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Identity and Privacy Strategy VantagePoint Findings

We’re in a time of profound change:A once-in-a-lifetime economic crisis, a generational change of boomers passing the torch to the “net generation” and A new U.S. political administration

Seven trends, highlighted in this webcast, will drive the identity market in 2009
Recorded Apr 6 2009 27 mins
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Presented by
Bob Blakley, Vice President and Research Director at Burton Group
Presentation preview: Identity and Privacy Strategy VantagePoint Findings

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  • Cloud Security Questions & Strategies Recorded: May 25 2010 61 mins
    Dan Blum, Burton Group; Andy Ellis, Akamai; Lee Badger, NIST; Adrian Seccombe, Jericho Forum
    Dan Blum of Burton Group will moderate a panel on the most pressing issues in cloud security with:

    Andy Ellis, CSO, Akamai
    Lee Badger, Computer Scientist, NIST
    Adrian Seccombe, Open Group Jericho Forum
  • Building a SOA Governance Program Recorded: Mar 3 2010 45 mins
    Anne Thomas Manes, VP & Research Director, Burton Group Research, Gartner, Inc.
    Effective governance is a critical element in fostering a successful service oriented architecture (SOA) initiative. SOA governance directs the SOA initiative and helps ensure that it delivers value to the business. Unfortunately, numerous interviews with Burton Group clients reveal that many organizations don’t know which aspects of the SOA initiative to govern or how best to govern them. This session presents a framework for developing a SOA governance program.
  • Server Virtualization: Maturity Brings Complexity Recorded: Jan 21 2010 51 mins
    Richard Jones VP & Service Director at Burton Group
    Server virtualization has matured to the level of enterprise production deployment resulting in increased complexity as it is integration into the enterprise data center environment. Mission critical workloads are being deployed in virtual environments in order to gain the flexibility and cost savings that server virtualization affords, however, these workloads demand enterprise level management and tight security controls that have heretofore not been required of virtual environments. In this presentation, Burton Group’s Data Center Strategies Service Director Richard Jones will walk through the trends and issues facing server virtualization as it finds its way into the production data center.
  • Leverage Data from Disparate Silos for Config and Change Mgmt. Recorded: Jan 14 2010 49 mins
    Lyn Robison, Research Director at Burton Group
    Successful Configuration and Change Management requires data from multiple sources. In addition to the configuration data that typically lives in the CMDB, to get a complete picture you must often pull together supplemental information about software applications. Information about software applications comes from diverse IT groups such as Operations, Security, Finance, Data Management, Help Desk, Project Management, and Enterprise Architecture. Each of these groups typically maintains a silo of their own information about software applications, which information could be quite valuable for Configuration and Change Management processes. You can’t force these groups to get rid of their own silos of information about software, so how can Configuration and Change Management processes use their data effectively? This presentation explains a case study in federating and harmonizing data about software applications from multiple silos.
  • Electronic Discovery: What's the Impact? Recorded: Dec 10 2009 45 mins
    Trent Henry, Principal Analyst at Burton Group
    Although it's been more than two years since the Supreme Court modified the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)--which greatly elevated the status of electronically stored information for court cases--most organizations are still struggling to get their arms around the critical elements of eDiscovery. Many security and compliance teams have spent their careers justifiably focused on protecting information’s confidentiality; ensuring data availability and discoverability is a whole new game. This talk will review the major snags and snarls caused by eDiscovery and present both a maturity model and industry trends around the impact of electronic discovery.
  • Enabling Mobility without Compromising Security Recorded: Dec 8 2009 47 mins
    Eric Maiwald, Vice President and Research Director at Burton Group
    Today’s workforce is increasingly on the move and enterprises must meet the demands for secure access to information systems to support new business models. No longer can the enterprise dictate what device the employee will use for access – devices may be enterprise owned but enterprises must also support employee-owned and even or public access devices. The mobile workforce also includes non-employees that perform valuable services for the organization, and need limited access to protected systems.

