless network, including:
    • RF Fundamentals and the significance of 802.11ac Wave 2 technology
    • An overview of the SonicWave product portfolio
    • Site survey to understand AP placement and coverage analysis
    • How to setup, monitor and configure your access points
  • Análisis técnico en profundidad: Planifique y diseñe su red inalámbrica Recorded: Apr 26 2018 66 mins
    Alex Vazquez
    La serie de puntos de acceso SonicWall SonicWave incluye la última tecnología Wave 2. Diseñada teniendo en cuenta la seguridad y la experiencia de usuario, la serie SonicWave proporciona una solución extremo a extremo segura.

    Descubra las mejores prácticas para planificar e implementar su red inalámbrica. Le proporcionamos:
    • Los conceptos fundamentales de la RF e información sobre la importancia de la tecnología 802.11ac Wave 2
    • Una visión general de la cartera de productos SonicWave
    • Un análisis del emplazamiento para optimizar la colocación de los puntos de acceso y los análisis de cobertura
    • Instrucciones para instalar, monitorizar y configurar sus puntos de acceso
  • Technischer Deep Dive: Planung und Konzeption Ihres drahtlosen Netzwerks Recorded: Apr 26 2018 51 mins
    Stephan Kaiser
    Mit besonderem Augenmerk auf Sicherheit und eine positive Benutzererfahrung, nutzt die SonicWall SonicWave Access Point Series die neueste Wave 2-Technologie und bietet eine sichere End-to-End-Lösung.

    Lernen Sie Best Practices zur Planung und Implementierung Ihres drahtlosen Netzwerkes kennen, darunter:
    • Wireless-Grundlagen und die Bedeutung der 802.11ac Wave 2-Technologie
    • Überblick über das SonicWave-Produktportfolio
    • Site Survey für optimale AP-Platzierung und Reichweitenanalyse
    • Einrichtung, Überwachung und Konfiguration Ihrer Access Points
  • [Panel] Building Effective Cyber Defense Recorded: Apr 25 2018 58 mins
    Amar Singh (Cyber Management Alliance) | Simon Moor (FireEye) | Bob Honour (SonicWall)
    With data breaches on the rise, enterprises worldwide are looking to implement better technologies and processes for faster breach detection and response, as well as train all employees to be cyber aware.

    Join this interactive Q&A panel to learn more about:
    - Key factors for building a successful CISO strategy
    - Why breach prevention matters
    - True costs of breaches
    - Technological solutions to consider for a more cyber resilient enterprise
    - How AI/machine learning and human talent can work together
    - Top threats to look out for in 2018

    - Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Wisdom of Crowds, Cyber Management Alliance
    - Simon Moor, VP for Northern Europe, FireEye
    - Bob Honour, EMEA Marketing Director, SonicWall
  • Approfondimento tecnico: come pianificare e progettare una rete wireless Recorded: Apr 23 2018 61 mins
    Claudio Dell'Ali
    Gli Access Point SonicWall della serie SonicWave, utilizzano la nuova tecnologia Wave 2. Pensata con particolare attenzione alla sicurezza ed alla facilità di utilizzo, la serie SonicWave offre una soluzione End-to-End stabile, sicura e performante.

    Scopri le procedure consigliate per pianificare e implementare una rete Wireless con SonicWall attraverso i seguenti argomenti:
    • Fondamenti di RF e l’importanza della tecnologia 802.11ac Wave 2
    • Una panoramica del portafoglio di prodotti SonicWave
    • Come effettuare un Site Survey per definire dove installare le antenne al fine di ottenere una coperture ottimale
    • Impostazione, monitoraggio e configurazione dei punti di accesso
  • La corsa agli armamenti nell’ambito della cybersecurity: prepariamoci al 2018 Recorded: Apr 10 2018 52 mins
    Luca Pesce
    Esaminiamo il 2017 per prepararci a quello che verrà nel 2018

    La moderna guerra informatica – contro governi, aziende e singoli utenti – comprende tutta una serie di attacchi, controattacchi e rispettive contromisure difensive. Il Rapporto sulle minacce informatiche 2018 di SonicWall fornisce dati esclusivi sui progressi compiuti nel settore della sicurezza così come del crimine informatico.

    Partecipa a questo webinar per ottenere una migliore comprensione dell’attuale "corsa agli armamenti" nel campo della sicurezza informatica. Condivideremo le nostre scoperte, informazioni di intelligence, analisi e ricerche per aiutarvi a migliorare l’approccio alla sicurezza nei confronti delle minacce future.
  • Wettrüsten im Bereich der Cybersicherheit: Bereiten Sie sich auf 2018 vor Recorded: Apr 10 2018 33 mins
    Sven Janssen
    Wir analysieren das Jahr 2017, um uns auf die Ereignisse 2018 vorzubereiten.

    Behörden, Unternehmen und Privatpersonen liefern sich derzeit einen regelrechten Cyberkrieg mit Kriminellen. Immer wieder kommt es zu Angriffen und Gegenangriffen und es werden kontinuierlich neue Abwehrmaßnahmen entwickelt. Der SonicWall Cyber Threat Report 2018 enthält exklusive Daten zu den neuen Strategien, Methoden und Technologien sowohl der Sicherheitsindustrie als auch der Cyberkriminellen.

    Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil und verschaffen Sie sich einen genauen Überblick über das Wettrüsten im Bereich der Cybersicherheit. Wir präsentieren Ihnen unsere Erkenntnisse, Informationen, Analysen und Rechercheergebnisse, damit Sie Ihre Sicherheitsstrategie und -maßnahmen künftig verbessern können.
Preventing complex network security breaches for more than 25 years
SonicWall has been fighting the cyber-criminal industry for over 25 years defending small, medium-size businesses and enterprises worldwide. Backed by research from SonicWall Capture Labs, our award-winning real-time breach detection and prevention solutions coupled with the formidable resources of over 19,000 loyal channel partners around the globe, are the backbone securing more than a million business and mobile networks and their emails, applications, and data. This combination of products and partners has enabled an automated real-time breach detection and prevention solution tuned to the specific needs of the more than 500,000 organizations in over 150 countries. These businesses can run more effectively and fear less about security. For more information, visit www.sonicwall.com and join SonicWall on Twitter, SonicWall on Facebook and SonicWall on LinkedIn.

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  • Title: GDPR Panel: What May 2018 Means to Your Business
  • Live at: Nov 10 2016 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Peter Wood, First Base Technologies; Florian Malecki, Dell; Jonathan Armstrong, Cordery & Kristian Norsgaard Rieper-Holm
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