    This talk will address:

    • Use cases for mobile workers
    • Technical solutions that may assist in managing the risk to the enterprise
    • Deployment considerations that enterprises should take into account
  • IT Contingency Planning for H1N1 Pandemic Recorded: Nov 6 2009 33 mins
    Phil Schacter, Vice President and Research Director
    Buron Group analysts consider the potential impact of an H1N1 pandemic on the IT organization, and identify steps that can be taken to support the organization by leveraging collaboration tools, data center automation, and an exoanded program of remote access by employees and partners. Issues related to how an organization manages identity, and secures endpoints and remote access will also be consodered.
  • Productivity Suites 2009 Recorded: Oct 13 2009 23 mins
    Guy Creese, VP & Research Director
    After years of quiet, the productivity suite market is going through a rebirth, bolstered by new competitors (e.g., Google, IBM, ThinkFree, and Zoho), more price points (from free to several hundred dollars per user), more delivery models (e.g., software, SaaS, and software/SaaS), and a broader vision of functionality (content sharing and collaboration). In this TeleBriefing, Research Director Guy Creese rates vendor capabilities as well as their strategy and vision, delivering a market quadrant that will help enterprises understand their productivity suite options.
  • State of the Union for DLP Recorded: Oct 6 2009 41 mins
    Trent Henry Principal Analyst and Eric Maiwald VP and Research Director
    This webcast will cover drivers and customer needs, the Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) market, we will define DLP, address segmentation, and highlight some interesting relationships.

    In this presentation we will also include the following information about the study:
    Inclusion criteria
    Evaluation criteria
    The categories
    The results
    Next steps
  • Burton Group Trends for 2010 Recorded: Sep 22 2009 26 mins
    Chris Howard and Jack Santos of Burton Group
    Burton Group has identified IT trends that will ultimately affect enterprise IT practices and strategy. The trends also bring business and technology stakeholders closer together, especially where pure economics drive enterprise IT decisions. IT professionals find themselves at a critical junction in the decade beginning in 2010.
  • Vendor Management in the Clouds - Ideas for Any Economic Climate Recorded: Sep 9 2009 57 mins
    CIO Executive Strategist Jack Santos with Ania Levy of Levy Legette
    Join CIO Executive strategist Jack Santos as he discusses vendor management strategies with licensing expert Ania Levy of Levy Legette.

    An expense strategy that works regardless of economic climate (good or bad) coupled with a growth in cloud-based IT makes supplier relationship skills a core competency for IT departments. Meanwhile, software vendors continue to make the licensing process unnecessarily complex, and both parties lack the lessons of experience to police and administer agreements.
    Ms. Levy’s extensive experience with vendor negotiation, contract review, and software licensing will enable her to share with us her insights into the world of vendor and contract management.
  • 2010 Planning Guide: Data Management Strategies Recorded: Aug 26 2009 40 mins
    Lyn Robison, Research Director at Burton Group
    Enterprises continue to consider ways to cut their IT costs by externalizing their IT functions, through software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing, and outsourcing. However, these strategies alone will not fulfill an enterprise’s compliance and profitability mandates. Enterprises are facing demands for regulatory transparency and for economic profitability. To meet these demands, enterprises will need to obtain better information from their existing information systems. An effective strategy for returning to economic growth and for satisfying regulatory requirements in 2010 must include data governance and competent data management.
  • VMworld 2009: Early Analysis, Cool Trends, and Hot Startups Recorded: Aug 25 2009 21 mins
    Chris Wolf, Senior Analyst at Burton Group
    In this brief webcast, senior analyst Chris Wolf highlights his expectations for the VMworld keynotes, along with his thoughts on where best to spend time in the Solutions Exchange and in the conference sessions.
  • Catalyst Conference Video Now Available! Recorded: Aug 17 2009 3 mins
    Christopher Stallings, Marketing Communications Manager at Burton Group
    Another Good Idea for Bad Times: Video!

    Just in case you missed some Catalyst sessions or need to make sense of your less-than-legible notes, we've made all the sessions available with video, audio and slides. Presentations are available for streaming download. We'll explore the e-commerce web page and explain your options in purchasing Catalyst Conference sessions.
  • Internal Cloud Hardware Infrastructure as a Service Recorded: Jul 28 2009 28 mins
    Chris Wolf, Senior Analyst at Burton Group
    Burton Group will showcase its early work on internal cloud hardware infrastructure as a service (HIaaS) reference architecture on Wednesday July 29th at Catalyst North America. In this webcast, senior analyst Chris Wolf provides additional details on the top-level HIaaS reference architecture, and highlights key architectural elements such as the virtual data center, cloud OS, virtual and physical infrastructure, external cloud connector, internal cloud management, and enterprise management.
    Details of Burton Group’s internal cloud reference architecture - the result of extensive vendor and customer collaboration.
    A special focus on the growing list of management pitfalls, troubleshooting complexity, future management trends, and practical advice on what can be done today to effectively manage the virtual infrastructure.
    Dissection of vendor hype and an emphasis on architecture and steps to take now to optimize virtual infrastructure operations and management.
  • The Methodology for Overcoming Data Silos (MODS) Recorded: Jun 24 2009 24 mins
    Lyn Robison, Research Director at Burton Group
    In modern enterprises, data silos are hampering vital work at all levels of the organization. Data silos inhibit the flow of information to the businesspeople who carry out the enterprise’s mission.

    Methodology for Overcoming Data Silos (MODS) projects are data management projects that are ideal for today’s IT environment: inexpensive, low-risk projects that deliver compelling results for the business.
  • The Potential Impact of Oracle & Sun on Identity Management Recorded: Jun 23 2009 58 mins
    Lori Rowland, Senior Analyst & Bob Blakley, VP and Research Director
    The April 20th announcement that Oracle is acquiring Sun Microsystems sent huge shockwaves through the IT marketplace. This is particular true of the identity management (IdM) market in which there is significant overlap between the two vendors’ offerings. Customers are concerned about their IdM investments and are eager to learn what the combined product roadmap has in store. Many Sun/Oracle customers must make product selection decisions during the quiet period for the acquisition – they can’t stop their businesses until the product roadmap is released. In this BrightTalk presentation, Burton Group Sr. Analyst Lori Rowland and Vice President and Research Director Bob Blakley will discuss the potential impact of the acquisition on IdM customers and advise organizations on steps they should take today to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • ITIL Service Management Practices: Third Time's the Charm Recorded: Jun 11 2009 26 mins
    Michael Disabato, Vice President and Service Director at Burton Group
    The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) version 3 moves this set of best practices from alignment with the business process to integration with business functions at all levels. In this presetation, Burton Group Network and Telecom Strategies Service Director Michael Disabato will discuss the difference between version 2 and version 3, how this affects current ITIL implementations, and the impact on an organization.
  • 5 Things You Should Do Before Moving E-mail to the Cloud Recorded: Jun 5 2009 48 mins
    Homan Farahmand, BG Consulting Director & Karen Hobert, BG Consulting Partner
    Enterprise SaaS e-mail is an early sign of change coming to IT organizations that enable the challenges of deploying to cloud based platforms. Now is the time for enterprises to examine their e-mail needs and what they are presently spending on e-mail and identify the constraints of moving to SaaS offerings. As part of any evaluation, enterprises need to allocate time for both technical and vendor due diligence covering identity management, security, risk management, networking, and application development requirements that meet the business’s technical needs. This webcase outlines Burton Group proposed approach to assist enterprises in avoiding roadblocks and understand a hybrid or fully hosted email environment.
  • Catalyst Preview - Laying SOA to Rest Recorded: Jun 3 2009 11 mins
    Anne Thomas Manes Vice President and Research Director at Burton Group
    Many service oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives have stalled or failed. And prospects for SOA look bleak in 2009. Most organizations have cut funding for their SOA initiatives. Except in rare situations, SOA has failed to deliver its promised benefits. It's time to face reality: the term "SOA" now carries too much baggage. It's time to declare that SOA is dead and move on to the more practical matter of bringing up its offspring. SOA's untimely demise is tragic, but, fortunately, many aspects of SOA live on-particularly in the form of services. Services provide the fundamental building blocks that enable software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing, and business process management (BPM). This Catalyst track will examine the myths and misconceptions that derailed SOA efforts, provide guidance for salvaging value, and supply actionable direction for future efforts.

    Face it. Your SOA initiative has failed. So where do you go from here?
IT Analysts and Consulting
Burton Group provides in-depth, IT research and advisory services to executives and technologists at Global 2000 organizations. Focused on strategic business technologies and the unique needs of enterprise organizations, Burton Group provides clients company-wide access to its world-renowned analysts and a suite of powerful, intuitive research and decision support tools unmatched in the industry. www.burtongroup.com

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  • Title: Identity and Privacy Strategy VantagePoint Findings
  • Live at: Apr 6 2009 9:00 pm
  • Presented by: Bob Blakley, Vice President and Research Director at Burton Group
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